Explaining Big Data

Description: Big Data is the next big thing in computing. This video explains Big Data characteristics, technologies and opportunities.

Source: http://www.explainingcomputers.com

Date: Jan 16, 2012

Due to the issues raised by its volume, velocity and variety, Big Data requires new technology solutions. Currently leading the field is an open-source project from Apache called Hadoop. This is developing a software library for reliable, scalable, distributed computing systems capable of handling the Big Data deluge, and provides the first viable platform for Big Data analytics. Hadoop is already used by most Big Data pioneers. For example, LinkedIn currently uses Hadoop to generate over 100 billion personalized recommendations every week.

What Hadoop does is to distribute the storage and processing of large data sets across groups or “clusters” of server computers using a simple programming model. The number of servers in a cluster can also be scaled easily as requirements dictate, from maybe 50 machines to perhaps 2000 or more. Whereas traditional large-scale computing solutions rely on expensive server hardware with a high fault tolerance, Hadoop detects and compensates for hardware failures or other system problems at the application level. This allows a high level of service continuity to be delivered from clusters of individual server computers, each of which may be prone to failure. Processing vast quantities of data across large, lower-cost distributed computing infrastructures therefore becomes a viable proposition.     READ REST OF STORY 

Questions for discussion:

1.  What is Big Data and why is it important?

2.  What potential applications do you see for Big Data and in what industries will this add the greatest value?


36 thoughts on “Explaining Big Data

  1. Anderson Ebhomielen

    Big data is the new thing in computing and generates values for very large data set that cannot be analysed with traditional computing techniques. There are quantities of computed data generated in the world today. Based on this, it is necessary for computers to retrieve meaningful information from the large data set. There are three characteristics of big data which are volume, velocity and variety. Through volume, big data help organization to understand people and allocation resources more effectively because before now, traditional computing solution is carried out by relational databases are not efficient enough to handle huge data. On the other hand, big data velocity is the rate at which data flows into organizations exceed the capacity of their Information technology systems and the variety of the data type is increasingly diverse.
    The importance of big data is that it goes beyond the traditional data of documents, financial statements, stock reports and personnel file but now incorporate photographs, audio and video, 3D model, simulations and location data. Also, technology from big data known as Hadoop which aid reliable and distributive computing and it provides platform for big data analytic. It helps to distributes, storage and processing of large data set groups of computers. It also helps to detect and compensate hardware failures which allow high level of service continuity in computers.
    The application of big data is that farmers can use it for bad weather forecasting and crop failures, government can use it in planning for civil unrest and/or pandemics and also applied for organizations to have deep insight into their customers, partners and business.
    The industries big data provide the greatest values are social media, FMCG- Fast Moving Consumer Goods and retailing business and organizations in logistics, financial sector and health care.

  2. Donggu Kang

    Big data is important and next big thing in computing because Big data which can generate values from very large data sets that cannot be analyzed with traditional computing techniques. It is characterized by 3V’s. First is Volume which is Big data can help allocate resources more effectively and effectively, Second Velocity that is the rate of information flowing into organizations and lastly Variety with types of data different types are becoming increasing and dense. In the past, traditional data only had to deal with documents, finance, stock records and personnel files but these days Big data has to deal with photographs, audio, video, 3D models, simulations and location data and such a many data sources that are unstructured makes hard to categories with traditional computing techniques. This is why Bid data is next big thing in computing as it can do many things efficiently and effectively.
    In my opinion, large organizations such as hospitals and enterprises will most benefit from using Big data where they had to ignore or delete precious information. Large organizations will benefit from using Big data is because they will be able to load more data and they will operate more efficiently and effectively as they do not have to worry about losing information or spending time looking for information or deleting information because organizations are running out of storage spaces. Also Big data gives insight to customers and eventually organizations will be able to develop and improve services and systems and gain more revenue.

  3. Jessica Bermel

    Big data is essentially large groups and quantities of data in one sector. It is categorized by three factors, volume, velocity and variety. The volume of large data is significantly larger than that of traditional relational data bases. The velocity refers to the speed at which the data is streamed at. Thirdly, the variety refers to the different data that people stream compared to that of data fifteen years ago. The traditional data that was streamed, were financial records, administration records or simple tasks. Now, tons of data is being streamed at any given moment, including movies, photographs, video games and more.
    Big data is important because both individuals and organizations use it for more than just pleasure. For example, organizations such as grocery stores are using big data to store information about what customers purchase, their age groups and individuals buying patterns. Right now, many of them are unable to process all of their big data which can actually be a downfall, as they lose marketing information and information about inventory control. Other services that are online all the time are also using big data, such as a smart car, or washing machine that texts your phone when it is done.

    There is a large amount of potential applications for Big Data, as many companies are increasing their software capacities and buy into cloud based Big Data programs and solutions such as Amazon Web Services or Quantum Computing. As previously mentioned, many organizations lack the ability to process Big Data and are missing out on an un-measurable amount of business opportunities. By investing in programs to manage Big Data, there will be an increased use of it. It’s hard to say which industry will benefit most from Big Data and the subsequent programs to manage it, as many industries are growing daily and increasing the amount of data they use, healthcare, retail and even the restaurant business could benefit from Big Data.

  4. Britney Anderson

    Big Data refers to the collection of large, complex data sets that are difficult to analyze and process using traditional computing techniques. Big Data often includes photos, audio and video data, 3-D models, simulations, and locational data. Big Data sources are often largely unstructured, which makes the processing or categorization of Big Data difficult. Computer data has been growing exponentially in terms of volume, velocity, and variety. This growth presents many challenges and opportunities. The volume of Big Data not only presents the greatest challenge, but also the greatest opportunity to understand people and effectively allocate resources. Due to the large quantity of computer data that exists, traditional computing techniques are not able to handle this Big Data. Also, the rate at which data flows into organizations often exceeds the capacity of their IT systems. In addition, the types of data available have become increasingly diverse.

    Many organizations’ IT systems are not able to interpret the large amounts of data that flow through them, which means that a large amount of potentially useful information is often ignored. However, Big Data technologies are becoming increasingly available to help conquer this problem. For example, Apache’s Hadoop is a large open source software library and provides a platform for the analysis of Big Data. For organizations that cannot afford an internal infrastructure to process Big Data, there are cloud computing solutions available.

    The opportunity for Big Data processing is emerging and there are several potential applications for Big Data. Big Data allows businesses and organizations to gain deeper insight into their customers, partners, and the internal workings of the organization itself. There are several efficiency and quality savings that organizations can take advantage of by levering their Big Data. Many large retailers can benefit from Big Data, and can use Big Data to better understand their customers’ preferences and behaviours. The health sector can also greatly benefit from the use of Big Data. Since the health sector uses a lot of medical imaging and 3-D models, this sector will benefit from learning to make better use of these types of Big Data, including storage and retrieval. This will result in more accurate diagnosis and treatment for patients. Scientific researchers can also greatly benefit from the use of Big Data. For example, new forms of scientific data, such as DNA mapping and imaging, present new challenges for researchers.

    Social media sites can also benefit from Big Data handling, since social media users produce a large amount of digital material that must be processed. Due to the “Internet of things” that exists, many organizations that advertise their products or services online, or conduct business online, can also benefit from processing and analyzing the vast amount of information that exists online.

  5. Mark(Xiangyuan Ma)

    The traditional data are documents, finances, stock records and personal files. With the developement of science and technology, the data also included photographs, audio&video, 3D models, simulations and location data. And that is where big data came out.Big Data contains volume, velocity, variaty and veracity. In my opinion, the velocity has became more and more important now. After the financial crisis several years ago, the world economic is recovering. Therefore, the market is really sensitive. The information is important but anylize the information is more important. Who can process and analyze information faster, who take the initiative of the market. That is what velocity all about. Time is money. Also, as the video shows, countries save billions of dollars every year by using big data. Furthermore, we learned that get the system updated is very important to secure the informations that we have. It would save us more money and time by using the Big Data.

  6. Guewon,Kim(GRACE)

    Big data is very important recently and also getting more important because it can contain huge information inside itself. We can easily use the Big Data. Furthermore, we can easily get and gather information by “Big Data” too. As we already know, and feel, knowledge and information is very important or more than important in this century. Also, they will be important more and more. Therefore, the “big data” will be the most important system that we can use.
    I think we can use this “Big Data” in a hospitals or schools. First of all, we can use BD in a hospital because hospital needs to be clear. It needs to be accurate. Also, it has huge information about patients and charts. Hospital always gets huge information about their patients, medicines and even doctors and nurses! Dealing with theses information is very difficult I think. Therefore, I think hospitals are very great place to use “Big Data”. Similar with hospital, schools could also be a important place to use “Big Data”. Schools always have bunch of students and teachers. They need to be clear to show at a one sight. Also, schools have to make categories to distinguish students based on their levels. Therefore, schools also need “Big Data”. Although I used just two examples, there are lots of organizations that use lots of information during their operation. Therefore, I think “Big Data” is very useful to every organization that deals with lots of information or knowledge! As library, economic company, banks so on.

  7. Emmanuel Makoni

    Big Data is said to be the next big thing in computing as it is able to process very large quantities of digital information that cannot be analyzed with traditional computing techniques. Although it can store a lot of information, it has a lot of data to analyze, as it needs to be able to pull out the specific information it needs. It pretty much is a mash up of large information. This makes it a challenge, but since it is something that is just coming up, there is a lot of opportunity with it. It is predicted that this is the course of action the world is going to take so those who will invest in its use will benefit a lot in the future. Many people want to be able to store audio, video, 3D models etc. Many relational databases are not the most efficient when it comes to this, and that is one of the benefits of using Big Data. Data collection is growing at a rapid pace from things like social medias (e.g. profiles, pictures, videos) and hospitals (e.g. medical records), for example. Big Data’s main attributes are volume, velocity and variety. ‘Volume’ meaning how much can be stored, ‘velocity’ representing the rate at which the data comes in, and ‘variety’ showing the different types of data that it can store. Present day, a lot of companies have to get rid of a lot of information that might at times be useful but they do not have the capacity to keep it. So this information ends up not being analyzed or processed. With Big Data, companies are able to analyze customer trends and are able to work at using their resources efficiently too, which is a big advantage for any company.

  8. Adebayo (BAYO) Adejumo

    Big data considered as the next big things in computing because due to the increase in volume of varieties of data produced at an extremely high speed, big data generates a value from these data sets that cannot be analyzed with the traditional computing technique.
    Data storage and collection is growing exponentially due to increase in data generated from social media, company employees, medical history and surgical procedure videos, user information, musical video uploads and lots more.
    Big data is characterized as volume, velocity and variety. The rise in the volume, velocity and variety has caused vast amount of important that to be ignored, which result to the need of new technology. The leading open source project to address this issue is called HADOOP.
    I believe most organizations that would need to increase their customer base and would have a large amount of customers from different regions interested in different products would need big data solution. The likes of e-commerce based companies that transact physically and online would need solution like this to enable them keep track of data and also make profitable analysis. Example of which are E-bay , various government online registrations, increase in online studies and lots more.

    1. Delaney Showers

      Big Data is growing towards being one of the next big generation of computing and gathering value from large data sets and the volume of varieties Since many companies and business information is constantly expanding, Big Data’s goal is to help these companies get more value from their data. This is what makes Big Data so important to other companies because what they offer can be such a vital tool when helping companies who need to analyze and collect all the data they are receiving, where other computing techniques may not work. Thus resulting in Big Data bringing importance and meaning to the data which without them could go misunderstood or unknown from still images and video for example.

      The potential applications i see for Big data are the ability to allocate resources effectively also with the ability to analyze the data which can then lead to a better understanding or the ability to generate graphs and other corresponding tools for the data displayed within these heavy volumed datasets. Big Data will be the most beneficial within large industries like Microsoft and Apple, since they hold so much vital important information, Big Data will aid the the storage aspect by creating larger databases which can store greater amounts at one time. Hadoop distributed file storage system and MapReduce will be the big resources to help these companies with a prime example of the threat of lost data. These large companies will find it easier because working with regular computers can be frustrating because they cannot process very large amounts of data, and thats where Big Data steps in to make the organizations run more efficiently and effectively with the ongoing data they receive.

  9. Devin Gerstenbuhler

    1) Big data is important because currently companies are not using and utilizing that vast amount of data that they are receiving. Bit data could be used amongst several industries including (but not limited to) social media, retailer databases, logistics, financial and health care. Its three main components are its volume (the amount of info), its variety (the diversity of the info), and its velocity (the rate at which the info is coming in).
    2) The potential applications for big data are huge. It would allow big corporations to not only gain more data than ever before, or even gain data at higher rates, but also to attain data from new sources. It would allow hospitals to retain medical information for extended periods of time (opposed to the current life span of 2 weeks), scientists to archive data in expanding fields like DNA or stem cell research, or even allow marketers to expand the field of social media.
    The industry that this will add the greatest value to is the government. As mentioned in the video the US government could have not only saved many billions of dollars with the use of big data, but also use it to analyze things not related to money, like social unrest. Aside from the biggest benefiter, there are also other enterprises that can employ big data; farmers can use it to accurately predict the weather as well as the likelihood of crop failure. The predicted flow of information on the internet for 2015 exceeds 4.8 billion terabytes, industries that do not use big data systems will simply not be able to compete with those who do.

  10. Tory Albers

    Big data is important because it is considered to be the next big thing and allows you to extract value from large data sets. In recent years, healthcare, government, retail, and other organizations have acquired large data sets and the information, in the data sets, is not being utilized to its potential and often disregarded, for example the hospital surgical tapes. So, big data’s importance is its ability to analyze the vast amount of data business are collecting that traditional computing techniques cannot. Big data allows business to bring meaning to vast amounts of data that otherwise would have been over looked, by understanding the three V’s. First are volume and the challenges and opportunities that come from understanding of people and resources. Second is velocity, which takes in to account the speed data is coming into business and the demand for real time. And third, is the variety of data that is now stored. Hadoop, which is a framework that allows for the distribution of large data sets across clusters of computers, has two key components. First is the Hadoop Distributed File Storage System, which is the primary storage of the Hadoop application. And second is MapReduce, for writing applications that process large amounts of data, appear to be replacing traditional computing systems.
    The need for Big Data is going to increase. Business and institutions are always creating, expanding, and receiving new data often at speeds they cannot digest. Traditional computers are not able to process the vast amounts of data, which means that Big Data is the future. The potential for applications will be its ability to critically analyze all data and decrease data exhaust. The cloud is being utilized by a growing number of organizations. Big Data can be used most effectively in saving money and increasing the efficiency of organizations by organizing large data sets from databases, like the cloud, into data that can be utilized.

  11. Onyinyechi Dikeocha

    Big data is becoming a very important thing in computing as it generates value from the gathering of very large data set but cannot be analysed by traditional computing techniques. The quantity of computer generated data is growing rapidly. This can be seen in the business world as retailers are building vast databases to record customer activities. Organizations in many sectors and industries are also gathering many data. The growing world of social media is also creating vast quantities of digital materials. Volume has both the greatest challenges and greatest opportunities as big data is capable of assisting organizations understand and better predict people and in their allocation of resources. However traditional computing solutions are unsuitable in handling data of such a magnitude. Big data velocity also present challenges due to the inability of an organization’s IT system to control and handle the rate at which data flows in effectively. The variety of data type to be processed is becoming increasingly diverse.

    Due to these challenges, many organizations ignore large quantity of potentially valuable information. This could become a security problem as these data may not be stored appropriately or it could be a waste of valuable information to the organization. Hadoop is a new technology that remedies this. Hadoop is already used by big data pioneers such as Linked in which is a company known to have lots of data and for such a company to work effectively without any known problems, Hadoop must be a good technology. It helps in detecting and compensating for hard ware failures and other system problems which is very important for back ups and security purposes..

    Not all organizations may be able to afford such a big data infrastructure, and as such, cloud big data solutions are available and is increasingly being used. Where public big data sets such as those of government agencies need to be used, running everything in the cloud makes sense as data doesn’t need to be downloaded. Big data creates an opportunity and adds value to organizations both in the health, retail, construction and virtually all sectors as it provides an insight to new types of data, their customers, partners and business.

  12. Loraine Menicoche-Moses

    The latest trend in information technology is Big Data. Today, there are large amount of data being created and processed by many sectors. Also the businesses and organizations client databases are becoming extremely large. Big Data would help these companies get more value from their data.
    Big Data characteristics are volume, velocity and variety. Volume is a great challenge and process all the data more effectively. Velocity manages the rate of information flow and delivers the information in real time. There is a variety of data is very diverse and it is not easy to process using traditional computers.
    Big Data uses the technology platform called Hadoop, which is the open source software library. Hadoop has two features that are useful which are the distributed file system which stores the information and the Mapreduce where large data can be produced and analyzed. Hadoop is used by other programs such as LinkedIn. Hadoop uses clusters of servers and can deal with technology failures with applications.
    Big Data provides insight from the data that is collected by the companies and organizations and they can analyzed the data that they have to predict trends and assist in decision making. Big Data does not have to be downloaded and uses cloud computing so it can save costs in administration for organizations, One concern is the issue of security of the data, especially personal information on clients and customers and there was no mention about laws and regulations governing the privacy of people in the information provided on Big Data.

  13. Megan Plummer

    Big Data is the next big thing in computing. Data is growing in three key ways : volume, velocity and variety. The challenges that come with this are not only trying to keep up with the storage and ensuring customer confidentiality but trying to interrupt the data in real time, and use the data in an effective matter that will yield positive results. The volume of data being stored is becoming a big problem due to the vastness of customer information that is being stored. This type of data can be very beneficial to the organization as it can hold so much about what type of clients you have and what they prefer to purchase ect. The velocity of information coming in is equally challenging as it changes as often as a new customer making a transaction. Its pushing more common types of systems to the breaking points. The variety of information is also vast as it can be expansive based on your organization and the type of transactions that can be done within such as photos, diagrams, charts.
    Big Data will be useful in almost any industry out there as long as they are a bigger organization. All industries can really benefit from having a system such as Big Data as it will allow for an easier interpretation of the data which can benefit a company substantially depending on how they use this information. By tracking this data and all other forms of data, we are managing to stay ahead of the curve of technology and harness it to our advantage.

  14. sophia burgess

    Big data is the large amount of data which has been collected by a company which is lost or ignored simply because the companies system cannot process all of the data. It is categorized into the three V’s- volume,velocity and variety. A large volume of data can help organizations understand people better and work on improvements. Velocity is when there is a fast incoming about of data that it becomes difficult for IT’s to process it. Variety plays a part in big data because there are now many types of data where as in earlier years there was only a few. Big data is important because it allows businesses to sort through data and pick out important information that is valuable to the business. It is also important some organizations cannot afford big data infrastructures, so they are then able to use the cloud. This minimizes cost substantially. Big data also provides insight in new and emerging types of data. Big data allows enterprises gain a better insight into their customers, partners and business. Being able to predict future trends within a business can also save money and time for a business just by being more efficient and filtering through the big data. Big data will help with our ever changing technologies as well as the rapid change of the amount of people using technology.

  15. Chelsea Minor

    Big data is a term used for the collection of extremely large data sets which are difficult to process using traditional methods. There are 3 V’s that characterize big data. The first is volume which posts the biggest challenge. Big data could help organizations better understand people and allocate resources more effectively. The second is velocity. The rate at which information is flowing into organization and users demanding data both poses an issue. The third is variety. The variety of data types being processed is becoming increasing diverse. Big data now consists of photographs, audio and video, 3D models, simulations, and location data. Because of the issues with volume, velocity and variety, big data must come up with new, innovative solutions. Companies are being forced to get rid of the data or it is being lost because of the amount of data that is coming in on a daily basis. This is where Hadoop comes in. There are two key components of Hadoop. The first is the Hadoop distributed file system which creates multiple replicas of data blocks and distributes them on compute nodes throughout a cluster to enable reliable, extremely rapid computations. The second is MapReduce which is a programming model and software for writing applications that rapidly process vast amounts of data in parallel on large clusters of compute nodes.

    I think large organizations would benefit greatly from the use of big data. They could create bigger data bases for storages of information. This could allow them to operate more effectively and efficiently. They would not have to deal with issues such as lost information or they would not have to dump information because data storages were full. Big data is an important tool for the innovation of organizations and technology

  16. Shane Grant

    Big Data is an extremely large collection amount of data that can’t be processed by the standard data processing applications as they are complicated data sets that are difficult to process. Since technology is advancing at such a high rate, big data can now be processed and valuable data can be generated and extracted from it. Big data has been escalating in usage over the past couple of years due to companies creating databases for social media, financial industry, healthcare industry and customer activity. There were three V’s talking about within the video that characterized big data: Velocity, Variety and Volume. Velocity is the rate of data going into organizations, since people demand data in real time it makes it hard for IT system to keep up with the demand to process the data as fast. Volume is the hardest V to figure out as it holds the biggest opportunity and yet the biggest challenge for big data systems. Volume can help allocate resources to make things for efficient. Variety are the different types of data that can be help within a big data system, things like photos, video, simulations, audio and 3D models.
    I believe Big Data is the future to understand customers’ habits and can lead to a huge growth within IT systems. Better understanding and developing technologies for big data is needed as IT gets more complicated and need more resources to grow with technological demand.

  17. Jared Arsenault

    1. What is Big Data and why is it important?
    Big data has three characteristics volume, velocity and variety. Volume provides the greatest challenge and greatest opportunity as big data could help many organizations to understand people better and organize information more effectively. Velocity is the rate at which data is flowing into organizations with speeds quick enough to exceed the capability of IT systems. With all the data that needs to be processed it can be difficult to deliver timely information about company performance. Variety which imposes increased diversity in the types of data. Traditional types of data have been modified to include photographs, audio and video, 3D models, simulations and location data. This makes it difficult to categorize and process this vast amount of information.
    Because of the large amount of data that is available it is difficult to capture and interpret the majority of information. Systems are struggling to keep up with this overload of information and it is common for data to go unprocessed within a timely manner. This means that companies are missing out on huge clues into their customer’s behaviors and interests. The problem seems to be that there is so much data and no possible way to interpret it fast enough. This amount of data is expected to skyrocket into the future leaving room for cloud database companies to enter the market. They can specialized in data recognition and make it easier for companies to summarize the information they are gathering. Bid data provides us with the opportunity to interpret and act on new and emerging forms of data. This scale of data processing gives business better insight into their current and future customers.

    1. Hayden Rintoul

      2. Big data is the next big thing in computing and creates value from very large data sets that cannot be analyzed with traditional computing techniques. There is a large mass of computer data being created around the world. Big data is being generated by an expanding internet of things. Big data is characterized by the three V’s; volume, velocity, and variety. Volume is its greatest challenge and its greatest opportunity as big data can help many organizations understand people better and allocate resources more effectively. Big data velocity also raises a number of issues which is the rate that data is flowing into organizations which is more than organizations can handle technically. The variety of data types to be processed is becoming extremely diverse. The organizations that would benefit greatly from using big data would be large ones because of all the data and information that gets passed around in such a company. With using big data it would allow them to operate way more efficiently and effectively. They would not have lost data or find it difficult to find their data which be very useful. Big data is also the future in how data is stored and shared. Big data provides businesses with an opportunity to better understand present and future data which will give them a better insight into customers that they cannot have in present day.

  18. Kelly Bateman

    Big Data; when a collection of data is so large that some data is often ignored and can be difficult to process. It is data so big that it exceeds the processing capacity currently available. Big Data is followed with the 3 Vs (volume variance and velocity).
    It is important because it can classify and organize the data. It creates a more efficient and effective technology capable world for us.
    Potential applications such as forecasting the information that is being put in would be beneficial i think. As well as creating graphs and images along with the data being given.
    I think an organization such as a hospital would benefit greatly from Big Data because of the vast amount of info that is put into their technology components every minute. As the world and society expands technologically , i think every business will have the greatest value to be doing the same in aspects possible for each organization.

  19. Brenda Norn

    Big data is when large amounts of data that has been collected from companies about their customers has been lost or deleted because computer systems cannot store or process such a large mass of information and keep up with the requirements as our technology changes. Companies are using online data as well as information data more and more then ever before in order to keep up with the changes in our economy and as a result they are required to collect large amounts of data in order to analyze customer’s habits to determine how to market certain groups in order to sell their product. The problem is that although all this data is being collected, because it is so expensive to have large computer systems to handle and organize all this data, Companies are dumping the data or it is being lost and therefore it is useless and a waste of time to even collect the data. That is where Hadoop comes in which is a company that has a software library that is used by big data centers like linked in and distributes across a cluster of servers to keep all the data and organize it so it can be useful to companies. There are two key functions of Hadoop to have a file system and also a data processing system and aggregate the information so it can be put in a reduced state for use. Organizations cannot afford big databases so they use this Company to organize and store their data so the data can be used in the future for strategic planning, hiring needs, budgeting and customer analysis.

  20. Josh MacNevin

    Big Data is the next big thing in computing. Data is growing exponentially in volume, velocity and variety. The challenges that come with this are not only trying to keep up with the storage but trying to analyse in real time, and use the data efficiently. Some big companies are being forced to ignore and excrete important data which is hindering both their ability to operate optimally and their ability operate economically. Processing big data properly could help farmers predict the weather or the government predict civil unrest. it is estimated that the US medical system could save 300 billion in value every year with proper big data analysis. European countries could save upto 149 billion dollars in government administration costs. because of this the US government is investing in big data projects, therefore creating huge opportunities for the future.

  21. prashant malik

    Big data is a term used for the collection of data set which is so large that sometimes some of the data is ignored and also, it is difficult to process using on hand database management tools.
    In short, it is a data that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems.
    Big data is characterised by 3 V’s : 1) Volume, 2) Velocity, 3) Variety.

    Big data is important for a company, till the time the data is properly organized and managed. Now a days, not just the basic information is stored on company’s computers, but almost the entire history of customers is being stored. As a result, it a liability more than an asset. The volume of the data has proven to be one of the greatest challenge and an oppurtunity a company has to face. It is important because due to large database on a customer, a company can easily understand their customers, but managing that data is really hard for the traditional systems. As a result, the company will have to spend a lot of money on new technology and as a result, it can be a big liability on a company. With velocity, a number of issues are being raised. The rate at which the data is flowing in a number of organisations, now exceeds the capacity of their IT systems. In addition, users are increasingly demanding data which is streamed to them in real time and delivering this data can prove to be a challenge. Also, there can be security issues as well.

    The technology big data uses is called “Apache Hadoop (example – linkden).” 2 key components of Apache Hadoop are : 1) Hadoop distribution, 2) Map reduce.
    I think big data can be very useful in health care industry, social media firms as well as logistics and financial corporations.

  22. Anton Golubin

    Big Data is a brand new name for enormous volumes of data companies of almost all types have to operate with in order to sustain their position in business environment. The difference between Big Data and data is that BD involves in analysis almost all information which flows through company regardless its Volume, Velocity and Variety hence these terms are essential and profound for any Big Data definition. As for common “small” data – companies tend to use only a part of it negotiate the great possibility to gain a big advantage for their business (in case of profit organization) and reduce expenses (for nonprofit organizations). Another significant difference is in types of data which is used in analyzing both – data and big data. Data in most cases is documents, finances, stock records, personal files while Big Data also includes photo and audio information, 3D models, simulation, location data and a plenty of other types of data which is hard classified. From this point of view it is obvious that companies need to obtain a high-end productive hardware in order to analyze, store and use all Big Data. Hence, as gathering and analyzing of BD becomes more and more necessary many hardware companies like IBM and HP know spend a lot of money for developing new solution which can process BD much faster that many current solutions. New solution based on the idea of Cloud Services and implies separation of processing BD by separate severs or work stations. In my opinion both Big Data and Cloud services have to be considered is one part of a new solution with main purpose to get as much information from gathering data as possible.
    As it has been mentioned Big Data will be useful in almost all industries and companies in all industries will be able to achieve the grates result by using much more precise information in their activities. Such services like Amazon, Ebay and LinkedIn have already used Big Data for vast variety of recommendation in such fields like new contacts and groups (LinkedIn), goods and services (Ebay, Amazon). Retail and manufacture companies also use Big Data in their estimation of goods demands based on previous years in order to reduce sales and manufactures low demanded products which help them reduce their expenses. Other good example of using BD is that by using BD in the weather forecast and medical researches scientists have already saved millions of people lives ( for instance by predicting the power and course of Hurricane Sandy in 2013) which sometimes cost even more than reducing in expenses of German governance by 150 000 000$. Hence I am not able to distinct any industry where benefits from using BD will be grater then in other it is all depends on how to analyze and use BD.

  23. Mia Angelica Alcantara

    1. What is Big Data and why is it important?
    Big Data is the result of the advancements in collection and encoding of data. We know have large volumes of data coming in from a variety of inputs collected over time (3Vs: volume, variety and velocity). As this data is accumulated, some companies are now concerned on how to organize, store and make use of the streaming data to analyze and get relevant information from it.
    I think Big Data is important only in as much as we are able to properly organize, classify and store this data. Many transactional data are still dirty. A lot of information we get are raw and needs to be processed. But once these are standardized then the real task of making use of big data becomes necessary and analyzing that data more efficient and accurate. In advanced countries, those that have already ensured measures that only clean data is collected, new technologies like that of Hadoop is valuable as it extends the value of the data collected to actual decision support systems through analysis of data collected. As more data is collected, more information can be obtained increasing knowledge of things in a bigger and wider context (how the world thinks and works). All of these technologies, big data, cloud, etc are in a sense there to make our world better, efficient.
    2. What potential applications do you see for Big Data and in what industries will this add the greatest value?
    I would again prioritize healthcare, as that is my background. The more data we are able to analyze, the more information we can get as to the best treatment, best approach but least expensive care management. We can use big data to forecast which treatment yields better results for different diagnoses. We can use big data to analyze which care facilities need specific medications at specific dates/months. I think it would also be beneficial for preventive care, which can decrease healthcare spending for chronic diseases.
    Definitely big data will greatly affect businesses. The decision support for various departments in a company would prove invaluable to them. It will lead increase productivity, efficiency but also increase the quality of life of its employees by taking away the burden of manually analysing their day-to-day processes and give them clear guidelines to increase productivity and effectively do their day-to-day jobs.

  24. Cory Hoffner

    Big Data is a collection of extremely large and complicated data sets that are difficult to process with traditional data processing applications. With the increase in today’s technology, big data can now be processed and value can be generated from it. Big data has been growing exponentially over the years due to retailers creating databases of customer activity, public social media, and the logistics/financial/healthcare industries. The three V’s characterize big data: Volume, Velocity, and Variety. Volume presents both the biggest challenge and biggest opportunity as big data could possibly help organizations understand people better and help allocate resources more efficiently. Velocity refers to the rate of data flowing into organizations. This rate usually exceeds the capacity of the IT system because people demand data in real time. Delivering this real time data can pose a challenge. Lastly, variety represents the different types of data. Big data consists of photos, audio, video, 3D models, and simulation.

    Companies need to focus on collecting and analyzing big data in the business world today because they are receiving vast quantities of data that is useless unless it is analyzed. I believe that companies will need to adapt to new technology in order to generate value from all of the data that they are receiving. If companies do not do this then the influx of data they receive will be worth nothing to them and they may dispose of this very useful data without knowing it. Big data will continue to evolve as the world grows and demands information more instantly.

  25. Vanessa Kerychuk-Matus

    Big Data (BD) refers to the collection of extremely large sets of complex data. BD projects are information systems that methodically sort through and organize data in order to provide availability of data and convenience to data users. As a relatively new change in technological capabilities, BD illustrates the ever-expanding realm of technology innovations. BD is the next logical step in information system development due to the globalization of data and the resulting, colossal mass of data available. There are two things that concern me with this recent BD development. First, privacy issues and concerns will certainly be more significant as the management and use of BD becomes a necessity of businesses around the world. Implementation of new technology often takes precedence over understanding how to ensure secure and trustworthy administration of such technologies. Businesses will be eager to employ such information systems before truly realizing the risks associated with BD. It seems to me that large amounts of data stored in BD systems will be more difficult to manage and keep secure simply due to the volume and complexity of such data. Users of BD must be exceptionally well-trained in order to protect companies and consumers from various technology-related crimes. The second apprehension I would have regarding BD is the practicality around analyzing such large amounts of complex data. Users of BD would require very high-end interfaces to interact with data and generate meaningful conclusions that contribute to business intelligence. I am not sure of what interfaces may already exist to help process and interpret BD but for an information system to be valuable, a method of managing that system is required.

  26. Raeesa Jiwa

    Big Data helps information processors to process large amounts of data and to draw great value from them. Big Data can assist in the collaboration of information, to organize and categorize details that were once so minuet, they were not collected at all. All the pieces of data that are collected can now contribute to gather information in its entirety. Potential industries that could benefit from this include the medical or health care sector and pubic administration that is conducted by governments. Having multiple streams of data going through many servers can eliminate the frustrations of failed servers, but can help to process information faster and more effectively and intern the users of that information can work better. What is very interesting is that BIg Data can be processes using the Cloud technologies eliminating many expensive and time consuming physical processors. The excitement and value of Big Data is growing fast, but what this video fails to address is the security concerns. If Big Data get collected and is not protected a lot of personal and sensitive data can be misused. Is collecting copious amounts of data necessarily the best thing for consumers, and if it is helpful is that a risk individuals and businesses are willing to take?

  27. Sara Bieniada

    As I read this article, I couldn’t help but think of all the ways that this amazing technological feat could be manipulated and exploited. That may be an overly-pessimistic and traditional response, however, I think it is something that needs to be given more serious consideration than a few simple sentences near the end of the article. Now, I’m not saying Big Data is something that should be abandoned all together for the sake of privacy and well-being, I do, however, strongly believe that the rising increase in the use of Big Data NEEDS to be coupled with an increase in technological security and law that protects personal information.
    That being said, BIg Data is an amazing feat with countless opportunities. It most definitely could be revolutionary to the management sector, as well as sectors such as health, education, and many others. My suggestion, though, is to keep people our number one priority, as we explore this uncharted territory.

    1. Sara Bieniada

      What I do find exceptionally remarkable about Big Data is its ability “to distribute the storage and processing of large data sets across groups or “clusters” of server computers using a simple programming model”. That is an extremely wise choice. Not only does that expand the possibility of data storage to almost endless amounts, but further, it decentralizes the whole nature of Big Data, which promises its continuity. We see in many instances that technological decentralization protects the concept from matters that would otherwise destroy centralized programs. This is because money and profits becomes far less of an issue, and instead, the vision and idea itself is what ensures thriving survival.

  28. Rachael Stagg

    Big Data is the next big thing in computing. It takes large data sets that cannot be usually be analyzed and generates value from them. Big Data has become necessary because there is so much data floating around in the world today and continues to grow. This is a result of retailers, organizations working in logistics, financial services and health care as well as social media. Big Data is usually characterized by the three V’s, volume, velocity and variety. Volume poses the biggest problem and Big Data’s ultimate goal is to help organizations understand people better and allocate resources more effectively. Velocity of the data often exceeds the capacity of organizations IT centers, this is because people today want data streamed to them instantly and flawlessly. Finally variety is becoming even more diverse. Traditional data was simply documents, finances, stock records, and personnel files. Big Data involves, photographs, audio & video, 3D models, simulations and local data. Big Data is important because it helps businesses that have copious amounts of data coming at them on a daily, or even hourly basis to sort through and organize the data and pull out the information that is useful to them at a specific time or for a specific project. Another benefit of Big Data aspects is that it can also be run in the cloud to help businesses save on costs. As well in the future Big Data might have the ability to save governments billions and predict both civil unrest and pandemics. Big Data will only continue to grow with world technology and the huge amounts of data in the world.

  29. Easton Smith

    The fact of the matter in todays business world is that data and information are everywhere. In fact, there is so much data that the big question and a crucial concern among many companies across a multitude of industries, is what do we do with all of this data? If companies have the technology to obtain tons of data, that’s great. However, obtaining a vast amount of data is merely the beginning. How does a company figure out which data is useful, which is garbage, and how do they take the seemingly endless amounts of data (at least useful data) and relate it to one another. In order to create business intelligence for an owner or manager to base vital decisions around, transforming this data into useful information is at the heart of business competition.
    ‘Big Data’ is characterized by the ‘3 V’s’ of volume, velocity, and variety. The first of these three V’s is both the greatest challenge, but may in fact hold the greatest reward for companies who use it efficiently. The second ‘V’ of big data, velocity, is becoming an increasing concern for many companies. Not only is more information flowing faster into company databases from anything from online surveys to point of sale systems in stores, but customers and consumers are demanding that feedback and data be streamed back to them almost instantaneously. The third issue of big data, variety, is an important aspect that businesses need to be able to efficiently deal with to stay competitive. There is a multitude of data that companies are receiving, and categorizing as well as processing this diverse data is sparking the need for constant IT developments to be adopted by competing organizations. Hadoop, the open-source software library, has provided a way for businesses to manage these pressing issues. By distributing the processing and storing of large data sets across groups or clusters of server computers it “allows for a high level of service continuity to be delivered by clusters of individual computers, each of which may be prone to failure.” Data doesn’t have to be downloaded because everything is run in the cloud. Thanks to Hadoop, this big data is more manageable for businesses and organizations to use more efficiently.

  30. Sidney Bouma

    Big Data has been a big thing for a while now and will only continue to become bigger. In todays world, companies have to deal with tons of customers and clients that are all different. Each has their own sets of data that need to be managed in an efficient and effective way. In the video we are told how companies are missing out on all the great things this data could do for their business. The volume, velocity, and variety of data has made it extremely hard for companies to compact and actually use the data in a way that would be helpful. AWS is an example of system that can be used to manage large pools of data in a low cost and efficient way. The fact that it takes place in the computing cloud allows it to do this. Big Data has the potential to be huge in many industries in the future. For example, farmers will be able to track major weather changes and make necessary adjustments. In farming, weather can be extremely helpful or very dreadful. if farmers can track the weather and better predict what may happen and when, this may turn in huge amounts of cash flow. This may also help in Management. Managers will be able to retrieve data about its customers and meet their needs even more. Technology is only becoming more important and lots of that development is based in data. We will need to manage this data if we want to stay ahead.

  31. Courtney Minor

    Big Data is the next best thing in computing. It generates value from large data sets that cant be analyzed with traditional computing techniques. The amount of computer data being generated on earth in growing exponentially for a number of different reasons. Capturing, storing and generating value from big data raises a number of technical and conceptual challenges that go beyond the capabilities of traditional computing. Big Data is often characterized using the 3 V’s: volume, velocity and variety. Volume is the greatest challenge yet the greatest opportunity. This is because big data could help people to understand better and to allocate resources more effectively, however traditional computers cannot handle data of this size. Velocity also raise some key issues. One being the rate at which data flows into organizations is faster than their IT systems can handle. Big Data is also characterized by variety because the data that organizations are processing is becoming more diverse. Due to the issues that arise from the 3 V’s, Big Data must now come up with new solutions. One of these solutions is Hadoop which is already used by most big data pioneers. An example of Hadoop is Linkden. While big data may undoubtedly provide all manner of organizations with data stalking ability that many may fear, the positive implications of big data are likely to outweigh the negatives. For example the US health care sector could achieve 300 billion in efficiency and quality savings each year by leveraging Big Data. I think Big Data has a potential in all sectors and will become increasing more popular.

  32. Dallin Harding

    Big Data seems like it’s the next big thing. Most large-scale businesses today have to deal with the issue of having a large amount of data through their machines. The issues that the video presented were that because of the volume, velocity, and variety of the data that is present, large-scale operations are not able to effectively digest all of the data. In a large part they are missing what data is available, and the data that they do capture tends to go unprocessed into usable information. The solution that is suggested here, is something like Hadoop. Hadoop has already proven to be useful in industries such as LinkedIn, and has massive potential in the Information Technology Industry. Governments, medical industries, and the like have seen how much money and resources that this could save them, both in the long run and in the short run.
    I think that this has potential in all major industries, but especially in the management sector. I don’t know if managers see the vision of how this could help their company. Services like Hadoop could help managers to retrieve a greater amount of valuable information from their operations than what they are currently using.
    The interesting thing is that this could eliminate a lot of need for the IT guys, since “Hadoop detects and compensates for hardware failures or other system problems at the application level.” Also, since technology is becoming increasingly more prevalent in the workplace, I think that the need for Big Data processors will increase as well.

    1. Nothando Ngwenya

      Big data is the term used to describe data sets that are too large to be processed and analysed by traditional computing techniques. It is characterised by the three V’s which are volume (the amount of data stored), velocity (the speed at which the data is received), and variety ( the format in which data is stored). Big data is important because it enables organisations to better understand the people they work with and it also helps allocate resources efficiently. Big data also helps find insight on new emerging types of data. As technology advances, big data could be used to, for example in the retail industry, help stores to serve their frequent customers in a manner that makes it seem that they are being served personally. It could be also be used by stores in the retail industry to be able to notice what the competition is doing and be able to improve their business in whatever way possible. Big data also helps with the viewing of public records that the members of the general public may need to use. For example, Amazon contains many data sets that have information such as that of government which may be available to anyone who needs them. Since big data is able to help with making future predictions, as was mentioned in the video with the example of farmers who will be able to predict the weather, it will be useful in many other sectors, including the financial sector. Economists would be able to predict future economic directions that companies and countries would take. This would be helpful in keeping the global economy stable, especially as globalisation keeps become more and more close-knit and almost every national economy is affected by another and affects a third, itself.


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