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Why some university students are doomed to below-average earnings

Description:  How much will parents spend on school supplies, how much will it cost to go to university or college, and how much debt will that mean for students? These are the questions we’re asking, and good on us for doing so. Education is not so sacrosanct that we shouldn’t look at both benefits and costs.


Date: Aug 29, 2013


With tuition costs rising more than inflation on a regular basis, there’s been talk in recent years about whether a postsecondary education is worth the cost. CIBC finds the unemployment rate for graduates to be 1.7 percentage points below those who have only a high school education, but that’s down from a little over three percentage points in the 1990s.

In consulting Statscan data, CIBC found that a bachelor’s degree gets you an average earnings premium of more than 30 per cent over a high school graduate. Yet after-inflation weekly wages for high school and college grads grew at a rate of 13 per cent over the previous decade, compared with just 8 per cent for holders of bachelor degrees.  READ REST OF STORY 


Questions for discussion:

1. How do you feel your field of study at university will fare when you enter the job market? Why?

2.  Do you feel having some training in info systems will help you in your job search to differentiate yourself in the market? Why or  Why Not?


Sizing Up Big Data, Broadening Beyond the Internet

Description:  Today, data tools and techniques are used for tasks as varied as predicting neighborhood blocks where crimes are most likely to occur and injecting intelligence into hulking industrial machines, like electrical power generators.


Date: June 19, 2013


Looking for a better use for his skills, Mr. Hammerbacher departed to Silicon Valley less than a year later and joined Facebook. He started a team that began to mine the vast amounts of social network data Facebook was collecting for insights on how to tweak the service and target ads. He called himself and his co-workers “data scientists,” a term that has since become the hottest of job categories.

Facebook was a fabulous petri dish for data science. Yet after two and a half years, Mr. Hammerbacher decided it was time to move on, beyond social networks and Internet advertising. He became a founder of Cloudera, a start-up that makes software tools for data scientists. READ REST OF STORY 

Questions for discussion:

1. How would you describe to someone “What Big Data is?”

2.  What fields do you think Big Data will have the biggest impact?  The least impact?

Email Not as Private as you may think?

Description: Some of the free providers of e-mail frequently scan e-mail for keywords, but one company is working to make e-mail more secure.


Date: Aug 21, 2013


Questions for discussion:

1. How would you describe to someone why email is not secure and private?

2.  What can an individual do to make thier email more secure and private?