Riding the Hashtag in Social Media Marketing

Description: If reducing virtually all human interaction to purely transactional terms isn’t your style, you probably should avoid Gary Vaynerchuk.

Source: nytimes.com

Date: Nov 2, 2013


 In recent years, that puzzle has given ulcers to a lot of executives. They have watched the rise of Facebook and Twitter, along with the advent of commercial-skipping technologies like DVRs and hardware like the iPad, and realized that spending money on television, print and radio will no longer suffice. But how do you market to people in these virtual realms? Given that these platforms are supposedly about friends connecting — it’s called social media for a reason — will anyone listen and look? Is it too much to ask for a return on this investment?

These questions have produced an age of anxiety in marketing the likes of which have not been seen since television and Uncle Miltie landed in living rooms decades ago, and it has given rise to a new tribe of entrepreneurs, all peddling their own forms of Xanax. There are now so many social media experts out there that some of them renounce the label.     READ REST OF STORY 

Questions for discussion:

1.  What is the Hashtag in social media marketing and why is it important?

2.  How do you market to people in these virtual realms?


48 thoughts on “Riding the Hashtag in Social Media Marketing

  1. Mark T

    1. What is the Hashtag in social media marketing and why is it important?
    Hashtag allows people to categorize certain tops that they write about or take pictures of. This is a new trend which makes it important and gives people a place to go to, to see what other people used to relate to the hashtag.
    2. How do you market to people in these virtual realms?
    Many ways to market hashtags TV, billboards, celebrates, radio, facebook etc.. once people start using hashtags it starts to develop on its own.

  2. Emily Gedlaman

    Essentially the hash tag is a way of organizing different things that people will be interested in finding more of. For example, their interests, hobbies, products or concepts. They are used on every social networking programs available, like Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook. They are used on television network, news stations like CNN, and all over the internet in general. They are as a fast, effective, and easy way to be guided to products and things that a person would likely not otherwise stumble upon. I think they are a hugely effective tool for businesses. Some organizations and businesses may not want to be seen as doing whatever the social media trend is, but let’s face it… keeping up with trends like this is hardly a choice anymore for businesses.

  3. Ruzaan du Plooy

    I personally use almost all of the popular media applications that is available today. Alot of it is definately targetted towards people my age, and alot of the sales demographic lies within the hearts of the youth. If companies are finding this a pain, they should definately rethink their strategy. This is a way of staying connected with your consumers, a way of having a personal connection with your buyers or investers. You’re able to get out there and introduce yourself to the world of marketing and see how you fend up against some of the most intense companies this world has to offer. But the thing with social media is, it gives absolutely everyone the same advantages and disadvantages. Hashtags help connect your idea to the rest of the world, and what they think about the same topic, its absolute media genius. You can share and tag things such as a quote, an opinon, a picture, even a video. Facebook and twitter are necessary social domains to utalize if you run a business big or small. It has gotten to the point that if you are not found on either of these medias, what is the point of your business? That and you should probably hire an entire new marketing team, or reavaluate your choices. Point is the internet is a very fast evolving medium that is here to stay, and companies need to be able to adapt with the change. Isn’t that what marketing is all about? Adapting? The ever growing social media craze has these marketing executives standing on edge, working with new ideas everyday. Instead of making the same old radio thing work for them. Social media within the business world is brilliant, and hastags are universal connectors.

  4. Precious Emezieke

    1. What is the Hashtag in social media marketing and why is it important?

    I think the hashtag in social media marketing is very useful. It is mostly used on twitter; when you click on a hashtag, it takes you to other peoples response to that particular hashtag content. So if a company hashtags its companies name on facebook or twitter, this would be a great avenue for people to know about their product because when people click on it, they would read other people’s comment of that particular topics (we are in a world where news and information spreads life fire…)
    2. How do you market to people in these virtual realms?
    I think one can use celebrities on twitter to market to people because a lot of people are into celebrities this days and follow them, they want what they want, they want to eat what they realise there favourite celebrity eat; so making a celebrity hashtag your company would be a wonderful way to make the best use of this ‘hashtag realm’. One can also pay for ads on twitter and also facebook.

  5. Kris Moore

    The hashtag is used in social media marketing as a way for individuals to share their interests, favorite companies, hobbies, and thoughts to a larger group of individuals. When you hashtag something, users are able to click on this hashtag and it will bring you to a site that shows many other individuals that had the same interest as you and created the same hashtag. You are able to be directly connected to individuals with shared interests, hobbies etc. The hashtag in social marketing could be used to funnel individuals into certain websites in order to bring them closer to products that they might consider purchasing in the future. A hashtag is a simple, but effective way to introduce individuals into an environment of similar thoughts and interests.
    To market to people within these virtual realms, you can consider many options. We have seen in the past where a company will put your face on their advisement on an Facebook webpage in order for individuals to feel more comfortable with the product. Another example is that marketers can look for trending topics on the web and place a hash tag beside their product that they think might lots of hits, this is an effective way to bring your product to a massive amount of consumers with little research cost put in. Marketers do not have to put extensive work into conducting surveys etc in order to find the correct market for their product, they can simply search the most trending hashtags and be connected to thousands of consumers.

  6. Heather Mack

    1. What is the Hashtag in social media marketing and why is it important?
    The Hashtag in social media marketing is a way for marketers to search for potential market segments quickly and cost effectively. It allows marketers to utilize current trends or ‘hot topics’ that are currently existing on twitter and similar functioning social media sites and market to the entire population accessing the trend.

    2. How do you market to people in these virtual realms?
    There are many ways to market to people in these virtual realms. One is, like Gary Vaynerchuk does, to contact the consumer directly, by tweeting at them individually. Another is to tweet to the masses about your product using effective taglines. Companies can also pay to have their advertisements posted or promoted on facebook or twitter, and with the use of ‘cookies’ these social media sites can determine what advertisements are most effective on particular individuals.

  7. Scott Eriksen

    A hashtag is a simple way of connecting with people and their ideas around the globe. It is a quintessential part of the social media world, allowing for anyone to connect with anyone and discuss trending topics, hear what other people have to say on a topic, or really just search for something. You can find almost anything on the internet using a hashtag search. If I were on twitter, I could do a search of #Raptors and find anything from information on how the basketball game in toronto is going, maybe someone is at the game and posted a picture which i could see after searching this hashtag, or maybe someone is really psyched up about dinosaurs and wants people to know their favorite. Marketing on twitter or facebook or any of the social media websites might just be the most efficient form of advertising or marketing that has come across any generation. you can make a page on a social networking site for your company, connect with people who may be potential clients, post information about upcoming events, and the tricky thing about this is if people are following you on twitter or are a fan of your facebook page, anytime they scroll their timeline, they are going to be exposed to it whether they like it or not. Even just viewing the name of a company will put that in their short term memory and possibly provoke an action that the company would hope for. because it is free marketing, it makes for a very attractive method with the widest reach in history.

  8. Matthew Helfrich

    A hashtag is used in social networking service to tag short messages on ideas, thoughts, or advertisements. Through social networking services like twitter they are limited to 140 characters or less. The social network providers can use these hashtags to analyze trending topics, lists, and categories, and can be organized by geographical area. This is very valuable information for companies, and to their ability to market their company more effectively and efficiently. Their advertising champagnes become more effective because there is more information available about consumers. Companies are also able to use hashtags to promote ideas, products, or brand. Twitter as an example recently used hashtag #twitterIPO in light of their IPO announcement. Efficiency comes from the fact that there is virtually no cost to send out tweets and related hashtags.
    To effectively market yourself in the virtual realms you absolutely must do two things at a minimum. First, you need to keep up on new trends. This may be done in a variety of ways such as monitoring social networks for shifts in culture regarding categories, sites, ideas, morals, and lingo. The Internet moves fast and it is imperative to keep up with the ever-changing environments to ensure that you do not become yesterday’s news. The second thing is that you need to differentiate yourself, just as Gary Vaynerchuk has done in the virtual realm. His seemingly spontaneous gift, “jab, jab, jab, right hook” approach, is actually a brilliant way to standout from the heard, however, involves being creative.

  9. Joanne

    Simply put the hash tag on the internet connects you to a group or groups of your liking. I find that it is important because it connects you to your interests as you are surfing the web. This is important to you as a consumer because it gives you the relevant information you are seeking, which then means the hash tag has completed its purpose.

    To connect to the intended audience or consumers I feel it is always important to relate in simple ways of speech. Connection is hard on the internet, unless you really throw yourself out there like Mr.Vaynerchuk. Emphasising on his character and the simplicities of that nature helped him capture an audience that relates to honesty and straight forward thinking which is sometimes forgotten in todays society. Business, and entrepreneurs often forget that the consumers just want the truth and in simple terms, a little appreciation goes along way.

  10. Bryan Litchfield

    Quite simply a hash tag is a way to identify a single topic or word, describing the main point of what you are talking about. If i look up #sports on facebook or instagram or twitter i will find thousands of pictures, tweets, or statuses about sports. this is so important to marketers because the purpose of marketing is to inform consumers about your product, and hashtags can link what you’re selling directly to those looking for that item. this is especially crucial in marketing to those in these virtual realms. When items were not selling well in stores marketers started going door to door to find customers. When TV became popular marketers started advertising on TV because that is where they could speak to their target market. Now that social media is so large marketers need to do the same thing and use social media to target their customers.

  11. Travis Cote

    a hashtag is a way to categorize and group things together, when people hashtag they are creating a direct link from their post to what ever the hashtag is about. If you went on instagram or twitter and posted a picture/comment about an author (#LeeChild) if someone chose to click on that hashtag it would bring them to comments/pictures directly relating to leechild where they could find out information about that author and pretty much any that people have said or posted about him.

    In these virtual realms marketing to people was initially a challenge but through things like hashtags it has become alot more simple. Tricks that different company’s that have used would be contests, they do this by posting something with a certain hashtags and if someone else copy’s that same set of hashtags and posts then they are entered into a contest. This works because with more and more people sharing the post, your reach has grown exponentially without doing more than sitting at a computer and taking 1 minute to post something. If you can come up with something interesting and gain a few followers it would be fairly easy to use the “jab jab jab right hook” approach. The people who use social media become your advertisers when they tag something of yours with your name or a hashtag. For example 1 particular person that I follow on instagram snowboards a lot, with his snowboarding he is continuously posting pictures of scenery on hills that he has been to and then hash-tagging that specific hill. These continuous posts by this one guy got me to go to Castle Mountain last year for the first time because I was always being exposed to scenery from that hill from the one guy that eventually I clicked the hashtag and looked through many posts on Castle.

  12. Ryan Gladun

    The hashtag in social marketing is a way to select target markets and segment users using an online approach. Using the hashtag, shift-3, followed by the word soap may result in a few companies offering promotions for a brand or soap. By using this process of marketing, the company virtually assumes no costs and is marketed to thousands to millions of people interested in a certain subject, item or service.

    You can market to people in the virtual realms by listening to feedback, gaining lots of followers, giving away prizes/gifts to followers each month and by displaying content online that people will like. With a rising amount of followers you can let your audience know what is going on, and what you’re trying to promote. Your followers may retweet this and share to all of their other friends making a huge spread of marketing for no cost.

  13. J Hayward

    The hashtag (#) is used online with social media websites to organize thoughts, ideas, businesses etc.When you use a hashtag, ex. dog, it groups all posts with the hashtag #dog together and you can find it grouped in a category. The hashtag is popular with twitter, instagram, and facebook. This brings people together with ideas whether for fun or for business and is a great marketing tool. If you have a business and use your business in a hashtag, it is a great way to get your name promoted on the web. it brings all related conversations together and also allows people to compress information into one area. This saves time and is an efficient way to search for something. If your the business that is being taged, it can spread your name quickly and would be great for business.
    If you manage o get a lot of followers on twitter for example, you can reach many people without spending any money. You can spend the money you save on advertisers to appear on your page, or when soeone reads your tweet, the ad will apear and you can create profit from those companies while still earning profit for yourself. When you use the web to market yourself it is an affordable and efficient way to promote yourself.

  14. Peter Mathon Achuoth

    Hashtag literally means a number symbol (#), but it plays important role in this technological age we live in. It is a symbol that has been popularly used in social media. People use it to group things or sort things out and more importantly to let other viewers know that the information you communicated is important. When someone writes something on facebook or text friend with a hashtag on, it means the information is worth paying attention to. Hastag is also used as a search tool just like baloon or truncate to narrow down the search into specific information that you need. Despite too much information available online, hastag can make the work a whole lot easier. This is the beauty of our generation. We are blessed to be in this technological age where we have access to a variety of things online. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc use hashtag to advertise their products to consumers. It is so cool when you post information with hastag on facebook or twitter and in few seconds you see billions of likes. I think personally hastag is great especially to our generation; You feel connected to friends when you use the same language as they do. So, I do not see any exception for me to never join the technological drive.

  15. Jesslyn Strand

    A hash tag is simply something that emphasis’s what you are trying to talk about, by setting up links to these hash tags businesses are able to use it as an advertising tool. By allowing people to hashtag their companies or products, people are able to see the response and reviews of these products/services. It asks as a hook, by grabbing the customer’s attention, they end up wanting to buy your product. What Mr. Vaynerchuk did was basically bring the customer and business together. He provides people with information to respond to. Social media is tremendously increasing creating an even bigger target market. By using hash tags, they’re getting free advertising while skipping commercial based technologies. It is about building “an online audience through pluck, ubiquity and charm.” Through social media sites, the costs of production and advertising are decreasing allowing some costs to be at 0. By keeping up with these sites, businesses are able to predict and see the certain trends that have or will arise. They are able to market and promote accordingly. With companies having experts like Mr. Vaynerchuk, they have the latest trends in their hand. This reduces the overall costs for marketing while increasing their target market tremendously. Social media is proven to help increase the overall sales. By using hash tags, it creates a more efficient way for customers and businesses to communicate. It increases their sales as well as their customer service in turn increasing overall profits and loyal customers.

  16. Felistus Kitivi

    Hash-tags can help a business expand its reach – You can help people interested in niche topics find each other and join the conversation. You can help an idea or new product catch on by branding your social page with your own special hash tag. It gives people an easy way to share information about that product or idea. Hash tags cane be used to promote specials and events – You can use a special hash-tag in your posts to highlight promotions taking place on other platforms.

  17. Aaron Jackson

    The hashtag in social media marking is very important in this day in age. People are now accessing all types of social media sites and apps such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. These sites allow their consumers to view information such as marketing and products available. The hashtag is used to connect certain products such as #food that people may search and find a recipe or using #art to find different painting that may peak the customers interest. The realm of social media is ever expanding, with this happening the usage of hashtags is coming more and more popular for a business standpoint and even for general peaks of interest when surfing the web. The best way to market to people is to have the technology as a business to understand what products each different individual is interested in, using that you can use different hashtags to label your product and make it more exposed to the market that is interested. Having a hashtag trending on twitter is a great way to get notices, it is a main feature of the application, and it exposes that many people are taking about the topic.

  18. Brett Thompson

    I would argue, as the article does, that hashtags and other forms of social media advertising are definitely the best way to have a product noticed in today’s society. People are constantly bombarded by advertisements day after day (some may even suggest 14,000 examples of marketing per day), and as media evolves and takes on new forms, consumers develop filters to tune out most marketing attempts that they experience. For example, when a television commercial in the 60s or 70s came on, a person may stop what they are doing to watch it. Nowadays, the same person likely puts the television on mute and ignores the television for the duration of the commercial break. The same goes for radio commercials; one likely tunes the radio out until their music or talk show comes back on. Even when it comes to internet marketing, such as pop-ups and youtube video advertisements – there are ad blocker programs that make them invisible to your internet browser.
    Now, take new forms of marketing in online social media: hashtags, sponsored tweets, promoted ads, and “recommended for you” ads. Some are available for you to “opt-out” of seeing again, but the majority are stuck integrated into the rest of your social media and are essentially unavoidable without boycotting the whole media source.
    I believe that Veynerchuk’s “jab-jab-jab-hook” technique of marketing is a progression of online media marketing: it began with advertisements, and has now become personal interaction through media with the implication of “favours” – a very difficult form of marketing to resist, in my opinion.

  19. Riley Hansen

    Companies using the hashtag on social networking sites allows them to pin point where the want their information group with and what groups of people and conversation it should be with. It allows users to follow a topic and get an idea of what everyone else is talking about. It allows companies to be up to date and reach a large number of people, along with staying in with the latest trends and technologies. Using the hashtag also allows companies to connect with younger audiences they might have otherwise never reached before.
    To market to people in these virtual realms you need to be constantly updating your hashtags and retagging key words daily if not hourly to get your information noticed. With the millions of people using hashtags on twitter for an example, if you searched the hashtag #job, millions of topics would come up pertaining that word, many just being lost into the millions or tweets coming in and burring them. Along with this Facebook gives users free access to Facebook marketplace, where a company can market itself and get itself knows to the users of Facebook. Another feature Facebook has is the ability to pay for pop up ads within Facebook. This lets the ad purchaser place their ad where ever and when ever they would like it to be seen.

  20. jiabei.chen

    In recently, there are lots of contacts tools appear for the phone, such as facebook, twitter, qq, and so on. The hashtag in social media marketing is very important. I think to use the social media marketing is more important than before, because the company can get the feedback not only from the email or letters. They can get the feedback from the different contacts tools. To make the advertising in the social media part, and have the hashtag will help them to solve the problem that their consumer have. In addition, it will be increase the potential consumers. In addition , they can analyze the feedback to understand which part they need to improve and which group of people they need to focus on.
    There are many ways to market the people and it is kinds of doing the survey without the sample. You can set up the advertising that relate to your product in the social media ear, then make the reward that people give the feedback. Then, analyze the data and feedback to know which part that you need to improve. Other way is, you set up the stuff and let the people who interest it to reship to other people, then you will have big group of people have the feedback about you stuff. In addition, send the stuff to the people who use your product and reship it to his facebook or other contact tools to have the feedback from the other person. Therefore, it will have many ways to market the person in these virtual realms.

  21. Hyunggu Kang

    1. What is the Hashtag in social media marketing and why is it important?
    Marketing using internet as a medium is not the newest concept of marketing however it is became more successful in recent days due to combination with social network service. Hash tag’s original meaning is to include some word, indicator or interests after the # in twitter, today it means more than just twitter, its meaning includes all sort of SNS marketing combined. This leads to the point whenever there is twit or retwitt there will be push, which is alarm or notice from the service or devices, to inform users. Main issue about importance comes from ripple effect of the SNS, and its instant speed. Does not matter where, when, why or even who you are, as long as you have internet connection and followers (or following someone) you will get the twits and all sort of notice from SNS service. This turns out to be quite a catch for the business field, almost every companies now have at least have one or more SNS account for multi-marketing purposes. Plus to the connection and ripple effect marketing, hashtag marketing have one more characteristic, which is speed. Most of the conventional marketing tools requires time to be effectively carry their marketing goal however for the hashtag marketing which uses SNS no longer requires time, nor fund to carry out the marketing, and they will affect all sort of people. This is why the hashtag marketing is so important to modern day business and companies.

  22. Nic Hutchison

    The Hashtag serves as a tool for companies to connect themselves and humanize their company/product/promotions with their target market. It helps with the organization of a companies promotions and makes a consumers process to search and surf easier.
    Spreading information word of mouth on social networks can be difficult due to the broad and vast amounts of different information on these networks. The Hashtag helps in the process of reducing unwanted information when searching for a specific item.

    Companies can use the Hashtag to keep track of their products and receive feedback from their customers. When someone is ranting about a companies product on Twitter or Facebook, a company can try and contact an unsatisfied customer and fix their issues. This helps the image of a company we it comes to customer satisfaction.

    The Hashtag will keep serving as an important tool for companies in their connection to their consumers.

  23. Bailey Hughson

    Poor working conditions in outsourced factories of a large corporation is nothing new. Exploiting workers in foreign countries only caring about an increase in productivity and new development has been going on in this world since the industrial revolution. Apple’s supply chain has given them a way to cut costs and increase production however supply chains have a reputation of not considering human welfare in the pursuit of profits. Unfortunately the only way to stop large company supply chains from exploiting humans is for customers to demand a change from the corporations. If customers refused to purchase apple products because of their poor treatment of workers in other countries apple would be forced to make changes in their supply chain management. However, this will not happen. Too many consumers are focused on saving a few dollars than spending a few more simply for the knowledge that other people are not being exploited. The only way for this problem to be solved is for customers to reject new and existing apple products and demand for proof of better conditions for off-shored employees. This will only happen if consumers in the developed world are aware of the poor conditions in the developing world and although media is a powerful tool it does not hit close enough to home for American consumers. These incidents need to be experienced hands on for customers to really force apple to make changes in their supply chain. So yes, consumers should be concerned about Apples supply chain. Is this going to happen? If history is any indication of consumer behavior, no this wont happen.

  24. Priya Boyal

    The Hashtag in social media poses an opportunity for marketers to use trending events and news to their advantage. The hashtag categorizes events and makes it easier for marketers to identify its customers and helpful information about their customers. The popularity of social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook gives businesses access to free information to the top interests and issues. Trends in society are constantly changing and hashtags are a way for marketers to keep up to speed on what is of interest and most attractive to their targeted consumers. For some companies, hashtags are an important way for them to humanize themselves and for others it is a great way to deliver value. Social media allows companies to influence customers by reflecting common interests. Marketers incorporate trends into their postings, though the trends are leveraged to reflect and support their brand. Marketers also aim to create an online audience. Through social media, marketers produce statements and ideas that readers give value too. People in these virtual realms are marketed to by not only producing statements of interest but also by distributing material items to them. After giving things of value, which are referred as “jabs,” will eventually make a return or benefit, known as the “right hook.” Marketers use “jabs” in order to “right hook” over social media.

  25. Shine Landayan

    Hashtag has been popular nowadays. If you look at Facebook, people are not only using them to promote, but also to be “in.” Like tagging a person to a photo that he or she is at, Hashtags are also connected to what the people are posting. Now that everyone has been using it, it’s getting more and more important. Marketing people are smart to put Hashtags on their posts Once a Hashtag was added to a post/advertisement, it became a hyperlink. When people click that, they will be lead to the advertisement’s website or page. Hashtags are not only important for the advertisers to use; customers that are posting comments or testomonies about the products can post it too. This could be considered word of mouth. Like what Mr. Vaynerchuck did, the advertisers will be able to reply to the comments of their customers. This will be easier than sending a hardcopy letter. And because brochures are being ignored by people these days, advertising online, and through Hashtags, can catch the customers attention, specially the once that use the Internet a lot. When it comes to customers ordering, Hashtags would be good to be use as a tool too. These Hashtags will give the advertiser’s company a good reputation because through them, there will be closeness in communication between customers and the company itself.

  26. Daniel Reina

    1. What is the Hashtag in social media marketing and why is it important?
    A hastag in social media is the number symbol. Users utilize the hashtag, #, to guide the reader on a subject. With users posting messages with hashtags, it allows analysts and people in general to filter and sort through a lot of information. Imagine a massive database already categorized for you. And even better, the end users themselves do the work and categorize the information for you. As companies attempt to grow in populatiry and ultimately in revenues, they search for more effective and new ways to reach target markets. FB, Twitter, and other social media networks have become a enormus gather place for consumers, and people out there are figuring out how to get consumer’s attention. This is really important for marketing companies and companies in general, because through systems like the hashtag more information can be found and spread. For a long time there has been lots and lots of data that has not been able to be used because people did not know how to work with it. Through hastags, administrators are able to work with data and information easier. With all the comments and involvement of consumers in the online world and social media it is key that companies learn to market themselves online.

    2. How do you market to people in these virtual realms?
    There are several methods. A good example is given in the article, which talks about targeting mothers. A smaller number of users are chosen to be marketed through facebook ads. There are different types of ads made and then the marketing company seats back and watches which ads gets more hit. Once you have tested your ads, the best ones are chosen, which are then taken to a broader audience. As a result, the marketing companies already know which ads work better, and which ads will help them get more attention. FB groups are really useful. FB keeps tracks of your likes, location updates, the words you search for, etc. As people get more and more involved in social media, they will start to rely more on it. As a result, and as we see today, ads can be placed on their pages and they cannot do anything but look at the ads since they are still interested in finding information in the social media networks.

  27. Richard Reimer

    Marketing in social media, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, is a big deal these days because of the enormous quantity of people using social media. I believe that the use of hashtags as made marketing to people a whole lot easier. The use of hashtags helps divide or classify people into the sort of things that interest them. When people get divided into subgroups allows marketers to provide you with advertising that interest you. While using social media they allow you to follow their moves, their products, like their products, comment on them, etc. This helps the marketers to better advertise not only to you but for other people who are in the same subgroup as you. The other members of your subgroups will see your involvement and this will inspire them to keep following the things that they are interested in. Hashtags are also important to help people find products or other things in an easier fashion. Hashtags are a way to narrowing down your search.
    To be able to stay connected and up to date with your favorite products, etc. you need to be connected to social media sites that allow you to keep up with. The marketers have to be very active in presenting information and updates to the consumer, as well as relevant information. If they would fail than the company would look for a different person to connect people to their organization. In other words being connected all the time is essential to current marketing strategies.

  28. Anthony

    1. What is the Hashtag in social media marketing and why is it important?
    When somebody refers to a hashtag in today’s context they are referring to the symbol #. This is a form of metadata tagging. Hash tagging is used on short messages or words to provide a way of grouping certain kinds of messages. One can search a hashtag and look at the messages that contain said hashtag. Social media groups such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use hashtags to allow people to group themselves and ultimately use that grouping for informative advertising purposes. Hashtags have become increasingly important because of how incredibly popular they have become. Once a person uses a hashtag in their tweet Instagram or google plus it gets transferred into a category with all the other tweets with that hashtag. This allows for the sharing of ideas and exposure to new clients and followers for business. It is an excellent way to be connected to “the people”, or better said, your customers, who in reality have all the power to decide whether a business lives or dies.
    2. How do you market to people in these virtual realms?
    It is very important to become increasingly connected. As demonstrated by Mr. Vaynerchuk, people love to think that you are connected to them and tweeting, using Facebook, and other media streams allows people to feel that way. Times are a changing, and those who are not connected have will have a much harder time surviving in this technology fueled, social media era.

  29. Nicolle Keim

    Over the years marketing has changed dramatically. Instead of printing ads, using the radio, having commercials on television and so forth, the Internet has widened the realms of marketing. With the fast pace and growth of the Internet, marketing groups have had to adapt and learn new techniques to market accurately. While more customers are on line and surfing the web, it “makes sense” for companies to market on the Internet. Since social media sites have become very popular, many businesses have begun to market towards their customers. To do this companies have built their own personal account that social media marketers maintain. Customers can then “like” their page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. To successfully market to these virtual realms companies must be socially active on the web my posting and making updates. On Twitter Mr. Vaynerchuk’s posts 70 tweets in a week which grab the attention of followers. Companies need to find unique and interesting tweets that engage their customers instead of being a pain.
    Keeping up with these trends in social media can be very difficult but effective in the end. Learning new trends such as a Hashtag can be confusing and difficult at first, but once you understand the relevance on how to use it, it can be a significant tool. A Hashtag is used on Twitter which symbolizes # which is placed before a word or phrase. Although it may seem useless, a Hashtag helps sort Tweets in making them easier to find in a search

  30. Bailey Hughson

    Virtual realms are becoming a large marketing opportunity for organizations. By marketing on social media sites (twitter, facebook, etc.) organizations can reach customers immediately. Customers can read an ad placed by an organization and decide if they are interested in what the advertisement is offering. This is a feature that is not available through older forms of advertising. Television and radio commercials can target those watching or listening to the program however there will still be watchers or listeners not interest in the advertisement. With advertising on social media only those with particular interest in the product will investigate the ad further. This way advertisements are not wasted on people who have zero intention on purchasing goods or services of the organizations. Thus, organizations using social media to advertise have an advantage over competitors. Social media is therefore revolutionizing advertising and the way products and services are marketed. Another way social media advertising benefits organizations is because potential customers are not as annoyed by ads being constantly pushed in their face. As people scroll through their newsfeed they see ads, decide if they want to investigate further, and either look into the ad or keep scrolling. Using hash tags for advertising allows users to search through a specific topic of information and bypass content they are not interested in, just another way to personalize marketing. The innovation of social media has changed the face of advertising and virtual realms have given organization a new place to market their products.

  31. Gernot Ruppert

    The hashtag in social media Marketing is a way of categorizing Information. It makes it easier for people to search for different companies, products, Teams or anything else someone could imagine of. And if the hashtag you are looking for is not existing xou can just do your own and maybe more a nd more People will start to use it. The hashtags get used on the social media plattforms by the “normal” People and by the companies. For example Adidas uses the hashtags #adidas #adidasoriginals #adidas silver and so one to categorize their brands. When a Person posts a Picture with the hastag #adidas it will also appear under the same category due to the same hashtag. These hashtags are very important for the social media Marketing because through this the companies can easily connect to the users and can enhance them to start interacting with them by also using the hashtags. This again can lead to a fast spread over the social media and help the People Marketing their brand, a product or just a new Feature. Nowadays it is a must for big companies to be present in the world of social media hashtags. They also have to be up-to-date and appropriate for their audience. If they do it right they will gain more follower, have a greater Attention and the products, brand or anything else will spread faster over the Internet than it could do through a normal Website or normal Advertising.

  32. Annalise Janhunen

    The hashtag in social media marketing allows an individual to find more information on a specific word or phrase. Hashtags are a great way for one to find more information on key words and to search more efficiently for certain subjects. It is a highly important tool in social media marketing as it is becoming increasingly popular. It allows for individuals to share information and for them to see what the trends are in todays society.
    In order to market in the virtual realm of hashtags it is important to have a continuous flow of information about what is popular. A company wishing to use the hashtag as a tool for social media marketing needs to frequently be posting online. Once they have gained interest, people will talk about their products and a tidal wave of people will be interested in their product or service. It is essentially an easier way to promote products and services in the virtual world of today.

  33. Jing Li

    Harshtag is like a filter to make it easy for people to find a certain topic to talk about. People are clustered from a same topic based on the same interest. Providers can push the harshtag to the media marketing field to make more profit. Great example would be the twitter. People often follow the celebrities or popular event that they may like. If there is something new comes out, they join the online conversation as a group with the similar interest. Then the news or commercial will spread out as long as the great numbers of people talking about. Companies will get benefit from the harshtag, which is costly free and time effective. Information is transferred fast in the internet era.

    Companies should aware the benefit from the harshtag and find the most profitable way to advertise their products. Harshrtag is benefit for both providers and followers in the twitter platform. It becomes easy for the followers to find whatever they want and trace their interest. Providers can push the harshtag to the media marketing field to make more profit. As long as the twitter and Facebook becoming more popular, harshtag will make more use in the market field. Advertising benefit is obvious. If a company has lots of followers, then the company posts new product information will spread quickly through the internet. Personal interaction and business communication are also taken concerned. Harshtag gather people from different place with different background together and try to make more difference.

  34. Lance Rosen

    2. How do you market to people in these virtual realms?

    The old way of marketing (unloading buckets and buckets of content) is gone. I like the idea of people paying for DVRs now so they can avoid commercials. People don’t enjoy the faceless corporations just plastering their messages to mass amounts of people. It is not personal in any way. Why do you think smaller businesses still have outside sales people? Their job is to build relationships with their clients in the hopes that sales increase. In order to market to people in these virtual realms, companies need to make that personal connection, as Gary Vaynerchuk did with the wafer product. He catered ads specifically to the women that were in the target market. They also mentioned getting as specific as creating microcontent directed at fans of specific dog breeds … not just dogs in general. It is easy to assume that these people appreciate the personalized content. People love the personal touch. Building relationships is how you get people to ‘buy-in’ to your purpose and buy what you’re selling. I have heard many social media marketing ‘experts’ talk about being intentional, relational, and consistent with content you create. These are very important strategies. People do not appreciate being viewed as a number or by how much money they can or will potentially spend. Sometimes it is easy for big corporations to lose the personal touch. People spend their money when they feel comfortable with those they are spending it with. It is tough to turn over your hard earned money to a faceless corporation.

  35. David Zimmer

    The use of social media for marketing purposes is becoming more and more common as companies begin seeing the benefits that this marketing niche can bring. As a matter of fact it is becoming essential to market through social media or online in general these days. Things are constantly shifting away from newspaper, Radio, and even T.V. to an entirely online atmosphere. Riding the hashtag is a way for companies to try and use things that are trending on Twitter or popular on Facebook to their marketing advantage. These social media sites are enormously popular and are increasing in popularity every day. For a company that can “get in” with trending content, it can be a goldmine. If they can find a way to use this material and get users interested in what they are offering through this use of social media it can be a vital method for getting ahead in business. It is becoming necessary for business to have marketers that specialize in social media marketing and that can stay up to date with what is popular, and come up with ways to use it to their advantage. A good example of this is Mr. Vaynerchuk’s ad agency that specializes in social media advertisement. They have conferences to try and brainstorm up neat and innovative ideas to get a client’s product seen and popular/trending on social media sites. There is increasing emphasis in social media advertisements, and as more companies see how effective it is, it will only continue in that direction.

  36. Candace Dyck

    Riding the Hashtag in Social Media Marketing
    It feels as if hashtags came out of no where, I think the history behind them was originally from twitter, they were used in tweet chats, which is like an online group discussion, and they clustered around a specific topic. Eventually it just grew from there, so I know my parent’s and the older generations are saying what the hell is a hashtag? It’s basically a word or a group of words with the hashtag symbol right after. (#). Very straightforward and very easy. For marketers, they are a symbol sent from heaven, these small-tagged topics can really make a big strategic plan for your business. You can easily reach out to your customers, make your brands bigger, really target who your market it, help connect you to new clients, and improve so much more.
    And in the past few years it has become ever so popular with social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. When I log into my instrgam account and look on the homepage, pretty much all of the people I am following use in between 1 to 5 hashtags per photo. It’s a huge trend that lots of people are using, It has become important in many different ways, mostly because of the way it leads people to communicate and connect with one another. It also helps small business owners who are just starting up, to benefit advertising and promote their product or service in a non-costly way.

  37. Nicole Toth

    I believe that marketing a product in today’s technological society requires much more strategy than in the past. The conventional television commercials, printed posters, and radio advertisement is not enough, especially with all the commercial-skipping technologies. Companies need to enter the virtual realm in which most consumers participate. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer opportunities for business to reach consumers, leading to social media marketing. As a brand promoter, Gary Vaynerchuk has transformed basically all human interactions to purely transactional terms. By going on Twitter he is able to interact with customers, built relationships, and participate in strategic social marketing. On Twitter he will zero in on social media users that are a part of particular groups by using hashtags. A hashtag allows marketers to stream different topics and find consumer that would be interested in their products. Vaynerchuk describes how he rummaged though postings with the hashtag #99school and was able to discover what people thought of his recent lecture. By giving information and getting a response he established a positive interaction with one of his fans that he later planned to use by manipulating him into ordering his book. Marketing is changing, and I believe people need to become aware that companies are targeting them through social media sites. By using hashtags and developing friendly interactions online companies are hoping to make more sales. As noted by Vaynerchuk, “you guilt people into buying stuff”.

  38. Taylor Galipeau

    As social media grows in popularity it only makes sense for businesses to take advantage of this form of communication. We live in an era where time is everything. Fast is one of the most popular words. We live for fast. We use technology to make our shopping, learning, working, making decisions, sharing, writing and everything else faster. Why shouldn’t we take our marketing that way too?
    The average commercial is 30 to 60 seconds we can view a tweet, ad on Facebook or photo posted by a company we follow in less than 5 seconds. In that 5 seconds we can decide whether the product or company sparks our interest. If it does we might just look a little further into it. Because of the integration of advertising in social media I feel it warrants less negative attitudes. You are only spending 5 seconds or less glancing over the ad or deciding to take a longer look. Sitting through a commercial break, which are usually fast forwarded over or used as a bathroom break, is much more annoying. Like I said, we like things to be fast. This includes our TV watching. If we can PVR a show and fast forward through the commercials, it’s going to happen.
    So are hashtags the new wave of marketing? I hope not. As Mr. Vaynerchuck mentions, “marketers ruin everything”. This quirky new way of advertising can be run over by too many companies using it. Hashtags in advertising will become the norm and loose their effect. It won’t make people stop and look. So something new will have to be created. But I suppose this is how marketing works. Innovation makes money. Social media is the new thing, so that’s where the marketers flock.

  39. Justin Quintin

    What is the Hashtag in social media marketing and why is it important?
    The hashtag at its simplest for is a file of related things. It is a way to sift through the endless mouds of 140 character blogs clogging the internet and your newsfeed. It is a way that users can hone in on a topic they are interested in. this provides a unique glipse into what your potential consumers are interested in. and if you are not a presence in that hashtag- good luck with trying to reach your market. It is extremely importnant in that sense.

    2. How do you market to people in these virtual realms?
    To market to people in these realms you need to speak their lingo. you need to be where they are looking and you need to anticipate their needs and wants so when they see it they beleive it is a natural step to at least check out what you have to offer. it is a lot easier when you have a big audience of followers. they are more impressionable and will hold your word with higher authority. Lastly, these targeted, calculated ads/marketing campaigns are TIMELY. They can be targetsed, specific, and introduced at the right time.

  40. Tina Brown

    This article reminded me how much I enjoy business on the cutting edge but like Mr. Vaynerchuk’s favorite lines is “marketers ruin everything.”
    Now let me explain, Marketing is fun, can be creative and there are aspects of marketing that I enjoy from both the business and consumer angles… but what he is talking about is that every company is marketing and consumers become numb to all the messages out in the market place. Marketing often becomes noise, uncreative and falls flat for consumers. Personal marketing that tells people about an exciting product that will add value to their lives with a creative twist seems to be elusive, either too much or too little or focused more on business sales than value for the consumer.
    The idea of making a difference for one person, and letting that person market for you is genius but I’m not sure how that translates into sales for a company. Pi day pies are a great idea if you are a bakery selling pies, but I’m not sure how effective that is long-term for General Electric.
    Like many marketer I feel like Mr. Vaynerchuk may be too focused on marketing himself than on marketing his clients, may be too interested in interesting marketing, than on promoting and selling his clients’ products. Overall, I think that social media is too ‘market-y’ and I don’t really care if Kim Kardashian likes yoga pants or sneakers, because I’m not going to buy them anyway. #tiredofmarketingeverywhere

  41. Cole Hofman

    A hashtag is a way for users of social media to zero in on a particular topic. A hashtag like #science will bring up science related posts and so forth. Considering that younger people use social media these days it is very important to be able to use hashtags in advertising as more and more people don’t take in more conventional forms of advertising like TV ads or radio ads. By using the hashtag in social media advertising you garner more attention than other forms of advertising as people will bring up such advertisements when looking under hashtag topics. These advertisements if placed properly will attract the attention of not just potential buyers, but likely buyers. Like advertising for car accessories in a car magazine these ads can be strategically placed in a social media space in order to get the most attention from most of the likely buyers. Social media allows for fast paced exchange of information so if news hits it is immediately available for people to see. This means that relevant advertisements must be created and immediately ready to hit the newest news spaces. However this isn’t the limit. B Through people sharing via social media the advertisements will also be shared. Likely the people shared to also have similar tastes as the one who sent it out and thus allows for more and more market spread to likely buyers. And so doing advertisements in the social media space is by far the most powerful form of advertisement to date.

  42. Tarek Saleh

    The hash tag in the social media market is a way for people to scoop in one a particular topic. For example, if you hash tag #barackobama, then you can perhaps come across the latest news regards him and see what people are currently talking about when it comes to the US president. Now a days, hash tags are used on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and pretty much any social media website. It can be considered to be important because it is sometimes used as a way to get information across. If you go on twitter right now, you will see a list of trending topics that people in your city, or country, or perhaps even just the world are most talking about. In most cases, sports, politics, music, and celebs are usually what tend to pop up their. Sometimes this form of sharing can be most effective because nothing travels faster then word of mouth and that is proven via social media. There are times where I will find out about something via social media just because it is trending via hash tag before the news or the media reports it. So that begs the question, will media be a heavy influence 20 years from now? Because nowadays you can go on any social media site, and via trending topics currently and you will be updated on almost ANYTHING you want to know about before any media platform can report about it and that I find is very unique for people to communicate to the world in real time as if you were face to face with that person talking about the topic.

  43. Karly Froehlick

    Hashtags allow people to search with specific words. It is a way to narrow down the search results. This has been used in social media to search within posts of individuals. Businesses and organizations have been able to use hashtags to promote their business and products. Consumers using these products can tweet or put on facebook pictures and comments on their products followed by a hashtag. This creates even more hype and excitement for the businesses, which equals free advertisement. Individuals, especially in the up coming generations are glued to technology, mainly their smart phone, businesses can use this to your advantage. This technology will continue to be a great way for advertising. It is free advertising for their business. Hashtags is just a way of making it easier to promote and find products on the web. Commercials will eventually even become obsolete, as they may not be the most efficient way to advertise and defiantly not the cheapest means of advertising. This is a new way of marketing, which can create excitement about a product and also allow for quick feedback to the company. Stores and restruants have began to use social media sites for contests and other means of advertisement for feedback from their customers. This is a fast way to get information from the customers. It also shows up on a users profile, so if they enjoyed their visit or the product purchased it shows their friends and followers, which could encourage them to make the same purchase as their friend.

  44. Ellen Sparling

    A hashtag can be used on social media to enable you to stream a topic. You can use one or more words, and it will filter out your specific message. Hashtagging has proven to be extremely beneficial, especially for businesses and organizations, in a variety of ways. It has been very strategic in marketing, helping create a “buzz”, and creating a “word of mouth” strategy in getting specific messages across to people. The idea of hash tagging has allowed an interactive approach for consumers and businesses to participate in.

  45. Lyndsey Schultz

    The hashtag is a productive way of isolating key terms in social media using common words and phrases beginning with a hashtag. It is a valuable feature as it focuses specifics on the individual posting and groups together people or business with the same ideas. Once someone has hashtagged a certain word or phrase, any business market focused in those products or services can “shout out” to that certain consumer.

  46. Melisa Giberson

    People can use the hashtag to search for certain terms that others have been tweeting. Where otherwise they would have to sift through countless meaningless tweets, the hashtag allows them to search through relevant tweets. Businesses can use this to keep an eye out on what their consumers think of their products and their company. This is incredibly important in business since word of mouth is a huge asset or death to a company. A company can look through these tweets and see what the strength and weaknesses are of their products. If someone is extremely dissatisfied they can contact them and try to resolve the problem in hopes that they will not further spread negative word of mouth since this can kill a business.
    In the article GE uses the hashtags to determine who talks about pi on March 14 and sends them a pie. This is a good form of advertising for them which they might not have come up with without social media. It cost them very little since they only sent out 314 pies, but the affect it had on the company would have been much larger after word of mouth spread to the New York Times. It is very difficult to spread positive word of mouth, but GE used twitter to help them do so.
    Marketing to people might be a little bit difficult at first until you have the followers. If people are interested in your product enough then they might follow your page to read your tweets on a regular basis. Marketing to these people would be a bit easier then marketing to non-followers. I don’t have twitter so I’m not entirely sure how the whole hashtag thing works, if people search through random tweets related to hashtags or not.

  47. Justin Shade

    Riding The Hashtag in Social Media Marketing.
    The hashtag in social media marketing is utilizing social media hot topics or trending topics to access or market your product. This is called “riding the hashtag”. The socIal media, FACEBOOK – TWITTER, are very strong media to use because they fast communicators. People are eager and willing to pass the news or information to another person or group because it an acceptable behaviour. Therefore using this media is quick and believable by others. I think it is important because it involves everyone and their opinion. It is an important and acceptable form of communication. This is an awakening – development of a new and innovative process of communicating or marketing a product in a informal way that is not so structured and reaches the audience. It provides results because mostly everyone utilizes the internet – social media as a form of work – business, information source, or relaxation – recreation and it is instant. Thus the message or marketing reaches the target instantly in a more friendly way.

    1. matt montpetit

      A hashtag is simply a way to search for things more efficiently and it allows users to organize their conversations on the web. With the amount of useless information on the Internet the hashtag allows for users to sift through the information. An example of a hashtag could be #calgaryflames; if you searched for this on twitter it would come up with a specialized search only showing you information on the Calgary flames. As well any related conversations people are having about the Calgary flames.

      There are many ways a person can market to people on Twitter, Facebook and so on. For one example you can pay to get your ads on twitter and facebook, from there these sites will market for you. They will make sure that people that have interests in your product see your ad. They do this by tracking user information and using that information to market specific products to the individual. Another way to market your product on Twitter is to set up an account and try to get followers. If a company can manage to get a large amount of followers you can reach many people, you can keep them up to date on your product or service as well as let them know about promotional materials. Another way to market is to get other people on twitter to endorse you. They way people on twitter can do this is by talking about your product or service. The more people talk about your product the better, when people talk about you or your product this is considered to be “trending” . There are many ways to market yourself on twitter, it is a inexpensive way to hit an large amount of people all across the world and introduce them to you or your product.


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