Doctor in a Box

Description: Imagine a quick, inexpensive trip to the doctor at all hours of the night.


Date: Jan 15, 2013


click on link to watch video

 Questions for discussion:

1.  Do you feel that this type of health care has a bright future? Why or Why not?

2.  What situations would this type of medical care be most appropriate or advantageous?


55 thoughts on “Doctor in a Box

  1. Dillan McDonald

    This is a great idea. Looking at this you can see the potential of what the medical industry could be able to accomplish by placing this in different areas, this increases the accessibility for people that may not have the time or means to make it to a doctors office, this also will lessen the strain on hospitals where patrons come in to complain about an issues that really only wastes peoples time. this product takes out the middle man, it brings in a sense of simplicity to where you see the doctor immediately and there are no waiting rooms, not to say that there may be a line up. but the possibilities are great when it comes to assisting people.

  2. Stuart Russell

    The rapid demographic and economic changes caused by tens of millions of baby boomers aging and retiring will put increasing pressure on already strained medical facilities in both Canada and the United States. The Doctor in a box solves several problems and can save billions if put to proper use, but it will likely be a hard sell to an older population used to seeing doctors in person. Furthermore, the technology experience gap may cause complications and confusion. Countries like Japan, however, have used similar technology to help the elderly with great success, so perhaps a cultural change is needed before a technological one is put in place.

  3. Alphine Bindiridza

    I think this doctor in the box is a good idea because in some countries its hard to consult the doctor one on one. People are always queuing for one and the same doctor due to the shortage of them. I also think this method is efficient and effective, it saves peoples time and when an individual has minor sicknesses they can go in the box for help.

    It is also a good idea that the patient gets to skype with the doctor and help them through the internet. I find it helpful because you can get help at anytime of the day for instance you can be feeling discomforts at midnight and you cant rush to the clinic but because of this new technology you can quickly get help.

    To a lesser extent this method can cause complications because the doctor is not seeing the patient face to face and he/she cant really tell or see whats the problem with the patients. The doctor can give out a wrong prescription unintentionally. Another issue is not everyone in this world can get access to this new technology as some parts of the world are not economically stable hence they cannot afford this kind of machines.


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