The Reason Why Android Gets Apps Later Than IOS

Description: There are too many operating systems, devices, and models for app developers to keep up. This diversified market makes the future of apps look  more corporate than entrepreneurial.


Date: March 6, 2013


Even though there are more Android phones than iPhones in the United States, the number and variety of Android apps lags compared to Apple’s offerings. For instance, Android users had to wait a year before they got Instagram or Pinterest apps. New research helps explain why.

There’s got to be more to the story than the number of phones. Flurry, a mobile-app analytics firm, released a report this week that helps explain the problem, laying out the challenges app developers face. It also shows that Android apps are unlikely to catch up and that small developers coding for either device will get squeezed out of the market READ REST OF STORY

 Questions for discussion:

1. Which operating systems or devices do you think would be most profitable for app developers to focus on?

2. How can app developers meet the needs of all users?


37 thoughts on “The Reason Why Android Gets Apps Later Than IOS

  1. Lauren Gallimore

    App makers in this competitive market must work efficiently to target their most profitable segment of the population. This target segment is people who own Apple products that run iOS platforms. iOS has fewer combinations of phones and operating systems, meaning they need to create fewer compatible versions of the app, saving money and time in research and development. The users of this technology must also be considered. Android users buy less apps and use them less often. Therefore, if app developers focus on a niche market have a better chance of becoming profitable than if they try to cater to all phones and operating systems. In attempts to provide a high quality product to Android users, but still make a profit, some changes will have to be made. For example, Android users should be surveyed on what types of apps they would like as well as give feedback on what they like or dislike about current apps on the market. This will help ensure that the costs associated with development of the app and the creation of the different compatible versions will not be wasted on an unpopular app. Also, app developers could increase the price of Android apps a little to help combat the larger development costs.

  2. Stuart Russell

    As a android owner and occasional app user, I find that while Android products have a variety of interesting and varied Apps offered (both free and for sale) there is certainly a lagging behind in regards to both content, quality of production and amount of material available. I often find that apps are buggy, full of advertisements and generally do not live up to the same quality as Apple’s offerings.

    It would be unreasonable to assume that this trend will continue, however, as Android is still gaining market share and catching up app wise to Apple’s products, simply because Apple had a large head start. Despite the quality issues and complications for companies developing on Android systems, I believe that the problem will eventually be reduced.

  3. Jarett French

    First of all, how often the app gets used is not directly related to the purchase of an app, there could be some correlation but there also could be little, this is a statistic that is meant to make the mind believe something without actually understanding what the stat is really saying. So to draw the conclusion “1 iPhone user is worth 14 Android users” is stretching a statistic into a false claim. So if we lay that stat aside, app makers should focus on making a variety of apps for all sorts of devices. If it wasn’t for innovation and diversification we would all be using IBM’s running DOS and there would be no Apple. In business you cannot have all your eggs in one market or basket, because that makes you dependent on one stream of revenue, which has caused the fall of many companies. To be profitable in the short term and make the quickest buck, make apps only for the highest revenue stream, but to be profitable long term, developers need to consider the bigger picture and have some variety. App developers can meet the needs of more or all users by modifying the app to be able to run on the majority of operating systems out there. If a phone is compatible with a certain operating system so should the app. If you consider Android, there are many different phones, but only a few versions of their operating system are actually out there, contrast that between the pc world and windows, you can get a computer that runs Windows 7, and when you buy a program for your computer it will say “windows 7 compatible”, not “Acer Aspire S3 compatible”. So when the article is trying to make a big story about the number of devices running Android, I think they are trying to draw another conclusion from something they may not directly impact the truth.

  4. J. Pointer

    Which operating systems or devices do you think would be most profitable for app developers to focus on?
    -Ideally, the Android operating system would be the most profitable for app developers due to the sheer number of android users in todays society. They out number us apple users 1:14. However, because of the vast number of devices and their different platform, it would be the most profitable for a company to develop for apples IOS sytems first. Therefore they can get their app out there and create brand awareness, while developing it for Android users who will (hopefully) anxiously anticipate its arrival to their operating system for quick download and quick profits.

    2. How can app developers meet the needs of all users?
    I do not believe they can really meet the needs of ALL users. And with a variety of people who own smart phones and a large variance in their app “needs”, whether it be for business or personal use, it would be a tremendous feat if app developers created a universal app that pleased all end users. Therefore, it will take strategy and research in order for app developers to decide what apps to produce and what platforms to produce them for. Ultimately they will have to come to terms with not being able to meet everyone’s needs and focus on the ones they can meet quickest.

  5. Yu Chao

    think iOS will be more profitable than any other device because in the article it’s already mentioned that an iOS user uses 14 times the number of apps compared to Android.The studies show that Apple and their iOS is the best platform for developers to look at due to uses per user. the company first should know the customer’s needs, and they need have good post sale service, and have good feed back system

  6. Stacey

    After reading the article, targeting the iOS and Apple devices seems like it would be the most beneficial at this point in time. As it shows in the article, Android users are less likely to catch up to that of the Apple apps. It would be silly for app developers to focus on the Android system when it mentions in the article that they won’t likely catch up to the app usage that is consistent with the iOS operating system. Also, if it is easier to develop apps for the iOS system, it would make more sense for developers to focus on that rather than a difficult Android system that wouldn’t be used as much. I think that the needs of users can vary so much that it is impossible to meet all of those needs. Rather than focusing on trying to meet the needs for all users, it would be more beneficial to key in on the largest and most profitable market. Due to the cost of being a developer, it would be a shame to develop apps to meet the needs of every user, and have them fail or not be as popular as they were hoping.

  7. Matthew Mitten

    At the current time it is way more profitable to target apps to the IOS software. However this may not be the case for long. Many people are hopping on the Samsung bandwagon and we could soon see a legitimate competitor for Apple. Like the article said IOS software is 7 times more profitable than a Samsung device for the amount of work going into the apps. In years to comes we could see the playing field even out and then the app producers will have a real dillema on their hand. For every business they have to look at the opportunity cost and who their target customers are. Are they creating an app that has in house purchasing? Do they care how much their app is used? All these questions will play a huge factor into who they will produce their apps for. Until this shift in phone purchases actually takes place though I do stick with my original statement that the producers of apps should maintain loyalty with who makes them the most profit, Apple.

  8. Adam Christensen

    I would probably suggest that sticking with iOS would be app developers best choice for developing apps for. The article suggests that there is less phones & versions of software that use the iOS when compared against the many devices & platforms that use the android software. It would be more profitable to continue to stick with making apps for iOS users first.
    I believe there would be two ways that app developers would be able to serve everyone in the market and that would be either to somehow have the smartphone companies limit the number of software and phones there is. Secondly, have bigger companies that can “weather the storm” or afford to not make a profit for months, maybe even years produce the majority of the apps.

  9. Litchi Peng

    I think IOS would be most profitable for app developers to focus on. If you do the free apps, you can develop both Android and IOS. We can see that the market of Android is so big that you could not ignore it. However, if you wanna make money, you better choose IOS first. Even Android has a large number of users, the users of IOS would rather spend money on some apps. Besides, as the article mentioned, “Android users had to wait a year before they got Instagram or Pinterest apps”.For me, I probably would not like to wait for one year to get the apps I wanna. Thus, the IOS is more convenient. The quality of Android is not high compared to IOS. How can app developers meet the needs of all users? In my opinion, first of all, the developers shoal know what users wanna. They have to put needs of users in the first position. Second, they better ask the feedback of users so that they can improve the apps.

  10. La Porta Thibaut

    1. Which operating systems or devices do you think would be most profitable for app developers to focus ?
    I personally think that iOS would be more profitable for any developer. Knowing the fact that one iphone is worth 14 androids, it would be stupid for any developer to focus only on androids. Which is what has been seen these past couple of years. If we look at the number of apple products used in society. Today at the University, if we were to look at the number of students with an apple product (iOS) in their possesion, it would be dumb for any developer to actually only consider androids products over iOS. Especially if we look how fast apple product are finding homes nowdays
    \2. How can app developers meet the needs of all users?
    I don’t think it would be simple to meet the needs of all users. Obviously easier on the iOS products as most of them all have the specs and same design. Now for the androids, there is almost too many different types of androids with different types. For exemple, some developers could make an app that only 40% of the android owners could use because all androids are different.

  11. Alicia Dyck

    The most profitable operating system for app developers would be the iOS. This is because, as stated in the article, there are 7 users for an iOS app to 1 for android OS. Considering the number of people who have iPhones, iPods, iPads or any other Apple Inc product, it is important for developers to consider developing products for the iOS. This is based strictly on the fact that the majority of my friends have iPhones. The number of apps that are available currently to the iOS are very high while the the number for the android OS is not nearly as high. The numbers of apps was definitely one of the reason I wanted an iPhone in the first place. Having a substantial number of apps available to users meant that people were drawn to the product for the functions if offered to the consumer.
    It is impossible for developers to meet the needs for all users. However, they can attempt to meet the needs of consumers and work to please the majority of people who use the product. I would suggest that developers create apps for the Apple product line in order to please the people who use the majority of apps.

  12. Kelsey Allan

    I think that the most profitable sector for the App developers to enter as the article states is in Apple. Not only because of the Iphone but also due to the system stays quite similar for their ipods and ipad. Therefore, there are three markets all in one when creating them for Apple users. Also as the article states that one Apple user is worth 14 Android users. Therefore, it has been more popular for them on the Apple products. But the other question that is not addressed in deciding this is if they were released at the same time for both Android and Apple, would Android still be lacking in the amount of users. Most of the time the apps are downloaded when they are new and fresh and all your friends have it. If you download it a year later, most likely your friends still don’t have it unless it is a very popular app like Instigram or Pintrest.
    I also think that App developers need to pick a market and stick to it. Do test runs to see what is the most popular for their apps and stay there because it is very expensive for them to keep converting their app to work for all different kinds of devices.

  13. Leisha Hansen

    If app developers choose one product to focus on developing apps for, then all other devices and operating systems will be less desirable to the public. The public will then most likely gravitate towards the product offering the most options in apps. It would be beneficial for developers to band together and make one market the hottest market, making their apps the highest in demand. Currently, Apple has the most apps available and are well ahead of the competition. This leaves the opportunity with android so much greater because there is lots of room for the demand for apps products to soar.
    Considering that androids are the most widely used phone globally, it would be most beneficial and profitable to create apps for them because the purchasing power is much larger and the base of possible clients is huge. Also, Apple is already well set with having a lot of apps already and the doors for android apps are wide open. There also aren’t as many checks for app developers to go through to sell apps to android users as there are for Apple users. With there being less checks necessary, and a broad user base, the doors are wide open and full of opportunity for apps developers to create android apps and make some money.

  14. Josh Bodnaruk

    I think that the most profitable app market to enter in is the android platform. This is due to number global users of androids being larger than apple. That being said, both apple and android are fantastic market market choices because because the vast amount of users for either. Furthermore, it stands to be said the blackberry market had its time and day, and no longer would be the best option.
    A way which app developers could meet the needs of users is to design a product which is easy to implement anywhere. Something vet simple to use and accomodate. This way, any major device provider can adopt this app very quickly and get it to the market faster. An additional way app devlopers could help users is to make a product that goes above the developers themselves. An install that can be applied universally no matter the device or carrier or plan the product can be used.

  15. Megan Jackson

    I think the operating system that is more profitable for application developers to focus on would be Apple IOS. Due to the fact that Apple has the most amount of apps and a wide variety of users I believe that app developers should focus on creating apps for a company that is already very popular and very successful.
    As an apple user, I feel like I am biased. But, Apple apps offer me a lot more than other cell phone company’s phones would. More so, the android phone system seems more complex than Apple as there are a much larger amount of phone types and operating systems than what Apple has.
    App developers need to find a way to make apps available on all types of operating systems at relatively the same amount of time. It is unfair for users of an android phone to not have the same apps on their phones as iPhone users. I find it quite ridiculous that for an app developer to make money in the industry he or she has to sell at least 50 apps every hour, 24 hours a day. Being an app developer sounds like a very hard and complicated industry to get into in the first place. Maybe if apps could use a universal operating system, it would easier for app developers to meet this volume of sales and more Smartphone users would be satisfied with their selection of apps on their phone.

  16. Chance Olsen

    According to the article read, I would have to say that app developers should focus on the apple devices. If Apple users use their apps 14 times as much as an Android user, than I don’t see why you wouldn’t focus on creating apps for the Apple products over any other operating system. I myself am an Android user and it is frustrating sometimes knowing that the Android operating system is more popular worldwide and yet I can’t get the same apps that the Iphone has. Yet after having read this article, if I was to start creating apps to make a profit I would focus on an IOS operating system.
    I think it is almost impossible for app developers to meet the needs of all users. The only way that that would be possible is if all of the developers came together and made one operating device. The app developers could do studies to see which apps are popular in a small controlled environment and then develop those apps to be compatible with all of the operating systems and then refine or improve the non-popular apps.

  17. Callie Matz

    I think it would be most profitable for app developers to focus on developing app’s for IOS operating systems/ Apple devices. As the article said, Apple users have a fourteen percent higher market for apps. I am not sure if this is directly related to the fact that Apple has more apps or if it is a commentary on who buys Apple products and how they spend their time or if it is the nature of the apps that Apple offers for its phone. I think it might also comment on who the target market is for the different devices. Since Android devices tend to be less expensive than Apple products I wonder if there is a greater share of the market using Android devices who are less tech savvy and less interested in keeping up with technology who do not allow the device to control their life so in turn use fewer apps. So, I think that app developers should focus on developing apps for devices where consumers are more likely to use them i.e. Apple devices.

    I think it is impossible to meet the needs of “all” users. I think that in order for businesses to be profitable, they need to focus on a segment and develop a strategy to best meet the needs of their target market.

  18. Chyane Tibert

    The idea of business is to be cost effective and make the most profit. Then it only makes sense that app developers are focusing on producing more apps for the IOS then for Androids. People who have an iphone use apps more frequently then another other user such as the Android. That being said it may be due to the lack of apps offered for other operating systems or devices and there can be almost a year gap in releasing the apps. People who are tech savvy may tend to own iPhone’s to be able to say on top of technology and have the latest apps which could lead to the skewed numbers the article presented.
    I do not think that app developers can meet the need of all the users in the world. The best strategy is to focus on an operating system that has a majority of users in a demographic area, such as Canada or even more specific Alberta. By focusing on the needs of specific areas you can better understand the needs of users within different regions, what apps they are using and what apps they what offered. This can reduce the cost of producing apps that are not being used and focus producing apps in real time that suit the needs of its users.

  19. Richelle Merrick

    Continuing to focus on apple devices would be the most profitable for app developers. Apple offers many different devices that are just getting more popular. Competitors are trying to make products similar to the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod. Although there may be a larger amount of androids it is the iPhone users who dominate the app market. In order to make maximum profit, app developers must cater to the devices that will utilize the apps. Not only do the apple owners use the app more but it is also easier for the developers to create for apple.
    However, it is important to ensure that all smart phone users are getting access to apps before they no longer want them. There are so many apps that come and go it is essential to capitalize on their peak time. Developers need to figure out an easier way to meet the needs of all users. I don’t think developers are even remotely close to this as there are so many obstacles. I do think that eventually there will be some sort of solution that allows all app users to access apps easier and quicker.

  20. Lanre Paulissen

    Change remains the only constant variable. iPhones dominated the smart phone industry and thus it was expedient for app developers to create apps that were compatible for the iPhone. This of course is due to obvious reasons; the profit margin. From the context of the article, Apple devices seem to be profitable for app developers, so I would concur to the premise that developers focus more on creating apps for Apple devices. On the reverse, Samsung mobile phones which used to revolve around position two and three after Nokia a few years ago is currently giving the iPhone a run. This might be a good reason for a forward looking app developer to begin to change gears or at least down-shift and start to develop more apps for the Android platform.

    App developers may not be able to ever meet the numerous needs of all users because a single app does not run on all devices and it takes quite an effort to customize an app to make it compatible on a different device. Sometimes apps are also OS dependent; if it runs on iOS 4, it might need a patch for it to run on the iOS 6 and the same goes for the Android devices as well. An app that runs smoothly on the Android Jelly Bean may not be compatible on the Sandwich.

  21. Warren Murley

    I think there is a shift occurring. Apple has been the industry leader for several years now, but android, specifically samsung, has created devices (smartphones and tablets) that can give the iphone and iPads a run for their money. Many consumers have and continue to switch from IOS to android and prefer the switch. But whether the tables are turning or not, i think that the focus should be on smartphone devices because they are the devices that people have on them ALL the time. Out of all the toys, tools, or personal belongings that we individually own, our phones are probably the devices that we use the most.
    It is hard to say how app developers can meet the needs of all users because their is so much competition. With the number of different devices and models it would be probably be expensive and timely to meet ALL USERS needs. The only idea i can think of is a Operating system or platform that could be used on all devices needs to be created (but that would decrease device uniqueness).

  22. Matthew Chipman

    I think that app developers have to put their number 1 focus on apple or IOS software. Apple is the industry leader and the company that has the huge brand awareness. In the last 10 years or so, Apple has become the main name in electronic devices much like nike is the main name when it comes to sports wear. There are always gonna be competitors that offer somthing slighlty unique that acquires a descent marketshare, but overall apple doesnt show signs of slowing down and even so, their established brand positioning has allowed them to achieve significant success. Regardless if the iphone is better or not, people will choose the iphone so that is where the money is going to be for the apps.

    I am a believer in the principal that no company no matter how big you are, you cant be everything to everybody. So that being said, app developers are going to have to pick a target segment that they can specialize in that will be profitable for the company. You can be successful developing apps for apple or android. Both are growing very fast. Apple may have the upper hand but you may find some untapped target market in android apps. I think that you could be successful in either one.

  23. Brad Zander

    I thoroughly enjoy my iPhone4 and its user friendly nature. I have always steered my friends away from Android devices enough though I have never had one myself and thus can make no real comparison between the two. Apple has done a fantastic job at creating a mobile device that is so user friendly that it is next to impossible for competitors to compete. Also, Apple has created a brand that people follow. They started when the introduced the iPod. The iPod was a revolutionary device. Each time Apple released a new version of the iPod, current iPod users found themselves purchasing the next new iPod. This brand has matured to the iPhone. Starting with the release of the iPhone4, iPhone3 users abandoned their perfectly good device for the new craze of the Apple brand. We saw this re-occur with the release of the iPhone4S, and then again most recently with the release of the iPhone5. For this reason people are brand loyal to Apple. This is why app developers should create apps for Apple first. It will be more profitable because as the article shows, iPhone users use their iPhone for everything and thus will be more prone to purchasing apps and then using them again and again.

  24. Alphine Bindiridza

    I think iOS will be more profitable than any other device because in the article it’s already mentioned that an iOS user uses 14 times the number of apps compared to Android. So it will be best for app developers to just focus on iOS for now. And when things change, probably when the Android has upgraded to carrying more apps than iOS then app developers can shift again and focus on Android. On my own point of view, app developers can make efforts to satisfy every user but at the end of the day what matters is the profit.

  25. Mariam akinola

    iOS has a huge advantage over android because more than 50% people use apple devices. But should that be the reason why app developers should focus more on apple products? Apple devices are used more in North America than any other continent with he exception on America because the article says android phones are more popular over there. I think the app developers should focus more on android products because the can generate sales from all over the globe. More people are beginning to shift from apple to android devices and the market competition is increasingly high. I would use an android phone if I was to pick either apple or android. Our of all the android vices, Samsung is a huge competitor against iPhone and I am sure people rate it as a better device than iPhone. Although the ratio of app downloads for apple is 7 times as much as an android device, I think in few years to come android will surpass apple.
    App developers can meet the needs for all users by creating a universal platform for all operating systems to work together. This can reduce cost for them and it can be a potential benefit in the future.

  26. Jonny Kostiuk

    IOS, I think would be a lot more profitable for developers because iOS users use apps a lot more frequently as stated in the article. If on average an iOS user, uses 14 times the amount of apps as an android user than clearly iOS should be the main focus. Also iOS just seems like the kind of device people have when they use apps. I have little cousins who have iPads that play games on their iPads all the time and don’t even own a video game system. Apple is turning into the got o place for users of games and applications and the market is still growing.
    I don not really think that all app developers can meet the needs of ever user, they need to look at their primary target market and go from there, if they are targeting little kids to play games they should look at what devices most kids own and maybe program that app for the top devices used. If it is used for business look what kinds of smart phones cater to business people the best, which I think is turning more into an android world. In order to cater to the most people you would have to program your app for every device or market your app on a specific kind of device and tell people they need this device to use this app.

  27. Mike Jensen

    1. Which operating systems or devices do you think would be most profitable for app developers to focus on?

    At this particular time, it would be more profitable and beneficial to cater towards the Android users, as opposed to the iOS. The article suggests that one iOS user is equivalent to fourteen Android users. With that being said, I believe that there will most certainly be a shift in the near future. With brands powered by Android technology (i.e. Samsung), Android will most likely research more effective and efficient ways to implement faster timeliness, thus allowing users to download apps more frequently.

    2. How can app developers meet the needs of all users?

    In order to meet the needs of every customer, App develops need to specialize in allowing their apps to cater to the mobile devices, etc., being used the most by consumers. It is essential that the app developers gain the knowledge on what apps have a high customer demand, and the related apps that could potentially have a very large demand. Research could be done by general surveys, or using information systems to retrieve specific information about customer’s preferences.

  28. Landon

    It is without a doubt more profitable for app developer to focus their development and innovation on the iOS systems. Regardless of how many apps are sold, developers can more easily develop apps for the iOS system then the Android systems. This a big reason as to why Android is receiving apps much later than iOS: it is simply much more complicated for an Android developer to make an app that an iOS developer.
    I do not believe that developers can meet the needs of everyone. They must look at all the market segments and decide which segment to target, which is more beneficial to the app developer. Whether it be demographically or geographically for example, all depends on the developers preference for segmentation. It would be pointless to try and target every segment in North America because it would just be too vast to try and keep up with all the demands, which would eventually lead to dissatisfaction with the consumers because of lack of performance.

  29. Akina Morimoto

    Currently, it would be more profitable for app users to focus more towards iOS users, as the article says that one iPhone user is worth fourteen Android users. However, with Samsung becoming more and more popular, I would not be surprised to see the profitability shift from iOS to Android, or even specifically towards Samsung. Unfortunately, with the number of Androids available, this means that more profit will need to be spent on creating multiple versions for each device. It will interest to see how iOS and Android continue to compete to become the number one mobile device user.
    Essentially, to introduce a new product or service into the marketing world, it is practically impossible to meet the needs of all consumers. Thus, it would be more beneficial for an app developer to focus on a target consumer in the mobile world. It is also difficult for an app developer to invent an app that has not yet been created, which is highly unlikely with the number of apps available today. This can be difficult, however, because this means that the new app must exceed consumer expectations in order for the consumer to replace this app with the new app.

  30. TJ

    This is interesting and it seems, that if the numbers are correct, that app developers are focusing on the correct OS. I mean, many of us are in the management program at the U of L and the main goal of managers is to make more money… or make the organization more profitable (of course by making good decisions..;)) So developers are simply focusing on a more profitable market that also consists of less work. To me it’s a no brainer as ultimately developers aren’t there to make the world a better place, they are simply there to make money; just like everyone else.

    I am not really sure how developers can meet the needs of all users. It really seems like an impossible feat. No matter what you do, as a company or a developer, you simply can’t satisfy everyone.

    In conclusion, I really think there are a lot of other things going on in the world to get fussed over rather than the amount of apps your OS has. There is simply not enough time in life to even download all these available apps. However, my opinion may be void as I have a WP7 platform and am satisfied with the amount of available apps and further have never paid for an app yet.

  31. swatigade

    1. Which operating systems or devices do you think would be most profitable for app developers to focus on?
    iOS app is more profitable than Android foe app developers as more people use the apps and more often. As the article states iOS has 14 times the number of active users compared to models with other operating systems. Given the fact that it is very hard to make a living out of creating apps, it would be better for developers to target iOS users as they can reach a large number of active users. They can create buzz around their app when users are actually using the app. Despite there being more Android phones there are not enough people using the apps.
    2. How can app developers meet the needs of all users?
    App developers may not meet the needs of all users, but they can survey people and find out what they are looking for and developers can use this information in developing new apps. Through this way developers can know the needs and wants of consumers. They can look towards media and current trends to guide their creative ideas in creating a new exciting app. Most of the apps developed are never used by the end user because they don’t know what it is about and the features. It is important to communicate with the end user regarding the features and benefit. A popular app will be used more as it is known to the user.

  32. Carla Hornecker

    I think that even though there are more Android phones in the United States than iPhones, the iOS operating system is still the most profitable system for app developers to focus on. The article suggests that apps for iOS are more likely to be used, more often, and are in fact fourteen times more likely to be used. This might mean that even if Android could catch up to the iPhone in its app technology, the apps would not be put to as much use anyway. Personally, I would buy an Android phone over an iPhone, because I don’t care about the potential for more and better apps. I think a lot of people don’t use them, because the majority of them are not that useful. I think it would be better for app developers to focus on iPhone, because this is clearly where the market lies.

    I don’t think that app developers will ever be able to meet the needs of all users, so I think their best alternative would be to focus on the largest market, and try to meet the needs of most users within that market. They could do this through a demographic analysis of their users, or through surveys to find out what these consumers are looking for.

  33. Sheri Durina

    iOS would appear to be the more profitable route for app developers. The article states that the apps for Android users are not likely to ever catch up. The article also states that Android users use less apps and they use these apps less often. This suggests that it would be most profitable to target iOS users with new apps. The number of iOS users is expected to increase. Apps developed for iOS systems generally reach users quicker; this can be a huge advantage in today’s world where people want everything on demand.

    App developers may not be able to meet the needs of all users. However, they may attempt to do so by first determining what those needs are. Developers would then need to determine what operating system the target users employ. It would also be necessary for developers to decide if it is possible, profitable, or in their best interest to make this app available for use in all operating systems. Due to the high cost of developing apps the trend is moving from individuals creating apps towards corporations developing and distributing these apps. This may have its advantages and disadvantages. Individuals often come up with very creative and innovative ideas. Corporation with a designated app development and design group may also come up with innovative and potentially very useful apps. The individual creation of apps may prove to be challenging due to the high cost to develop these apps. The move to corporate group development of apps may lead to groupthink and a lack of creativity.

  34. Devin Phalen

    1. Which operating systems or devices do you think would be most profitable for app developers to focus on?
    If iPhone users continue to be 14 times more valuable than Android users, then I’d say they should continue to focus on iOS. I guess this might change if Androids outsold iPhones by 14 times or iPhone users became less valuable compared to Android users. The trend is your friend…….until it isn’t. I actually think that app development market is drastically overcrowded and that most of the apps are useless, so I think it will consolidate based on financial considerations. I hate clutter in my life, so the last thing I want is my iPhone full of useless apps.

    2. How can app developers meet the needs of all users?
    I don’t think they can meet the needs of all users based on what was presented in the article, unless the app developers consolidate and start producing apps on a commercial basis. It is a financial impossibility for an individual developer to meet the needs of the 331 different models stated in the article and still make a healthy profit. I don’t see anyway around this horrible business model unless there is massive developer consolidation.

  35. Jacqueline Wegener

    1. Which operating systems or devices do you think would be most profitable for app developers to focus on?
    With the recent increase in Android devices that are hitting the market I would say that it would be beneficial for app developers to focus on Android instead of iOS. Although it does say in the article that one iOS user is the same as 14 Android users, I feel that this is going to change in the future. If app developers focus more on the Android devices then they will be able to get apps to the consumer faster than they have been able to in the past and this could increase the app usage among Android devices.App developers should conduct some research to ensure that they are developing apps for operating systems that people using those devices are going to utilize.

    2. How can app developers meet the needs of all users?
    App developers can meet the needs of all users by making their apps available on the devices that are being used by the most consumers. By focusing on the types of devices that the majority of individuals are using they will be able to ensure that they app they have developed is compatible with each operating system of certain devices. App developers can also conduct research on the types of apps the general population is downloading the most and cater to the specific needs of people by creating apps that will interest them at a certain time.

  36. KJ

    1. Which operating systems or devices do you think would be most profitable for app developers to focus on?
    An app developer will likely look at the data of the users using one system over another in the category that their app falls within, depending on what the app does and who it is geared to appeal to will depend on which operating system they will choose which fits the demographics aptly for their app. They may also narrow it down to a region, such as Canada, where android users have been recently surging recently.

    2. How can app developers meet the needs of all users?
    By making their apps available on the operating systems most used by their target markets within a certain region. Android and iphone operating systems are two of the most common and most dominant operating systems in North America, where even Blackberry is still leagues ahead of operating systems like Windows Mobile. Ideally they should understand where their audience is and be able to reach them on as many devices as possible, but likely it will benefit and save costs and time to focus on the two or three major operating systems available through their data analysis.

    1. Jarrett Potvin

      App makers need to focus on the device and operating system that will allow them to make the most money. The studies show that Apple and their iOS is the best platform for developers to look at due to uses per user. But can these numbers be deceiving because I believe there are. Nowhere did the article provide information on worldwide market share or the discretionary income of the phone owners. Also the uses measure fails to account for free apps. Of course the 7 Apple users to one Samsung users looks great as a ratio but it could be a skewed number. Without seeing the actual results of usage patterns it’s a real possibility that those 7 Apple users are using free apps while the one Samsung user paid for his. The point is to make money in business not blindly follow statistics.
      As for being able to serve everyone in the market that is impossible. The only way to do that would be for all the smartphone makers to use one single operating system across all platforms. Since that will likely never happen the best thing app makers can do is pick the operation system they prefer to work with and stick with it.


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