Why spend $1,500 for these glasses?

Description: Google unveils new glasses that can help you text and record video hands-free.

Source: CNN.com.com

Date: Feb 21, 2013

 Questions for discussion:

1. Do you feel this product will be a success in the marketplace?

2.  Will Google be rewarded for being a first mover in this hardware category the Apple was rewarded for being a first mover in the tablet marketspace?  Why or Why not?

3.  Would you buy a pair of these Google Glasses?  Why or why not?

Google unveils new glasses that can help you text and record video hands-free. Zain Asher reports


22 thoughts on “Why spend $1,500 for these glasses?

  1. Homer

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  2. Sean

    I believe this product will be a fad, but therefore will be successful in the marketplace due to the fact that once some people start ravving about these glasses, others will jump on the bandwagon and go for it. This is what google wants from a business standpoint, and the level of innovation found in these glasses is quite amazing. At a price of 1500 dollars per pair, its going to be a luxury item and not for everyone, but i believe it will be successful, as mostly everything google does turns to gold.
    I am not sure how competitive this market will become, simply because these items cost so much money. The tablet market was revolutionary to most manufacturers and basically two companies compete for all marketshare. I believe that google will be rewarded temporarily for their innovation efforts and for being a first mover in this hardware category, but i believe many competitors will find cheaper examples and people will side with more affordable alternatives once they appear.
    I would not buy a pair of these glasses, simply because they cost too much. You have bluetooth in your car, and have a phone for the rest of the things these glasses do, so there is no reason for buying these in my personal opinion.

  3. Navreet

    In the tech-savvy world today, this product will definitely be successful in the marketplace. Only the cost factor might reduce the sales, but hopefully that is subjected to change in the long run. Google glasses look really convenient and user- friendly. Although it supports the idea of always being connected if might separate the user from reality. It does look avant-garde and something that we would expect our future generations to have. Google is moving fast in terms of developing new technology and I think it would be rewarded for it. I would love to buy these glasses when the price is affordable and try them on. They certainly look interesting and unique. The features are much like a smartphone and it’s hard to believe that it is all packed in a small portable device! The applications seem very reasonable and practical. It really does seem like carrying your laptop around but in a much more subtle way. These glasses might obstruct a user’s vision to see clearly in high traffic areas. Also, will it have the same connectivity all around the world? Does it require Wi-Fi to operate? These are questions that need to be answered.

  4. Ryan Orr

    I think Google glasses will have success in the market place… eventually. They will have a tough time initially as people are so used to their other devices, smartphones, camera’s, ect. Once the product is perfected and their are no immediate issues that need to be dealt with the product will be a success. The marketplace has been continuously moving toward this kind of product. Google will be awarded for introducing this product as long as other innovators don’t top it by so much that people forget entirely about them. I would buy a pair of these glasses only after the price has come down to at least half. It is a cool product that allows users to drive, text, and take photos hands free. It is definitely a product I will watch and see what it becomes.

  5. Brendan Schlossberger

    I think the google glasses will have at least a good amount of success despite their high price. They may not be as successful as Apple because Apple has Iphones, Ipads, and Mac computers everywhere and they are by far the most popular amongst my friends and family. They will succeed in some amount though because technology is the future and products that improves our multi tasking ability and the speed we can do things are always desired. I would not by any myself for a couple reasons: I choose to wear contacts because I don’t like the feel of glasses, I, like a lot of people, could not justify spending 1500 on glasses no matter how much they did, and Im not the most tech savvy person and I could see myself getting very frustrated trying to figure out all the functions and how they work. The glasses will likely have the same small defects that first Iphones and Macs had but if the Google company can recieve the same support they can easily remedy them and reproduce better versions as Apple did. If the price comes down after a couple years as it does with other new technologies and defects are worked out I could see myself considering them. But i definately wont be a first time buyer.

  6. Logan Reiter

    I feel that this product will not be very successful in the marketplace. Although it is unique and very interesting the price and practicality of the product makes it difficult to believe that it will be a success. The chances of a product like this catching on and being something that most people desire to have is slim. I do not think that there will be any benefit for google to be the first mover on this product because i don’t believe that it will ever be a household product. I see it as impractical and more of a luxury tech item than anything else. I personally would not be interested in purchasing this product just because of the high price tag. $1500 is a steep price to pay for something like this, and is a price that very few people would pay, myself not being one of them.

  7. Brandon

    Google has definitely created something that is completely different than what is currently available on the market today. And this item defiantly demands a high price for the consumer. At $1500 USD the people who are ‘lucky’ enough to be allowed to prototype these Google glasses will have to fork out a fortune. So what are the benefits that are really going to drive people to want spend the big money for this tech accessory? As for myself I wouldn’t be a very good choice to market this item towards. Not only would I be extremely unlikely to spend the money to purchase an item in the prototype phase, but also I do not see how this item can improve my life. Since Albertans have the distracted driving legislation in effect it wouldn’t be long before the government banned the use of these while driving also. They are potentially more dangerous, and they do not offer anything of benefit to the consumer. It might be that I am put off by price, but I just do not see the benefit of being too lazy to take your smartphone out of your pocket to take a picture. Overall, aside from creating an item that looks like something from a movie this item will probably miss the mark.

  8. Dallon Martin

    I do not feel that initially this product will be successful in the marketplace, although some will buy it. In the coming years i do believe that this will be the technology of the future an as this kind of product evolves, it will become more and more popular. As well right now it seems very expensive at 1500$. Yes, I don’t see Google wouldn’t be rewarded for their success in this new technology, as long as they continue with this technology and just don’t stop what they are doing. I feel that google is really advancing themselves in the world technology and really becoming a leader in it. I don’t see why they wouldn’t get recognized. I personally wouldn’t buy a pair of these glass right away, because i really am not a big technology guy so i wouldn’t want to be one of the first ones using it. If I saw the benefits and I saw value in it after seeing others use it and have it, I might. I really do think that shortly after they start selling these ones the technology will advance very quickly and they will have much much better one with in months.

  9. Colin Stevenson

    1. I am sure that as the product becomes more readily available for a better price it will become very popular in the marketplace. The younger generations have an endless desire for all things technology. I do not believe this product will take off like smartphones and tablets, but it will definitely be a successful product as it is refined and more features are added.
    2. Google may see some reward for being the first mover in this type of hardware. Unlike Apple’s iPad, I do not believe Google Glasses will have such a broad marketplace of potential customers. Presently it only has a few features and a very high price. With so many other gadgets already used widely by consumers it is doubtful that this product will have as much success as Apple did establishing the Tablet market. There are many people out there with plenty of disposable income and hungry for new technology applications. As the product is refined and the price comes down it may find a very successful niche market.
    3. I personally would not buy a pair of Google Glasses. The product has far too limited a use for the price required to purchase them. I already have a smartphone and a laptop, and if I was going to make another major purchase for technology it would most likely be for a Tablet most likely an iPad. I am not interested in such narrow use technology products so I do no think this product is right for me, but there are many people who would find the novelty of such a product highly desirable.

  10. charles chow sau pui

    1.I don’t feel this product would be a success because it is more expensive than other IT products in the market . Even it might be worth as its price, it is too expensive to afford. Therefore, the general public don’t have to purchase power to see if the google glasses worth as its price. I feel it only have success on technology for upper class in the society but not common in the market. The most weakness is the prices over everything. I wouldnt believe general public would like to spend that amount of money to try a new thing.
    2.Yes, i believe Google corp can have an advantage over Apple corp because Google have the forward technology achievement. However, the market space also depends on the market acceptance.If general public could not afford for the google glass , the public cannot really experience what the google glasses. As we know, the first mover have to spend lot to make innovative products. However, they need to lower their price to get the public acceptance intend to sell more.
    3. I wouldn’t buy the google glass unless i experience how it is from others because it is too expensive to afford one. I wouldn’t spend a lot to “try” something new but to buy something worth and new.

  11. Abraham Sarthak

    I think the google glasses is a wonderful product it would be a huge success in the market because it is totally different and new invention .This new invention would make things very easy for people and i am sure that they would just love it .I know that this product is expensive but soon i think as the technology progresses it would become cheaper .This was the same with the cell phone market , when the cellphones entered they were really expensive and now every single person on earth owns a cellphone or can dream of having it.And surely google would have upper hand in its market as they have in the android market.I would surely buy these googles as they are tremendous and very useful. And they would also make it easy for me to take images and share it with my friends , it would be capturing images with my eyes , i really like the idea of these googles and would be waiting for more inovation in artificial intelligence sector by google.

  12. Ollie

    In terms of the product success, i do not think that this “first generation” will be but in term of the type of product that it is, i feel that it could be a extremely successful in the future. First, this new technology is clearly an expensive venture for Google and $1500 for glasses is way too expensive for a pair that aren’t real glasses. Another con of this product is the voice controls, you are going to look a bit ridiculous talking out loud randomly. If Google can, and I’m sure will, continue to develop this type of technology, they could be going down a great path due to the excitement that this type of product would bring to the consumer marketplace. This type of technology could be within everyday life sooner than we think and if Google’s development is on the money then they could take serious advantage of being the first major movers within this field and technology. Would I buy a pair of these glasses? for now, I would not purchase a set of these. Why? first, i do not need to wear glasses and would see it as a point less investment seeing though they aren’t real glasses. Also i feel like you would look ridiculous wearing them and talking to your glasses. $1500 is also expensive for technology that you don’t know a whole deal about. If the technology became more refined and sleeker then maybe, but until that happens i would not but them.

  13. Daryabeygi, Mohadese

    Although, Google glasses are dreamy products they would use by specific customers or in specific situations. Markets and customers for this technology need to be defined clearly. Using this technology would help some professions to be more effective by recording critical and significant moments; For instance, murder inspectors, and soccer coaches and referees. These people would need to take pictures whiteout using hands in critical moments. Taking pictures in crucial moments would have significant impacts on their successes. However, I as a general user of a camera would buy them for the situations that I cannot handle a camera but I need and like to take pictures, such climbing mountains. However, in the video there is no information about the quality of the pictures which taken by glasses. If they have a good quality they would replace with general cameras for specific professions. Moreover, there is no information about how much these glasses are delicate and fragile. Some expertise may use glasses if they are hard enough for critical and fast- paced moments, such as a moment which an inspector is running after a killer. $1500 for glasses is a reasonable price for some professions and expertise but may not be a good price for general users.

  14. yuxuan.hou

    As we all know, google, as one of the largest technology companies in the world leads the development direction of the advanced technology products. Google glasses not only symbols a new high technology product but also symbols fashion, just like most of Apple’s products have technologies and fashion factors. in the recent years and few years later,
    I do not think google glasses could have successful achievements in the market even though it is a very good product. why i do not think it will success? There are three main reasons. First , google glasses is not necessities, so it have very limited market. Second, google glasses has many other technologic succedaneums,some people would like use phone, laptop, campare and many other things. Last , 1500 dollors is not a cheap price for many people
    I do not think Google could be rewarded for being a first mover in this hardware category the Apple was rewarded for being a first mover in the tablet marketspace. Apple has huge advantages than google in the competitive market.
    . I want to buy a google glasses but i would not buy it because google glasses does not care the myopia factor. Maybe I will buy it in the future

  15. Antonia

    I feel like they will have a tough time selling this product. I think the market is too small. $1500 is a lot for any piece of technology. I’m sure there is someone out there that would want the latest trend in technology, but it will be hard to catch on with most people. I don’t think that it is a factor being the first mover as soon as another company sees the technology there will be more models on the market. Honestly, I wouldn’t be caught dead with these on my face. I would not purchase this product it is so unnecessary. I already have a phone and laptop that does everything that these glasses do. I see no reason to have this technology on my face. If people are becoming so lazy that they can’t take their phone out of their pocket, then society is in trouble.

  16. Kristian Rochon

    Google will have a very tough time successfully selling these glasses in the marketplace. With smart phone users already proficient with their devices, it is never seen as an inconvenience to pull out your phone to take pictures, videos, and surf the web. Because the glasses are voice activated, users will also have a tough time using them in public, where the majority of use would most likely occur. An obvious factor as well, is if customers are willing to wear Google glasses, and do they pose a problem for customers that already wear prescription glasses. Google will also see a tough time with customers accepting the price. If successful however, Apple, Microsoft, ect. wont be far behind in implementing this same technology. With such a strong presence and capable R&D, in other brands that are not Google, I believe Google will pose some sort of first mover advantage, but not much. I would not be a first adapter, but if market success arose, I would most likely buy these glasses. However, without market success I would not buy these glasses. I do not see these glasses working because of three important reasons: users smart phone capabilities, inconvenience of having them visible, and a price that most people will not accept.

  17. Crystal Smallface

    No, not at this point in time. I feel that it is too futuristic and not realistic enough to be useful. Sure people will want to purchase this product, but I feel that it will be those geeks who are the same people who stand in line or camp outside an Apple store to get the newest version of the iphone. As with all new technologies the newest are always the most expensive and when other competitors enter the marketplace prices go down to keep up with the economics of supply and demand. Google of course will be rewarded for being the first company to present this new technology but only the customers can dictate to what amount that reward will be. I myself would not purchase one, I have not purchased an iphone and probably never will because I do not use all of the applications that come with the phone. I have a cell but I bought it to be used for what it was intended for, and that is to have the ability and convenience of having a phone. Mostly for emergencies or when traveling, I mean who wants to be stranded with no phone. The convenience of having a phone comes in handy, especially nowadays because you can never find a payphone anymore. Which I think is another ploy for the phone companies to get everyone to buy a cell phone.

  18. Katie Guccione

    I think that for future generations, this product will be a success because it seems that as we progress into the technological world more and more people want things to be convenient. These glasses contain everything that you ‘need’ today and people will be eager to try the newest technology that will make them more available to the world,and this will allow for them to be connected 24/7. I think that the technology will have to progress more before they will catch on, and by this I mean that they will need to open up the product to new designs so that they are seen as “stylish” for people to wear. If they make these glasses stylish and offer different frame colors etc I think that in the future the product will be very popular. I think that personally this is too much for me, I like to be able to put my phone away or to be able to just put my laptop away. I think that if i was given the opportunity to wear this sort of technology on my face the only thing I would get done would be surfing the web and taking pictures. I think that this is a technological advance that should be reconsidered based on the way that society as a whole is already turning out.

  19. Josh

    In reading through the replies already given, I feel like I’m hearing the same things people said about pieces of technology that we now use every day. Wearing Bluetooth headsets and carrying a mini tablet-phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note (now one the bestselling smartphones on the market) are two simple and recent examples of this. Regardless of what a lot or even “most” people think about new technologies, there will always be people desiring the latest piece of equipment and with the money to blow, just to say they have it or to be an early adopter. I’m not one of those people, and I can’t see myself anytime soon walking around with the internet on my face, but I thought the same thing about carrying it in my pocket. I think there’s huge potential in it, and if not initially successful, Google glasses could very well be the trigger for some other product or trend that really does take off. I wouldn’t be so quick to condemn this idea before it even gets off the ground. History is full of many famous quotes like this one, from an 1876 Western Union internal memo: “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.”

  20. ibrahim.akinola

    1) I have major doubts that this product will be a success in the marketplace because there are a lot of things for Google to take into account; the smartphone technology is a major challenge because this technology is expanding at a great pace and demands growing at a greater pace.
    The new Google glasses product is basically trying to compete with smartphones and based on the video; I can tell that there are a lot of disadvantages facing this product. Here are few of the disadvantages:
    a) How can this product be used by people who are already wearing prescription glasses.
    b) Most people are used to operating electronic devices with their hands e.g. using the smartphone to make phone calls, text people, take images and more
    c) Most people will feel uncomfortable and inconvenience wearing this product and also giving instructions to it. i.e. how will the glasses be able to recognise your voice instructions when you are in a crowded area, also imagine how inconvenience it will be trying to read a text massage or have a conversation during a video call while on the go, this aspect will be dangerous because your eyes and the glasses are sharing one vision and this can lead to accidents if not careful on a busy street
    3) I don’t think I will purchase one because I feel it will be inconvenience wearing it every time and everywhere.

  21. Marc

    1. Not yet. There are too many obstacles to overcome at this point. It’s a great proof-of-concept, and there’s a ton of technological and usage opportunities that could come out of it, but we haven’t gotten the size / power ratio down enough for people to want to wear technology. To get decent computational performance, battery life, hardware, etc, devices are still too big to want to wear, and if we make something small enough to wear, people will be disappointed by the performance of it. That’s still true for smartphones, and was true for netbooks until ultrabooks happened.

    2. Apple was far from first in the tablet marketplace, and Google was second in the search engine industry, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in the first mover advantage in this case. I don’t think first mover advantage will be a huge benefit because the technology is a big leap, from a smartphone in your pocket, to a smartphone interface on your face; people won’t want to adopt it right away. The buzz about it is because (1) it’s Google and (2) it’s something we’ve dreamed of since Data on Star Trek, but it’s still too far away from our norm.

    3. No, because I have a smartphone and that’s enough for me at this point in time.

  22. Brogan Mueller

    I do not think this product will be a success in the marketplace. I think this product is too much of an inconvenience to benefit the user. Technology users love being able to search this quickly, and wherever they are, however I believe these glasses are too intrusive to be able to use discretely. First, you have to speak out loud to use them, this makes it impossible to quickly search something in a meeting, for example. Second, I do not believe the average person will be willing to wear technology directly on their face. I think people love to have new gadgets to show off, but not ones that change their appearance. Third, the fact that information is displayed directly in front of your eye, would be a subset to the “distracted driving” law. I would not buy the glasses, based on the fact that is a device that is literally attached to you, it will only make people more dependant and attached to their technology. The price is extreme for a device that practically does all the features of my phone, but directed by my voice. Also, what about the people who wear prescription glasses? Will they be able to wear these glasses with/over their prescription glasses? I believe there are too many cons for this item for it to be successful in the marketplace.


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