As Web Search Goes Mobile, Competitors Chip at Google’s Lead

Description: Say you need a latté. You might pull out your phone, open the Yelp app and search for a nearby cafe. If instead you want to buy an espresso machine, you will most likely tap  Either way, Google lost a customer.


Date: April 3, 2013


Google remains the undisputed king of search, with about two-thirds of the market. But the nature of search is changing, especially as more people search for what they want to buy, eat or learn on their mobile devices. This has put the $22 billion search industry, perhaps the most lucrative and influential of online businesses, at its most significant crossroad since its invention.

No longer do consumers want to search the Web like the index of a book — finding links at which a particular keyword appears. They expect new kinds of customized search, like that on topical sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor or Amazon, which are chipping away at Google’s hold. Google and its competitors are trying to develop the knowledge and comprehension to answer specific queries, not just point users in the right direction.  READ REST OF STORY

 Questions for discussion:

1. Do you feel that Google is in trouble and will lose major market share going into the future? Why or Why not?

2. Do you feel there is a dominant search engine in the mobile market at present and will it stay this way going forward into the future?  Why or Why not?


18 thoughts on “As Web Search Goes Mobile, Competitors Chip at Google’s Lead

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  5. Abraham Sarthak

    Lets ‘Google It’ has become a common phrase in todays world , google has every answer to every little question.Today there has been emergence of companies like Amazon or Kayak etc which specializse in particular kind of searches and there have been question whether google has lost it or not .Well According to me google does not even has to worry about it .Even though these companies are emerging in particular area , but google would still remain the top search engine .Google gives you the option to compare and choose from hundreds of such kind of companies .They might be emerging but they would have to advertise through google .Imagine you want to known about travel companies , Who would tell you this information ? Google .So i do not think that google should worry about the emergency of such small companies eventually google’s share in the market and supremacy would still remain and peoples first choice would be google for searching as it gives you the option of comparing a large amount of companies at a single time which is what a consumer wants choice .

  6. chow sau pui

    1. Do you feel that Google is in trouble and will lose major market share going into the future? Why or Why not?
    No,i don’t feel Google is in trouble. Also, i see there is an opportunity for Google because Google is the favorite search engine in the world.It brings different engine and different data together. If Google could select a potential partner to make a joint stronger searching engine, they will stay the first position.
    2. Do you feel there is a dominant search engine in the mobile market at present and will it stay this way going forward into the future? Why or Why not?
    I feel the search engine in the mobile market is a trend and it will go on. First, the search engine in mobile is more convenient. When people come up something, they can spend less time to find their need by mobile engine. If any company could use those from users, they would get targeted customer and an incredible profit from potential customer.

  7. Colin Stevenson

    I do not think that Google should necessarily start to worry about losing a massive amount of market share. The reality is that the company has dominated the realm of search engines for years. Even a giant like Microsoft has spent billions of dollars to establish Bing, but has yet to do any real damage to Google. There is a strong cultural connection to Google. I myself probably check something on it daily. The trend toward consumer applications providing more refined information to users is more of an opportunity for Google. They already have one of the most powerful search platforms. With some new innovation and semantic based search capabilities they should be able to continue their dominance for years to come. If there was one stand alone search engine that dominated the mobile market I would say it was Google. I cannot think off the top of my head of any other example of such a culturally integrated tool. Whenever somebody asks something the reply is always “Google it.” Google also has the advantage of owning Android, which is probably the most widely used smartphone operating system today. With everything that the company has going for it, these new trends towards tailored search are merely a new challenge for the company. The opportunity to capitalize on an already powerful search engine and tailor it to knowledge and semantic based searching will surely keep Google in the top spot. I don’t think if a company like Microsoft has been unable to top them that anyone will in the short term.

  8. Brogan Mueller

    No, I do not think Google is in trouble of losing its large market share. Google is a house-hold name now, and that will not be taken by a few new apps or new search engines. There is a reason “Google-it” has become a common phrase; many people choose Google over any other search engine, or information source. Google has a large brand, and people trust it, which is has allowed it to become the large company that is today. Since Google is such a large company, they have the resources and the ability to stay ahead of their competitors and stay on top. The portion of income lost from advertisements was very small for such a huge company, and it will not be detrimental to them. I, personally only use Google. I have used a few different search engines at the University, and I became very frustrated and wasted my time. Google, unlike other search engines has its name in many markets, such as scholarly research, phones, advertising and new software technology. These markets will continue to keep Google on top, and on the cutting edge.

    I do not think there is any other dominant mobile search engine app. Google has been successful in pairing with Apple, which also helps them stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds. For those with a iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. as soon as you open up Safari, there is Google search bar next to the URL bar. This allows quick and easy access to Google as soon as a person goes on the internet. I believe Google will stay as an industry leader.

  9. Navreet

    It is true that searching online has become like a second nature to most people. However, it is all not yet consolidated into one single personalized search engine. As the article explains, it is scattered around for whatever we are looking for. Google will definitely have to make some changes if it wants to achieve the same amount of success in the future. For search engines to be smart enough to understand human thought process at any point in time, they need to incorporate everything into one big giant engine that includes social networking sites, online auction sites or maybe personalized to each user.
    For example if some people want to travel to Paris, they should be able to know their friend’s opinion, the amount of money it will take to travel, the hotel they would like to stay at and probably some places they should visit all at once using a single search engine. This might sound difficult but it is not hard to accomplish. People’s behaviors can be studied and asking a search engine could be something like asking your friend or a very knowledgeable person their opinion about something. Google has definitely a long way to reach that kind of familiarity and accuracy.

  10. Jake

    Yes, I do believe that google is in trouble of losing a major market share. With new apps becoming available everyday, a general search engine is becoming less and less a necessity. If users can wade through the junk and use an app that will connect them directly with useful information, general websites that google refers are less attractive. However, there will always be a requirement for googles search engine though I do not anticipate them holding on to their ¾ grip of the market. This should be no surprise though as history has displayed that giants who display such dominance rarely last forever. Competitors always find a way to even the playing field. That being said, google has so many other ventures on the go that their overall success will not likely be hindered.

  11. Katie Guccione

    I do not think that google should have a concern due to its large size, name and popularity amongst the population. Google will be able to stay ahead of competitors based off of their knowledge and ability to innovate quicker than their competitors, which is what has made them successful this far within their career. Using the data that of the portion of income lost of advertisements was very small, and I do not think that this is anything that they need to personally worry about. Based on their past experience and the high level of knowledge that Google has, they should mainly focus on their current changes because this is what has made them successful in the past and will continue to drive them forward in the future.

    Based on its success and popularity, google is the most well known and globally accepted search engine making it successful, and eliminating the power and influence that other search engines have. Google will continue to improve as long as they are still in business, and through the small loss of advertisement they will likely innovate to gain back their lost customers. I personally feel that Google will remain the strongest search engine and will not be going away anytime soon.

  12. Crystal Smallface

    No, because they provide the best search engine which is why they are the leading provider in data retrieval. Even though they hold only 2/3 of the market share they are still in front and this shows they are the overall pick for users to choose. I myself have tried other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing but find them to be frustrating and useless at times. I find it harder to search for data through these other search engines that I do when I use Google. I have tried Bing only because it pops up first at the University but find that the first items in the search engine are not what I am looking for. Then I switch to Google and find what I am looking for faster and easier than I would using Bing. Google gives you what you are looking for; Bing on the other hand gives you other stuff that is not even close to what you defined. I also like Google Scholar and have not even tried to see if Bing offers that. So I do not think that at the present time that Google has to worry about another search engine becoming dominant in the general or mobile market. Google tends to be the number one choice for everyone because their the best.

  13. Dallon Martin

    I dont think that google is in trouble, sure some of these other companies are starting to get looked at and used but i feel that google is so big and its name is so well known that they will be able to invent new things and stay ahead. As long as google continues to innovate they will be fine. The portion that they lost was very small in there ad’s, i think they mention something like 1 percent. I think that it is so important that they pay attention to this kind of thing and are already making changes. They have showed that they can prove themselves in past experience, i think that they have the knowledge and capability to be able to do it again.
    I feel that the only dominant mobile search engine app is google. i cant really think of any other ones that i personally use, i just use google and all my friends do as well. I believe that google will only continue to get better as well, I dont see them being content with where they are in the market, for example they are worried about that one percent of the ad market. They will fight to stay on top and dominate the search engines.

  14. Brendan Schlossberger

    I don’t think google is in jeopardy of losing their massive market share. According to the article they lost one percent of their entire ad profit. This is a very small amount of their market share and this occurred when google wasn’t implementing any ideas to help swing the market back in their favour. With the new knowledge idea that google has come up with this should help bring back some of their searches that they have lost to specialized engines this last year. Even if the knowledge idea isn’t as successful as it is predicted to be google has many very smart people that will continue to try and develop solutions to the problem. When they do come up with solutions people will use it because most have a connection to google since they have been the top search engine for so long. For me google is my major search engine on my phone. Their app provides the same reliable service that their online site provides. I haven’t tried any other search engines but I cant imagine google being in danger of losing their market because they have such an effective engine and it used and trusted by so many all over the world.

  15. ibrahim.akinola

    1) I believe that Google is not in trouble, although they might lose small market share now, in the future the company will come up with a solution to this problem and bring about new technology that will blow its competitors away. Google enterprise does a lot of things and has time progresses it will only get better. The company has shown in the past that it is able to improve itself and adapt to changes in the market, this is why they are still the top leader in this sector, because they always come up with a quick and fast solution for their problems.
    2) Yes, there is a dominant search engine in the market and the name is Google; I believe it will stay this way because Google is a company that has shown its desire to be at the top and its capabilities by coming out with new innovations or ideas while improving their old ideas. One other thing about Google is that they put in 100% effort in all the sectors of their business and make sure that these sectors keep on growing and excelling while other firms would have only focused on specific or key areas of their business

  16. Marc

    1. No, I feel that Google will be able to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. Already, when you Google search for “tomato,” or other nouns, it shows the Knowledge Graph, an extra pane on the right side of the search results that collects knowledge from many different data sources and presents it in an easy to consume format. There’s also the potential for Google to offer search widgets inside of other apps, so competitors can turn into partners.

    2. Yes, Google is dominant in the mobile market, and will probably stay this way for a while. Considering the sales of Android-powered devices, and Google’s interest in applied science, they have a large testing pool for market research for mobile search. Apple doesn’t operate a search engine of their own, so Google is the default search engine used in web browsers on iOS devices as well.


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