Why spend $1,600 for these glasses?


Source: CNN.com.com

Date: Feb 21, 2013

 Questions for discussion:

1. Do you feel this product will be a success in the marketplace?

2.  Will Google be rewarded for being a first mover in this hardware category the Apple was rewarded for being a first mover in the tablet marketspace?  Why or Why not?

3.  Would you buy a pair of these Google Glasses?  Why or why not?


26 thoughts on “Why spend $1,600 for these glasses?

  1. Heather Allan

    I personally would never buy those glasses. Glasses are made to enable people to see the world more clearly, right? Does this not seem like a bit of a distraction…and do we not have enough distractions already. Instead of having to pull yourself out its already in your line of vision… In the “How it feels (through Glass)” ad on youtube it shows a bunch of people doing things that you would not normally do while on your phone such as riding a horse…or FLYING a plane! Another issue is the voice command…I don’t know about you but I find it rather annoying when you see people walking around talking to themselves on an electronic device. Now we will have people running around saying “Glass take a video”. Really? Is that necessary…just stop being lazy and take out your phone, or better yet a camera to take the video!… If you shouldn’t be on a phone or a using a camera while doing whatever it is you are trying to video then chances are you shouldn’t be doing it on some electronic glasses either. I know I have an iPhone and I rarely ever use Siri because I think its weird talking to a phone…On another note…how will this actually make your life any better or easier. It is being sold as a functionaly product but how is it any easier than quickly pulling out your smart phone and taking a picture. Also would there not be issues with the voice command? Sometimes Siri does not even understand me and I have to speak very slowly and clearly…Frankly I think this is just one more fad that will not take off. It is so expensive and for what…it takes pictures, gives you directions, calls people…you would practically be wearing a smartphone on your face! And personally I am not that attached to my phone that I would like to be wearing it as an accessory.

  2. Yaqian Diao

    When I watched the video, I remembered some science fiction movies I had watch before. There are lots of spies and intelligent beings using some special glasses just like Google glasses. I feel that the Google glasses will get a success in the marketplace, because of its applied functions and impressive appearance. From the video, we know that people can record, take pictures and surf Internet via the Google glasses. They also can be used as GPS. In my point of view, Google will be rewarded for being a first mover in this hardware category the Apple was rewarded for being a first mover in the tablet marketplace. One reason is its applied functions and impressive appearance. Google glasses are much easier to be taken with people than other tablets, such as IPod. It is convenient and comfortable for people to use it. The other reason is that most of people like to seek new products. That’s why the electronic products are upgraded so fast. The new products with strong functions always draw customers’ attention. It can make people feel cool and that they are leading the new trend.
    While, even though the Google glasses have a huge advantage, I would not buy a pair of these Google Glasses. The price is not a problem, but my vision. I am a Mylar, and I don’t like to wear the contact lenses, because I always cry with them. Thus, the problem for me is that I can’t wear two glasses at the same time. Will Google produce a Google glasses for myopia?

  3. Cameron Pituley

    I do not feel that these glasses are going to be a huge hit in the market place. I do think that they will sell but only in very specific niches at first. As more and more third party applications are released for the Google glasses they will grow in popularity and hopefully drop in price. I think that the price barrier is going to be a major discouragement for most people.
    I think Google will definitely reap the benefits of moving into this new “glasses tech” hardware category. The potential behind these glasses are quite impressive. Everyone now has their smart phone glued to their hands. If it became an affordable option to have your smart phone out all the time and be hands free I think that a lot of people would be sold on that idea. Google is also potentially opening up a new level of gaming. Google glasses could potentially revolutionize playing video games. Let’s say that a blue tooth video game controller or set of keyboard and mouse can connect. Students could very well play basic video games that run on phones in class or really anywhere without the hassle of a monitor or television.
    There is no way that I would buy a pair of these glasses. Currently, I think that they are in too early of a beta testing phase. The price is a major deterrent for me and I personally am not a huge fan of the android operating system. I could see myself getting a pair of these glasses after they have been released for a while, new applications have been released, and the price drops.

  4. Liz Martin

    I would not buy these glasses; they’re too expensive and not yet useful enough, especially when I have a smart phone that has the same capabilities and more. Also, I dont know if they make them in prescription lenses. And they would probably make me nauseous even if they did.
    Like most of the others who have already commented, I don’t think “Project Glass” will be very successful in the market place initially, but this was just a conceptual, ‘test’ phase. It may gain some speed after the price drops and becomes more available to consumers and we may not have to wait for long for this; business analysts from the Washington Post estimate this to be in as little as a year. And, it is only about double the price of a smart phone now, so a year seems like a plausible time period for the price to drop that much – or at least to $1000. I still don’t think the average consumer will buy them though, because for the majority of people the smart phone already meets their needs.
    Apparently the Google X Labs big plans in the near future, including the self-driving car (which functions with lasers and cameras) and a dinner plate that collects information of the food you put on it. These might speed up production on the glasses.

  5. Brad Zhang

    1. The Google Glasses will not be successful in market. At least not in the first generation of this product. Google Glasses is expensive and the function is not well known by potential customers who may buy it. So I think a lot of them will just wait for the market comments about the glasses before buy it. Also the new product shall have all kind of shortages and even problems, customers may want to spend their money on a well prepared product instead of a test mode.

    2. Apple is different with Google, Apple does not only create the tablet in hardware category, it invented a system of hardware and software and connect them all together with cloud computing technology. Even more, Apple allows everyone to participate in developing softwares for Apple products to make the platform it created more colorful. However, the Google Glasses, so far, is just a navigator, cellphone, camera, and headset that build into a glasses-shape hardware. It will not be competitive enough to create a shockwave that Apple did at this time.

    3. I will not buy it. First, I want to wait for the product to be more mature. Second, the Google Glasses is not more functional compare with my cell phone. Third, I have my own imagination about smart glasses which is like the glasses that the FBI agent uses in the video game “Heavy Rain”. If one glasses can build a world right in front of the user’s eyes, that is the real smart glasses.

  6. James M

    Technology is something that is constantly growing within a market place. Google Glass is another example of something that is a unique and innovative invention, but seems to lack the any sort of features that would lure customers into buying them. As mentioned in the video there isn’t many apps that have been developed for the glass. The reason for this could be the $1,600 price for the glass. This steep price probably deters developers to create new features since they wouldn’t be expecting a lot of people to have this product at such a high price. I don’t feel like Glass will be a success in the current marketplace, but I feel that if they improve their first generation model they will eventually have success in the market. I believe that Google glass will be rewarded for being the first in the market only if they can develop new innovations that will fend off the expected competition and mimicked products that will come out in the near future. When looking at the iPad it has succeeded not because it was the first of its kind on the market but rather it has been the best product through out its generations. Personally I think Google glass is a ridiculous product that is completely unnecessary. To pay $1,600 for something that has essentially the same features as any Smartphone (which I don’t even have) seems absurd to me. Another thing is that I wear glasses quite often and I cannot stand the feeling of them on my face all day long + what if I want to wear Glass? I’ll have to wear glasses on top of glasses, and 3 pairs at once if I want to see a 3-D movie! There will need to be further improvement if I’m going to be convinced that this product is worthwhile.

  7. Ahmed Awad

    Google’s glasses is a wearable computing device that Google has been working on for a long time. Google tries to tackle the problem of distracting technology, in which to many of us technology is huge discretion even though it was intended to make our lives easier. Google claims that if they brought technology closer to our senses, we will become more productive and less distracted. Now Google knows that this project won’t be as profitable or accepted by everyone and that’s why it costs $1600. The strategy that Google has was, lets get it the early adopter and we can get the feedback from them and hopefully develop another version of those glasses for the everyone (a consumer version). I think that i was a very smart more from Google to set such a high price for those glasses, because they know that the people who are gonna pay $1600 for these glasses are the developers and the content creators. I think i would be really difficult to measure the product’s success because it was meant to see a general reaction from people( whether they like it or not, whether they can improve it, what people say about it, and does it have a real implications in real world) rather than measure the success of it. Another business strategy that Google directly or indirectly imposed is to be the “first” tech-company to tie itself to this hardware even though there had been wearable computing devices that did hit the market before Google. it will come down to the developers, if they see future implications then this would be a success for Google, otherwise it would die out. Personally i would love to buy a pair of those glasses, however due the its price point i probably wouldn’t at the moment. Also since its at a very early stages of its development makes a student (who is in debt) wants to afford such an expensive piece of technology; and again from a consumer level i think it would be every idiotic to buy it now, but from a developer’s point of view if you can afford it then buy it. Because Google has created the platform in which a developer can work on.

  8. Tammie Tuccaro

    I think that these glasses are quite steep in price but might just be popular at first but like most things and then become just a fad. People are so interested in trying out all the latest and greatest gadgets as soon as they hit the market even with the hefty price, it is amazing what people would do to be the first ones to try out brand new technology.
    Will they be like Apple and be a first mover, that all depends on whether Google can improve the glasses and be able to have apps readily available which work plus be attracting to consumers that they would want to use and purchase them. As the reporter seemed to be having some issues with the set she was testing out they will need to work out the kinks before they hit shelves otherwise the product will be a flop.
    I don’t ever see myself purchasing something like these glasses. They looked very hard to use and very distracting. I wouldn’t dish out that kind of money for something like these when I already have spent enough on a smartphone, which you can pretty much do anything on now.

  9. Jingyi Wang

    Google glasses has its shining points, it can take pictures, guiding ways, recording videos. The important thing is that, it is just a glasses, it is small, light and easy to bring. so I think the google glasses wil have its marketplace, but not now, and I am not sure whether or not it will turn to be a success.
    Google will get its rewards unless this products is a success in the market. We can find that in the video, many people have heard about it and show their interest in it. But it is also clear that the map is so small, when you walking by looking the map at the same time, there can be a safty problem, and the so small map will cause a damage to our eyes. The other problem is, I am doubting that how can you take pictures through that small screen, will it show things clearly and you can not take pictures for yourself. The third problem is, as the google glasses is languange controled, we have seen that apple is not doing well in this area, so it is still a challanging issuse to identify different languages and the same languages with different accent. The last thing that can be a problem is that the glasses is weak structure, you spend 1600 doallars on it and break it off by accident, which can be really embarrassed.
    For me, at least now, I won’t by it, because it is still a unmatural technology, and I think google is asking customers to sharing the risk of this product for them.

  10. Matthew Malm

    In my opinion, Google Glass will have to step up their features before they will make an impact in any marketplace. First, the limits of this device are significant. One limit that I would like to draw special attention to is the lack of 3G/4G capabilities and GPS with the device. It relies solely on tethered Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to utilize the device to its full capabilities. Without internet, the glasses are nothing more than a camera sitting on your head and nothing differentiates this from pulling out your smartphone to take a picture. Google will have to publish a lot of quality offline applications for this product to succeed. This limitation coupled with a negative stereotype towards wearing glasses, would scream product fail to me but this is purely speculation. Google is undertaking a huge risk using this product. The rewards will likely be grand initially if the product succeeds but I am sure Apple and other competitors will have a ready for release version within a year. When the market gets flooded with duplicate or substitute products this will cripple Google’s market share. I personally do not see myself purchasing a pair of Google Glass due to the lack of practical applications for myself. In addition, anyone purchasing this product for the head mounted camera application would be better off purchasing a GoPro since the video capabilities are 1080p, which is greater than 720p on Google Glass. Also, the price tag on a GoPro is a third of Google Glass. With everything taken into consideration, I look forward to seeing the initial market penetration of Google Glass but I would not be surprised if this product was a failure.

  11. Litchi Peng

    The goggle glasses do have many advanced features. It can show maps and take pictures easily. It can also easily carry just like wearing a glass. It IS so cool to have a glass like that. I think this kind of glasses may succeed in some groups of people. However, in the end of video, I noticed that the lady had a hard time in controlling the glass. That means the technology is not that mature so far. It is still needed to be improved. In addition, the price of the glass is 16000, which is expensive to many people. Most of people probably would not like to purchase a 16000 dollars glass. Nowadays, people have computer, Ipads, smartphones and so on. These technology products do offer the same features like goggle glasses. As I know, it is not everyone adapts to wearing glasses. They may consider the outlooks of themselves. I do not think Google will be rewarded for being a first mover in this hardware category the Apple was rewarded for being a first mover in the tablet marketplace because the google glasses may not have a big marketplace compared to apple. I would not buy a pair of these google glasses. First, it is really expensive for me. I do not want to spend almost 2000 dollars to buy a glass like this. Second, I do not like wearing glasses; I think it does not look nice on me. Third, I am not a big fan of high technology products. I am satisfied with my smartphone which brings lots of convenience to me. That is enough to me.

  12. Jill

    As a child I watched Star Trek with my father. The older I get, the more it seems the science fiction of Stark Trek becomes reality and this is especially true for the Google glasses. I believe Google’s glasses will be a success in the marketplace, especially as more third party applications become available. As with all new technology, the benefits and risks seem to multiply with each new gadget. At first glance, I believe the glasses create an opportunity for unethical behavior. For example, if I wear the glasses while shopping for breakfast cereal and General Mills accesses what I am looking at, they could send the glasses an advertisement for the benefits of Cheerios over Corn Flakes and immediately influence my purchasing power. As a consumer, I would be bombarded by advertisements. There is also a risk if the glasses have the ability to create an alternate reality. If I am unhappy with the physical world around me, could I create an alternate world that I view through the glasses, and thus eliminate experiencing uncomfortable situations? For example, if my friend is unable to join me for dinner, could an application be developed where I view a fictional friend through the glasses so it appears to me that I am enjoying my evening out but in reality I am alone? If I wear them while playing a video game will it alter the reality I experience beyond my brain’s ability to discern between real and pretend? It will be interesting to see what types of applications are developed. Initially, I would not be interested in purchasing a pair, but I am very curious to see applications developers create!

  13. Blake Bolton

    I believe that after a suitable amount of time, and other firms produce their own version, this product will become a success. Although it only has a limited number of applications currently, it’s the next generation in hands-free devices. As the smart phone replaced the cellular phone, I believe Google Glass will grow to replace other hands-free devices such as bluetooth inputs, or voice-activated smart phone applications such as Siri.
    Google will most likely be rewarded for being the first mover of this product, but it depends. Most people scoff at the price-point of $1600, but don’t realize this is just a limited first release. At this time you cannot purchase Google Glass. I might be incorrect, but I believe they are only selling a limited pre-order which is now closed of this first generation Google Glass. It’s my prediction that after a few months or even years, we will see a commercial version of the Google Glass for a much lower price. This first generation allows developers to get their hands on a unit and start developing and producing applications for the glass. The deciding factor of whether Google will be rewarded for being the first mover is if they can flood the market with a lower priced model, with more applications, before any competitors enter the market.
    I would not buy a pair of these Google Glasses. For one, it’s no longer possible to purchase them from Google, I would need to buy them C2C, which I can’t imagine myself doing. Second, if my previous assumptions were correct, I would wait until Google releases their more commercial-friendly version of Google Glass, and then consider if it was worth the investment.

  14. Rongxiang Zhang

    I don’t think Google glass will be success in marketplace. One reason is that I think its function is similar with a cell phone, take a video, navigation, take picture, or ask questions, etc. The only difference is you can free your hands if you use Google glass. I mentioned that every time before you execute Google glasses, you need to talk to the glasses. One problem is if you have a strong accent, and the glasses couldn’t figure out what you are saying. Then what you can do with a high-tech glasses which could not understand your command. Nothing. Another reason is the price is too high. It’s target might be IT people or the rich. Thus, I don’t think the Google glass will be success in marketplace.
    Yes, I think Google will be rewarded for being a first mover in this hardware category. Google glass is creative and amazing. It is portable and easy to carry. And it frees hands because you don’t need to hold it. Google glass is innovative in hardware category.
    I won’t by a pair of Google glasses because I don’t like high-tech product so much. If I want to make a call, text message, look up map, I can use my cell phone. And if I want to take a video or picture, I prefer to use camera so I can adjust diaphragm and control shutter to take a perfect picture, which Google glass couldn’t do. And as it said in this video, Google glass setting is complicated. So it will take time to learn how to handle it which I don’t prefer spend time on learning how to use a product that similar to a cell phone.

  15. Hailin Wu

    For me, I would not buy it right now but I would be more than happy to receive it as one of my birthday presents. At first, I believed that as the time it launches to the market, anybody with money and ability to handle these glasses would like to have a try. It is a fantastic product with technology of concentration. However, when I did a survey among my friends, one said it looks “ugly”, one said “Wait 6 months and buy it at $300 instead of $1600.”, another said “it might be only good for travelers, because they can go anywhere in the world just with a pair of glasses.” the third said “it is a good product but what if I am driving a car, will it disturb my focus?” Obviously, there are many concerns about these glasses and it will probably become just a fad.

    A serious problem is it is not a product that can be shared – it has only one user at a time. From the view of marketing, the reason that people tend to buy new commodities is because the product they choose is much better or cheaper than the rest alternatives. These glasses has no either benefits. At first glance, it has no competitors, but when you think deeply, it just combines the functions of camera and GPS. Who else has the same function? The answer is cellphone. The cheapest iphone 5 for now is only $699, then why would we spend $901 more to get a product that looks smaller and odd?

  16. Songxuan Wu

    This pair of glasses is a product, which could bring a revolution to the whole technology world. This product is amazing that people could search the Internet by doing nothing but only wear it. People could listen to the music by only say something. When they lost themselves, don’t worry about it, just let your glasses Google it, and you could find the answer easily. When you wearing it, you will just like living in the movie world, everyone could be James Bond.
    As the first mover, Google could get benefit from it. This is a whole new product; I believe this could bring the benefit, which is the same as the tablets bring the benefits to Apple. With the development of technology, people are hoping to get the hardware easier to bring and working faster. This product is totally meeting the requirements.
    But I don’t think I will buy it. This is a new product, but it is too expensive. With such amount of money or even less, I can buy a computer, a tablet and an iPod. They could do everything the glasses could do, but also do the things it cannot do. This pair of glasses is very good, but not good enough for me to spend so much money on it. It’s only had a few functions, which is worthless than its marked price.
    In conclusion, the Google glasses are a very good product, but I won’t buy it for this price, it’s too expensive for me.

  17. Regi Rocha

    The Google glass is the next “new thing” in technology and people that are looking for the newest thing will buy them, even at $1600. I think that the regular consumer will not purchase this product right away. They may be curious, but most people have better things to spend $1600 on, especially if they are students or families. They will be a mixed success in the marketplace. People will wait and will look for a cheaper imitation to come onto the market. I also think that people will find their current phones can do the same things as the Google glass and for this reason they won’t purchase them.
    I do not think they will be rewarded for being first into the market with this product. As you can see in the short video they can be difficult to use and I think that will eliminate any reward they receive. They do not look good on and for that reason too they won’t get an award. Apple products are marketed well and are designed to look good. These glasses look awkward.
    I will not buy a pair of these for many reasons. First, I am a student and I do not have $1600 to pay for a new toy. As I said above, they look strange and I would not wear them. The reporter was having difficulty using them so if I were to purchase them I’d wait until they were easier to use and had more apps available. I have all of the technology I need with my phone and my laptop and I do not need another piece of technology because it is new and trendy.

  18. Calvin Chu

    First, I think the Google glasses they are really convenient with high technology. They can be very useful, as it has a lot of function (GPS, cameras, basic laptop, you can also record a video), however, it can also be useless which depends on the users. I do consider this new technology is very cool as you can do lots with it. But think carefully. Are those functions necessary? No, not really. There are few more reason makes me feel these glasses will not be success in the marketplace. The most important reason which almost everyone will come up at first. It is going to be the price. As the topic said, why spend $1600 on a glass and why should we? Honestly $1600 is expensive. You can get a lot for this amount of money. Moreover, as smartphone is getting better and cheaper, I do not think these glasses are useful, and as a customer I would not spend $1600 on this glass but rather get a new laptop or travel to other countries.
    Yes I think Google will be rewarded for this new technology, as it is very cool.
    As I said above, I would not buy a pair of these Google glasses, the main reason is the price. $1600 is too much to me as I am not rich. Even if I have $1600, I rather buy a new gaming laptop or travel to other countries to see more and learn more.

  19. Carlie Willimont

    I don’t feel as though Google will be successful in the market of these glasses for a couple of reasons. One being the price, I don’t believe there is a high enough demand for technology like this for consumers to race out and purchase these glasses. A second reason would be the style of the glasses, just the brief look at the glasses in the video didn’t give me any incentive to go and purchase a pair. They aren’t stylish and the camera thing on the side looks ridiculous. However I understand this could be complete personal opinion and many people may wear them. I also believe that they won’t be successful because people already have Ipads, cameras, Iphones and more and would have little use for another device to have to wear.

    I could see Google being potentially rewarded for being the first in this hardware. Mainly because there will be a percentage of people who do think they are really great technology and purchase them. I personally would never buy these glasses due to the style and my lack of use for them. If I need a map, or to take a picture I would just use my phone instead of buying an expensive product to wear on my face.

  20. Nathan Duncan

    Can one say distracted driving 2.0? Beyond this though I believe that this product can be a success in the near future. Plus how cool is that!??!?! Although those particular glasses were not my style a sleek good looking pair would be extremely difficult to pass up. With the right marketing and product design and testing I believe this can be a major success.

    I believe that Google will be rewarded for being a first mover if the product functions well and is easy to use. Along with the costs of RnD not trumping the overall profits. Where the risk lies with this product is if the product does not function well or look good, or is too expensive for the mass market. Sometimes a first mover has the advantage and sometimes they do not…it is hard to say which it will be for this particular product.

    I would not buy a pair of these Google glasses right at this particular moment. As with almost all technology if not all technology as time goes on the price will drop drastically as new models and competition comes into the market. Right now with Google being the first mover they can set the price extremely high increasing their profit margins and compensating for their losses in research and development….I would personally wait it out until I felt more comfortable with knowing that the product is tried and true, and also at a competitive price.

  21. Sean Annis

    I feel that because many people already know what Google glasses are, they will initially make a splash in the market place. those who have money to spend will likely buy this device. But i think unless they make these devises more user friendly, they will not sell very quickly. The news reporter seemed to struggle in the out takes which shows me that it will not make the same impact that the Iphone has on the smart phone market. I feel that the simple and easy user interface will be key to this product’s success regardless of the 1600 price tag. There is no other product like these glasses on the market today but the main competitor is the smart phone. If the glasses become just as advanced and easy to use as smart phones, i think this product will do extremely well.

    If there is a first mover advantage for Google, it will not be anywhere close to the advantage apple enjoyed with tablets. Apple already had an established interface that many many people knew how to use. When the tablet came out, people didn’t have to learn how to use it. Google’s Glasses, on the other hand, will require the user to learn. This is also dependent on whether the glasses are actually desired by the public. Seems as though smart phones have all the same capabilities if not more. The only thing setting this apart is that this product is a set of glasses.

    I will not be buying a set of these glasses. The price is way to high for me as well as it would be impractical for me to have a fully capable smart phone and use a set of these Google glasses. Now, if i needed glasses, and if the Google glasses were easy to use as well as the screen used to display things was transparent when not being used, I would possibly consider buying a set in the future. But they would have to make them smaller, less awkward and more inconspicuous.

  22. Brad Melchin

    Google’s marketing strategy for these glasses is clearly working, because people in the streets know what it is. These glasses have been the hype for a while now, and they definitely stand out as something new, amazing, and innovative. If the price stays at $1600 for each pair of the glasses, I don’t think that it will do particularly well. But there will definitely be a lot of people that can’t wait to get their hands on a pair. However, I feel that after a getting a few reviews on how distracting the glasses are to driving, walking, etc, that these glasses could become unpopular fairly quickly.

    I don’t think that Google will be rewarded for being a first mover in this hardware category. This is basically a less universal smartphone that is held up to your eye, making it hands free. Not to mention that this kind of idea has already been on the market with MP3 player glasses.

    I definitely will not be buying a pair of these Google glasses. I spend too much time with technology as is, and I don’t need the option to look at a screen all day. I also don’t want any distractions while I’m driving, and yet another distraction while I’m trying to study or something. Also, I don’t have $1600 that I can hand over just so that I can have a smartphone on my glasses. I’d rather save the $1600 and deal with the inconvenience of having to reach all the way into my pocket to drag it out when it’s needed.

  23. Kristina Madarasz

    I think that there is a large part of the population that would buy this product no matter what because they buy all and any new products that come to the marketplace. If this group of the population enjoys the product, they could spread it like wildfire by telling their family and friends. However, if they disapprove of the product, I think it would make it very difficult for the less technologically savvy group of the population to go out and buy this product without good recommendations from others. But overall, yes, I think there is potential for the google glasses. I think it is the next step in technology after entering the world of touch screens 6 years ago. Maybe this product is exactly what the world has been waiting for?

    If this product works like they are saying it will it could very well be the next “big thing.” This product is convenient, and small, not hard to loose if they are always on your face. The google glasses might also solve the problem for distracted drivers who are trying to drive and hold their gps’s in their hands. The price however, of $1600 may hold back a lot of people from purchasing this product as quickly they did the iphone or the ipad because they were more affordable. But I could eventually see the prices coming down and putting everyone into a frenzy to get one. Will this send all google products into high demand the same way it did with apple? I think it is hard to say. A lot of people are slowly starting to move over to android and tablet devices because they offer things that apple can’t. It will be interesting to watch the marketplace change and people’s preferences. At this point it is too early to tell.

    I would not have a use for these glasses. I already wear glasses and it doesn’t appear that the google glasses would fit over them and im not about to wear contacts. Also I do not have an extra $1600 to spare!!! That is equivalent to 2.5 university classes!!

  24. Xinying Du

    I feel this product will be a success in the market place. It is a new technology. It looks like very tiny so people can easy to carry. For my perspective, this technology is fit for people who like to travel. It can take a photo or give you a map, so it is perfect for people to travel. For me, I may not buy this product for$1600. I have some reasons. First, since Google Map through the voice to complete the operation, I am afraid if it has only one language. For foreigners like us, because we have accent, Google Map may not understand what we said. Second, this product has only limit purposes. The purpose of the product is more like an iPhone. IPhone can also take a picture or guide a map. If people have an iPhone, I do not think they will buy a Google Map because they have almost the same purposes. Third, this videos said that wearing this product is very comfortable, I am confused that if it is also comfortable for those people who has already wearing a glasses. Forth, this price is a little high. Compared to IPhone, this product is twice as much. It is kind of not Worthing it. So, I think this product need to be renovated. For example, they can add more languages to choose or they can make this product more easily to use. All in all, this product is really attracting peoples’ eyes. It will be a success in the future.

  25. Victoria Wells

    I think that this product will be extremely popular in the marketplace. Technology has been evolving towards the trend of making our lives easier. GPS, mobile phones, laptops, and wireless internet are all examples of products that have been developed to make our lives easier. With the Google Glasses, you can have access to the internet and your GPS at all times! It could be argued that people will not be as distracted wearing the Google Glasses in comparison to people constantly checking their phones. While we may have grown up with movies that have spies wearing cool computer glasses, it is now a reality! It combines a GPS with a camera, a camcorder, and a laptop! What a package deal!
    As for me, I would not buy the Google Glasses. Aside from the steep price, there are many difficulties that I would have with the glasses. I fear that I would rely too heavily on the glasses for information, like I already do with the rest of my technology. As well, I fear that I would be extremely distracted wearing the glasses. I would be too busy paying attention to what was on the screen that I would not be paying enough attention to walking down the street! Another possible problem is that I would have to often see an Optometrist for lens correction or the continuous development of myopia due to the screen. Overall, I see it as a novelty that some may use on a daily basis that I do not need.

  26. Kai Zhao

    This product certainly is a success in marketplace. Those pairs of glasses are convenient and high level. To sum up, this pair of glasses is a combination of GPS, cameras, basic laptop, and simple functions. Most importantly, it is cool. Fashionable elements must be put in concern. Think about it, tons of people like to wear sun glasses when they are on a trip, what if ur sun glasses has the capability to take pictures, record stuff, and direct you as a GPS, is not that cool? Thus, tons of customers would like to purchase them.
    Before, people use cameras to take pictures, radios to listen, televisions to watch. However, nowadays, people take pictures with iPhone, listen radios by iPhone ,watch videos from iPhone. By comparing these similarities, we can see there is a great potential exist in the future of Google glasses. Therefore, high level and convenient products would be popular by crowd, so Google would be probably reward for being a first mover in this hardware category.
    3. I probably will not buy a pair of these Google glasses with the price of 1,600 dollars. At first place, I do not even have any Apple products, so I am that kind of guy who would use these high level stuff. I do not have a hobby of taking pictures, neither to be directed by GPS. However, I would concern about it if the price is more reasonable because an iPhone 5 or 4s can do anything that this Google glasses can do, so I may stand the price around 600 dollars.


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