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Description:  Learn about how Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a cloud computing solution for businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations with a flexible, highly scalable, and low-cost way to deliver their websites and web applications.

Source: AWS Cloud

Date: Sept 4, 2013


This short video helps explain the benefits of running your website on Amazon Web Services. You’ll learn about the low-cost, pay only for what you use pricing model and the elastic scalability that helps you match your resources to the demands of your users. You’ll also find out about the flexibility you have to run any software you want and how this can help you get your website to market faster.  READ REST OF STORY 


Questions for discussion:

1.  What is AWS (Amazon Web Services and why is it important?

2.  What potential applications do you see for AWS and in what industries will this add the greatest value?



36 thoughts on “Websites on Amazon Web Services

  1. Anderson Ebhomielen

    AWS is a mechanism that helps scale up application that everyone can have access and use.
    The importance of Aws enable to run application in a cloud and it result in low cost and flexible infrastructure with the ability to use existing skills and tools. Aws make and organizations have complete control of their resources to build application they are familiar with. Also, it provides the benefit of choosing its own operating systems, language and tools. Storing of data in any database and managing the database system for organizations can be enhanced. In addition, Aws reduces the effort of running utilities and facilities thereby reducing the weeks of purchasing and delivery making the projects timelines shortened. Organizations have access to more resources and this goes a long way to reduce their budgets for optimum performance. The use of the web service is a low cost and results in savings that benefits the company. The web service is user friendly.
    The potential applications for AWS are numerous. I believe that AWS is useful for software development and database management system. In addition, the application is good for project management to ascertain projects timelines and it can also be used to supply chain management like the purchases, delivery and storage facilities. The web application can be applied to investment data used in stock market and market analysis. The industries the web application can add the greatest values are manufacturing companies especially for supply chain management, Information Technology for software development, Telecommunication companies like providers of network services, Banks, oil and gas companies.

  2. Donggu Kang

    Amazon Web Services enables run people’s applications in the cloud. Amazon Web Service or AWS is important and useful because it saves a lot of money and spaces for many business operators and applications developers, especially for Information Technology industries where they must have spaces for saving data. It is very useful for many people since AWS itself manages data that is uploaded to Amazon Web Services. Also it helps save time from managing data so that people can focus on developing and making web applications.
    I think many small businesses and in house software developers will be most benefit from Amazon Web Service. This is because, to make web applications, small business operators or in house soft developers need to have huge data centers and they have to manage server closets to make applications flow well without and lags or errors which are almost impossible for them to do, since having data centers and managing server requires lots of time and money. Therefore, Amazon Web Services is very good for them as they can easily deal with their information and do not have to worry and putting effort to manage servers as it will be done by AWS so that they can focus on making their applications. Also since there is no long term contract and no upfront costs make AWS affordable for small businesses and application developers. This means there will be many applications to be created, as creating applications are affordable to people than in the past.

  3. Britney Anderson

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that provides users with easy access to IT resources via the Internet. Using AWS, users can develop sophisticated websites and/or web applications, while having complete control over their resources. Users are able to use their existing skill sets and can use the technologies that they are most familiar with to develop their web applications. For example, a user can customize his or her own virtual server, and choose the operating system, programming language, and tools that best suit his or her needs. AWS allows its users to take advantage of the many benefits of cloud computing, including a low-cost “pay-only-for-what-you-use” pricing model and a flexible infrastructure. This flexibility allows users to experiment with different options and technologies without having to purchase different architectures, resulting in a customized solution that best suits their needs. AWS allows users to focus their time and energy on making great web applications, rather than managing the technology needed to run the applications.

    AWS also offers auto-scaling, which allows users to expand or shrink their web application, depending on customer needs and market demand. In addition, AWS does not require any up-front costs or long-term contract arrangements, which may be desirable for start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, and the like. Users can transform their ideas into web applications without the need for a large capital investment, particularly in hardware. If the web application is not as successful as hoped, the user can redesign the application using AWS’s flexible infrastructure, or can abandon the application all together without a large loss of investment.

    AWS enables users of all sizes and types to take advantage of cloud computing in a variety of industries. AWS makes its IT resources available to users right away, which allows users to shorten their project times, and get their ideas to market faster. Because of this, AWS could be used in many e-commerce applications. Due to the low cost of cloud computing, AWS may also be beneficial for not-for-profit organizations, government organizations, or small businesses that do not have large budgets to spend on IT resources. AWS allows these users to bring their ideas to market, without spending large amounts of money to do so.

  4. Guewon,Kim(GRACE)

    AWS (Amazone Web Services) is a great tool for IT business employers to make a good networks and even economic benefit. AWS users can run their application conveniently. AWS uses “in the cloud” system that is very flexible and reasonable. Also, AWS can satisfy its customer easily because it can transform its method to be used. In the other words, AWS users can make their resources whatever they want. Therefore, AWS is very important in the IT industry.

    I think AWS has really great potential to be an essential tool for IT industry, especially in the university or government offices. This is because the official office like university or government usually deals with very huge information system. Therefore, they want to make theses information simple. And then, they can deal with their information easily. Furthermore, They can transform their huge information into small groups or even small units. And then, they can look it up based on in the cloud. Also, I think in the business section, AWS will be used very well. As a manager, people usually want to store their important information and look it up whenever they want. Therefore, AWS is a good way to store important information and look it up easily. However, to be a common web services, AWS should install its services in a good place to touch. I mean, everyone should be easy to use AWS. If AWS is expensive or hard to use, users are not willing to use its services. And then, I think, competitors easily be emerged.

  5. Mark(Xiangyuan Ma)

    Nowadys, peopole usually call AWS( Amazone Web Service) cloud computing. I have heard people talking about cloud computing all the time. Now I finally get to know what it is and the advantages of it. AWS have several services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3,Amazon SimpleDB,Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon CloudFront… Depends on different needs, people can choose the one that they needed. It usually need to take a long time and spent a lot of money to build basic infrastructure; however, by using AWS, people dont need spent time on those things anymore. Instead, people only need to pay the amount they used by month. Another advantage is that we can pre-configurate the recources that we need, and we can easily expand our resources. Also, if we do not need it, we can simply shut it down and stop pay for it. Last but not least, it has nine regions around the world. No matter big corporation or small company, you can spend least expense to help your customersto get less delay and better experience.

  6. Devin Gerstenbuhler

    1) AWS stands for amazon web service, and it is important because it acts as a convenient, efficient, and organized cloud, that can be utilized by a multitude of people/companies. Its affordability and accessibility will provide a service for a diverse market of users within an area of high demand. The easy to use interface as well as the abundance of utilities may give this program a competitive advantage as an information system, and will cause other competitors (like the apple cloud) to innovate, driving prices in what was once a monopoly service.
    2) The two biggest potentials for AWS would be on an individual level, as well as a corporate level. Its easy access and user friendly interface would allow an independent entrepreneur to utilize its capabilities. On the other end of the spectrum, it would also be an important tool for corporations who may want to use the cloud technology in the ever expanding age of computers. Either the individual or the corporation or anyone in-between, can gain from the mass of services that AWS offers: their autoscalling, backup safety nets, affordability, or fluctuation could offer a competitive advantage for an array of users.
    To try and pinpoint a particular industry that will gain the greatest value for me seems a bit naïve. The demand for affordable cloud technology is expand exponentially across industries, and the integration/expansion of ‘apps’ is by no means slowing down. This program offers a plethora of uses and by no means limits it self to one particular user. Its potential is completely dictated by the user.

  7. Jessica Bermel

    Amazon Web Services appears to be a cloud that allows its users to have the optimal benefit of nearly everything they need for their business. It runs a variety of programs and applications that are needed for business needs and potentially essential if the business or organization is to expand. By themselves, none of the programs and applications that AWS will run is new, but how Amazon is running it is new. By putting every program, service and/or application in one place and talking about its low cost, ease of use and the fact that it won’t take up an organizations space, Amazon has just made things a great deal easier for many organizations. What makes it especially different is that the users have complete control of their own resources opposed to calling a technician or webmaster to fix the problem.. AWS gives control the control back to the user, and helps them to expand their business without over extending resources.

    Amazon Web Services has the potential to create new applications and programs that we haven’t even heard of yet. With so many businesses already using cloud systems, the customer base that Amazon can generate from this is significantly large. From there, Amazon will be able to analyze their customer base, what they need and find new opportunities through it. In the starting phases of the AWS, I can see it attracting many small businesses and non for profit organizations due to the low cost/ no space needed idea, but after that, it’s really up to Amazon to decide which industries will benefit from this.

  8. Adebayo (BAYO) Adejumo

    1. Amazon web services this is a platform that enables users to run their applications on a cloud based network, this gives users the benefits of having a low cost, highly flexible infrastructure, customizable platform and various multiple options in dealing with web data storage and other web related services. Amazon provide services like ; STORAGE , DATABASE ACCESS, VIRTUAL SERVER, BANDWITH, ARCHIVES, CACHES.
    2. The potential application I see for amazon are financial apps, gaming apps, sport apps, history related apps, educational apps, business apps, government apps, stock exchange apps. This would encourage users from the listed industries to create applications that require large amount of storage, and encourage the government to embrace outsourcing of data to save billions of dollars invested in creating several data banks.
    AWS would help in reducing the cost of embracing technology, because so many people run from the fact that its expensive and most people really don’t know how to manage data storage, manage certain bandwidth, work with limited servers , access database and so on. This platform would allow them to outsource these services to professionals. AWS make the necessary resources available right away so that the project time is reduced.
    This would be a great opportunity for web developer to comfortably explore various field at little or no cost.

  9. Tory Albers

    AWS (Amazon Web Services) is, essentially, an on call IT team whose main focus is to scale up applications for everyone to use and provide technical support to it’s users. By, providing a low coast platform, with a flexible infrastructure, and the ability to use existing tools. AWS makes it easier to create web applications with technology users are familiar with. Also, AWS includes unique features for its users, for example their monitoring system, which automatically adjusts to the amount of application usage. The use of the cloud is also unique that is allows users to choose a particular database and access applications from anywhere. The maintaining, creating, and troubleshooting of applications is administered by AWS and this is important because it eliminates the use of large IT teams (or IT teams all together), allows the user to work on other aspects of their business, and makes resources available right away for market. The three criteria above shed light on AWS’s importance, which can cut coasts, allow focus to be directed elsewhere, and get to market faster, which a good IS should do. Also, people only want to pay for what they are going use. AWS includes no contract or hidden fees and allows you to bundle your needs specifically to what you want.
    The potential for AWS is endless offering consumer friendly usage and application creation. Groups and individuals who have a design in the web, mobile, and social applications and need to get their product to the market place would benefit the most from AWS. For example, a new form of social media, like Facebook, that needs to be finalized would benefit from AWS expert knowledge.

  10. Emmanuel Makoni

    Amazon Web Services is a cloud-computing platform that delivers a collection of computing services over the Internet. Its biggest advantage is the fact that it is located “in the cloud” and this makes it efficient and there is an ease of access. This service is open to anyone who wants to use it and you have the option to choose which operating system you’ll be interested in using, such as Windows 8, Linux, OS etc. The fact that this service can be personalized in a way that it can be most beneficial and useful, depending on the user is a great attribute. The user can also choose the type of database they want to use as well as the content management system, it all is supported by Amazon Web Services. As website traffic can fluctuate a lot, Amazon Web Services has an “elastic cloud computing infrastructure” that is able to grow and shrink to meet the user’s needs. If any of its resources are not necessary in that given moment (e.g. when most people are asleep) then they are not used. This service is extremely cost effective because you are only charged for what you use and you are not forced to get into a contract for one to start using AWS. This ensures that even small business owners and those who usually wouldn’t be able to afford such a service are able to take advantage of this service. In my opinion, AWS will most likely be successful as it is simple in terms of managing it and the fact that it is compatible with pretty much all necessary tools and operating systems. Its low cost is a major attraction too.

  11. Onyinyechi Dikeocha

    Different businesses have different activities and data required for their operation. Applications are important in running of these businesses and they need to be secured and reliable for optimal functionality and easy usage by everyone. Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps with this as it enables one run an application “in the cloud” which provides a benefit of low cost and flexible infrastructures and so existing tools and skills can be used to deliver sophisticated websites and web applications. They make web applications and scaling easier as you have total control of your resources so you can build your application with the technology most familiar to you. You also have the flexibility to choose the operating system, language and tools compatible and right for you. You can also store data on any database you like and this can be managed for you with their RDS: relational database servers. We have the advantage of focusing on making our web application spectacular while AWS handles the rest. Service is provided on time which helps in eliminating delays for projects and helps shorten its time line. You also get the opportunity to experiment with new technology without having to impact your environment or needing to buy new testing hard ware. It is also disaster proof which helps save cost if ever something wrong were to happen.

    Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from using AWS as one of every business’ goal is to reduce cost where ever possible. AWS ensures this and as such can add value to such businesses be it the oil and gas, banking or retail industry. It will be beneficial to sole proprietors who operate on a small scale especially if new. It gets one ready for the ever competing business world while providing assistance especially if you are an amateur to technology. It will also be beneficial to e commerce businesses as data is kept secured and is managed properly.

  12. Loraine Menicoche-Moses

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is another internet opportunity offered by AWS is a web service that provides cloud computing, which is an “on-demand delivery of Information Technology resources from the internet.” Any business can easily signed up for the AWS and have immediate access to a servers and run applications in the cloud, also website that are easy to create and manage. The AWS it is very affordable and a company does not need a large budget as there is no upfront cost and the use pays only for what they use. There are some free services such as storage and archives. There is resources available from AWS that will keep the sites running well. AWS offers great benefits to businesses by providing a low cost access to cloud computing. Once they have AWS on their side, then they can access the applications and website quickly and there is no waiting time.
    AWS would be a great resource for small businesses, sole proprietorships, and not for profit organizations such as Friendship Centres. Also, it can be useful for non government organizations such as First Nations organizations. It would reduce the costs for these companies such as costs involved in updating of applications and the technical assistance services. These companies can use their time and resources in building up their business or working on their program delivery and keeping the clients and customers informed of their latest developments.

    1. Hayden Rintoul

      1. AWS is short for Amazon Web Services and it allows you to build and scale web applications easier. They believe that we have good ideas that can solve real problems and they have good developers to make your idea a reality. Amazon web services allow you to run your application in the cloud to get the benefits of low cost infrastructure. They control the resources and start building application technology familiar with many virtual servers to choose from that are right for you. With AWS you get to choose the operating system, tools, and language that is right for you. AWS gives you the opportunity to have someone control you web applications for you if need be. AWS doesn’t take part in long term contracts so you only pay for what you use. The reason AWS is because of the flexibility and customization that it gives itself the opportunity to be useful to a wide variety of people. I think that AWS can be useful for many types of companies and organizations because of what it has to offer. It would be extremely useful to companies just starting out as it is low-cost and extremely flexible in the way that the company only has to pay for what they are using. Pretty much any company can receive benefit from using AWS as it is becoming the way of the future for not only businesses but social interaction and recreation. AWS provides the opportunity to run all these different applications while keeping the cost low which catches the eyes of a lot of businesses.

  13. Nothando Ngwenya

    Amazon Web Service is a collection of computing services that make up a cloud computing platform offered over the Internet by It enables the user to run his/her application “in a cloud”, at a low cost, using flexible infrastructure and the tools and skills that he/she already has, to deliver sophisticated level applications. This application is effective and efficient because it is open to just about anyone who wants to use it and the users have complete control over the resources that they may wish to use. It can be personalised as one uses whichever database one prefers. its efficiency is reflected in the fact that the Amazon staff operates utilities and other services whilst the user only has to concentrate on storing their data. Its importance lies in the fact that there is a secure way in which to store data as an act such as changing a storage method that may be detrimental in other cases, has almost no effect on Amazon Web Service. This means that Amazon Web Services may be the new secure method for individuals, social groups, corporations, etc. to be able to store their data. It may be useful in the health sector where, daily, babies are born, patients are attended to-admitted and discharged from hospitals-and others are dying etc.. This generation is filled with people trying to find their ancestors or loved ones in one way or another, and, if information such as birth and death records is stored in such a manner, it would be very useful for people to find. Also with natural disasters that seem to be occurring more often, these institutions would lose their records if it is stored only within their individual databases. Having it on one that can be accessed from anywhere provides security, especially since the health sector is huge and includes whole populations.

  14. Megan Plummer

    Amazon Web Services allows businesses and individuals to build and maintain applications in the way the want to and need to. Amazon Web Services allow the user to maintain control of their personal resources and obtained information that is valuable to them. It is virtually hassle free as it is a simple design, it is secure and they even allow you the option of having someone manage the application for you. Amazon Web Services allows the individual to create this by using a cloud interface. By using the cloud it reduces the customers cost and allows for a flexible infrastructure. The user is also able to access other resources they may not have been able to before. They also allow the client to choose the operating systems, language and tools you find appropriate for their application.
    I think that Amazon Web Services has a high chance of being able to successfully penetrate the small business sector. It is low cost as you aren’t forced to a contract; you only pay for what you use. It’s extremely flexible in the sense of customization that it allows the user; it is highly adaptable to suit their individualistic needs. It can also be managed for you, and with the high stress of a new business it would be ideal for a new owner. It can also shrink or expand with the success of the company. Amazon Web Services is truly ideal for this sector.

  15. sophia burgess

    Amazon web services is a service which allows to run your application in the cloud to build and scale your web application. You are able to do this for very little cost and there are various options to choose from.Everything from servers, operating systems,tools and storage databases. Not having any contracts with AWS is also a favorable aspect for companies because they are not locked in .AWS is important because it allows businesses/users to have faster/cheaper access to those services than if they were to build their own server farm. Another reason why AWS is important is that it provides autoscaling. This is important because it can handle a large increase traffic but at the same time it can turn off resources when not needed. This helps with keeping costs down. Being in control of being able to only have to pay for what you use is beneficial for companies because they can put that money towards other things. I especially think AWS is good for small companies because, this allows them to save money and have their applications taken care of without investing in other programs and employees to do the work. You can choose between many servers which make it flexible and customizable. This allows the business to focus more on their application while AWS takes care of the work needed to run your operation.

  16. Chelsea Minor

    Amazon Web Services allows businesses and individuals to build and maintain websites and applications exactly to their needs. With AWS you get complete control of your resources. It offers many servers, in which you can pick which server or servers best fits you. AWS also provides you with the option of having someone manage your web applications for you. AWS gives the ability to choose the operating system, tools, and language that are right for you. By providing their services through a cloud, it reduces the cost and time one may spend doing a project. AWS does not provide long term contracts which allows you to only pay for what you use. This sort of system is important because of its high flexibility and custom design for every users needs.

    I think that AWS will most benefit home-based business and sectors such as schools and healthcare systems. For home-based businesses it will allow you to compete with larger businesses because it is customized to your needs and the low cost attached to AWS. With the ability for someone to manage it for you, your time may be well spent working on other parts of your business which may help it grow. For sectors such as schools and healthcare it allows many servers which may expand or shrink with demand. This may be very appealing to schools because students have the summer months off, meaning they would lower their cost because with AWS you pay for what you use. AWS seems to be perfect for helping companies with the technology world as it is always growing and changing.

  17. Jared Arsenault

    1. What is AWS (Amazon Web Services) and why is it important?
    Amazon Web Services helps business to create and maintain a website. They make it easier and more efficient for internet start-ups to access the web. AWS uses a cloud server to provide all of the necessary tools required to create and maintain a webpage. Where AWS differentiates themselves from other web designers is that they are able to completely match what their customer is looking for with different platforms, applications, usage cycles, database capabilities. This translates into complete freedom for the customer as they are able to manage daily usage and decide exactly what ends up on their webpage. This is important because it helps companies that want to access the internet market for the first time. AWS’s cost effective and unique strategies easily differentiate them from their competitors.

    2. What potential applications do you see for AWS and in what industries will this add the greatest value?
    AWS’s is focusing on a part of the market that may currently have restricted web access because of cost or feasibility. AWS is able to provide only the services that are required by the customer and since all the data is stored within a cloud there is minimal start up time and initial outlay. The customer can have a customizable webpage that is unique to their company and can change with the market and the demand of the business. I think AWS will make it possible for many new players to enter the internet world though their ease of access and capability to out- perform their competitors.

  18. Kelly Bateman

    AWS enables users to run applications in the cloud and has the benefits of having a very low cost and much flexibility. AWS allows control of resources and variates in virtual servers, language, tools and operating systems. Those aspects of AWS are very attractive in the eyes of a user. I think it is very important for a user to feel at ease, especially with technology based systems and the options that AWS offers definitely seems to create that.
    I think any business (or user) that needs a little bit of help stepping into the technology world filled with databases and a lot of other massive components, would benefit greatly from using AWS. It makes resources available right away and it makes it so the user can experiment, but not worry about all the hard stuff that follows. I think a major advantage is that it provides autoscaling, so the traffic can increase, but can also turn off when slow. I think users will benefit substantially because AWS can do all, or most of the supervising.

  19. Brenda Norn

    AWS is a web service that allows businesses to utilize to their service to create a website to help them with advertising, promoting and data storage at very low costs with lots of flexibility and individualization. The great benefits of AWS service is you do not need to be extremely technical or have a back ground in IT to utilize this service because you leave all the hard work to AWS and they will do it for you. If there are issues with the website you don’t have to worry about fixing it yourself because AWS will take care of that part. This allows you to have more time to spend working in your business and making money. The service is available to you right away so you don’t have to wait for set up times and you can promote your business and have customers log into your website right away. You will also have access to a number of resources and there are no upfront costs and if you sign up they will give you a number of other services for free. Without information services this type of service would not be available and businesses would have to spend more money on advertising, it is more time consuming to do it your self so by using this service you can spend more time with your customers. There are virtual services so there is a lot of variety in the information you can chose from and this type of service does not require a large database that is how the company can keep the costs down and provide you with good services with no upfront costs. This is opening doors for businesses and allowing people to create a website much more efficiently.

  20. Josh MacNevin

    Josh MacNevin

    AWS is an information system that has a practical use for businesses in a world that is moving more and more towards this exact model of doing business. Being a cloud based network, AWS allows for quick and easy access to information. A business can get their applications and data to the masses quickly, easily and cheaply with an enormous amount of flexibility. If the business grows unexpectedly, AWS can accommodate easily. Also visa versa, if people stop using a specific application AWS can adapt.

  21. prashant malik

    Amazon web services enables one to run his applications on a cloud based network, which means one gets the benefits of low cost, flexible infrastructure with an ability to use existing tools & skills to deliver sophisticated skillful applications. Amazon Web Services is a way for website entrepreneurs to get their apps and data out there so that everyone can use them easily and efficiently. The benefits of AWS are:
    1) With AWS, you get a complete control of your resources with which you start building your applications with the existing technology with which you are familiar with.
    2) Also, AWS provides a vast selection of servers to choose from. With AWS, you get an opportunity to choose your own operating system, language and tools that are right for you.
    3) AWS also manages database for you. With AWS, you get to focus on your web applications, whereas AWS takes care of the work needed to run the applications which reduces ones work load. Also, AWS make the necessary resources available right away so that the project time lines are shortened and hence you get more time for marketing.
    4) AWs also helps to save the money as there is no upfront costs and no long term contracts.
    5) AWS also provides auto scaling. This means that your applications on the cloud server can be elastically expanded or shrinked according to your needs (This means you get to control huge amount of traffic).

    I think, it can add greatest advantage to non profit sector such as schools and also to health care industries.AWS allows companies to put their products to market much quicker and more cost effectively, which in return will increase profits.

  22. Shane Grant

    What is Amazon Web Services and why is it important?

    Amazon Web Services is a cloud based business that is set up to help people with application services and help expand their business and help with what is needed to make the application successful. They provide different low costs, flexible infrastructure. You get complete control over your resources and get the tools that you are most familiar with to help you build your application. You can store it on any data base. They also offer with AWS relational data base service to help manage your data base for you. They take care of all work needed to operate your business so you can focus on bettering your product. They give you availability to resources that will help you grow. Provides auto-scaling that elastically grows and shrinks with demand, meaning it can increase with resources when needed as well as turn off resources that are not needed when the demand shrinks.

    It is important that this type of business exists because how relevant applications are becoming. Applications are becoming the way of the future and how things are getting completed in everyday life. There is an application for any need to be met wither it be getting your banking done, looking up cooking recipes, games for the kids or any other need that can be accessed at the tip of your fingers in an instant. AWS can also give companies a competitive edge as they supply more recourses and management services then an application of a company that doesn’t use AWS.

    1. Delaney Showers

      AWS is an information system that runs in the cloud. This system runs off of various virtual servers that allows one to choose the one they believe will work the best to fit their needs. Its benefits of low cost, flexible infrastructure and complete control of resources help to develop applications with the technology one is familiar and comfortable with. It takes care of your operations and makes the resources available right away benefitting the user in an effective, efficient and costly fashion. With the special feature of auto scaling as well as the quick access to resources it provides a solid competitive advantage for other companies in this industry. AWS is a prime example of an application that is trending worldwide to provide its users to with an affordable and easy to use system thus making it beneficial for them. I believe AWS importance derides in them managing web applications for a company to be more efficient and productive in the future. Especially with all of its special offers of no contracts and pay per use makes it easier and affordable for companies of all different sizes to buy into their information system for their business.

      I believe that AWS will benefit non-profitable organizations such as schools, universities, and government facilities. Since these industries tend to be fairly large, using AWS to help organize their databases will help these organizations flow more efficiently and effectively without any hassle. Although they don’t necessarily have any products to put on the market, these databases can help them keep track of student files, financial statements, and law and bylaw documents. It will increase their productivity and accessibility helping them benefit and saving them a lot of time and money in the long run.

  23. Anton Golubin

    Well, at first AWS is not a revolution service in the field which now called as “Cloud Service”. Cloud Services is another small ( or not small) step to ” the flat world” and another part of Globalization 3.0. However in comparison to previous steps this one consern not people around the world – at this time hardware was involved in globalization processes.Hence any person ( or businees ) do not need to buy expensive computers and laptops for their work in order to use the potential of these computers only in 10-15% of the total amount of their work. All other time they do not need as much performance as hi-end computers and laptops can provide them with so it seems like waste of money. Cloud Service can help people and business organizations save their money and spend it more wisely by literraly renting perfomance from some particular companies.
    As for AWS and their Cloud Servise i want to repeat it again in my own opinion they cannot offer anything new in CS market exsept price. For example, you have to pay only 2$ for 20 GB on AWS while its opponents want the sme price for 15 GB. The problem with AWS is that they do not support as many platform ( espesially mobile that in our “mobile age” is a big disadvantage) as other companies which offer the same services.
    In my opinion such sirvices like AWS will be very popular in the future especially among small business companies because they do not have so many data to care about ( aka security problem) they do not have so many capital to invest into buying expense work stations and servers. As for big companies especially banks, mobile carriers and so forth i do not think that many of them will risk to chage from hardware to cloud service. The reasons of it is that at this moment nobody can guarantee security of data on the cloud storages ( if you want to use virtual hardware you also have to use vitual storages) and the second reason is that the current speeds of intrenter connection can not guarantee high speed of data transfering, so even if you bought a huge amount of “virtual hardware” on AWS but your Internet connection would be in the region of 20 mb for 100 people it would not work due to low speed of data transfering. And the other reason why banks and other companies which process personal data will not use AWS is that their need all their data literraly at hand. From my work experience in other country ( Russia ) mobile carriers want to provide this service for other companies so i would not expect them among users of virtual services.
    In conclusion:
    – Services as AWS is a great step toward next stage of globalization at this moment in hardware.
    – In my opinion AWS is the best choice for small companies or for individual users for others it will be the best to use Google WS or even Egnyte WS ( which in my opinion the best at the moment) as they support more mobile platforms.
    – AWS and ohter services like it provide a great opportunity to save money and spend them much more wisely but not for everubody
    – Web Services are not for companies which tend to process personal data because WS can not provide end users with high level of privicy and security , and depend on the Internet speed
    – If i had a choice at this moment to buy top notch laptop or use AWS i would buy a laptop the samy for my own company ( if i had one). Because we still have to wait a couple of years use AWS in 100%.

  24. Mia Angelica Alcantara

    1. What is AWS (Amazon Web Services and why is it important?
    Amazon Web Service is a collection of hosted services offered by Amazon through the internet that was designed to provide a scalable, low cost infrastructure, application hosting and software solutions to their users. Through Cloud Computing, it is able to offer 6 Service Types:
    a. Application hosting,
    b. Backup and Storage,
    c. Content Delivery,
    d. Web Hosting,
    e. Enterprise IT and
    f. Databases

    Cloud computing is basically making either/and infrastructure, software, platforms available to a variety of end users at any particular time through the web without the need for each of the end users to set up their own servers and develop their own applications (which can be the same as those existing applications). It is making the IT component a commodity and offering it as a service to its end users.

    I think that AWS is important because it is revolutionizing the availability of IT infrastructure and applications/software to common users. It has virtually levelled the common IT barrier (cost) for any business. For example, a start-up company, in order to compete with current established companies within their industry, will need to have software in almost all of their processes (benefits include increasing efficiency and productivity and enhance decision making as discussed during previous lectures). However, it will be hard for a start-up company to invest heavily on big servers, networks to support these applications. An application hosting service offered by AWS on the other hand will lower the cost needed to make the company up and running. They will not need to purchase software and new hardware for these applications. AWS has made it easily available for them and charging them only for what they use including upgrades in functionality. In a sense, AWS/Cloud computing has made IT affordable. Through clients sharing resources, it has lowered the cost of setting up and maintaining infrastructures and software. This allows companies to focus on building, growing and differentiating their businesses instead of setting up and maintaining their own IT infrastructures. It is also available instantly and allows immediate deployment or use.
    2. What potential applications do you see for AWS and in what industries will this add the greatest value?
    I think this will add the greatest value to the healthcare industry. Hospitals and clinics are not supposedly IT-focused, they focus on patient care. However, most hospitals and clinics rely heavily on real time and accurate information to make life-or-death decisions, which can be made easier through information systems (IS). It will take hospitals and clinics millions of dollars to set up and maintain a complex set of software and hardware for a comprehensive and complex Healthcare Information System. However, if there is a web service, solely focused on clinical applications, servers, patient security, etc., then there might be a lot more clinics and hospitals that would be able to afford these services and use these services to improve care delivery. Hospitals will not need to maintain IT departments. Maintenance and support can be included in the web service and cost can be minimal.

  25. Vanessa Kerychuk-Matus

    Amazon Web Services is a unique and affordable information system that entrepreneurs can use to build and scale web applications while expertly managing data needed to generate business intelligence. An intriguing aspect of this service is its accessibility. By providing services through cloud computing, AWS has reduced the costs and time commitments associated with implementing efficient and effective database and web application management. As a result, any individual, small business or large multinational organization will have access to similar markets and similar margins of profitability. This service represents a growing trend of globalization that permits businesses of all kinds to compete on equal footing. As such, businesses are able to focus on developing and perfecting the product they are hoping to introduce in the market as opposed to the more administrative project tasks associated with each step of product innovation. This type of information system, and others like it that will no doubt follow, will play a large role in the rapidly evolving technology revolution. Services such as AWS will, through increased competition and innovation, speed up the launch and use of better, more efficient and more cost-effective web applications available to consumers and businesses alike. In keeping with globalization trends, the comprehensive and user-friendly service will also provide an opportunity for stronger and more global inter-connectivity between individuals and between companies. It will be exhilarating to see what new inventions or services will come out of this process and how consumers and businesses will benefit from this type of information system.

  26. Cory Hoffner

    Amazon Web Services was created to give companies a flexible, and low cost program to manage their web applications. AWS enables running applications on the “cloud” which give users access from anywhere with an internet connection to access their web applications. A benefit of AWS, allows the user to store data on any database they wish and they can choose from one server, a large amount of servers or specialized servers to store data. AWS is important because it allows users to have complete control of their resources, instant access to their resources, and the ability to use their own operating system. By having AWS manage the web applications, the company can be more productive and efficient. Another big benefit of AWS is that there are no long-term contracts and the user pays for only what they use. By offering a “pay per use,” this enables companies of different sizes an affordable web application management system, especially smaller companies who may not have the resources or finances to implement this into their business structure.

    Companies that use AWS will benefit greatly as technology progresses into the future. By saving time and costs, AWS allows companies to put their products to market much quicker and more cost effectively, which in return will increase revenue. The benefits of running AWS in the “cloud” include increased accessibility, reduced capital costs, and increased productivity.

  27. Raeesa Jiwa

    AWS is an innovative way for companies to grow using their services and to maintain their websites and other data. The video adhered to a very simple design and explanation, reiterating the importance of having an informations system that is easy and accessible for all users. It also stresses the fact that information systems are such a large part of todays environment, that they are necessary even as customer are asleep; constantly working and operating to meet the needs of the business. The Cloud is something that is expanded on in this video, highlighting that AWS is a low cost, low infrastructure and low maintenance endeavour. These are all benefits that eliminate the myths that technology is expensive, requires expertise and a lot of resources which can help old companies to convert to more efficient practices in running their businesses.

  28. Sara Bieniada

    Amazon Web Services is an innovative opportunity for all kinds of businesses to launch and run the web applications and interfaces they so choose. There are a few very unique and useful attributes to AWS. For one, it is run on a cloud system, which dramatically reduces (if not eliminates) the risk of losing information and data. In a cloud system, the information is not tied down to or dependent upon a physical hardware. Rather, it is as if the information is “floating about” upon a cloud (hence the name). Not only is this a more reliable way of launching data and web applications, but it also reduces the need for physical space. Another attractive attribute about AWS is the fact that users pay on a per-use system, meaning that if they use more, they pay more, but if they use less, they pay less. This has the potential to save users a lot of money. This sort of service is important as it is highly flexible and adaptable to the needs of its users. Web operators do not need to alter and conform their already-made applications to fit AWS’ format, rather, AWS conveniently is compatible with a vast array of formats, languages, and platforms.
    This adaptability is what sets AWS apart. It is due to it that it is accessible and useful for both highly skilled, big-scale corporations, but also amateur, freshly-started home-based businesses. In my opinion, the greatest value from AWS will be given to home-based businesses. This opens up a world of possibilities, as they are able to perform on a level-playing ground with every business in the world. Through AWS, businesses like these have opportunities to market to the entire world, collect vast amounts of information on their customers, and in the end, make a large amount of profit.

  29. Rachael Stagg

    Amazon Web Services is a way for website entrepreneurs to get their apps and data out there so that everyone can use them easily and efficiently. Amazon Web Services is a way for people to run their applications in the cloud flexibly and at a lower cost. Individuals can use their own tools and skills on an expanded level. You are still able to use your own resources which makes building the applications easier because you can use software that you already understand and are familiar with. I think this is excellent for entrepreneurs that can sometimes be intimidated when entering the marketplace because this program allows them to start out with something that they already understand and know how to use which will make starting the application easier and less intimidating. As well AWS offers a large variety of servers, operating systems and languages. Another really cool thing about AWS is that it makes all of these resources available to you immediately which means you and your business never have to wait for something to come in. This allows you to practice with different programs and save a lot of money. As well AWS has the option to have AWS manage the database for you this allows you to focus on making you application great and not all the extraneous details. I think AWS would be ideal for small businesses that are sometimes hesitant to enter the big market because other, bigger companies appear to have the advantage, AWS actually levels the playing field for businesses of all sizes.

  30. Easton Smith

    Amazon web services is an application building and scaling service that operates ‘in the cloud’. This service offers many benefits to a business owner or entrepreneur by providing them with a means of efficiently and effectively running an online application. I also have never heard about Amazon Web Services before, but I love the idea of having a web service that allows the application to be run in the cloud. Cloud computing is relatively new and offers amazing benefits. My favourite aspect of AWS is that it provides autoscaling. By enjoying the benefits of autoscaling, the application will grow or shrink in relation to demand. This means that an increase in the amount of users can be handled efficiently, and resources not currently in use can be turned off automatically. This is a huge cost saving aspect that really benefits the creator of the application.
    I agree with Courtney in the sense that its amazing that AWS can manage the database you choose, so you don’t have to. This can help you focus on other aspects of your website such as making it user friendly, attracting the right people, and working on the marketing aspect of things rather than the technical side. The costs eliminated by AWS are extremely important for a business owner to gain the competitive advantage every business is striving for. There are many business people and entrepreneurs who have great ideas, without a means to really set their plans in motion. Amazon Web Services have not only created a platform on which to begin your online journey, but have created innovative tools to help your business launch into space. Weather you are a small business looking to get started in the marketplace and touch down on the moon, or a large organization looking to set course to Pluto spreading the word to each planet as you pass, AWS has just the system you need to customize your idea, and transform it into a reality. Just have an creative idea, and let Amazon take care of the rest! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that AWS will give you the competitive edge!

  31. Sidney Bouma

    Amazon Web Services gives businesses and individuals the ability to produce and manage their websites and applications. The fact that it is all in the cloud makes it even more versatile. This way the service is much more flexible and easier to use for most people. You don’t need to have a deep background in computers to understand this whole system. The cloud method also lowers cost dramatically since less physical equipment is needed. AWS gives users the power to decide on what servers they want to use. One thing that i found interesting was the choice users had. When they needed more storage and such, they could get it. But at the same time, they could turn that extra server off when it wasnt needed which lowers cost as well. I think that AWS will be very effective in many types of businesses. Companies that depend heavily on their websites for doing business will ver interested. They will be able to put their focus on other things and let AWS take care of their web services. Companies where time is money will also be interested because of the short time that AWS can deliver their services. Businesses usually need to hire more people to manage data and a website. AWS allows them to lower their employee cost substantially. New and start up companies will also be interested in AWS since they wont need to worry much about their website. They can trust that AWS is taking care of that and doing it better than they ever could. This will enable companies to grow their sales quicker than ever before.

  32. Dallin Harding

    Amazon web services seems to be an online database that helps you to manage your website. The beauty of it is that it seems simple enough that a stay-at-home business owner could run their website from it or even a large-scale company. From the description in the video, the service will automatically take care of all your memory needs. It provides a back-up memory, the memory used is only allocated according to what is needed, so users can save money on buying, managing, and updating their memory system.
    I think that AWS will tap into a lot of home-run internet business owners that don’t have the means or space to have a large computer database with needed software. People will be able to save time and energy learning and building their own database and instead focus on the tasks that make them money.
    A few other thoughts I would like to add. I haven’t heard of AWS before, but it seems like it has big potential in the market if it can get the right attention. Most people aren’t familiar with many kinds of software and computer languages, and thankfully with AWS you can use whichever software you are most comfortable with. This will open up this application to many users. It even allows you to choose what kind of memory and graphics you want your website to be run on, what server to save your data on, and the operating system that it is run on. Also, AWS seems like a perfect opportunity to open up your market.

    1. Courtney Minor

      Amazon web services enables you to run your application in the cloud which mean you get the benefits of low cost, flexibility and the ability to use your own tools and skills. I have never heard of AWS before but the thing that I found most intriguing was the flexibility. With AWS you can pick the server that right for you whether its one server, multiple different servers, or specialized servers. AWS also gives you the flexibility to chose the operating system, language and tools. Not only can you store it any database you would like, AWS can also manage the database for you. This flexibility that AWS provides attracts many different business whether it be small or big companies to deliver their websites or web applications.

      1. Courtney Minor

        Amazon web services enables you to run your application in the cloud which mean you get the benefits of low cost, flexibility and the ability to use your own tools and skills. I have never heard of AWS before but the thing that I found most intriguing was the flexibility. With AWS you can pick the server that right for you whether its one server, multiple different servers, or specialized servers. AWS also gives you the flexibility to chose the operating system, language and tools. Not only can you store it any database you would like, AWS can also manage the database for you. This flexibility that AWS provides attracts many different business whether it be small or big companies to deliver their websites or web applications.
        Companies can focus on making their websites attractive while AWS takes care of the work needed to run your operations so you don’t have to. The cost associated which running operations can be extremely high due to finding an operator, building a data centre, running facilities/utilities. All these costs are essentially eliminated by AWS since they do all of that for you. This low-cost way to deliver your website is another reason why many companies are now using AWS. Another benefit to AWS is that it makes its resources available right away, which means you are waiting, therefore your project timelines shorten and you can get to the market quicker. The quicker you are on the market the quicker your websites or web applications are being viewed by the public. This could result in many things including an increase in revenue if your website offers products.

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