Chief Tries to Infuse Yahoo With a Start-Up’s Spirit

Description: Since taking the reins at Yahoo, Marissa Mayer has been trying to convince customers and employees that there is still life in a company that Silicon Valley long ago left for dead.


Date: April 7, 2013


Yahoo, an Internet pioneer, missed the boat on social networks and mobile devices as the new gateways for information and, in recent years, had been losing advertisers and employees to rivals like Facebook and Google.

Critical to Ms. Mayer’s turnaround effort is infusing fresh blood and ideas into the company by buying creative start-ups and integrating them into the company. So since she took over last July, she has been on a splashy shopping spree, spending tens of millions of dollars to acquire six start-ups.

But in many ways, it has been a tough sell.  READ REST OF STORY

 Questions for discussion:

1. Do you feel thaqt Yahoo will be able to be a major player in this market with the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft etc.?  Why or Why not?

2. Does this feel like a company that you would like to work for when you graduate? Why or Why not?


55 thoughts on “Chief Tries to Infuse Yahoo With a Start-Up’s Spirit

  1. Matthew Chipman

    Well i would say that I am a little optimistic about Yahoo being able to become a major player again. I dont neccesarily think that they will ever match google but I think that the intent of the management personal and policies that they have started to enact will help them move forward. The video from class with Apple showed that the company was actually struggling for quite a few years but bounced back and look where it is today. So I wouldnt shut the door on the possibility of them turning things around. I liked their emphasis on developing relativly smaller and less expensive technologies and products from other developers. Their strategy appears to be finding that diamond in the rough which is an good cost effective strategy to have. I personally dont see myself working for yahoo. The organization is going to need alot of experts in the computer devloper field that are very knowledgable and generate creative ideas in order to maintain competitiveness and market share with their business rivals. That I dont think is where my skill set or my career goals lie. However, it would be a risk/potencial reward type of employment. If sommone were to commit to the company now, they may be able to make it more profitable and reap more benefits in the long run. So i would be a future investment with some significant risk involved.

  2. Alexi Kubeczek

    1. Do you feel thaqt Yahoo will be able to be a major player in this market with the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft etc.? Why or Why not?
    Yahoo was one of the greats back when I was in Elementary school and every adult figure seemed to have a yahoo account. I suppose us kids were still on the Hotmail hype because of messenger and such. Though Yahoo was a great then, just like most artists (hopefully Justin Bieber will be one of them) there is a maturity date and there will be a death of interest. They just lost their edge for far too long and they let Google dominate them completely. To come back would be almost unimaginable.
    2. Does this feel like a company that you would like to work for when you graduate? Why or Why not?
    I could take a challenge, yes. I like to think that I am a somewhat creative guy, so taking the leap would be risky, ofcourse. And, as such, I would need a substantial salary to make it worth my while but I would take the challenge and try with every possible resource available at my disposal to make it be THE giant on the web.

  3. Oyinkan B.

    If yahoo manages the talent that they have currently acquired properly, then I am sure that they have a chance. Though, they have a lot of making up to do especially when compared to the like of Google, Facebook and twitter who already have clean and solid reputation. Yahoo has made a lot of mistakes in the past and hopefully they can make up for this but it will be a long hard road. They would have to completely revamp their reputation though and start working harder for any sort of change to take place. They would have to invest wisely and convince people that they are a very profitable venture. They should also hire people who will change the culture and inspire confidence and have the drive to work. As a computer science major, I would probably take the job in a heartbeat if they ask especially if I do not have a job. It would be a great opportunity unless I get a better offer of course. They probably would not be at the top of my list though. There would have to be significant improvement for me to consider them a first choice seeing as there are more stable companies out there.

  4. mark schmitz

    Yahoo just needs to reposition themselves in the market. Perhaps they need to be acquired by someone else for them to realize they can’t squeeze water from a rock. Their name is tarnished. Those who don’t use Yahoo today will not use Yahoo tomorrow. They first should look at changing their internal structure to accommodate change and growth, and then rebrand. A look at changing management structure wouldn’t hurt. Sometimes it’s tough to move forward with team members that have been beat down by past follies. Making a commitment to moving in a different direction is the first thing Yahoo needs to do to compete with the big guys. Without doing this, they have no chance. They should hire spies and copy everything Google does and then make it better-a full frontal attack.
    I aspire to just consult, so working for Yahoo isn’t on my agenda. However, I would like to be a key influencer on helping them follow through with everything mentioned above. It’s not an acquisition or technology play they need. It’s strategy they should be looking for, and a commitment to that strategy.

  5. Megan Jackson

    No I do not feel hat yahoo will be able to be a major player in this market with the likes of Google, Apple or Microsoft. Yahoo simply does not have the same amount of manpower that these companies have. In order to compete with these companies Yahoo would need to spend a lot of money. This is money that from the sounds of it, yahoo does not really have. Marissa Meyer has spent tens of millions of dollars trying to make Yahoo like its competitors. However, I think that is not the right approach. I think the idea here should be, ‘if you can’t beat them, join them.’ Yahoo should consider being taken over by one of its more wealthy competitors. Google, apple, and Microsoft are way more successful companies than yahoo. To be honest, I cannot remember the last time I was on yahoo. IT is an irrelevant site. I simply can find what I need on the web much easier using Google. I would not be keen on working for yahoo after I graduate. I would rather work for a much more successful and well-known company like Microsoft or Apple. These company’s are actually going places in this world, whereas yahoo doesn’t seem to be.


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