Cell phones are driving friends away!

Description: It’s probably better to talk: How checking our phones 60 times a day is driving away friends
Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Date: Dec 1, 2012


Young people’s attachment to their mobile phones is eroding their personal relationships, according to a new study.  The claims come after research revealed that young adults – in addition to sending over 100 texts – check their mobile up to 60 times a day.  Experts behind a new study have now said compulsively checking a mobile phone is an addiction similar to compulsive spending or credit card misuse.  Read Rest of Story

Questions for discussion:

1. Do you feel cell phone usage has a detrimental affect on personal relationship development?  Why or Why Why not?

2.  Should young people be regulated as to how much usage of their cell phones they are allowed?  Who should be doing the regulating?


70 thoughts on “Cell phones are driving friends away!

  1. Dillan McDonald

    When looking at the big picture cell phones have their pros and cons. They allow people to stay in contact no matter where they are and they have made everyday life simpler with all the apps and tasks we can preform with them, and on the other side they absolutely do impede on an individuals social skills, I admit that I don’t always talk the same as I do on a phone versus personal situations but I always keep in mind that the personal situation is always better. individuals need to know where to set the limit, when chances arise to go participate in activities by all mean they should take it and put the phone down for a bit. you can’t develop your self as a whole if you sit inform of a electronic device all day, and people will find that the relationships they develop personally with exceed that of a phone conversation..

  2. Chance Olsen

    1) Cell phones have had a detrimental effect on personal relationship development. I don’t think that that’s a question. You look around and anywhere you go people have their heads down texting. You can have two friends texting each other and then when they meet up they don’t even talk, rather they start texting somebody else. People don’t know how to communicate with one another in person. I dated a girl (not for long) that would text me questions during the date because she felt more comfortable asking it in a text then vocally. So yes personal relationships are not being built as they should be.
    2) I do believe that young people should be regulated as to how much usage they are allowed. It is the parents responsibility to do this regulating but phone companies should have and option given that allows the parents to sign up for a plan that regulates how many texts can be sent and received and not being able to go over that limit.

  3. Greg Goodwin

    I do not think that cellphone use has a detrimental effect on personal relationship development. Let’s be honest, the opposite sex or someone you are emotionally or sexually attracted to is going to be a touch more addictive than your cellphone. Furthermore, cellphones do help when planning social engagements and even more so when you have a smart phone. A phone is not simply a phone anymore, but an organizer, calendar, game console, internet browser, compass, calculator, book or magazine, camera, of course – a phone, and so much more. I do think though that as much as cellphones are helpful tools for efficient social organizing, there is a place and time for them. Just like wearing a hat at the dinner table, we must refrain from using our cellphones at inappropriate times.
    Young people’s usage should be regulated absolutely. I’m talking teens, still under mom’s roof. Parents should regulate their children’s cellphone usage at an early age to condition them for the future. we should enjoy a nice dinner with friends without checking cellphones, or go on a date, or DRIVE to our final destination. That begins at a very young age, if you’re not used to giving up your cellphone for a few hours at a time, it’s going to be much harder.

  4. Mohamed

    Even though it varies person to person there could be a detrimental affect to relationships by using a cellphone a lot. By someone constantly looking at their phone during a conversation that sort of conveys a lack of interest and little respect to me personally. With society becoming ever so cell phone reliant I think we will just have to be a lot more tolerable to situations like that. As far as to say that young people should be regulated as to how many times they use a phone a day is irrelevant and I don’t see that happening, first off which governing body can keep tabs on how many times a young person uses his/her personal phone a day and I think that also interferes with ones freedom to do what they please.

  5. Richard Giles

    It is quite possible that cell phone use has a decremental effect on personal relationship development. A cell phone has the ability to detach the user from the world and the people around them. It is defiantly making people less social and introverted so I think it can be a harmful thing if overused. Throughout the years people have become more and more attached to technology and the new devices that have come out. With the computer and the internet people have been less attached to the world and surf the web more. With the indition of smart phones people are able to do this anywhere they can get service. This is very detrimental to the youths as this is when social skills are being developed. Does that mean i think cell phone use should be regulated, absolutely not. It is against a humans personal freedom to regulate how much time they are on their cell phone. If it is up to the parents to regulate than i believe that is up to their parenting style. If this becomes a huge problem in the future I believe that it could be taught to children how to be social like math and science, but that would only be in an extreme future scenario.

  6. xiaochang liu

    In my opinion, the usage of cell phone does have detrimental effect on personal relationship development, but there are more advantages than disadvantages. The cell phone may decrease the chance to meet friend or family face to face, but it is still give people to the chance to chatting with each other, especially for the long distance relationship. Moreover, with increasing technology, more and more new kinds of communication appear on phone. Right now, we are able to have video-talking, send pictures to friends. In addition, we can check whether we have friends around me by using some app on phones. However, we have to realize that too much usage of phone is not good. The young people should be regulated as usage of their cell phone, especially for teenagers. Teenagers had better to talk by face to face. This good for them health when they are growing up. Many people play cell phone too much during some parties and meetings. Furthermore, most teenagers’ most income come from their family, so they should control the usage in order to make sure they do not waste money on cell phone.

  7. Nyabac Akorkawg

    I was not surprise at all when I read the numbers of text messages people go through per day. I know people that use text messages as means way of communication, because of the cheaper bills instead of calling. I believe that cell phones are beneficial in many ways, for instance, for those who have children like myself can be reached instantly by day care providers or by schools in case of emergency a child may encounter while attending school and for those who use cell phones for work purposes. I think that cell phones are not detrimental affect on personal relationship development when it is not misused. However, in other cases it can harm relationships. As with any (thing there is side affect) other technology misusage there is a negative impact associated with it. Some people do not know how to interaction with people, they use mobile phones as an excuse for their social dysfunction and their inability to communicate well in face to face interactions. I believe that if young people are regulated as to how much usage of their cell phones they are allowed, there would be more interactions with each other and the regulation should done by the parents and or family members.

  8. Delaney

    I agree with this article. Checking cell phones is instantly rewarding and can become quite addictive. Cell phones are finding their ways into scenarios that used to be “sacred”. For example, at the dinner table during meals. Being constantly interupted in a conversation by checking your phone or replying to messages makes you not focus on whats being said and you are only half engaged with the person you are physcially with, but 100% engaged with the people you are messaging with or interacting with on your cellphone. When out for coffee or a walk I often see groups of people, or couples, who are hanging out and ALL on their cellphones at once. I have also been out with friends and realized we are all texting other people at the same during the meal or activtiy. Cellphones are causing us to distance ourselves from our physical relationships in favour of online relationships.

  9. esther

    I think the use of cell phone as improved quality of communication and personal relationships.Cell phone allows you to communicate easily when you need to.it keep you up to date with events globally.I read my email,text message and also follow things happening aroud the world on my twitter on my cell phone.Although we need to effort in educating people on the dangers of getting addicted to your cell phone,but i for one knows when i need to give attention to other things and when i need my cell phone.
    I believe educating people about the dangers of getting addicted to their cell phone will do alot of good because no amount of monitoring can be helpful in these case.I believe the proper use of cell phones will help inprove personal relationships and also improve quality of life.

  10. qian.rong

    This article is really the one that I can identify with. I really agree the article’s opinion. I really don’t like people sending SMS or playing games on their phone when we are having a party or having a dinner together. That just makes me think that I am invisible to them and make me feel that I am ignored by them. This is really an irony that people just sitting beside you and you do not talk. That just drives me nuts and makes me want to leave as soon as possible. Nowadays the technology of cellphone is so advanced that it has high quality photo function, and it can playing really cool animation. They can do almost anything. So it makes people being addicted to their cellphones and couldn’t help themselves. That is not good because people just continuing ignore the things and people around them. The relationship between family members and friends become more and more unfamiliar. They have less communication than before and they do not care and feel others feeling anymore. If this is getting worse, people will be more and more coldblooedness. Then we will have fewer friends and become lonely. So please ignore your cell phones when stay with your friends.

  11. ayo

    Cell phone have become intergral part of our daily lives,for me as a person me cell phone is very important to me because i virtually plan my day to day activities on it,get updates on daily business activities communicate with friends and family far away and also read and update myself on current news and event around the world just on one platform.Cellphone has helped improve my personal relationship with people because i get up to date information about things i need to know about them which will not have been that effective without a cell phone.I think parents should be allowed to regulate the use of a childs cell phone if they notice the use of cell phones is adversely affecting the performance or the relationship of their child.

  12. Karissa

    This article is very interesting and poses a few different ways of looking at it. My two year old cousin is able to talk and email my grandparents who live to far away to see each other on a regular basis, and this I believe to be a positive side to technology and the uses it has. I also believe that since phones can do all of these things it can also be detrimental to people who abuse the usage. When cell phones were first invented they were meant to increase communication and help society run smoother now with all the latest innovations some argue we have taken a step back. For the sake of my cousin and grandparents this has a positive effect on relationships; however when it comes to other situations like teenagers who check their smart phones more than their math books I believe this to be a problem. Since you can do virtually anything on a smart phone they become easily addictive and more and more people spend more time using phones to communicate then actually speaking face to face. My two sisters spend more time texting each other when they are in the same room than actually talking. This is definitely a detrimental side to technology usage.

  13. Trishia Whiteknife

    Wow, I was amazed to see the number of texts people send/receive a day! I do not have a smart phone, and i choose not to have one. Ok cells are good to have if: your traveling, or if you have children, or for work purposes. Personally, cell phones don’t have any impact on my life. But I do agree that cell phones do have an detrimental affect on personal relationship development. Sending a text feels disconnected, impersonal and sometimes people say things they don’t normally say in person. Texting is also distracting, it makes people feel like they don’t have your attention, therefore making people feel unimportant. Some texts are good for quick information sharing, but not for a whole day of conversation.

    1. Donna Wang

      I believe that cell phone usage has a detrimental affect on personal relationship development. In our life, cell phone has become a key method to communicate with others. It is convenient for people. It is really difficult to find a person who does not use cell phone in their daily life. For me, I always call my friends and also send text messages with both my friends and family. I use cell phone everywhere and every time (except in the class). However, during the class when I can not use my cell phone, I just feel uncomfortable and a feeling of lost something. It is a kind of addicted for the cell phone. I believe not myself has this kind of feeling, most of people have. However, it really affect our personal relationship, I just find that although we talk a lot on the phone with my friends, I do not know what to say with them in the real life sometimes! On the other hand, when you text message with your friends, cell phone can not show their face to you as well, sometimes, people will misunderstand what their friends meaning. If that happened several times, it will affect the relationship between their friends. Therefore, I strongly recommend to reduce the usage of your cell phone, try to find appropriate time to use it, it is good for your life.

  14. Yalun Li

    It true that Cell phone has a detrimental effect on personal relation development. Through mobile phones, it will reduce the true feeling of things. People spend lots time on mobile phone, may lose friends through because people do not the phone feel others feel, it may hurt other friend. At the same time, the use of mobile phones causes people to waste a lot of time, and thus do not have the time to deal with things in their lives. Especially young people should spend more time learning and understanding of society, to know more friends; it will be a good way to development their personal relationship.
    Young people should be regulated as to how much usage of their cell phones they are allowed. There are many ways for young people to regulate the use of the phone. For example, a parent and teacher discipline. But I personally hope that the young people aware of the harmful effects of excessive use of mobile phones, and then they have restrained using a mobile phone. For example, only sent 20 text messages a day, and limiting the call will not take more than one hour a day.

  15. Brady Figley

    Cellphone use can be both helpful and harmful. Overall, I think there is too much of an over reliance on mobile technology. Cellphones should not be used as a substitute for personal relationships, but sometimes, they can be extremely useful. Like all technology, it depends on how it is used. I think cellphones, or more appropriately, smartphones are extremely useful in helping to share our lives with others and to enhance already established relationships. Unfortunately, when the technology is misused is when we see the negative effects associated with it. People should be regulated to a degree where they can use their phones (such as when driving), but overall it comes down to consumer choice and personal preference. Advertisers and marketers have a big responsibility in this, as they make every person who does not have the latest smartphone look stupid and idiotic. The government cannot simply declare that people can only talk on their cell phones for 2 hours a day. Such an idea would be silly and ludicrous. Instead, the government needs to invest in programs to educate people about the potential misuses and effects of abusing cellphones. Just about anything can become addictive, and cellphones are no different.


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