How the Smartphone Killed the Three-Day Weekend

Description: It would seem an ideal time to take a break, but our ability to unplug and relax is under assault. A three-day weekend? We can barely get through three waking hours without working, new research shows. The average smartphone user checks his or her device 150 times per day, or about once every six minutes.


Date: May 24, 2013


There’s plenty of debate among economists and psychologists whether the economy is to blame, or we do this to ourselves. There’s little arguing that the concept of a Sabbath is in serious danger.

“It’s like an arms race … everything is an emergency,” said Tanya Schevitz, spokeswoman for Reboot, an organization trying help people unplug more often. “We have created an expectation in society that people will respond immediately to everything with no delay. It’s unhealthy, and it’s unproductive, and we can’t keep going on like this.”

There’s a long list of horribles associated with our new, always-on-digital lives: You are dumber. You are more stressed. You are losing sleep, and more depressed.  READ REST OF STORY 

Questions for discussion:

1. Has Technology affected our ability to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits?  Why or Why Not?

2.  “We need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to life”  Do you agree of disagree with this statement? Explain.


31 thoughts on “How the Smartphone Killed the Three-Day Weekend

  1. Jacie

    Technology has certainly affected our ability to enjoy and have downtime from “life” as we know it. I personally even consider playing games on my iPad and browsing Facebook on my iPhone to be my “downtime”. With that, though, you also receive important work e-mails and phone calls, so you can never truly escape from technology unless you turn the phone and computer off and lock them up. Instead of actually visiting with friends when we are together, I notice that we are all too busy texting other people or doing something else on our phones to even bother to talk with each other. Communication between people in person is hopelessly lost because people cannot live without their own technological gadget.

    Society in general needs to take a step back and enjoy some form of “modern-day rest”. Bosses and other individuals with high authority in the workplace need to stop expecting too much out of employees as far as being able to do something at the drop of a hat, even on the weekend. Employees need time to recharge. The simple fact that technology is a convenient way to reach someone quickly should not be an excuse to ruin someone’s time off and force him or her to come in to work. Plus, there is no benefit to coming in past a certain point because you simply become unable to be creative and come up with new ideas. Balance does need to be brought back, and ideas do need to be changed amongst society so that people can get a proper recharge before coming back to work and life. A break from technology is needed by everyone every once and awhile.

  2. Yaqian Diao

    Yes, technology has affected our ability to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits. With the development of the society, the electronic products and information technology are rapidly improved. You can see people surfing Internet or playing games with WIFI ho matter where you are, especially using the Smartphone. It has become a trend in the society. When people are staying at the workplace, taking bus, or in the party, most of them take a Smartphone or some other electronic products within their hands. It has a serious influence on people enjoying their life. As we know, there are not only technology in our life, but also the sports, natural scenery, friends and relatives, and so forth. When people have an addiction to play with electronics, it will decrease immensely time to share with something else important in our life. I agree with the statement that “We need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to life”. As a modern and healthy life, it includes physical and psychological enjoyableness. People can spend time on doing the exercises and go on a trip personally or with their friends. Parties and shopping also can bring happiness to human. Overall, human can’t live without other people. Working as team or attending to the meetings can make people feel the greatest happiness in our life. In the society with technology developing fast, it is much more convenient to communicate with friends on the Internet; however, we still need to go out to get together instead of spending all time on the technology.

  3. Blake Bolton

    I definitely believe that the amount technology has affected our ability to enjoy downtime from daily pursuits, but if it’s for better or worse depends on the individual. This article paints technology in a negative light; specifically it’s grown ability to connect. Since I can only describe my own experience, technology has increased my ability to enjoy my downtime.

    While studying, it seems I can retain information for around two hours and then it’s akin to pouring water in a full glass, it just doesn’t stay. I’ve found the best way to recharge so I will be able to study again is by playing video games. Usually the mindless variety where you run around and shoot each other, but unlike reading a book or something else stimulating, I find it relaxing and can give my mind a rest before returning to studying. That said, I also feel the need to unplug every once and a while.

    I agree with the statement “We need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to life.” I think that everyone needs a break from how we are all connected to everything all the time, just to unwind from the fast pace our lives have taken due to that connectivity. I’m sure other people have found different ways to accomplish this, but for a group of my friends and myself we turn our phones off and go camping down in Montana. The only thing we are connected to is the satellite radio playing from my jeep, and each other.

  4. Litchi Peng

    Yes I do think that technology has affected our ability to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits. For me, I cannot live without my smartphone anymore. I will be grumpy when I find my smartphone is not with me. To be honest, smartphone is a distraction to me. I cannot focus on my study. Even nobody text me, I just can help myself checking all of my Apps. Sometimes, I can hear sounds of my phone even it does not ring. However, phones are very necessary nowadays. It is easy to carry compared to computers. In this society which has very high speed. Everybody pursues a better work, so they work hard. They may even work on weekends if some emergencies happened. How to connect to them? Cellphones work at this time. Smartphones are more convenient since it connects internet. It’s easier to GPS and find something out. Some careers like doctors or nurses and so on, they may better not turn off their phones on weekends.
    In my opinion, it really depends on different people. Different people have different life styles. For me, I am a Christian; Sunday is a rest day for me. I go to church on Sundays, and I do not do any work on Sundays. Sometimes, since management students always have lots of meetings, it is hard for everybody to find a perfect time to get gather. I think balancing time is ability for everybody. If you use time wisely, you can manage your work time and rest time well.

  5. Brad Zhang

    This topic is similar to the topics what we have had for the bonus questions of Exam #1. Similar, my attitude of this topic remains too. Human beings invented technologies as tools to help our lives. Users have the power to decide if they want to use it or not. I believe the modern technologies have affected our lives but it actually depends on us. We can choose to not use the smart phone during the weekend or vacation, or at least switch to a number which is not related to the work. If a person is able to manage his/her work well and leave enough time for a vacation, then the side effect would be reduce to the minimum. The reason I say it is the minimum is I believe people still need contact with their jobs in case of anything emergency happens. About the balance of life, I think it is all about people. Some people are crazy for work so their balance is their life, to people who are struggling about their work due to the connection comes with new technologies, their balance is learning how to manage their lives if they choose to use technologies.

  6. Crystal S.

    Technology has enhanced our downtime and made everything more convenient in our daily lives, but I think it has gotten too convenient to the point where everyone with a cell phone can text/talk with anyone else at a cheap price. This ease of convenience has actually become bothersome and now interferes with our downtime. For example if you’re with family and friends you cannot visit and have a good time because everyone is constantly texting, talking, or looking at their cell phones. Checking and re-checking if they missed a call, missed a text or looking at some app they find amusing. Having internet access anywhere anytime has greatly made life more convenient but it has also interrupted our lives. The computer geek or nerd might be in their glory but for us regular folks this is annoying. I do not own a cell phone, granted there are some instances where the convenience of a phone is useful but I find it annoying when it keeps ringing and I am busy doing something else, therefore I have forgone that luxury and I am more at peace with myself when I am relaxing or with friends and don’t want to be bothered. There are instances where I will ask friends or family to turn their cells off until we are done and will not allow them, but hey it’s only for a while and we all end up happy that we had a good time with no interruptions and I never have to answer the question “why didn’t you answer my call/text.”

  7. Liz

    I think that if we make our use of technology efficient and productive (by devoting attention and time to activities that use technology) I think we can actually “earn” more ‘downtime’ by getting the stuff associated with our daily pursuits done faster (homework, work, studying, etc.). I think that we just have to be able to unplug from these daily pursuits (homework, work, studying) in order to actually enjoy the downtime, otherwise it’s just our bodies that are experiencing the ‘downtime’, not our minds.
    I understand if someone loves their work; unplugging may not be as big an issue then (these people may enjoy the ‘uptime’ and the ‘downtime’ relatively the same amount). I also think that some people can handle more work and have less need for ‘downtime’. But for everyone else, if daily pursuits are not enjoyable and are in their minds during downtime, then yes technology has effected our ability to enjoy it.
    I think with technological advancements, the minimum baseline of our productive capabilities is much higher than what it was ten or even five years ago. So in the same 8 hour work day, say as an estimate we are capable of communicating to 70 more people in a day than in earlier times. With increasing capabilities of technology, I think our productivity expectations have increased too. And then I think it’s important to (roughly) define what level of productivity is enough, otherwise we won’t really know when to step away from it. I think that in part, this is one
    reason why people work past the typical 8 hour work day; productivity expectations haven’t been well defined. Not that it’d be easy to define them. But also, I think we work more because the technology is more continuous, pervasive and accessible – work doesn’t stop after 8 hours
    because our work email account may be connected to our phone, which we typically don’t shut off, which we access 50+ more times before we go to bed.
    With our ability to do more – we don’t have a clear notion of what level of ‘more’ is enough. So, I would say that we have the ability to be more productive with technology to free up time for ‘downtime’. We have a device(s) that allows us to synergize all aspects of our life into one
    place; work, school, games, to-do lists, other interests, etc. can all be stored on our phones. So instead of physically going to work and physically leaving it there when we’re done, work ‘follows’ us everywhere. Instead of physically sitting down to play scrabble or solitaire, those also follow us everywhere. So I would say that the convenience of having everything in our lives at our fingertips has made it harder to control and devise our time as definitively as we did when we had to physically “go” or “do” these things. instead of just doing one thing in one place, we do a bunch of things in one place. Perhaps if we maintain this convenience but just teach ourselves to devise our time and attention among the things more definitively, we wouldn’t always be influenced/pressured to do every one of those things at every minute of every day. We could be productive in one moment, get our work done, and then enjoy some ‘downtime’ in the next.

  8. Jessica Holmes

    The average worker is scared of losing his job and disappointing his boss in this always connected environment. But this coincidence is concerning as the average work week for Canadians and Americans alike has in fact decreased over the past ten years, in fact most countries have had decreased hourly work weeks. Feeling the need to always be connected and reachable has made it so that workers are working for their employers off the clock, not receiving any compensation for their efforts in the form of pay or even grateful recognition from their employer. This constant connection to work is greatly affecting the way which people are engaging in activities on their down time. This is most obvious with the continuous use of smart phones in social environments. There are now games to enforce a smart phone free socializing time, for instance when at a bar everyone at the table places their phones in a stack in the middle of the table and the first person to reach for their phone has to pay everyone’s tabs who were involved. Having a smart phone always connected has made it difficult for people to walk away from work and enjoy the little things in life which are the most important parts life. Shutting off and walking away from work is necessary for the enjoyment of life on vacations and on a daily basis, which is not possible with the continuous use of smart phones and the expectations of immediate responses via smart phones.

  9. Jessica Holmes

    The average worker is scared of losing their job and disappointing his boss in this always connected environment. But this coincidence is concerning as the average work week for Canadians and Americans alike has in fact decreased over the past ten years, in fact most countries have had decreased hourly work weeks. Feeling the need to always be connected and reachable has made it so that workers are working for their employers of the clock, not receiving any compensation for their efforts in the form of pay or even grateful recognition from their employer as it has become required. This constant connection to work is greatly affecting the way which people are engaging in activities on their down time. This is most obvious with the continuous use of smart phones in social environments. There are now games to enforce a smart phone free socializing time, for instance when at a bar everyone at the table places their phones in a stack in the middle of the table and the first person to reach for their phone has to pay everyone’s tabs who were involved. Having a smart phone always connected has made it difficult for people to walk away from work and enjoy the little things in life which are most important. Shutting off and walking away from work is necessary for the enjoyment of life on vacations and on a daily basis, which is not possible with the continuous use of smart phones and the expectations of immediate responses via smart phones.

  10. Tim

    Technology has definitely improved our ability to enjoy and have downtime. Technology helps humans become more efficient and is deeply imbedded into our culture. I feel that technology aids human beings in many ways. Technology saves time and if anything decreases stress. Like the saying goes, it is not the gun that kills but the person that uses the gun that kills. We are not obligated to use technology. People who spend the better part of their time using technology on their downtime find fulfillment in it is their personal choice. Yes, I agree that we need a day-rest to bring balance back to life as anything is good in moderation. But to completely bash technology is slightly unfair. Instead, we should look at the individual abusing the technology.

  11. Ahmed Awad

    The main purpose of technology is to make our life easier. While to use of technology is beneficial it can have serious impact on our lives. And it’s safe to say that, technology is slowly growing but is how well we accept it in our lives. Just like anything if you misuse it come back and hurts you. For example, if you drink lots and lots of water which is considered healthy for you, it can hurt you at the end and technology is no exaptation. The study shows that the average smartphone user checks his or her device 150 times per day, or about once every six minutes. We can’t blame the technology we should blame ourselves because we have chosen to do so where the smartphone/technology is doing its job and nothing more. So yes, technology has greatly impacted our ability to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits but we can’t blame it on technology; it’s our choices in life.
    I agree with the article, it’s very necessary to have a day-rest that brings back balance of life. With the rise of the pieces of good and inflation and many other reasons, people tends to have multiple jobs and technology has been an important part of all jobs. People can to find the right balance between life and work (that incorporates technology). People can that they could find some enjoyment for using smartphones while it’s true, I think that sometimes we love to do stuff that are hurting us while we think it’s benefiting us. And like our parents used to say to us when we were kids “Misuse you’ll lose”; and this applies to technology.

  12. Valentine

    Technology in the last couple of years has a made a big impact on how we do everything. From cooking to cleaning and hanging out with friends. Yet, has it affected our ability to have a downtime or lazy weekends with a couple of friends that is a yes or no . Yes, in the sense ,that even if we are at a barbeque ,we tend still check to e-mails on our blackberry, we still answer phone calls from business associate. So yes ,in the sense that technology has in a way affected our ability to complete relax and unwind. I say no ,also,because technology can sometimes be an aid in freeing up downtime. We can accomplish a lot more tasks by with the aid of technology ,thereby freeing up time to go out to that barbeque and sip a few beers with a few friends. Also the use of technology ,can help families in staying together. With kids going off to college ,sometimes far from home,technology can such as Skype can help parents and kids have the same family time they would normally have. I do think we should have a modern rest day in the sense that it can help the modern-day worker catch his or her breath .Especially in this fast-paced society we live in.

  13. Regi rocha

    How the smartphone killed the three day weekend:

    I think technology has affected our ability to enjoy life and have “downtime”. Until recently my wife only had a pay and talk phone. She hardly ever used it and it was an old phone so it didn’t have any games or extras. But, she now has a new smartphone and it is always with her. I noticed, since she got this new phone she is having trouble sleeping at night and she is always checking it. This new phone has changed her life, and not for good. When you can check in on your phone any time and any place you are never having a break. I think this is not good for people. They need a break from computers, phones, and other technology. They need to spend time with friends and family. Smartphones are taking time away from this because we always have our phone nearby and then we give only half our attention to the people we are with. It is not a good thing. Now that work is more portable and you can work from anywhere I think it is even harder for people to get a break and get away from technology. I think people are forgetting how to enjoy life without technology and are forgetting that we could enjoy life before technology ever came along.

    I agree that we need “rest that brings balance back to life,” we need to turn the technology off and spend time away from it. It is better for our brain, for sleep and our relationships. We need to remember that work will still get done, even if we don’t bring it home. That we don’t need to reach the next level in our computer game, and that instead we should play a game with people around a table and enjoy each other like we used to. Soon, my wife and I are taking a trip and we are bringing along no technology. We will leave our computers behind, turn our phones off and take a break from all of the other technology. I think everyone needs to do something like this and take a break from all of the technology around us from time to time.

  14. Victoria Wells

    I whole-heartedly agree that technology has interfered with our ability to escape work to enjoy pursuits that extend beyond technology. We have become obsessed with efficiency and productivity and by staying connected 24/7, the potential level of efficiency has risen to a level that results in little-to-no time spent on leisure activities. You’re sick? That’s okay! You can still work from home. On vacation? Uh oh, you’d better make sure that you keep in contact in case anything happens BECAUSE YOU CAN. All of the old “excuses” of being less than productive (and I use productive loosely here – simply in the context of a work setting, not a life setting), such as being sick, an appointment, or a vacation are no longer accepted as there is the POTENTIAL for you to work even if you’re away. We are maximizing our work on the POTENTIAL output that we have, which eliminates the time spent away from the work. It has become a compulsion to constantly be efficient and productive or else you’re seen as lazy or unambitious (two things that our culture criticizes). If you disconnect from work, or firmly decide to actually take a weekend off, it is looked down upon by colleagues and/or superiors as a lack of commitment and drive because you’re not dedicating more of your potential to your job. Ugh, that idea is horrendous to me. There is so much more to life than work and this obsessive compulsion to reach 100% output degrades every other aspect of your life.

  15. Matthew Malm

    I personally believe technology has enhanced my ability to have downtime. The applications for downtime activities of the internet, television, and computers are vast. I think the real problem that the author is presenting is addiction to daily pursuits. I can’t really say I am so passionate about anything that I can’t just put it down if I need time to relax. The activities people enjoy differ so greatly that to make a general statement about the population would be logically flawed. If you work a job that requires you to be connected all the time, with technology you may get to see your family and just have a phone on you rather than spending a lot of time at an office away from your family. I also believe that there are still activities that are not reliant on technology that are enjoyable. I can confidently say that technology has not destroyed my ability to go fishing and enjoy it.

    I believe that everyone is subject to their own beliefs and I think it is not a problem to have a cell phone on me all the time. It is a useful application in everyday life whether I am relaxing or working. I think it is inspiring to have any ounce of knowledge at your fingertips all the time. I understand that there is a lot of fictional information floating around on the web but any competent person would look at multiple sources for a piece of important information. Bananas.

  16. Carlie Willimont

    Yes I do believe that technology especially smartphones has affected our ability to enjoy time off from work especially. As a student I know that my phone is always on no matter where I am and it does affect my ability to focus on other things. On a day off I would consider still checking both my school and work email and responding to anything important. I think that smartphones have enabled companies to get more and more out of their staff without pay due to instant messaging and emails at all times of the day. However I also see the flip side that smartphones have increased my ability to enjoy daily pursuits. For example apps on my Iphone have made daily pursuits easier and more enjoyable such as map and restaurant apps for traveling, and social networking sites to keep me connected throughout a busy day.

    I don’t necessary agree with the statement. I think people have the choice when to engage in their smartphones and have the choose whether to make it a priority or not. If people want to turn their phones off that’s great if not who cares.

  17. Kristina Madarasz

    Yes I do believe that technology has affected our downtime from our daily pursuits. I know it has affected me personally. I currently have my work email and school email sent directly to my phone. As soon as an email is delivered to my phone, it vibrates or makes a sound no matter what time it is. I have found my self woken up by this on several occasions. I also find myself looking to see what it is and then can’t fall back asleep at night, making me very cranky the next day. Sometimes these emails bring unfortunate information which may cause stress. Whereas, if I did not have my email directly on my phone, I could have enjoyed a complete worry and stress free day before I found out the contents of the email the next day at work. I think that the less amount of stressors you can have in your life, the better. Eliminating this constant ability to be reached by the world could help to remove a stressor from you life.

    I do believe in the statement “We need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to life.” Sometimes I wish we could all just take a break from technology for a while and get back to having good old distraction free conversations with people face to face without someone constantly having to stop to check their phone. We are so busy checking messages we are missing the beauty of life passing us by. My best friend just convocated last week and I was trying to use my phone to take a picture even though I knew it was going to be a terrible picture and didn’t ge the chance to really soak in the moment!

  18. Songxuan Wu

    Technology makes our lives more convenient and colorful. We can use laptop in class to make notes, use online booking system to buy the air tickets, or use the Internet to shop online. We cannot image these things without technology. However, everything has two sides, which means technology may take something away from us. People now are too dependent on technology, which means they have lesser time to stay with their family and talk with people around them. Getting together of friends or family members is a good opportunity to communicate and share thoughts. However, many people are texting, making calls or searching online when they meet together. People are becoming harder and harder to open their heart even to their close friends. The other negative thing technology may have is we have less chance to be creative. For example, when we get a problem, the first thing we can think of is to search online. However, we probably can our own knowledge to solve it.
    In fact, technology is essential and obviously it gives us a lot. We may need to use phones to contact with others, or use computer to write an email. Therefore, technology has no fault and we just need to find a way to make our life balance. We need spent more time with our family, friends and people that you care about. For example, when we have dinner with our family, we can put our Smartphone away and focus on other people’s talking. Also, in the weekend, we can go to the park without phones or computers to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the leisure time. These are also good ways to make people relax and get away from works or studies.

  19. Cameron Pituley

    Technology has without a doubt affected our ability to enjoy and have downtime. When I was younger, my father would often bring a lap top on vacations to reply to emails or even plug in for conference calls. But as soon as he took care of whatever problem the company had internally or dealt with a client he was able to join his family and participate in the vacation. I think there are inappropriate times to use technology such as family dinners, dates, and hang outs but as long as you are able to exercise self control there should be no issues with technology. Depending on your job, this is what is expected of you and if you want to have a certain standard of living more time may be required “on the job”. Careers that demand more time and expect you to be on call whenever something goes wrong usually have better incentives be them financial or other. In a way, technology affecting daily life in a negative way is a choice that everyone has to make for their own personal situation. Still, it is important to realize the negative effects of always being “plugged in”.

    I agree that the brain needs “critical downtime that encourages creative thinking” but at what point do we give up peace of mind knowing that everything is running smoothly at work for creative thinking? Days of rest are required for growth in many situations but depending on your career, there may not be time for regular intervals of rest. For every successful businessman working his 9-5 shift and clocking out on the weekends, I feel there are just as many working around the clock to ensure longevity and success of their companies. “We need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to life” but only if you feel daily life is out of balance. If you are able to work your sixty hour work weeks and maintain a standard of life that works for you I see no reason to accommodate change that would potentially inhibit success or accomplishments.

  20. xinying Du

    Technology occupy a lot of time that affected our ability to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits. People check their smartphone like a habit. They always check it frequently. People check email, message or play games. Nowadays, Technology becomes a big part in our lives. Three-day- weekend is a good idea that people can unplug their technology and have a good time to take a rest. It is a fact that there are no people can leave technology for three days. People use technology products always the time. Once they leave their technology product, they will feel social isolation. They cannot get the news of what happened in the world. They will not adapt this situation. Therefore, it is impossible for people to live a life without technology. Technology occupies people a lot of time which waste time for people to do other things. People should leave their technology product a little while to take a rest. It is good for people’s health. Facing a lot of technology product can increase computer radiation. Radiation is bad for people’s health. Sitting for a long time to face technology can make people lack of exercise. It is also bad for people’s eyes. People have the same habits that watching the computer all the time. Therefore, going out to do some exercises are good for people’s health. Unplug those technology product to give ourselves a rest is good for our body. Get away from technology will have a lot of fun.

  21. Jill

    I suppose I agree with the statement that “we need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to life” because I do not work on Sunday’s. I save that day to spend time with my family and to rest. Some weekends this means that I fit in a late Saturday night trip to the grocery store, or I get up extra early on Monday morning to finish an assignment. But I know that on Sunday, I will have the entire day to think, relax, and enjoy the company of my loved-ones. No matter the stress I may experience during the week, I put it out of my mind on Sunday. I believe it helps me to feel in control of my time and to prioritize down time activities such as rest and family time. Having said that, I do not believe that technology is the cause of a lack of downtime but rather technology over-use is a symptom of the problem. The problem is the need to accumulate more, and to accumulate more you have to work more. Technology has made it easy to bring the work with you, but it is a choice to turn it on. Of all the fires I think I put out in a day, truthfully there are not many that could not wait for tomorrow. It seems to me that the most recent advances in technology have come along faster than our ability to say, “That’s really cool, but I really don’t need it.” I have learned what I do need is balance and the ability to control my time.

  22. Calvin Chu

    I agree with this issue. Since smart phone is improving, more functions, bigger spaces, fast speed and so on; you can do a lot with your phone. Nowadays, it is very common to see people keep check their phone to see if there are people texting them or checking news. this is also mean that people are checking or using their phone every often. According to the article, most of the user texting, checking stuff on their phone almost 150 times a day. Moreover, this also happen in my country too. In my country teenager love to have a long talk at night with their boy/girl friend. I consider this is a bad habit as it will make them sleep later than before, which also mean they might late for either school or work. It happens on me too when i have a long conversation with my mother. The long conversation also kill their time really fast. People spend too much time on the technology. Technology bought as a lot of fun to us but, in the other way, it has draw back. It is hard for me to agree or disagree the statement. As it will bring us negative emotion, we can say that it will affect our health. We need someone to create some rule to control. I can not tell who is right or wrong, it is all based on what you want.

  23. Kai Zhao

    1.This expression makes sense to many people. Smart phones is a combination of various technologies, such as making calls, video games, and so forth. Subconsciously, users tend to check their phones and see if there are some new messages and news. As this article mentioned, the average smart-phone user checks his or her device 150 times per day, or about once every six minutes. Furthermore, people like to have long conversations during nights, which would probably lead to wake up late on the next day. As a result, sometimes people wake up till noon, check their phones again, and so lazy that they do not want to wash their faces and brush teeth right away. When they realized, night have come. Nowadays, lots of people spend most of their downtime on laptops and smart-phones stuff. Thus, technology has affected our ability to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits
    2.I am agree with this statement, “we need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to life.” Quoting the sentence from this article, “there’s a long list of horribles associated with our new, always-on-digital lives: You are dumber. You are more stressed. You are losing sleep, and more depressed.” As those negative feelings increased, we may conclude that people’s health are affected, so a so called modern day-rest is reasonable. However, how shall we define the modern day-rest is a problem. People cannot be forced to quite using smart phones on a specific day. Hence, they may need a certain group of people to create and rule such a specific day and make it work.

  24. Eric Choi

    I believe technology affects our ability to downtime. I think next to sleeping, we spend our time doing work or using technological devices such as computers, laptops, tablet, smartphones. At work, we have a weekly lunch on Fridays, and noticed that more than half of my coworkers would rather check their smartphones than to converse with each other (which makes the wait time for food to come more awkward than it should be). I strongly agree with the statement “we need a modern day rest that brings balance back to life” because at this point of century, we check our phone habitually rather than for useful purposes (such as checking facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr). I feel that our generation and our next generation are good at wasting time and reading useless posts with our short attention span, which enables us to lose our downtime.

  25. Jingyi Wang

    In my opinion, the thing that affect people’s weekend is the economy and their work load, even if there is not the smartphone ,people still need to finish their work; they are still afraid of their boss. Smartphones just make communnication convenient and efficient­, we benefit a lot from the technology, but it is not their false that we have to do a lot of work. My mother is a doctor, can you imagine if she turns off phone during the weekend, and there happen to be a patient needs emergency treatment, what will happen. Some people are afraid of their boss, they try to satisfy their boss’s requests everytime, everywhere, think about you turn off the phone during the weekend, you afraid of missing the call, but what you really afraid is your boss, your job.

    It’s hard to say agree or disagree, ”We need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to life” . We have dreams ,we have goals, we want a different life, how to achieve it? Only when you are working harder than others, paying more than others, then you can harvest the thing you want. I am not saying that people should not have holidays, but whether or not to have it, how do you use it ,how long do you have it are depended on what you want at last. We have summer courses, others workiing part time during the summer, and some people just enjoy their holiday, we can not say who is right or wrong, it is all based on what you want.

  26. Brad Melchin

    Technology has definitely affected our ability to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits. If you are not free from someone asking you to do something, or someone sending you requests by email, then you lose the ability to enjoy downtime away from work. A couple months ago I went to a restaurant with some family members, and I noticed a couple waiting for their food. Instead of conversing and enjoying each other’s company, they were both tuned in and focused on their smart phones. There is a time and a place for using your smart phone, and out on a date is definitely not the time. The biggest problem isn’t that we have the access to the technology; the problem is that our generation has become addicted to having our phones out. I personally haven’t felt the full affects of technology taking away my downtime, but I have seen it with the friends around me. A couple of my friends can’t even enjoy a movie, without holding a phone in their hand.
    I would say having a modern day-rest is needed for everyone. Like the article says, some people need to pay for software that forces them to stop using technology for a certain period of time. I think people would be willing to take more breaks from technology, but they just need someone to restrict it from them. It’s almost like a rehab for technology addicts. People just need to wake up in the morning on a weekend, and keep their phones off.

  27. James Mahoney

    I strongly believe that technology has affected our abilities to enjoy the aspects of real life. Recently I went camping over the may long weekend at sylvan lake, and found it ridiculous at the obsession that people still had with there iPhones. We brought out own generator so that we could have speakers to play music, but the generator soon became the charging station for devices; at one there were four phones being refueled all at once, with people checking them every few minutes. In my opinion this is a fatal flaw to the mentality that people have. It almost seems like there is some sort of insecurity when someone commits their life to their phone, and can’t interact with someone face to face and have a real life conversation. Personally there couldn’t be anything more exciting or stimulating than going camping with a group of friends. So much so that I had my phone in my backpack turned off the whole time; it was only there for emergency. Personally the obsession with phones is something that I can’t comprehend.
    I definitely agree with this statement to some degree. People need to understand that there are more important things in life other than their phone. I feel like there are appropriate times for using technology and other times when there should be a lapse in use. Smartphone’s are designed to improve efficiency, but at the same time people use them as ways to kill time. The user need to identify when they are using it to kill time and learn cut back starring at a screen and live in real life.

  28. Heather Allan

    In time the chances that online shopping will replace physical stores is highly likely. It is crazy how many people online shop nowadays. In a fast paced life many people do not have time to go shopping, even for bras for that matter. By having an online e-commerce option this enables people with busy lives to try what they want when it is convenient for them. With manufacturers really standardizing the industry having a questionnaire to complete in order to narrow down the diversity of your perfect bra size would be ideal. By allowing women to shop online for bras it will be advantageous for those of us who do not want to make this personal experience public. It also relieves the stress from lines and crowds that you often find at stores. It makes it much easier to compare prices and access any story you want immediately. Often e-commerce offers the consumer many more choices than would be available in-store. Another advantage is the ability to shop at any time, and often there is an ease of purchase and delivery. Some issues are obviously security and credit card fraud. There is also a delay in receiving the things you intend to buy or have bought. I feel that in many years e-commerce may replace physical stores, however in our lifetime, because of our attachment to the physical experience and our ‘way’ of doing things that we will not see this revolutionary movement towards a completely online market.

  29. Heather Allan

    It is difficult to turn any device off for fear of missing something important. But honestly if I did turn something off at some point I would likely not miss anything important…infact it would probably open up a lot of free time for me to do more productive things. It is not technology, but rather the rapid access to information that technology allows that has really taken away from our ability to relax. People used to have to wait to find out about things, information was processed much slower giving us time to ourselves…however now if you want to know what happened 5 minutes ago in China all you have to do is pull out a laptop or phone and check. Natural downtime is nonexistent now, I am constantly feeling like I am falling behind. In every aspect of my life it is always a ‘catch-up’ type feeling. When I finish one thing, one more arrives to be done. It is never ending. I am 21 years old and I already get exhausted. Most weekends I take one day off of doing school work, however that day is usually spent doing other things that I fell behind on. Technology has increased the pace at which we physically live. Time is constantly moving faster and our ability to keep up with it will always be a struggle. It has become disastrous if someone loses their phone…really it should be greeted as a welcome break. I believe if I could step away from technology for a while it would restore a healthy balance of ‘real’ life and ‘real’ rest.

  30. Sean Annis

    I think that the smart phone can and is an addiction to some. Although i own my own smart phone and use is on a daily basis i do agree that there is a loss of productivity due to these new and exciting devises. Even if an email is work related, the little “bing” sound make you more and more curious as to who may or may not be talking to you. The 60 or so seconds it takes to reply to a text or email is not a lot of time. However, take into consideration that this can and does occur throughout the day. Someone who receives 100’s of emails a day has the potential to achieve nothing in their day and only respond to emails. I think that people do under estimate how enjoyable life can be without having to be “turn on” all the time. I personally turnoff my phone when i go snowboarding because it serves as a distraction to something i love and enjoy. I think everyone needs something in their life to unplug them from technology even if for only a few hours a week.

    I totally agree we need a rest from our busy lives but i don’t think everyone has the ability to take a whole day off. i know that when i am in school, and need to respond to emails, that i can’t really afford to take off a whole Saturday. I would say that different people also require a different amount of mental relaxation time. I like to workout during the week which gives me time to give my mental functions a break and un-stress from life’s troubles. As i said before, snowboarding without my phone is also a break. But these occur more frequently and for shorter periods of time than a whole day break. So i agree we all need a break, but maybe not for a whole day at a time.

  31. Nathan Duncan

    I feel that there are two sides of this argument, one side may argue that technology enables us to get things done faster while on the go and free up our time to do more things. However, I feel that because of technology always being with us (smartphones) that atleast speaking for myself that I find myself doing more work while away from the actual workplace. The ability to leave work at work has been eliminated. I always hear my parents talk about how much more simple things were without technology and always felt that they were just dwelling in the past ways of society, but recently I have found myself doing more and more with my phone and less and less in real life. Atleast for me I feel that technology has to some extend changed our ability to have downtime away from our work and daily pursuits.

    I feel that each person’s needs are different. This being said to say “we need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to life” is more each persons own personal opinion. The writer of this article may feel that the masses need rest, but what if they don’t? One person may find rest within the use of their phone where the next one may find it completely exhausting. In my personal opinion to have a day of rest from it seems a little far fetched. However, once work is done at 5pm maybe then the work phone or work functions of the phone are shut off until 9am in the morning?…


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