Canadians’ Internet usage nearly double the worldwide average



Date: March 8, 2011


According to the comScore report, the number of unique online visitors in Canada hovered at about 23 million users in the fourth quarter of 2010, almost unchanged from the same period a year earlier, and less than a 10th of the number of Web users in China. Of 11 countries surveyed, Canada ranks first in the number of website visits per user per month, at 95.2, and second only to South Korea in number of pages viewed, at 3,349. Read rest of story

Questions for discussion:

1. Why do you feel that Canadians use more Internet that other countries?

2. Are there any downsides to Canada as a result of Canadians using the Internet more than others?


38 thoughts on “Canadians’ Internet usage nearly double the worldwide average

  1. J. Pointer

    I think that Canadians use the internet more often because it is used so frequently as a method of delivery. Foreigners use skype to contact home… students (from elementary to PHD students) use the internet to research papers, contact friends, creep friends social network pages amongst other things.. businesses use it as a means for staying interconnected with their employees and alot of employees use the internet outside of work hours to work as well. It has become almost a necessity when living in canada, as a means of staying interconnected with friends, family and work… which is a big part of why I think Canadians use it so much.
    Also, we have the funds to do so. It is very cheap to get internet access here. I believe I pay something around $13/month to get internet. For myself and many other canadians, it is worth the small investment to get such a vast amount of resources. We also have the capabilities to do alot of extracurricular activities online such as shop for shoes etc.

  2. Jarett French

    I guess we as Canadians really do spend a lot of time online, I blame it on the six months of winter that we endure. When we cannot escape to a tropical vacation we go online as a replacement to watch hilarious YouTube videos to add humour to our lives, and read other fellow Canadians blogs about their recent trips to their vacation spots. And once you get back from your vacation spot you can get online and blog all about your experiences so that your neighbor that hasn’t had the chance to go yet can read your stories and dream about his up and coming trip to Vegas, Hawaii, Mexico or where ever else they desire. We aren’t as obese as our fellow Americans but I don’t think we are too far off, and I think this internet statistic and the state of bodies in Canada are closely tired together. But on the other hand I have heard that Canadians are informed about things other than what relates directly to themselves, so maybe the extreme usage of internet is the reason why. So it looks like there are positives and negatives. Weather the positives outweigh the negatives will take more speculating, that I don’t have time for.

  3. Matthew Chipman

    Personally I found this statistic quite suprising and intriguing. Some explanations listed by the article for Canadians internet usage include the widespread accsesibility of high speed internet to more than 95% of the population. Also the internet seems to have infiltrated the aging silver streaker generation and more and more people are getting introduced to the internet. It is not specific to canada but people are getting more and more dependent on the internet as so many things can be done online, shopping, recreation, communication. Older folks may be getting on the internet more to communicate with family via email and also interest in geneological work such as new family search or Another idea that I thought of is the diverse nature of our country as it continues to diversify and grow mostly due to imigration, that people are using the internet to communicate with family and contacts over seas. Not to mention canada is a very big export country. relations have to be maintained with foreighn businesses and governments through internet communication mediums. I dont think that this is a problem other than fact that perhaps some social skills are being lost with too much time focused on online communication. perhaps it could also infer that some canadians might be excercising enough. I thing that I thought of is, it gets pretty cold here alot of the time, somtimes I have little options of leisure activities then to go on the internet.

  4. Sean

    I feel that Canadians use more internet simply because they have the ability to do so. We have a relatively high standard of living and 95.2% of people have access to computers and other means of technology. Canadians are also forced to live in different environments, either in rain swept British Columbia, or the cold winters of the other provinces. Harsh weather conditions force people to stay indoors, and as a result people will continue to use technology and the internet. It is surprising that Canada has 20.4% more users then the rest of the world.
    The disadvantage Canadians face with the high use of internet is the fact thats advertisers are attracted to the platform where the number of potential buyers is higher than elsewhere. With the large amount of advertisers comes a large amount of spammers and hackers. So along with the visual pollution that advertising companies display, there is also a great threat to private information that hackers are trying to get at all the time.

  5. Megan Jackson

    I think that the reason that Canadians use Internet more than other countries is because of our economy. We are lucky to have such a stable economy. There are tons of jobs and the majority of these jobs all have something to do with the Internet. Most jobs embrace using a computer and the web for its day-to-day activities. From things like social networking to cloud computing, Internet is not only an activity at the workplace, but also at the home. With higher usage of Internet comes more ads used online as mentioned in the article. I think this is a valuable new marketing tool to use to promote ones business as people are constantly on the internet and the ads have a greater chance of being seen then if they are posted on a billboard. I don’t really see any downsides to Canadians using the internet more than others as the internet is becoming a day to day tool in every aspect of peoples lives. The only possible downside to the internet is that it is replacing the traditional face to face communication that is an important part of relationship building. It is not easy to build a long lasting relationship with someone via the internet.

  6. Abraham Sarthak

    Nowdays technology has become an integral part of peoples life and its surprising to known that in a wide country like canada people are using it to its full potential .The reason behind the excessive use of technology by Canucks can possibly be related to the extreme wheatherr conditions in the country and also the density of population.Sometimes it becomes very difficult for people to go out and shop , companies have realizsed this thing and are promoting people to shop online .Also the people are not in too much contact with each other so they find applications such as twitter, facebook to interact with their peer group.O i dont find it surprising also the avalaibilty of high speed internet also adds to it .Access to internet is eassy .But surely there are some dangers associated with it .People dont interact so much which can harm interpersonal skills which are really important in todays world .But if you look at the benefits of using the internet it can be overlooked and certainly people are getting used to it so its good for people at the same time .

  7. Edwin Owen

    I’m an exchange student so it’s really difficult for me to say why Canadian people are using the Internet so much. However, after almost four months in Lethbridge, I have noticed some difference with my own countries that can maybe bring some explanation to this fact. I come from Belgium and I think that we can consider that this country enjoy exactly the same technology than Canada. However, there is some difference in the behavior of the people in front of this technology.
    For example, I have the impression that almost all the Canadian have a smart phone. It was quite obvious during our course that a huge majority of students owns one of this device but I think that even the oldest people have purchase this kind of phone. In my country, even if the smart phones are really popular, there is still a significant proportion of the population that doesn’t have this technology. I think that the big difference is the price of the smart phone. In my country, it’s so expensive in comparison to Canada.
    Another observation was the fact that it’s possible to be connected on Wi-Fi in every single place of a city. For example, each “Tim Hortons” has its own connection so it’s possible for Canadian people to be connected all the time on Internet ant it’s not the case in my country.

  8. Brad Zander

    The increased use in the internet is correlated with the increase in technology regarding Hollywood and the film Industry. As the film industry is accepting and adapting to the new digital age, more and more opportunity to few clips and movies online. The ability to watch various TV shows and movies have revolutionized the use of the internet. I would argue that the majority of time that people spend on the internet is using its various features to either watch movies or TV programs. With the introduction of not only Youtube and Netflix into Canada, Canadians can now access other web sites that allow the watching of movies or TV shows. Software can be downloaded to mask your IP address, in order to gain access to websites that are currently only available in the US (such as Hulu, and the much larger Netflix library that is offered in the States and not in Canada). This allows easier access to these TV shows and movies and thus Canadians are spending more time online watching all these programs. Other various streaming sites are also utilized in Canada for viewing movies and TV shows. All these sites are just small examples of how and what Canadians are doing on the internet. We are truly attached to the internet and will soon not be able to live without it.

  9. Jarrett Potvin

    I believe that Canadians do use the internet more than other countries on average. Even from my own experience the internet is a core part of life in this country. Take for example even the typical university student’s day in using the internet. It is filled with using Email, getting or even doing homework over the web, communicating with professors to ask for help and in general surfing the web or Facebook to kill free time between classes. But it spreads beyond just education and into the average individuals life and it can be expressed through one simple fact if anyone does not know the answer to something the instant answer is Google it. But this over reliance is starting to become problematic. One such problem is the world nearly grinds to a halt when the internet is down. No one seems what to do in this instance anymore and most panic because they need to look something up and cannot. Another problem that is arising is the amount of work that can be done with internet access. The world no longer needs to rest but can keep going around the clock with expectations rising with each passing year. But these rising expectations have no end in sight with technology continuing to advance the only limit there seems to be is an operators ability.

  10. Brennan Lowe

    There are a number of possible reasons why Canadians use the internet more than any other country. The first reason is that it is easy to get access to the internet. It can be accessed from computers or even your smart phones. Another reason could be due to the dramatic change in technology. There are upgrades to go onto the internet on your smartphone now which would increase usage time. With the introduction of websites such as Facebook and Netflix, younger generations are attracted to these as it is the norm to do. These younger generations, who are in high school and post-secondary, they require the internet to perform either study or complete homework and assignments. Also, many more jobs are now being completed with computers and require the internet, so using the internet at your occupation can definitely cause this high internet usage in Canada. Another reason that Canada uses the internet more than any other country could be because of the weather. With cold weather looming for about five months, many people would rather stay indoors at the comfort of their own homes than to go out into the bitter climate.

  11. Rebecca

    After reading this article I was shocked to find out that Canadians spend more time on the internet than anywhere else in the world. More than the States and Japan! Like we have just over 33 million in population and we are leading by double the average? Wow! Now that is impressive. I had to mention this to a few of my colleagues, friends and family, and all of them were just as amazed. Some of them refused to even believe it, because they felt that the states has mostly EVERYTHING cheaper and they have over 333 million in population as a result more people would be using the internet. Additionally, in Japan people work alot more than anywhere else in the world (even a 7 day work week).
    That is why I was also confused, however this article gives a good point on how our (Canadians) internet is alot faster and cheaper than anywhere else. This will then result in us having the ability to search for numerous of information in the same time that someone else (somewhere else) will find only a couple. We also have unlimited access mostly everywhere we go, to school, at a coffee shop, at work etc. Mostly everywhere has installed wifi, and in some cities they have an internet cafe, which allows people to just go and use the internet freely. I assumed that the States would also have this luxury but I guess not, or people are not taking advantage of the resources available to them. So Canada has great accessiblity for internet use (fast, efficient, and low cost) as well as great health care. I love being Canadian! 🙂

  12. Craig Schindler

    There are two main reasons Canadians are heavy users of the internet. 1) our climate. When its cold and dark outside, most people tend to spend more time inside. This exposes Canadians to more time available to spend using the internet. 2) Canada’s geographic size and population density. Canada’s relatively small population is spread out over a large area which can sometimes make it time consuming and expensive to meet and talk in person. It’s much easier and efficient to talk over the internet.

  13. KJ

    1. Why do you feel that Canadians use more Internet that other countries?
    Accessibility and the way that Canada’s economy is going may have something to do with it – over the years data has become increasingly less expensive. We’re also very physically distant from each other due to the large size of the country. It’s simply convenient in our ever increasing hectic lives to rely on the internet to bridge the gap between the distances.
    2. Are there any downsides to Canada as a result of Canadians using the Internet more than others?
    Probably is the impact on health and our dependence on the convenience of always being connected, yet not as much in terms of social interaction. I feel that with all of these networks and inter-connectedness we drift apart from my local friends just as easily as I do with ones in other countries. When I actually think of it for a bit I rarely see 95% of the people I consider “close’’ to me, and the ones I do I’m often corresponding with on facebook or e-mail, but it could be as long as a couple of years before I see them for a day or two. I wonder about the impact of our social development as a culture in 50 years.

  14. Brandon Yadernuk

    1. Why do you feel that Canadians use more Internet that other countries?
    Well, I suppose that it may have something to do with us being more tech savvy and wanting to be on the cutting edge. However, I suppose the answer to this question would change depending on who was asked. For me I want to look at it in a positive light. Like, for example, Canadians want to be more informed so we spend more time on sites like Google trying to find the answer to life’s greatest questions.

    2. Are there any downsides to Canada as a result of Canadians using the Internet more than others?
    The question does bring up an interesting point. Are there any downsides to spending 40 hours a month on the Internet? On average there are 4 weeks a month. Therefore, a person would spend 10 hours a week on the web, or a little over an hour a day. And no matter how hard someone tries to extend it there are only 24 hours a day. 8 hours spent sleeping, 2 hours spent eating, 10 hours spent on work, and perhaps 1 hour spent traveling. That makes up about 21 hours of the day, so add in the 1 ½ hours on the internet and a person would only have about 1 ½ hours to spend with family, friends, or on themselves. So there is a downside to high Internet usage and that problem is posed in this question: “What are you giving up to spend that time on the web?” If the answer is time with family, or friends, then perhaps a life changing choice will need to be addressed.

  15. Kevin Robichaud

    In terms of Canadians using the internet more than anyone i think there are many factors that make our number so high. For one we have a very strong economy which i believe leads to way more internet usage in the workplace. even just doing an extra hour a day while at the office adds a lot of time to the overall total. Also with the weather being so horrible for a long part of the year candians typically spend alot of time indoors.
    I know personally that I wish that Canadians didn’t use the internet as much as we do. I find myself on it for required hours weekly due to school and feel that it dominates to much of my time and dictates how i get to live my life. it is constantly getting in the way of building real connections with real people. Being a university student i feel as though i am not getting the personal experience that my parents got. everyone is dominated by Facebook. You cant go into the library without seeing at least eighty percent of the computers open to Facebook or having it open in another tab. This type of passive internet use could also contribute majorly to the overall amount of hours logged by canadians. Although it may not be particularly important to the hours used another thing is the amount of online gaming that candians do. almost every console now has internet access and is basically useless without it. for example i have bought one game in the past 6 years that didnt have internet multiplayer and evven tthat single player game required patches to be downloaded to fix errors.

  16. Alphine Bindiridza

    The reason why Canadians use the Internet more often is because most of us have easy access to the Internet. Almost everywhere it is used eg at work, schools. We do all our research and assignments online. Canadians have been overly exposed to technology. Most people are always on the Internet for social networks to communicate with friends and family eg Facebook, twitter, Skype jus to mention a few. Another reason is because we have a long winter period hence people stay indoors watching shows or movies on the Internet; I do that a lot. This Internet obsession is not good because people no longer meet and talk face to face.

  17. Mariam akinola

    Canadians use the intranet the most compared to all oth companies because they have access to technology and they don’t usually engage in physical interaction with people. Many jobs now offer workers to work from home without commuting back and forth from office. As the article mentioned, Canadians top use of Internet is for search directory. People use the Internet to do various things ranging from work to food. It is also difficult to go out because of the weather condition. More than half of the year is winter. No wonder why it is very difficult for people to participate in various outdoor activities such as soccer and basketball. Since the Internet has really affected our ability to communicate with people physically, Canadians and even other country citizens now use the Internet for social networking. Iris really embedded in our brains and people now view this networks as reality which is not supposed to be so. I have practically talked about the downside to Canadians using the Internet. Physical communication and interaction will be the main drawback. Canadians will also suffer in the aspect of knowing and exploring more about the world.

  18. Callie Matz

    I think that Canadians use more internet than other countries because of its availability and immersion into the culture. In the article it said that 95% of households ave access to the internet through their land line phone connection. Internet usage has been immersed by making it so available on smartphones. Internet is also mandatory in many situations. At work, employees are expected to use internet to communicate with other employees and research trends. At school basically everything we do requires internet access, whether it is checking the syllabus on Moodle or researching a topic for a paper.
    I think there have been some downsides to the increased use of the internet. There is less face to face communication since it has been taken over by email. The increased number of dating websites has changed the way relationships start. These websites reduce the need to leave home in order to make personal connections. I worry that the increased use of the internet has affected the obesity rate in a negative way. People no longer need to leave their houses to run everyday errands like grocery shopping which may have increased the number of people remaining on their couch and not getting exercise even in simple ways.

  19. Alicia Dyck

    The reason that Canadians use more internet than other countries is because we like to be able to utilize technology. Another reason may be that in Canada, we have about 6 months of cold weather. When the weather is bad, it is likely that many people will choose not to venture outside or are unable to due to winter storms. In these situations, it is often easy to entertain oneself through usage of the internet. Youtube, Netflix, Facebook and other social networking sites are easily accessible and hours quickly fly by if you can utilize a screen. Personally, I think that this is very sad. Technology is so integrated in peoples’ lives that many are foregoing interpersonal interaction to interact through a screen. For this reason, I believe that Canadians using the internet more than others is detrimental to Canadian people and their ability to communicate in face-to-face interactions. However, regardless of how bad it is that Canadians use the internet so much, I have to admit that I use the internet many times a day. Whether it is for school related research or entertainment, this is a form of technology that I am working on not relying on so much in my day-to-day life. I believe that working on personal interactions and utilizing the internet will enable people to be more successful in the future. Currently however, I believe that there is an imbalance between the two communication mediums and this should be remedied.

  20. jonny

    I feel that Canadians use the Internet more than other countries for a few different reasons. First, we have great access to the Internet and more often high speed Internet. It is readily available to us to use almost anywhere we go. Also we are a technological advanced country who are curious and eager to learn new things, with the instant access to numerous devices that connect to the internet we can look anything up to find information on. Also things like Netflix are very popular and with the access to high-speed networks that we have almost everyone in our country could access Netflix.
    Downsides to extreme access Internet usage is that we don’t go and learn things naturally anymore we just look things up on the Internet. Also we spend more hours on the Internet in front of our computers, which takes away from things like exercise, and socializing face to face with people, instead we go on things like Facebook and twitter to satisfy our social lives. Other health wise things could affect us like carpal tunnel and decreased eye health.

  21. Lanre Paulissen

    Access to good internet infrastructure is the main reason Canadians use the internet more than usual. If one had to sit down for extended periods before a page opens, one would not probably use the internet in Canada except it was particularly necessary.

    I remember when I had to update my antivirus database definition in an African country, it took over 6 hours before it got completed; the frustrating part is that with that extended period of time, anything could happen: the link could break making the download to fail; electricity supply could fail and if the laptop battery is not strong enough, then the amount of time already spent downloading is wasted. In fact to play a 5 minute YouTube video from start to finish could take as much as 20 minutes. The best way to enjoy such videos was to click play, pause it, let the video stream to the end and then replay; this was you would enjoy 5 minutes of uninterrupted play.

    The major downside to Canadian’s internet use is the negative effects it has on personal relationships. Everyone seems to be surfing away most times of the day, chatting on social collaboration sites but not developing soft skills to relate to the person physically next to them.

  22. Kelsey Allan

    Canada spending the most time online does not surprise me at all. We have many of the things that are required to allow us to use the internet efficiently and effectively. Not to mention in schools we are required to use the internet to do many assignments. However, with Canada being a prosperous first world country and able to afford high-speed internet, is one of the reasons we spend so much time online. Another factor that influences Canadian’s internet usage is the fact that we are a multicultural country and to get in touch with individuals from outside of Canada, the internet makes in significantly easier. Lastly, with Canada being such a large country, the internet allows for communication around our country. All of these things add up to allow Canada to be one of the largest internet time online.

    I think that the main disadvantage for Canadian’s spending so much time on the internet is that we get so caught up on so many things on the internet. We don’t allow ourselves to enjoy the outdoors because we get so caught up in our social networks and games online. Before we know it, absolutely everything is going to be available on the internet. We need to learn to walk away when we feel like we are too caught up in sitting in front of the computer screen and checking out friend’s updates.

  23. Jordan Slemp

    We use the internet more because it is so easily available. Look at countries in Europe or China for example. Individuals do not have access to the internet nearly as easily as we do. Also with our high levels in education, a lot of people are attending post secondary. Universities push more people to use the internet. Look at this class. We are all on the internet reading blogs, we did research for our presentations online, and in class we watch videos from internet sources.
    There are downsides to how much we use the internet. People may lose a lot of there social skills. Talking to an individual is a lot different then making a post on Facebook. But even with that downside I think the availability of all the knowledge we can gain online far outweighs that.

  24. Lauren Gallimore

    Canada having the highest internet usage rate in the world is not surprising. In my opinion, the reason for this is because Canada is a perfect storm of factors that contribute to internet use. Although other countries have these factors, the fact that we have all of them is what sets Canada apart. The first of these factors is that Canada is a prosperous first world country that can afford to have high speed internet in most of its homes, schools and businesses making it easier to connect to the internet. The next factor is that Canada is a multicultural society with a high immigrant population. For these people with family and friends in other countries, using the internet to communicate with them is the most cost effective method. Thirdly, having such a large country, communication with people in other areas of Canada is easiest and cheapest using the internet. Having such long harsh winters also promotes internet use for shopping and entertainment purposes, instead of having to leave home. Lastly, being so close to the United States exposes us to the music, television shows and movies that are made there. Knowing about something and not being able to get it at home forces us to go online to see it. An example of this is watching the American Super Bowl ads. The downsides to this immense use of the internet may be long term. For example, obesity rates rise as a result of less physical activity and people skills decrease as face to face contact is lost.

  25. Sheri Durina

    Canadians may use the internet more than residents of other countries due to many reasons; Canadians appear to have a great deal of access to the internet, making it easier for a high number of Canadians to use the internet. I’m sure this is similar in other countries; from my experience in Canada, people are very motivated to obtain knowledge. If people who are unsure of something they “look it up” on the internet.
    The internet also offers the following items directly from the internet: magazines, books, movies, TV shows, news, and more. Canadians are also becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and are making more attempts to go paperless – this can be seen by more and more people obtaining their magazines and books online. Perhaps Canadians also spend a significant amount of time on the internet to help them through the long winters. Canadians also like to communicate with family and friends online; whether it is through such avenues as facebook or skyping. Communication by this means is often less expensive then long distance phone calls or travel to visit face-to-face.

    There are downsides to Canadians significant internet usage. Canadians do not get as much physical activity as they did in the past. More time spent on the computer means the less time spent outside or participating in physical activities. Also, internet usage is usually an individual activity; this means people are spending less time interacting with others. It could be possible that this may result in a decreased level of communication skills in some people.

  26. Landon

    1. Why do you feel that Canadians use more Internet that other countries?

    I feel that Canadians use more internet than other countries because of how easy it is for Canadians to gain access to the Internet: schools, library, coffee shops etc etc. Everywhere you go you are able to gain access to the internet whether it be through a wired or wireless connection. Canadians wouldn’t be able to go very far without the internet.

    Another major contributor is the fact of how cold and long Canadian winters are in general.

    2. Are there any downsides to Canada as a result of Canadians using the Internet more than others?

    I don’t think there should be a lot of concern over how much and how many Canadians use the Internet. We are much better informed and are able to stay in contact with the rest of the world that way

  27. Carla Hornecker

    I think that Canadians use the internet more than other countries partially because we have such easy access to it. Almost everyone has a smart phone with access to the internet, which means that Canadians can be on the internet at any time and in any place. In addition, interacting with each other via the internet has become the norm for many people, so much so that it is actually a part of our culture. The Canadian climate may also contribute to our increased internet time, as we prefer to stay indoors, which increases the likelihood of computer and internet use.

    I think that a major downside to our above-average internet use is the potential for health issues resulting from extended periods of sitting down and staring at a computer screen. Obesity may become more of an issue, as people choose to spend time on the internet rather than exercising. Our personal relationships with each other may be negatively affected as well, as we start to interact mainly over the internet and spend less time with each other face to face. Internet use could also become an addiction, or could be linked to depression or anxiety. In addition, as the internet allows us to perform our jobs from home, work/life balance may suffer in Canada, and people could become less satisfied with their jobs or their lives as a result.

  28. swatigade

    1. Why do you feel that Canadians use more Internet that other countries?
    Canadians use more Internet than other countries because we have easy access to high-speed internet. Internet is cheaper than in most countries. Most of us have the kind of speed necessary to make site such as Netflix and YouTube worthwhile. We rely on Google too much. Everyone is familiar with the saying “Google it”. Today if we are unsure of something the first thing we do is Google it. The high speed internet makes viewing movies online very easy. Everything can be done online from banking, shopping, surfing, and entertainment. Moreover buying a personal computer is very affordable in Canada, so everyone has a laptop and is using it constantly. Now with the introduction of mobile phones with wifi, internet usage is no doubt high. Wifi is available everywhere from airports to coffee shops. Using the internet is second nature to us Canadians.
    2. Are there any downsides to Canada as a result of Canadians using the Internet more than others?
    The downside to using Internet more is that we rely on it too much for the simplest things. We don’t go outside as much, why bother when we can order pizza, movies, clothing and everything else online. Even our communication has reduced from face to face interaction to Facebook interaction. Soon we will have everything online that we need not step outside the house. No more driving in the harsh winter weather. We have YouTube gurus telling us what to do and entertaining us. Everything will become a virtual world for us.

  29. Devin Phalen

    Like the article stated, the most logical reason that Canadians use the internet more than individuals in other countries is that it is available to almost everyone. Like many others on this blog have already mentioned, the other most logical reason for this might be the fact the country has such long, harsh winters. I’d be interested to see if internet usage increases in countries that have colder climates (after being adjusted for other variables); I’m guessing the answer is yes. Other than skiing (which I don’t do enough of), I don’t have any other activities that I like doing outside in the winter, so I’m stuck with inside activities. Another reason might be that the country is so spread out and sparsely populated that most Canadians rely on the internet to stay in touch with friends and relatives in other parts of the country. This may also be a factor for industry, as it is cheaper to have an online meetings rather than sending people all over the country.

    There are definitely some downsides to Canadians spending so much time on the web. Face to face social interaction declines; sitting one’s butt all day has health implications; it can become habitual or even an addiction; and, depending on what the web is being used to do, one may be more productive in other areas.

  30. Leisha Hansen

    I think Canadians use the internet more than other countries for several reasons. When it is freezing outside it is easier to shop online or watch an online movie than it is to get the car brushed off and warm enough to go for a drive. It is also convenient because unless you live in the city, everything is a bit of a drive to get to. If you can find information on the internet rather than having to go somewhere, it is much more practical. The convenience of the internet for Canadians is a huge draw to use it more often.
    One of the downsides to using the internet so much is that Canadians don’t meet people in public and interact with friends face-to-face as much. Some Canadians have friends in other towns or even countries that they talk more to than friends close by. The sense of community is much different than the traditional neighbourhood community. Now community is international and met with over the internet. It is an interesting phenomenon. I wonder how long it will last and if it will keep growing. Growing up in the more traditional form of community, I find it difficult to believe that friendships that are not face-to-face are as effective as the friends you can call up and have over in 10 minutes.

  31. TJ Winn

    I was surprised by the fact that Canadians use the internet more than other countries; however there are some explanations that could possible attribute to this fact first of which possibly being the geographic location. Many of us in Alberta and other provinces are stuck indoors for, sometimes, the majority of the year due to cold winters. It may not actually be that we are ‘stuck’ per say but definitely choose to remain indoors much of the time. This ‘being inside’ allows us to easily waste time on digital devices and computers. Furthermore, this could possibly be mirrored in the business world as many business men would rather meet, chat and coordinate via internet instead of braving the elements to meet in person or other scenarios. Another aspect, as mentioned in the article, is that most of us are connected all the time and this connection is usually relatively high speed. This makes it very easy for us to be constantly ‘surfing’ and racking up those internet hours.

    I think there are downsides to Canadians being so reliant on the internet. I see that possibly in the future our face time skills, no pun intended, will become weak. In addition, if the internet is down for either short or long periods of time we will be left in the dark feeling unable to function without our ‘google machines’.

  32. Jacqueline Wegener

    I think that Canadians use the Internet more due to the fact that we are a developed country. Every organization is becoming more reliant on the Web in order to be successful. Countries that are undeveloped do not have the same access to an Internet connection as we do in Canada and are therefore not using the Internet as frequently as Canadians are. Another reason why Internet use is so high in Canada could be due to the long, cold winter we have. When temperatures become unbearable, most people are not willing to remain outdoors for a prolonged amount of time. We are now finding new ways to kill time when it is so cold out such as surfing the Web, watching YouTube videos, and watching Netflix.

    I think the main disadvantage of Canadians using the Internet as much as we currently are is that we are unable to enjoy the simple things in life and get outside to enjoy the country. We are always sitting inside playing games or watching videos on the Internet and we are no longer finding enjoyment in being outside and leading an active lifestyle. Being glued in front of the computer all day we are unable to get outside for some exercise or gain any experience outside of the virtual world that would be beneficial to our success in the future. There is also a decrease in face-to-face communication among individuals as it is more convenient to send a quick email instead of meeting up and having a conversation.

  33. Chance Olsen

    I feel that the harsher winter conditions that Canadians face keep them inside where they turn to the internet for entertainment. Also being so close to the United states I personally feel cheated when I can’t purchase the same products for the same price as I could if I was in the states. I feel many other Canadians feel the same way and hence online shopping is probably another huge factor in Canadians being online. Americans can walk to their malls and go shopping while we turn to the internet to find the best deals in the states and pay for the shipping northward. Netflix was mentioned in the article and I do believe that more Canadians are using Netflix and other online movie sites to watch American television that can’t be accessed in Canada. An example, being March Madness just ended, would be the NCAA. I can’t watch the NCAA sporting events on my television so I turn to the internet to get my weekly fix of college sports. Another huge factor to us being online more is the great span that our communities and cities cover. For me, a trip to the closest Wal-Mart is an hour drive, so check the Wal-Mart website for things, to make sure that they are in stock before I make a trip into the city to buy the product. This goes for many other stores and products as well.

  34. Akina Morimoto

    There can be various reasons as to why Canada’s Internet usage has grown substantially. The most obvious reason is that we are a developed country where Internet is available and the generation today knows how to use it to teach the older generation. The number of things that individuals are able to do on the Internet nowadays is endless; thus the older generation has adapted the use of technology. Although the current usage appears to be heavily on YouTube, and Netflix, it would not surprise me to see an even larger growth in the usage in the next few years, as businesses’ use of technology continue to grow.
    There are certainly going to be downfalls to this situation and any situation. The main drawbacks to this would be that it takes away from the face-to-face communication and an interactive lifestyle. It supports the lazy lifestyle that Canadians have been beginning to adopt. Internet is certainly a useful application to every day life now, but it does not mean that it should take over an individual’s life. Internet should not become a lifestyle, it should help to aid in education and in the workplace. In regards to leisure, it needs to be used appropriately and accordingly.

  35. Stacey

    The fact that Canadians use the Internet more than others can be viewed from both a negative and positive perspective. As far as why they use the Internet more relative to other countries, seems to be a matter of easy access to servers that allow us to do so. With easy access, also comes convenience and ease of use. A great deal of transactions, advertising, research, etc. is done online. With a busy Canadian lifestyle, many people take advantage of the fact that they can do certain things online that would otherwise be a burden to their daily schedule. In exploring a disadvantage to excessive Internet use, I recall the video that we watched in class about the disconnect from friends and family, inhibiting face to face interaction, and communication that could be vital to a relationship. This is a concern with technology in general, but I think it is more relevant in terms of the Internet.

  36. Michael Jensen

    1. Why do you feel that Canadian’s use Internet more than other countries?
    I feel that the Internet usage is monumental compared to the rest of the world for a number of reasons: the first, and most important one being that, Canada is a developed country. Nearly every occupation relies on some form of Internet access for its success. There are many undeveloped countries that do not have sustainable Internet access like Canadians have. Secondly, I feel that people lose interest in outdoor activities during the cold winter days, and prefer to stay indoors to search the web, play videogame systems (internet access is required to operate Xbox live), stream videos on Netflix, etc.
    2. Are there any downsides to Canada as a result of Canadians using the Internet more than others?
    Using the Internet to navigate and gain knowledge about practical information is definitely an advantage in Canada. But are Internet customers using their computers and mobile devices beyond their means? I believe that this is true in a way. If people are not getting enough motivation to get off their ass and enjoy the outdoors, then there is definitely an issue. Also, if people are glued to their computer constantly, how are they going to be able to gain hands-on experience about the real world?

  37. Thibaut La Porta

    There are two obvious points which clearly affect the use of internet. Firstly, the fact that Canada is a country that is evolving more than half the year in a cold winter. Therefore, Canadians do not linger outside activities and must still occupy them but indoors. The computer is a powerful tool used to any task, making it the favorite entertainment on long winter evenings. Indeed being much more inside than people in other countries are pushing Canadian to use the internet in greater proportions. Second, Canada is an English speaking country, it’s benefits can access most websites known. And finally Canada has very efficient connections, which facilitates access to the internet and therefore further increases the number of users.
    The disadvantage of this high use of internet is that advertisers are attracted to the platform where the number of potential buyers is higher than elsewhere. And this attraction can produce visual pollution by advertisements, which are already much present. What would really horrible internet browsing.

  38. Joshua Bodnaruk

    I think that the main reason Canadians use the internet more is because of our long winter months. This extra time that is cold, is spent inside. As the internet is not limited by freezing temperatures, many Canadians look for entertainment indoors from it. Also, Canadians are in a first world country, therefore giving us much greater access to the worldwide web. In addition, we are an English speaking nation so the amount of websites that are written in our native tongue is also large. Reasons why a place as cold as Canada, like Russia, don’t experience the extended internet usage has to do with the the fact that a large percentage of the Russian population is in far reach places, which inhibits internet access.
    As a business person, seeing the large amount of time Canadians spend on the internet reveals a proverbial gold mine of sorts. The sum of the information is quite large, and can be used for applications in targeted advertising, or for sent out promotions. Also, the business trying to specifically target internet users wouild be able to conclude Canada would be a good market to enter. This availability of information is also inherently dangerous, because the information collected on the internet can be very sensitive, and therefore has great potential for harm.


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