An Algorithm for Everything, Even Bras

Description: THE two and a half miserable hours that Michelle Lam spent in a fitting room, trying on bras, one fine summer day in 2011 would turn out to be, in her words, a “life-changing experience.” After trying on 20 bras to find one that fit, and not particularly well at that, she left the store feeling naked and intruded upon


Date: Feb 23, 2013

Professional bra fitters have also moved online. Linda Becker, whose family owns two bra stores in New York, says she sells twice as many bras online today at as she does in her stores. Some of her online customers have previously visited one of her shops and been fitted in person. But new customers take their own measurements and work with customer service representatives on the phone. She says only 10 percent of online orders are returned.  But some customers turn out to be extremely hard to fit and it’s hard to tell why, Ms. Becker says. “That kind of customer will be impossible to fit online because the problem is unseen. There’s no way of figuring it out over the phone.”  Read Rest of Story 

Definition of algorithm: a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end especially by a computer.

 Questions for discussion:

1. What applications of this particular kind of algorithm do you think would be valuable in the marketplace?

2.  Will this e-commerce application replace brick and mortar stores for this application?  Why or why not?


27 thoughts on “An Algorithm for Everything, Even Bras

  1. Yaqian Diao

    Nowadays, there is a trend to go shopping online, such as Amazon, EBay, and ASOS, and e-commerce is developing more and more perfectly. An increasingly number of people purchases the products online, not only fashionable ladies, but also wealthy tycoon. Some people may just want to experience a different life style, some people consider it as a symbol of fashion, and others has already treated online shopping as their own important part of everyday life and replaced the traditional way of shopping streets. For customers, the most important reason to purchase online is convenience. People don’t need to spend time going shopping from one store to another, even if there are long distance between the two stores. Secondly, customers can get a lot of information to compare the goods in the same or different stores. You always can find the goods which is the most suitable for you. Thirdly, it is much safer pay the bills online than in the store. People don’t need to worry about being robbed. Finally, it is much cheaper online, even though the customers sometimes should pay for the shipping fees. In my opinion, the e-commerce application in the article will replace brick and mortar stores for this application in the future. People can conveniently buy the products which are much more suitable for them, why don’t they choose this way?

  2. Blake Bolton

    I think the greatest ability this algorithm has is its ability to create suggestions based on your answers, with the addition of your favorite products you already own. I’m assuming they have a database of a large amount of bras currently on the marketplace, and I believe that this extra factor will be able to introduce products normally reserved for in-person purchasing to the online market. For example, I currently wouldn’t dream of buying any of my hockey gear online, and would only go to an actual store to buy it. If I was able to describe my foot, provide my skate-size, and inform them on the brands of skates that have and have not fit my foot in the past, I would be willing to give online ordering of skates a try.

    I highly doubt that this e-commerce application will replace brick and mortar stores. This application is extremely beneficial and I’m sure that if it is taken beyond its current use of bra fitting and applied to other products that need that level of specialization and customization it will attract quite a few new customers to e-commerce, but it will not attract them all. There will still be that demographic who need to physically go down to the brick and mortar store, try things on and compare them side to side. In the future there might be a technology that will eliminate the need of brick and mortar stores, but as great as this application is, it’s not that one.

  3. Jessica Holmes

    True&Co has accomplished something which no one before has been able to. They have created a way to fit a woman’s breast size without any physical contact. This algorithm has made it possible for their customers to by-pass the embarrassing encounters of a professional bra fitting and brought the bras right to their bedrooms. This algorithm has the potential to do great harm to any type of apparel store.
    Although there are the people who enjoy the luxury having the ability to sit on their computer at 2am wearing their footie pajamas and shop for anything their heart desires, there are also the people in this world who much prefer to have the ability to touch feel and fall in love with the item as they find it within their favorite boutique after searching the racks.
    This Algorithm has the potential to cause harm to the typical store but at the same time many people do not enjoy online shopping and will prefer the ‘old-fashioned’ way and making the trip. The potential for this algorithm within the internet marketplace is extremely valuable because it is almost comparable with a personal shopper who not only gets you the items you choose but also what they think will be flattering and a good fit. If more websites get their hands on this algorithm and the way of providing for the customer which True&Co does it could be a large step for the e-shopping world as it could be applicable to not only apparel but also tools. I say this because if you have a job which needs to be completed the algorithm could choose the tool most useful for the task. The applications are almost endless for this algorithm which makes it almost priceless.

  4. Litchi Peng

    I think this application will be valuable in the marketplace for certain customs. As we all know, internet is world-wide and it is really convenient. It makes people’s life easier. Online stores are popular in these days as well. You can buy anything you can imagine or you can’t imagine online. These kinds of stores do benefit some customers. For example, in some small cities, you want to buy a famous brand product, however, there is no that kind of store in your small town, then you can got to their official website can purchase online. In addition, for some people who do not like shopping and those people who are busy with their works, they always can choose the way that is shopping online. Even there are lots of advantages buying stuff online, for me, as a girl, I will not buy bras online. The quality of Bras is related to your health. You must try it on and feel it. Sometimes, some pictures which are on the websites are totally different compared to the real ones in colors, styles and so on. To be honest, I cannot trust it.
    Therefore, I do not think this e-commerce application can replace brick and mortar stores for this application. Different people choose different ways to live. For those people who enjoy shopping, they would like to go malls and shop there. They want to try them on, feel and touch different Bras. I think as competitions, the brick stores would like to come up with some ideas to catch customs as well.

  5. Brad Zhang

    Well algorithms ,as defined in this blog is the step-by-step procedure for solving applications. I think industries such as catering services and fashion (clothes) industries are quite hard to use the algorithms. People’s taste and physical conditions are very different from each other which requires variable ways to measure customers instead of using one algorithms to solve everything. People are lazy, that’s why we develop tools as algorithms to solve problems. But one tool does not fit everything, so I don’t think algorithm works here. To be specific, some clothes may be able to produced by algorithms. For example, jacket, shirt, or pants. But bra for female is an underwear that must fits females well. So a computer algorithms can only help manufacturers to do basic work, customers and manufacturers still need to do more on their own for perfect match.
    I don’t believe there will be no mare stores and shopping malls in the future because of e commerce, neither believe people will only stay home for shopping online. Shopping on street is a social habit that can hardly be changed. E-commerce offers a new way of shopping in the real world, but it does not mean that people will give traditions up for the new thing.

  6. Liz

    Although I can see the potential in this application, I think that there
    are just some consumer items that don’t lend themselves well to
    e-commerce, this being one of them. I think the most important component
    that goes into the sale of bras and lingerie is how it makes the person
    feel; and that comes from being able to try the item on. The company does
    try to combat this problem by not only collecting accurate measurements
    from potential customers, but then by further consulting customers and
    mailing out “tester” bras too. Although this might work for some people I
    still think that no matter how fast the shipping is on the items, it’s too
    inconvenient. For me, even the longest and most disappointing experience
    in a store doesn’t compare to the time spent entering information on the
    website, being consulted by their bra-fitters, waiting for the “tester”
    products, and then finally ordering and waiting for the final products.
    The advantage that their competitors like Victoria’s Secret have that they
    don’t, who have click and brick e-commerce, is that a person can use the
    physical store to determine what styles work, and then order those same
    styles using the online store. This wins it for me. I do think it’s a
    quirky idea though, and if I had maybe an entire weekend to order a bra, I
    may actually try it out. But overall I don’t have confidence that this
    kind of e-commerce application will replace brick and mortar stores.

  7. Tim

    Algorithms would be valuable in marketplaces that sell items with unique specifications catered to each individual. Would I use algorithm based retailers? Probably since the company is going out and beyond the standards of online shopping. As a male, I can’t speak in relation to the area of bras but I do understand that the topic is very personal and that all women may not want to give out personal information. E-commerce will never take over store based business because there is not just one type of shopper. Everyone has their own preferences. Some people may want to see the merchandise physically before purchasing. Other people shop at stores to prevent being scammed into buying rip-offs. On the other hand, people often shop online since e-commerce can open a door to an array of international companies that sells products unavailable in the shopper’s country.

  8. Valentine

    Well algorithms ,as defined in this blog is the step-by-step procedure for solving applications. I can only think of a few places in the market that this can be of some use ,possibly business having to the with selling of cars or repairing them ,companies trying to engage in business to business selling possible.I would definitely not use an algorithm to figure out what bra size fits a woman, as that is something only a woman can judge for herself. Algorithms in general I believe are not suited for use in the markets,as they are more likely to cause technical problems between buyer and seller,or make judgements without looking into certain things that a human will notice and act upon. Algorithms in general although there can be some exception mostly belong as the programming components in one’s iPhone or blackberry. I doubt that this e-commerce application will make any headway except unless in a few place , but does are few and far between,but then again that’s just my two cents,on this topic.

  9. Ahmed Awad

    Algorithms such as this one could prove to be quite beneficial & valuable in the marketplace. I think that there is an algorithm for everything. It’s how the market adapts this algorithm that matters. Like we see with pretty much every, such an algorithm do befits whatever is using it. And any business adopts the idea can actually benefits from it. Now the question should be which business or sector would adapt the concept, and how they use it. Now some traditional business may have some hard time to use this algorithm to help them; this could have been because it’s such a new concept.
    I don’t think that this application will replace brick and mortar stores any time in the near future. That being said it might slowly transform in the market. There will always be people wanting to go down to an actual physical location to do their shopping and people enjoy the physical traditional shopping. I don’t feel that the online shopping experience can replace a physical experience all the time. Also we are at point where it might seem impossible to transform because e-commerce has not yet reached its full potentials and we are happy with what we got. As I said before, I could see it grow and help with the traditional way but not to the point of replacing it anytime soon.

  10. Regi rocha

    An algorithm for everything, even bras:

    Having shopped with my wife I know that shopping for bras can be difficult. I cannot see her buying a bra on line because there are some things, like bras that need to be tried on, touched, and seen before you buy them, especially if you are different in any way from the “average” or “normal” shopper. Maybe this algorithm would work for those people, but for anyone outside of the parameters of the on line site the will not be able to find what they are looking for. This algorithm could probably work for other online clothing items but I still think people like to go and see, touch and try on items. If you are looking for specialty items, or are in an area with very few places to shop you are probably more likely to use an online service but you may need to return many items before you find a good item with a good fit. I think that after looking at the True&Co website the algorithm may be better suited for someone looking for items that like electronics or more generic, less personal items. They can offer you options based on your choices and preferences but you wouldn’t have to worry about the item fitting, like a bra.

    I do not think that the e-commerce application will replace stores. Too many people like to shop, and even browse. And looking at something on the computer is not the same as seeing it in person. Shopping in a store is a form of entertainment for people; it’s a way to get out. They may buy some things on line but I think they will continue to go to stores as well. They may use e-commerce to look for the best price or to compare items before going out but I think nothing will replace the face to face assistance and the ability to look at and touch things before you purchase them.

  11. James Mahoney

    I think that this type of algorithm will definitely have some usefulness in the market. But I also feel that there would still be some women that will benefit greater from buying the product if they’re actually trying it on. Also it is evident that online shopping has tremendously expanded over the past 10 years. The increase in online bra sales could be attributed to the to the benefits result from shopping on the web. These benefits include: lower prices, convenience, and greater selection. It is much easier to look through 100 bras online than to look at 100 in store. In regards to the question I really have no personal experience with respect to purchasing a bra so for me to comment on this may be come off as ridiculous. But I think the convenience comes from being able to stay in the home and if the bras sent are great fits then why wouldn’t the algorithm be a better alternative to going to the mall.
    Personally I prefer online shopping and would hope it would replace actual stores. I find that when examining many products (especially clothes) the price of will be much high in department stores compared to the web. If the algorithm can be enhanced to ask more accurate questions that result in better feedback, then this will only result in a larger divide between online shopping and in person shopping.

  12. Jingyi Wang

    I think I will not buy bras online, even they said they have collected data from the customers according to their body shape.
    First, bras are very personal intems, you choose it not just by its color or style, but you have to consider whether or not it will fit your shape and whether or not it wear comfortable in daily life. You have to try them on so that you can feel the materials and the size. In the article, there is a women who tried 20 bras and found no one fits her, so how will she be satisfied with the bras she has never seen.
    Second, the stores have to employ a lot of salesperson in order to answer the phone everyday, and answer customers questions and choose the bras that may satisfy the customer, those salesperson need to be trained, they have to know well about people’s body and have a sensitive feeling about customers’ needs. This will cost the store a lot of money to do the training program.
    Third, a bra store will sell several brands of bras, usually not just one brand, and each factory will have difference in their bras, one manufacturer’s 32C may work better for breasts of a certain shape, for example, even if a woman is used to buying a 34B. This is also a problem for the stores to make decisions when they give customers suggestions.
    Due to the reasons above ,I think this e-commerce will not repalce the brick and mortar stores.

  13. Victoria Wells

    The idea of purchasing my bras online is very weird to me and is something that I will never participate in. I already have a hard enough time buying clothes online! No, online shopping will not fully replace physical store locations. While customers have access to measurements of the clothes and can measure themselves, that only gives a consumer the information as to whether it will fit them. I know that I prefer to see the actual clothing ON me prior to purchasing it rather than buying it, waiting for it, not liking it, and having to go through the convoluted return process. In my experience, nothing looks the same on the internet as it does in real life in the retail business. I think that online shopping is a great supplement to the retail locations as it provides consumers the opportunity to purchase goods not in store and/or purchase from a store that is not located near them. The caveat is that shopping in-store provides an opportunity for consumers to try-before-they-buy. You can measure yourself head-to-toe and still have a dress not fit properly when it arrives, or maybe the colour isn’t as flattering on you as it is on the model online, or even perhaps the entire outfit just doesn’t look right. It’s hard to define “you just know” but for a lot of shoppers I know, that is what it boils down to. When you try something on, you will examine yourself and decide whether or not it is worth the price. With shopping online, even with the customer service and handy-dandy measurements, a consumer cannot evaluate the product until after purchase.

    Hey, if you’re an exclusively-online shopper, props to you. I could never do it.

  14. Matthew Malm

    Since this algorithm relies on the answers from a questionnaire the applications are limited. However, the concept of interchanging multiple answers to reach a result is common in programming. An algorithm that sorts answers and returns a result based on the string of answers is very simple. However, I could see this algorithm dealing with the variances of dimensions in each individual brand and model, plus matching them with the dimensions of the user’s measurements, and then drawing a conclusion based on mathematical deviations from each specified measurement. If this is the case, then I would say this type of algorithm has a lot of applications in all types of textile e-commerce. I do not have a preference in bras since I am not a user but from what I hear, hahajkIHaveNoGirlFriends, it really is a love at first sight kind of relationship. Where the person trying on the bra will either immediately like or dislike it. So with that aspect in mind, I feel that physical stores will always hold victorious over online retailers. The main reason for this is the physical shipping of the product. There is a 3 – 5 day for domestic shipping and for a decision that takes just a couple minutes, the wait doesn’t seem worth the reward since the article states the price is equivalent to stores. So unless online retailers can perfect this product or offer vast discounts, I just can’t see the online marketplace being a viable alternative that can offer profit for businesses.

  15. Carlie Willimont

    I think this type of algorism is great in many areas of the marketplace especially in clothes shopping. I agree that once you know what style or size of clothing item whether it be jeans, shirts or bras it would be great to go online order them and have they at your door days later. Especially living in a city like Lethbridge that doesn’t have the variety of stores as a place like Calgary its great to be able to order things online from stores that aren’t in the city so you don’t have to drive there. I think that because a bra shop can be successful online anything else is also possible. Bras aren’t exactly all the same and easy to choose therefore I think if customers are confident in buying them online then anything else is possible.

    No I don’t believe this would ever replace going into the stores to purchase items of any sort. People still enjoy trying things on, looking at new trends, going into a book store, and using new technology in store before purchasing.

  16. Kristina Madarasz

    I think that the algorithm application is very valuable in the marketplace. It tailors to what you want and might show you options you never thought of before but are still in your taste. I wish more stores did this. It would be interesting to see what would pop up. I think lots of users would find this useful for those reasons.

    I do not believe that this e-commerce application will replace tradiational stores. I think that there is always a martketplace for people who are more comfortable with doing things in person, such as the elderly. With that being said, I also believe there is a marketplace for those who do not like going from store to store to shop for what they want. And for those types of people, an e-commerce application is the perfect thing for them. With that being said, there is no reason that the two can’t co-exist. Maybe an e-commerce option with a physical store combination is the way to go so that they market to both types of consumers. I know that I personally like the option of being able to shop at Ricki’s online. I get to see everything in a nice organized manner unlike in the store. I also like that Ricki’s online is available to me anytime I want, unlike the physical store. But, I also love that the online store and the phyiscal store work together to give me a great customer experience. Ricki’s allows you to return any item and any time as long as you have the reciept to the phyiscal store near you! How awesome is that!? Especially when purchasing clothes that may not fit you, you can just go to the store and exchange it with no hassle!

  17. Songxuan Wu

    With the e-commerce marketing development, a growing number of retailers would invest into network sales. In general, the e-commerce marketing is easy to advertise production, and it can reduce the cost of goods purchased and the rent. To some Initial investment, the e-commerce may be a good choice because it does not has a high level restrict to everybody. In side of the customers, the group of the busy bee who do not have enough time to seek productions in shopping mall, but the e-commerce marketing provides an opportunity for them to spend a little time to purchase the newest productions online. For me, I like shopping online very much because I think it is very convenience. Sometimes, I want to buy some seasonal and rare goods, but these goods are very hard to get in the small city. Therefore, the e-commerce would help me to buy, and I do not need to run around many malls.
    In my opinion, this e-commerce application will not replace brick and mortar stores. First reason, many people must to face with high pressure from society, so shopping is one way of decompress especially young lady and housewife. Secondly, some online items have color error and measurement error, the customs had better to measure goods by themselves and increase their satisfaction. Lastly, some traditional industry chain would disappear due to people prefer convenient and simple shopping style. In sum up, whatever the e-commerce development, the brick and mortar stores still are indispensable in the modern society.

  18. Cameron Pituley

    I think that this algorithm could be valuable in the marketplace to expand the customization and fit for all types of clothing. If an algorithm has adequate results for bra shoppers I do not see why this could not be expanded to jean shopping or even suit shopping. Bra’s are seen as something that needs to be “’touched and tried on’”. Given that there is only a rate of return equal to 10% and you have the ability to actually return all 5 if none are to your liking this creates a promising client base of those searching for that perfect match. I see no problem with this method of online shopping. All things considered if the company True&Co is able to produce increasing revenues and profit margins with regards to a very sensitively fitting piece of clothing that as technology gets better and algorithms have larger collections of data to go off of, online clothing retail could expand significantly.

    If people are able to trust the methods of the algorithms for other types of clothing I could see many more people utilizing this e-commerce application just because of ease of use. You would no longer have to go out to get clothes. Simply answer questions online and the clothes would be sent to your door. Brick and mortar stores could be in danger. I do not think major brick and mortar retailers would ever close down completely. But I could see brick and mortar stores shifting focus into e-commerce and the majority of revenue being generated online.

  19. xinying Du

    This article is mainly talked about that there is an algorithm for everything. This article listed an example for bras. Like the article, Linda can sell two bras from every 5 bras. If people find the algorithm for make money, they will be success. Algorithm is very important. The algorithm for bras is that “to put a batch of bras into customers’ hands so they can choose what fits best.” If people want to start a business, they can make their own algorithm. Innovation is very important for new business. If people want to make a profit in their business, they should work out their own algorithm to abstract people’s eyes. Linda’s bras business is successful because they use their own algorithm. Selling bras on the internet is becoming true. People can easily to buy their products. People do not have to worry about the fit sizes. I prefer buy things online. One reason is that I do not have to hang out because sometimes weather is not good. Hang out for a long time make people tired and loss of patient to select the goods. Buying things online can save our energy. We can just click the screen and see which one is the best that I want to buy. It is easy and convenient. Therefore this bra company is all about innovation. It makes people’s live more convenient so that is the reason that why people will like to buy their bras. Finding a good algorithm for a business is very important

  20. Eric Choi

    The data that is collected from the surveys and question is very valuable in the marketplace. First of all, without the right questions asked, you will get a wrong dataset which would be considered a useless data. So, creating the right set of questions that can translate into a readable data is crucial. When asked the right question, this could be very efficient and reduces unnecessary costs and expenses. However, most customers would probably like to have the “hands on” experience, especially personal item such as bras. But this article is interesting where True&co thought up of an innovative way find the approximate size for most people, which could be applied to other online retail companies as well.
    I don’t think this e-commerce style of business can replace the brick and mortar stores, because I believe the customers are first introduced of the product by physically going into the store, and once the customer is satisfied with the product, they will continue on with the product by checking out the online store because the customer knows the fitting size and etc. Because of this reason, the physical store is necessary to initially introduce the product to the customers, and e-commerce could be a great add-on.

  21. Jill

    Since a bra specialty website is successful on the Internet, it is probably safe to say that anything sold on the Internet will make a profit. A bra is not like a book or a DVD. Usually a woman must try one on to achieve a proper fit. That the company, True&Co successfully uses an algorithm to match something as personal as a well fitting bra is incredible. It sounds better than an online psychic reading.

    A well fitting bra is pretty special, but a bra is not a specialty item. They can be found at any store where women’s clothing is sold. So while bra shopping may be not a great experience, it is not usually difficult to go to a different store and try somewhere else. The one advantage to this e-commerce application is that if a woman is uncomfortable to try on underwear in the presence of a stranger, she can try the bra on in the comfort of home. For this reason, I suspect it will be a small portion of the market that will complete their bra purchases online. Because it is not that inconvenient to go to the store, I doubt this will replace brick and mortar stores, at least not until everything is only sold online.

    If an algorithm can match body shape this well, perhaps it can be used for other clothing items like a well-fitting pair of jeans. It may carry over into women’s hygiene items such as makeup — another item that is difficult to purchase without comparing how it looks with your skin tones.

  22. Calvin Chu

    Everything has advantage and disadvantage, you can create some applications and it might help your businesses and make it more efficient. Not only that, but it can also increase your market sales. However, some consumers might find it is not a good idea. Not everyone enjoy or like to just look up clothes on the site. They might enjoy to look at different clothes in shop and try it out. Therefore, this is not a win win situation. It is better if they can provide both of these services and let the people to choose whatever they prefer. If i am the customer, i would prefer and like to use the algorithm application. As a guy, guy don’t usually spend a lot of time on buying clothes than women, therefore, this application save lots of time.
    I do not think thee-commerce application can replace brick and mortar stores for this application in short term. The brick and the mortar stores has a long history, it does take time for people to adapt the new application. Also, people even now, they prefer to actually see and touch the items in order to consider to buy it or not. Because we want to make sure the quality is good. This is not the only reason. Sometime, customer find that the pictures look good, but it is different when they receive the order. This is really common even now.

  23. Kai Zhao

    1.By creating some certain applications, it would probably make these businesses more efficient and boost the sales. Meanwhile, it may reduce cost and service expense. However, some consumers tend to enjoy the process of trying different clothes on instead of just looking them up from a profile. This is an interesting idea though. Perhaps they can provide both of these two services and let customers choose by themselves. For example, guys like me, usually do not want to spend a lot of time on putting clothes on and taking them off. To be honest, I would strongly suggest to use this algorithm application in order to reduce the time that girls spend on shopping like a whole day. I prefer to spend this amount of time in gym or something.
    2.I do not think this e-commerce application will replace brick and mortar stores for this application. At least not in a short time period. Brick and mortar stores have lasted for such a long time, which have been through many generations. It would probably take several decades for people to adapt this e-commerce application. Moreover, some items need to be touched and feel in person. For instance, customers want to know how the quality is for a coat, so they may want to touch and feel it. Not only that, some clothes look nice, but they may look differently or do not go along with the person. What fitting stands for, is not only for the size. Thus, this e-commerce application can be used, but will not replace brick and mortar stores for this application.

  24. Brad Melchin

    An algorithm that uses a questionnaire to determine specifications can be very valuable in the marketplace. Not only does it make shopping quicker to be able to just use an algorithm online, but it doesn’t involve having to actually go out to get what you are looking for. I know that I definitely don’t enjoy shopping for clothes, shoes, or pretty much anything. The only time I go out to get something, is if I know exactly what I want before I head out. And if I know exactly what I need, then why would I even leave my own house. Algorithms like this bra one could allow me to do clothes shopping at home, which I hate the most. From other commenters I can see that I am not alone on this. So if shopping for clothes could become easier and more reliable, than having an online algorithm could boost revenues by grabbing a larger share of the market.
    This e-commerce application definitely won’t completely replace brick and mortar stores. Yes it would become for convenient to purchase items online, but not everyone is concerned about convenience when it comes to shopping. For many people, shopping is a social activity and is actually a lot of fun. People would definitely go crazy if there was nowhere to go outside of their houses. A mix of e-commerce and brick and mortar stores will always be present. It benefits both the shoppers and the non-shoppers.

  25. Heather Allan

    In time the chances that online shopping will replace physical stores is highly likely. It is crazy how many people online shop nowadays. In a fast paced life many people do not have time to go shopping, even for bras for that matter. By having an online e-commerce option this enables people with busy lives to try what they want when it is convenient for them. With manufacturers really standardizing the industry having a questionnaire to complete in order to narrow down the diversity of your perfect bra size would be ideal. By allowing women to shop online for bras it will be advantageous for those of us who do not want to make this personal experience public. It also relieves the stress from lines and crowds that you often find at stores. It makes it much easier to compare prices and access any story you want immediately. Often e-commerce offers the consumer many more choices than would be available in-store. Another advantage is the ability to shop at any time, and often there is an ease of purchase and delivery. Some issues are obviously security and credit card fraud. There is also a delay in receiving the things you intend to buy or have bought. I feel that in many years e-commerce may replace physical stores, however in our lifetime, because of our attachment to the physical experience and our ‘way’ of doing things that we will not see this revolutionary movement towards a completely online market.

  26. Sean Annis

    This is basic economics, Businesses are started to make a profit, by using this algorithim a company can reduce costs in their stores and seemingly boost sales at the same time. This boost in efficiency has endless practical applications in the market place as many stores will show interest as well as customers such as myself and Nathan above who dislike spending time looking around in stores. From a stereotypical guys perspective, this could potentially decreases if not eliminate the time spent on couches, chair and benches waiting for our girls to try on everything the store seems to have in stock! tell me that you haven’t been in this position before! it sucks!

    Although this could speed up the shopping process i don’t see this as having the ability to replace brick and mortar stores. Some items when shopping need to be found in person or would be extremely hard to do online/by yourself. Getting fitted for a handmade suit for instance. Although I’m sure a person could take measurements of themselves, it would be more efficient to let the tailor take your measurements because he is trained to do just that. Also people’s style changes and sometimes it’s easier to go to a store and look to see what you like than it is to go online and guess.

  27. Nathan Duncan

    I like the idea of having this information almost as a profile so when you go into a store you can open up your profile and see all of the new items which would fit you and that you would be interested in buying….as a guy I hate fooling around in stores looking for stuff to buy…I’d much rather be spoon fed the clothes that I would like so I don’t have to do much, as lazy as this sounds it is the truth and I’m sure I am not alone. Also from a stores point of view this could turnout to create more profits and sales by having consumers find clothing quicker or even finding them when if it was not for the system find them at all.

    To say that this e-commerce application will replace brick and mortar stores for this application is far off in the future, but nothing is impossible. Although I believe it would be very difficult because there will always be groups of people stuck in the traditional way of doing things, which is perfectly fine. Also personal items such as bras and underwear may be extremely difficult because of how personal they are. To have specific information and measurements of ones body may be too much for certain people and they may just stick to the old way of doing things.


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