Why spend $1,500 for these glasses?

Description: Google unveils new glasses that can help you text and record video hands-free.

Source: CNN.com.com

Date: Feb 21, 2013

 Questions for discussion:

1. Do you feel this product will be a success in the marketplace?

2.  Will Google be rewarded for being a first mover in this hardware category the Apple was rewarded for being a first mover in the tablet marketspace?  Why or Why not?

3.  Would you buy a pair of these Google Glasses?  Why or why not?

Google unveils new glasses that can help you text and record video hands-free. Zain Asher reports


39 thoughts on “Why spend $1,500 for these glasses?

  1. J. Pointer

    I think this glasses are a terrible waste of money. They are visually unappealing, and way too ahead of our time. I think people look crazy talking into a blue-tooth… imagine how they will look talking to their glasses?
    Also, are we really becoming that lazy? I understand the safety features they’d have for individuals who are driving or what have you.. but for your average joe, sitting on the couch, is it really that hard to pull out your cellphone to text or answer a call.
    Another feature of the Google Glasses is being able to capture “epic moments” at anytime. Maybe you’re out and about, and something miraculous happens that you will not be able to capture unless done within then next 2.0 seconds. The Glasses would be great at capturing these moments, yes… but, are you wearing these glasses 24/7 in the off chance that something crazy might happen? Seems a bit superfluous. And somethings are just meant to be appreciated on individuals own time.. never to be documented. Its already too easy to capture moments that are completely irrelevant… Like someones latte, or their clean car.
    Maybe in the far off future, these will be considered “cool” but for now I think i’ll stick to my point and shoot camera, my cell phone and just continue on appreciating the world as seen through my own eyes.

  2. Yuliya

    Google glasses are an interesting concept and Google is doing a good job being innovative within a constantly changing technological environment. These glasses would offer the end user with a different interface for viewing and interacting with the world. However, I’m slightly skeptical as to the kind of success they would have through the lifecycle of the product. Although these glasses would make taking videos and photos, as well as surfing the web, more convinient, I am doubtful of this product being used on an everyday basis for a few reasons. The first is that they just are ridiculously expensive at this point. Shelling out $1500 for glasses is just past the price a consumer would want to purchase them for. Also there is an inconsistency between the price and what the glasses are actually capable of doing. Their function seems slightly limited in nature and is nothing different from what a smartphone is capable of doing. The third reason, is that they simply look ridiculous; they look very goofy. Also, with a smartphone you are not bound to having it on your body, much less than constantly in your line of sight. I think the use for these glasses will be restricted by their own capabilities

  3. Edwin Owen

    I don’t think that this new product will be successful in the marketplace. When people buy a really expensive product, it’s because this item will allow them to enjoy new possibilities. I am not convinced by the fact that theses glasses meet this requirement. Indeed, it’s already possible to buy some devices which recorder what you are doing in your life. Even if these cameras aren’t glasses, I don’t think it make a huge difference because I don’t think people will bring theses glasses in their daily life. Actually when you want to record something, you will put you glasses so it’s works exactly in the same way than existing products (for example little camera you can put on your head and which produces good quality videos). All the secondary applications of these glasses aren’t really news. You can already be connected to the Internet everywhere in the world thanks to your smartphone and it can brings the same advantages than the glasses.
    All of this induces the fact that I will never buy theses glasses. In addition, they are really expensive and I think that the price isn’t in adequacy with the price of the product. We can buy an Iphone for 700 euro (in my country, I don’t exactly know the price in Canada) and this phone allow to its user to make so much things than these glasses.

  4. Jarett French

    I feel that this product is a little before its time considering its cost. When the first cell phone was released the price was astronomical and not many people could afford it, but today everybody and there dog has not only a cell phone but also a personal computing device attached to there hip. In the long term I see such products as becoming common day items that are used by many, but this will not happen until prices are down, and similar technologies are prevalent on the market. Google could be rewarded for being the first mover if they continue to hold to the product until mass use among common consumers becomes prevalent for similar products. Currently I would not buy such glasses, they are not in my price range, especially for such a luxury item. I watched a video today about a similar company developing a product that was glass based smart computing, not that you wear but that is everywhere in your day to day life. In the glass of the windows in your house, in your car, in schools, desks were made out of it. It seemed to be something that is very possible for the future especially at the rapid rate of development of technologies. When such technologies are common I may change my mind about purchasing.

  5. Jingyi Wang

    Google glassess is small, light with a lot of technologies. We can use it to take photos, send messages, surf on the internet (with the help of your mobilephone) and do words translations. This kind of glasses is controled by spoken order, so it can help a lot for the people who can’t see. While google glassess’s invertor says that surfing on the internet will not be used by the glasses. But in all, I am exciting that this technology will brought us a new world.
    Since this is a brand new technology, whether or not it can be acceptted by the sociaty can not be decided now. But if it is a success in the furture, its founder will get a reward for first owner. Just like the iphone, ipad, apple gets a lot profit for first using the touch screen on the mobilephones. while, the problem for now is that glasses are not that convinent to wear and it really cost too much for a common family to buy. So the reward might be a little or it will be a lost.
    At least I won’t buy it for $1500, although I think the google glasses has a bright future.

  6. Warren Murley

    Google glasses, sounds like a cool and convenient idea. I think that this product will start off successful but it wont last very long. The price is too high for the convenience factor and I believe the convenience factor of handsfree texting and video recording will ware off quickly. Having the screen in your vision path while walking, or driving seems distracting to me and I see there being issues with using them while driving because of that distraction.
    If Google is successful in capturing a big enough market I can see them being rewarded for being the first mover of this hardware, but it wont be long until others follow with their own versions if it is successful.
    Personally, when first watching the video I thought that it is a cool idea and it would be sweet to have them. However, after actually thinking the product through I wouldn’t buy a pair of Google Glasses. Reason one, the price is too high. If the price were to drop significantly I might consider it but then again probably not. The only reason I considered getting a smart phone was because of the discounted price with a contract. Which leads to Reason two, the cost of having to pay for the Wi-fi. The purpose of the glasses seems to be for while you are on the go which means most of the time there wont be free wi-fi connections. Finally, Reason 3, the distraction. As I mentioned previously I foresee an issue with distraction while travelling which would be the only time you would NEED to use hands free texting or video recording.

  7. Alicia Dyck

    The idea of google glasses is a good one. However, I do not see this product becoming particularly successful. This is because, at the price of $1500, most of the people who are in the demographic that google may try to market towards (students) do not have the money to purchase them. These individuals, are also more likely to want to purchase a laptop, tablet, desktop or any other product for that same price which will allow them to do significantly more. At the price they are asking, Google would be smarter to market to high-class individuals who have the money, and the desire to have the latest and greatest, while not worrying about fashion.
    The reason I bring up the style, or fashion, of the glasses is because, in my opinion, they are incredibly ugly. If I am going to wear something, especially on my face, I want it to be up to date and fashionable. These glasses look to be about 5 years out of date and like one should have a pocket protector and strip of tape between the lenses. As classy as that is, I cannot see young people, for the most part, choosing to buy something like that when there are other products for purchase that are cheaper and do many of the same things, such as a smart phone. Good try Google, but maybe next time.

  8. Litchi Peng

    The google glasses are definitely high-technology product, but I do not think this product will be a success in the market place. Probably as a glass which people can take along whenever and wherever they go. There is no doubt that it is very convenient. However, in such a competitive market, there are many innovative such as smartphone, tablet and laptop, it probably will not be succeed. In addition, the price of the glass is more expensive than laptop, people may not choose it due to the high price.

    I think that Google will be rewarded for being a first mover in this hardware category. But it may do lots of efforts to achieve this goal such as they have good quality and have loyal customers. I think this process it may take time. For me, I do not even know there is a kind of glass like this.

    I think I probably will not buy this pair of glass. The first reason is that the price is not good for me, especially dollars. I am a international student, I pay double tuition compared to Canadians. I can use this much money register one course. I am not a technology person. I have a smartphone, and I think this glass is useless for me. In addition, I have short-sighted, and I care about my eyes. I may be a little worried my eyes will feel comfortable or tired if I wear this kind of glasses.

  9. Jarrett Potvin

    I do not believe that Google glasses will be a success in the marketplace. This is my opinion because at the moment the current model has a few glaring issues. One such issue is that it fails to give any sense of privacy. This is because with the voice commands anything done on the glasses can be heard by anyone nearby. Another major issue will be cost. At $1500 a pair it is anything but affordable to most. Lastly another major issue is that the glasses become an even greater distraction than cell phones because while you can choose to ignore your cell phone now you cannot ignore what is right in front of your face. If a market does surface for this product Google will likely be rewarded for being the first product to the market. This is because just like Apple, Google will be able to carve out its niche in the market before any competitors arise giving it the edge in creating brand loyalty but also a head start when it comes to introducing further advances to its invention. I for one will not be purchasing Google’s new product. The biggest reason is that I already wear glasses and cannot see how the product will work if I have to wear the product over the glasses I need to wear to see.

  10. Adam Christensen

    It’s hard to say whether these glasses will find success in the marketplace. With the little that I have seen thus far of them, I would say no because they seem to only cover a very tiny niche market. The people that would be included in this market would be of course the “early-adopters” and the “innovators”. They have a brand new concept which is cool but they have to many competitors for the things that they do. For the adventurer, a GoPro or a Contour camera has the same effect for a fifth of the cost, and the rest of the features the glasses have are cancelled out by the lowest quality of smartphones nowadays. The reason I suggested it would be hard to say how much success they will have is because who knows what could change between now (what they’ve showed us) and by the time they launch the product. The other reason I could see these glasses finding success is because we live in a day and age when everyone is constantly looking for ways to simplify our lives and to make things more convenient. I could see how these glasses could do so just as a bluetooth headset makes talking on the phone easier, these glasses could make texting easier, searching directions easier, while still being able to use both hands fully.

    Google will definitely have the jump on the market in this category because they will be the first company to launch such a technology. They will have no competition to begin with. With the question would I personally by the glasses? Ya, I probably would! I like to have the newest of technology and I have already been thinking of instances in which they would be extremely useful.

  11. Matthew Chipman

    I think that the google glasses are very cool and unique product. Nothing like this has been produced before and we have envied seeing this technology in movies for some time now. I think that it will be successful at first because of the hype and marketing but to me, the price is just too much. To me it provides some really cool features. Buying somthing for convienence and leisure versus buying somthing to fullfill a need is quite different and 1500 dollars for me would only go towards satisyfing a need as I think alot of people cant come up with that kinda of money for a cool pair of glasses. I stil feel it will be successful but I think that they are going to need to drop the price very quickly after it enters the marketplace.

    I think that google could be rewarded for coming up with this type of product. However I feel there is less practical applications for this type of product versus a tablet. This is a very innovative product but I really think that the majority of consumers myself included are going to have a hard time justifying spending that kind of money on a product that merley makes your day to day life more convienient. A very neat product not worth the price in my opinion.

  12. Chance Olsen

    At the price at which these glasses are selling I don’t think that they are going to be that successful. I feel that they would have to lower the price tremendously in order for people to afford the glasses. I know that given the current price of the product I myself will not buy Google’s glasses. Even if I could afford the glasses I don’t think I personally would buy them because I don’t like things on my head. I have never worn glasses so the fact that I would have something wrapped around my ears all day long bothers me. And then there is the fact that pretty soon there will be laws against wearing them while you drive, you won’t be able to take them everywhere you need so where do you put them to prevent a very expensive product from being broken. I think that down the road this will become a big product but right now it’s just not there. There are so many flaws with them right now such as trying to wear sunglasses and talking on the phone (through your google glasses) that make them questionable to buyers.

  13. Josh Bodnaruk

    I think that this technology will be very successful in the marketplace. This is due to a variety of factors. One, i think that the hands free capability of a glasses screen will revolutionize the way people do business in their daily routine. Right from waking up and putting on the glasses and taking them off for bed the user is hooked up to the internet and many other features. Furthermore, this technology i believe has great potential because of its size, and when it becomes cost effective, accessibility.

    I also believe that Google does have the possibility to mimic apples dominance in their own way. Coupled with the fact that the android platform is the most popular smartphone operating system on the planet, the possibility are endless for syncing real time streaming of what is going on right in front of you, to your friends halfway around the world. In order to capitalize fast however, i believe that Google must bring the cost down, and make the device very user friendly, with cutting down on operator errors, such as miscommunication in voice command.

    I personally would not buy these glasses for two reasons. First, the price is fairly high in comparison to the actual features you receive. Secondly, i believe that as with most version 1.0, there will be many inherent problems. Therefore, I would wait for a tried and tested product to come out before purchasing.

  14. Callie Matz

    I think that the Google glasses will only be successful in the market place with technology savvy people. I think that given the steep price, the average person will be disinclined to pay $1500 for a product that most people already have, a smartphone. Once there is more competition in the market place and the price comes down more people will be willing to pay for the product.

    Google will be rewarded for being the first to enter the market but I think that Apple has such loyal customers that they will be able to gain a segment in the market. As long as Google is able to stay one step ahead of the competition and continue to upgrade the glasses they should be able to maintain their dominance.

    I would not purchase the glasses. My first deterrent is the price. I am not willing buy a gadget that costs about half as much as tuition, especially when I have a smartphone. I worry about being distracted by having technology always in my head and missing out on experiencing what is going on around me. I also struggle to disconnect from technology and having it in my face would make it even more challenging. I would also be concerned about how distracted driving laws would change in response to this new technology. I would not want to purchase the glasses until I know what the restrictions are and if I can use them freely. The main reason I would purchase them would be to have directions I can easily follow while I am driving.

  15. Alphine Bindiridza

    I don’t think this product will be a success in the market place because it has all the features carried by a smartphone the only difference is that you use the glasses hands free. Only those who are obsessed with technology will buy the glasses. I also think that if the product becomes a success it will only be for a short while and then people will start to find errors on the product like the picture quality is not that good, or the glasses do not last for a long time. Personally I wouldn’t buy the glasses, I already have a smartphone which takes pictures, i can text and call too. I don’t see anything special about the glasses for them to be worth $1500. I can use that money for buying a laptop and do more stuff with it while the glasses I can only take pictures and videos. I can buy a good camera for less that 1500 and there is no need for me to use the hands free glasses. I feel like nowadays there is too much unnecessary technology around us. Yes, technology is good but there should be a limit.

  16. Kelsey Allan

    I think that google glasses will be wanted by those individuals that are very technologically savvy and want the newest product on the market. Otherwise this product I do not believe will be a marketplace success. The issue that I see with the google glasses is that it gives you all the same options as a smartphone that most people carry on them every day and for a more expensive price. As well as you could buy a good digital camera for less then you would spend on these google glasses. Who has 1500 dollars to spend on a pair of glasses that can do everything your phone or a camera can do?

    I do not find this product all desirable at all. I already have a phone that can do all of the things and more that these google glasses can do. I already find it hard enough to disconnect from the technology and having it on my face everywhere I go doesn’t seem desirable because I just cannot get away from he technology in my life. This is just not a product that is desirable to me however it definitely will be successful with those people that jump on the bandwagon of every new and innovative technological product.

  17. Leisha Hansen

    I think intially there will be a small demand for these glasses because they are a novelty and those who love technology will want to see what all the hype is about. For those who aren’t technologically minded though it will be a hard sell. It is also difficult to see it becoming a high demand product because it requires the person to want to wear glasses. Wearing glasses is not always comfortable, and many people feel they take away from their attractiveness. Also, if you have ever worn glasses and had something smudged on the glass it is highly distracting and even disorienting. I can see this technology being attractive to a specific group of people, but not everyone, therefore I suspect Google will not see the success they are hoping for.

    Personally, I do not find this product desirable. I already wear glasses but if I could get rid of them I would, so why would I buy these? I also often feel bound by all the technology I have to use on a daily basis and I look forward to shutting it all off at the end of the day. I can’t stand the thought of having a constant distraction on my face too. That’s just a little too confining for my comfort level. It’s a fun and novel idea, and some may be excited about it, but it is not a practical gadget for me.

  18. Stacey Demchenko

    The Google Glasses are definitely an innovative product, as far as success in the marketplace goes…I’m not so sure. I think Google will have a hard time competing with the smartphone, tablet and laptop markets that everyone is so familiar with today. To keep up, or attempt to surpass the competition, you have to be willing to test out new products just like this. I just wonder, is this really practical? Will anyone other than the really tech-savvy individuals out there be interested in wearing bulky glasses on their face? I can see the potential of these glasses as maybe a short term success, if they really take off when they are launched. But as far as long term success goes, I think there are many things that will need to be done differently to these glasses in order for them to be a success. Some of the ‘red flags’ for me after watching the video were things such as: the price-$1500 is a good chunk of money a product, especially when there are so many other products out there that can also take pictures, send texts, etc. just as the glasses can. The appearance- as cool as the idea is, they really aren’t all that fashionable. And more often than not, nowadays people are looking to avoid wearing glasses and getting contact lenses or laser eye surgery instead, so I can’t see many people wanting to wear this product. Thirdly, is this going to distract people more than cell phones? It almost seems like a hazard to me. I think this product pushes the ‘hands free’ idea behind command driven Bluetooth systems and such to an unnecessary extreme. And last, if they do launch and succeed-how long until their competitors either match or beat this product with something better? Google should no doubt receive some sort of compensation for being the first to bring out a product like this, but I can’t imagine lineups of people outside the doors of electronic stores impatiently awaiting the launch of this product.

  19. Mariam akinola

    Google glasses has been around for quite a while because I can remember my brother showed me a video on it. About the question on wheather it will be successful or not, I think it depends. It might be successful in some places while in others not. Some countries are technologically advanced so the google glasses will probably sell better in those countries. However, not everyone in those countries will buy it because it is very expensive, only proactive individuals will see this innovation as a way forward to improve and make life easier for people.
    Google should be awarded with the first mover advantage in this category because it is a new product and not a lot or even only google has thought about this product and they were the first company to bring it out. Incase the glasses becomes successful, google should get patent for its innovation which will give it a competitive advantagefor several years. They can also charge a higher price because they will be a monopoly and people will ave to pay for the glasses at the price which is being offered at the market.
    As to wether I will purchase the google glasses or not, I will not buy it because it is too expensive and I will probably be uncomfortable wearing the glasses all the time. People still prefer smartphones and it will take a while before this product gets popularized and gets people’s attention.

  20. Kevin Robichaud

    In regards to question 1 i do not think they will be successful. I feel that between Smart phones tablets and lap tops we are already dominated by technology. Another similar device would just lead to being overburdened by tech and lead to unnecessary distraction. Another reason i feel as if it will not be successful is that it looks really stupid. If i was going to spend 1500 dollars on something it better not make me look like an idiot. The only real reason i could see people investing in something like this would be for the point of view filming which already has a much cheaper alternative in the go pro camera system

    Also i feel that the only saving grace it has is that it is first mover. On the off chance that something as silly as this succeeds it will definitely breed competition that will take away considerate market share. I feel that in this market the one company that has the tech reputation to pull this off is apple because the company loyalty is insane. Google does not have a strong enough following to convince the on the fence purchasers that this is a worth while idea.

  21. Chyane Tibert

    I think that the google glasses will be a wanted item in North America by people who jump onboard with all the new technology, but will not be a market place success. The cost of buying the glasses is too high and I think that only elite crowds will be able to afford this technology. If you look at the percentage of people in the population that already own a smart phone, it is very high and the google glasses are only offering a hands free smart phone approach. I do not think that the google glasses will be the new replacement for the smart phone because of the inconvenience factor. I think that the glasses will impede peoples view and actually be dangerous when writing is projected across the glasses lenses. Also the google glasses appear to be balky and inconvenient to wear, which is usually a major deciding factor for most people, appose to a cell phone in a pocket. I think they would have great advantages in the work place for employees who need the most current info and are constantly at meetings. I would not buy a pair of the google glasses because I could not afford them and if I had that kind of money I would buy something more useful for me like a new laptop, since I already own a smart phone which is essentially what the google glasses are.

  22. Yu Chao

    I think the new glasses will be popular in the market, but it still solved a lot of problems in order to suceessful just like IPhone and ITouch. First, there are a lot of people who never wear the glasses because they do not have the vision problem and there are very heavy and ugly for them, So , it is very important for the google company to decrease the weight of the glasses, and design them beautiful . Second , Because of the High techology , people may wear the glasses when they drive, study, even play and sleep. the problem is there are a lot of raditation , even for computer and Iphone. The glasses is very close the eye and brain , how to control the raditation to avoid the damage to our brain and eye is the key point for the google . For me , I am willing to buy a glass, even it is expensive, becasue it is the unique in the market, it is a lot of attraction to me

  23. Megan Jackson

    I think that these glasses will be a success in the marketplace. This is because they enable you to perform all the tasks that you would on a Smartphone, hands free. As this is a very unique product that has not yet came to the market place Google has a good change of being rewarded for being a ‘first mover’ in this hardware category. I think the ability to do everything a Smartphone does with out the distraction is a very special quality these glasses have. With the new laws in Alberta on distracted driving it will be interesting to see whether or not these glasses would be included in the law as a distraction or not. With that said, whether or not these glasses are included in the law will affect if I would buy a pair of these glasses. If they are not included in the law then I would definitely consider buying. But if you can get a distracted driving ticket for wearing the glasses while driving I would not waste my money on a product that is essentially the same as my Smartphone. More so, I think I would feel awkward wearing the glasses and physically talking to them to get them to perform a task… I am very curious to see if these glasses even make it onto the marketplace, especially at a price of $1500!!! I’d rather spend that amount and get something that is more useful, like for example, an iPad.

  24. Michael Jensen

    As it stands right now, I feel that the Google Glasses will not dominate the marketplace. First off, they are extremely pricey at $1500, and secondly, I feel there would probably be potential glitches with regards to the technology used within the glasses (i.e. Internet connection problems, camera problems). Another drawback is that they are not aesthetically pleasing. They look rather uncomfortable and awkward. And what kind of warranty would be provided if the flimsy glasses broke? I could see this product being successful in a few years from now, when Google knows the product well enough to withdrawal any disadvantages that are going on with it. I definitely think that Google will be rewarded for the hardware category before other companies strategize and compete with this product. This product is definitely fascinating, and it will be difficult for potential competition in the market to develop a similar product, especially with Google’s groundbreaking research strategies. I would not buy this device any time soon for a number of reasons: Like many other new products, their tends to be many technological issues and glitches upon arrival. Another reason I would not buy the product now is because of the steep price. I realize that this product is revolutionary and way ahead of its time, but $1500 is too much money. In a few years time the price will definitely go down, but I won’t buy it unless the technology is a crucial component of my everyday life.

  25. Brennan Lowe

    At this current time, I do not feel that this product would be successful in the marketplace. In five to ten years, I believe that this will be the new trend and almost everyone will have one, given the price falls drastically from the $1500 mark. Today, there is not much need for this product as today is basically the age of cell phones, and big debates on which smart phone is top of the list. In ten years when smart phones become obsolete, I believe that these Google Glasses may become even more advanced than they are right now and become in procession of everyone.

    I would not buy a pair of these Google Glasses today. In the future if they can do more than my smart phone, then I would consider it. For one, the price seems too steep, seeing as I can get a great laptop for the same price that I would use every day compared to a pair of glasses that would be inconvenient to wear everywhere. But seeing as a smart phone can already do as much as these glasses, plus a lot more, it seems unnecessary to purchase these Google Glasses. I also would not want to be a beta tester as I feel that I would be impressed for a day or two, and then realize that there is no need for this product yet and probably set them down and not use them again.

  26. Lanre Paulissen

    Personally, I find it a bit difficult to answer affirmatively whether the product would be a success in the marketplace. For the simple fact lots of people are tempted to text while on the drive, I believe such people would want to have this device and at least still have their hands on the wheels and their eyes on the road and in consequence evade a traffic law infringement ticket. The challenge for most people would be the steep monetary price that needs to be paid for the product at the moment. The good thing is that technology keeps evolving and before you know a more miniaturized and ‘cooler’ version would be developed and that would become the ‘in’ thing at that time.

    If the product is patented, the design reworked, and the price reduced, Google is likely to be rewarded as a first mover in this category. I can’t compare the product to a computer and a phone in the sense that it’s not meant to be such; it’s a product in its own class with its own functionality. People reviewed the product saying why wear the glasses when they could easily get their phone out, take a picture or do a recording. But then I wonder how come such people carry an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod and probably an Apple computer. I believe Apple’s intention when it released the iPhone was so that it could 3 functionalities in one device but the Apple fans still get all 3 separate devices. I understand that you may not be able to receive calls to the iPad/Pod, but with the iPhone the functionality of both is included; except that you would not get as much real estate screen view of the iPad on the phone.

    I do not belong to the innovators category so I probably would not buy one of these glasses now especially because of the price. As for the recording, I believe it’s a great tool for me as I would not lift a finger but yet still get to capture every experience I need captured.

  27. Lauren Gallimore

    Although the technology and research that had to have gone into creating these glasses is immense, I do not feel that they will become a huge success in the marketplace. Since the technology used in these glasses is so unique Google may make some initial profit off wealthy consumers that are tech savvy and want the latest and greatest gadgets. For the average consumer, I believe these glasses are too expensive to justify when most people already have a smart phone that can do many of the same tasks as these glasses.

    If given the opportunity to be one of the beta testers of these glasses, I would turn it down. Aside from the price of purchasing these glasses, I do not feel like this technology would be something I would like on my face and I also do not believe that these glasses are designed in a style I would like to wear. I personally feel that having these glasses on with all the different programs projected in front of my face would be very distracting and even dangerous in case of driving while wearing them. Instead of getting bombarded with information, images and messages the second they happen, I prefer having the freedom to look at the message or information when I have a moment to focus my attention on it. Also, I believe that the glasses, although they look like something out of a sci-fi movie are not something people would want to be wearing in public on a regular day.

  28. Landon Feser

    From my point of view I do not believe that this product will be successful in the market. With that being said, the technology geeks may prove me wrong. It will be interesting to see where this technology is in five to ten years from now. I personally wear glasses, so this would not be ideal for myself and for all the other people who wear glasses. Who wants to wear a pair of glasses when they do not have to?
    Another glaring issue is the extreme price. I believe that most consumers would not be able to justify spending $1500 dollars to wear a pair of glasses that, in my opinion, look utterly ridiculous. Google will not be rewarded with a first-mover advantage with this new type of technology because the technology is going to go “belly-up” before the technology becomes fully functional in the consumer market. I think the only setting that this technology would be a feasible option would be in the business world. As much as I admire the new type of technology, the “cool” factor just does not do the trick for me. It is a pair of glasses after all. Not sure how “cool” the overall idea is though.

  29. Carla Hornecker

    I think that this product likely will be a success in the marketplace, especially if and when they are able to lower the price. $1500 is a lot of money to spend on yet another gadget, when so many people already have so much technology with them at all times. I also think it will be necessary to improve the esthetics of the clip on the glasses. Some people might be willing to wear something that looks like that, but I think the majority of people value their appearance too much to wear something like that on their face.

    I think that Google will be rewarded for being a first mover in this hardware category, as long as they are able to make quick and continual improvements to the product. However, I think that they will also be facing stiff competition once other companies start developing their own version of this product. They will have to work hard and effectively to maintain their advantage.

    It is a unique and interesting idea, but I definitely would not buy a pair of these glasses. The main reason for this would be the very high price. Even if I could afford to spend that kind of money, I wouldn’t choose to on a frivolous product like these glasses. In addition, I would find it very annoying having to wear glasses all the time if I wanted to use the technology, especially with the bulky clip on them.

  30. Devin Phalen

    I really can’t see this catching on, but maybe I can’t see past my own bias–which would have me disgusted at watching a crowd of people walk around with these ridiculous looking glasses on their faces. I’m sure the techie’s will enjoy playing with these things and you’ll have the individuals who will do anything to look “cool” purchase them, but cool they will not look. Having worn glasses for a portion of my life, I was beyond thankful to get contacts and rid myself of the cumbersome things. It was a constant battle to keep them pushed up, on straight, and lenses clean. Why on earth would I want to repeat that phase of my life. And those who already wear glasses, will have to wear two? Or will these come with prescriptions and transition lenses for sensitive eyes–making them even more expensive? I’m starting to get really tired of this “synthetic world” that we are living in blinding us to the truly amazing planet we are blessed with. It’s no wonder most people don’t care about environmental issues–they are living in their own little environment, which keeps them blind to what’s happening around them.

    It is for these reasons that I think (and hope) that Google will not have a first mover advantage and this product flops. Needless to say, I would NEVER consider buying a pair of these, and would urge my family family and friends to enjoy the moment instead of always trying to improve it.

  31. KJ

    It will be successful but I wonder about how society will develop and utilize it..

    Hard to say, they may be the first but undoubtedly there is a race to adopt their tech by other companies. They could be, but I believe Apple introduced the Smartphone..and the video now says that android systems are more popular. Long term rewards? Short term rewards? How to measure? Depends.

    I have had my eye on these glasses since last year, I’m eagerly awaiting to try them. I believe if I got a pair on I’d never take them off. New tech always costs premium prices, I remember a time when my family first got a desktop computer – it was thousands of dollars and had a whooping 75 mhtz of power; that’s the nature of the industry..facts aside, I just think this device would be fun to play with.

  32. swatigade

    I do not feel this product will be a success in the marketplace due to its price and style. The price of $1500 is way too high for a product with minimum functionality. Investing $1500 in a laptop is worth it because a laptop has many features but this product does not have any other feature besides texting and video recording. Also, who knows what the quality of the pictures taken will be. The style does not personally appeal to me as it just does not seem practical to wear something over your head constantly. It just seems something out of a Sci-Fi movie, very fictional. The idea itself is good as it saves time for users. If the idea is made a little bit more practical in terms of style and price then maybe Google might be rewarded for being the first mover in the hardware category. I personally would not buy these Google glasses as I do not like the style or the cost. I do like the idea of hands free texting and video recording. I would definitely invest in the idea but not this product. If something more practical comes along I would for sure look into it further.

  33. Richelle Merrick

    This product will become a fad. It will hit the streets and everyone will rush to get them simply because technology is such a huge part of our society. If something big comes out everyone has to try it. However, It will not last long. There are so many problems with this technology it will not be a long lasting success. Not only is the price ridiculously high but the glasses are a safety hazard. People will be so consumed in the glasses they will not be focused on walking, driving, or being aware of their surroundings. After several safety problems there will be so many restrictions on when someone can wear these nobody will be able to justify the price.
    I would not buy these. I would try them if someone I knew had some but that is about the end of it. The price will probably drop a little and cheaper versions will become available but the idea behind the glasses remains the same. You have a computer in front of your face at all times. People already rely too much on technology these glasses take it too far. I prefer to see life and capture a moment, these glasses take all that away. It is taking out the personal experience for convenience.

  34. Jonny Kostiuk

    I feel this technology could be a success in the future after the price declines and different styles and models come out. But currently selling this product for $1500, I think that only a small percentage of innovators would actually purchase the first type. Technology is moving at an amazingly fast pace and things are becoming easier to use with little effort so I think Google has the right idea where the world is heading. I think that apple will come out with a better product that Google, maybe one that has a built in iPod and you can sync with you iTunes. Maybe that will be the new iPhone 6, your glasses will contain everything you iPhone does and you wont have to use your fingers. If this does happen though what would happen to driving laws and how would that be more enforced because if would increase distractions to driving and there no proof they actually had the device on. Currently I would not buy this product because of the price and because it has not been tested but if it did become and cool product with more brands and I new people that had one and liked it a lot I would probably purchase one for a decreased price. But I would not be one of the first to purchase Google’s new innovative product.

  35. Akina Morimoto

    As technology is constantly changing and growing, I would say that the product could be successful in the marketplace, but it could certainly be a challenge. I do not believe that this product would be successful right now, but it has the potential with the right adjustments to become the next “big thing”. However, the appeal for customers may not be so high, since it is such an expensive product. Since fashion has become such an important part of every day life, the product must become a serious fashion trend in order for the product to have an opportunity to be successful. Personally, I would not likely purchase this product. $1,500 is a lot of money that I would prefer to spend on something else. As well, with wearing these glasses, I would feel like a robot. I would not feel as if I am living in that moment, because I would be constantly caught up in taking pictures or videos. I feel that technology can only advance so much until it becomes overwhelming. Humans are intelligent enough to be able to create innovations using technology, but we have to be careful how advanced we go, otherwise we may end up turning into robots ourselves.

  36. Jacqueline Wegener

    I don’t think this technology will be a huge success for Google currently speaking. I believe that the only group of people that may buy these glasses are those who are purchasing all of the new and innovative technology that is available on the market, have to have a fair amount of money to make this purchase, and are not concerned about a bulky, unfashionable product being on their face. From what I saw in the video it did not really set the glasses apart from the cameras available on smartphones aside from the fact that they are hands free. The glasses look like they might be a bit bulky to wear on a regular basis and I think that I would be annoyed having something like this on my face when I could just pull out my phone and take a video or a picture. From the information that was given in this video and the cost of the glasses I would not end up purchasing them because I feel that I could spend my money on better things such as a new laptop or phone. I don’t have the need to be taking hands free pictures and videos when I always have my phone on me that I can take out of my purse when I feel the need to take a picture and I don’t have to have something on my face at all times.

  37. Brad Zander

    While watching the Youtube clip, I could not help but think, “I want a pair of those!”
    Technology is changing every day. Google has found a product that could be successful in the marketplace, but only if proper beta testing is done. I can think of a few issues that should be considered with regards to the product.
    1) Appearance of the project: Although the technology and functuality of the product is fascinating, people by nature care about what they wear. Majority of people are to self conscious to wear the product as seen on the clip. They would be considered ugly. In order for this product to be successful in the marketplace, Google must find a way to overcome this hurdle.
    2) How to make the glasses stay on your face: On the clip they showed someone on a trapeze wearing the glasses, while filming their performance. An issue that I see is how to keep the glasses from falling off your face. Cords to attach the product to your face may be considered and eyesore. Also, you have to ensure that the glasses will not fall off the persons face when doing extreme sports (people that do extreme sports will most likely be the ones most interested in the product). You must ensure that consumers are not wasting $1,500 if they lose or damage the glasses.
    3) Wifi: The cost of Wifi also must be considered. Users of the glasses would have to pay a company in order to have the Wifi features for the glasses. So not only do the consumers have to pay $1,500 for the product, but they also have to pay the monthly fees to have Wifi.
    All things set aside, I would definitely be interested in purchasing the product. It seems like it would be a lot of fun to use. The clip does a great way of presenting the product and makes me interested in giving the product a try.

  38. TJ Winn

    This is another jump forward in the technology world; however at this point in the Google glass career I don’t suspect it will be a huge success in the marketplace. I think that an elite crowd will own and use the glasses simply for the attention they will receive and to be ‘tech savvy’ sort of like the ‘mini-disk’ owners of the past.

    I also feel that these glasses would be a bit intrusive and annoying to wear, and thus making the functionality suffer. Furthermore, in my opinion, they are essentially a Go Pro with Wi-Fi and less durable. The video even shows the wearer on some sort of trapeze with the glasses on… and that is the last place you would expect me to use my $1500 glasses when I could strap on my $200 Go Pro and get the same results in HD.

    Therefore, as can probably be drawn from my opinion, I would most probably not purchase the glasses as I would rather have a better laptop, tablet, or smartphone as I find those devices to be more beneficial to me. However, I do feel that Google should be credited to unique advanced innovation and I think that the technology used in the glasses will soon be implemented into other technological devices such as TV’s, phones, and tablet etc.


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