Amazon Web Services Websites

Description:  Learn about how Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a cloud computing solution for businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations with a flexible, highly scalable, and low-cost way to deliver their websites and web applications.

Source: AWS Cloud

Date: Sept 4, 2013


This short video helps explain the benefits of running your website on Amazon Web Services. You’ll learn about the low-cost, pay only for what you use pricing model and the elastic scalability that helps you match your resources to the demands of your users. You’ll also find out about the flexibility you have to run any software you want and how this can help you get your website to market faster.  READ REST OF STORY 

Questions for discussion:

1.  What is AWS (Amazon Web Services and why is it important?

2.  What potential applications do you see for AWS and in what industries will this add the greatest value?



18 thoughts on “Amazon Web Services Websites

  1. ...

    Amazon web service becomes global and convenient; such as people from Different countries can choose their own language. More and more people register and use this web service to develop their own career. What is more, Amazon web services support kind of functions: prepare your resumes, no contacts there, no additional costs, free databases access, free storage, and so forth.
    Amazon web service (AWS) is an e-commerce with low cost way to use resources online. Amazon web service is a successful online company. The reasons why it did so well: first, they knew the e-commerce and internet very well; second they like challenges, that accept the challenges to make it so well; third, they knew their goals and they put effort to achieve that goal; fourth, they created a good internet brand for themselves; fifth, they supported good offers to attract and maintain customers, such as discount activities and a variety of selections; sixth, they supported good services to delivery; seventh, they would like to learn new technologies and put it in actions; finally, they keep developing their future prospects.
    I think many companies need to use amazon web service to do a budget about the business. They may use amazon web service to check some other related database, like the resources of their suppliers. Also, some company, they would use online paying service. They could use amazon web service to record the result of what they have done for the past.

  2. Amber Siemens

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables you to help run your business and/or website in the cloud. This means you can get the benefits of efficiency, accuracy, and consistency at a low-cost, with a flexible infrastructure with the ability to use your existing tools and precise scalable web applications, With this program, you are able to have complete control with technology that you are most comfortable with. With the amount of different virtual servers to pick from you can find a server that fits best for your company. It does not matter if you need a small or large server to work with. You can choose servers that offer maximum disc space, lots of memory or even special graphic chips. They have created flexibility within the operating system, languages, as well as the tools that you need for your company. They have marketed their system in a way that it can do what ever it would like for the best efficiency for your company. AWS puts your information in immediately, so that your project times can decrease and you can get to the market faster. They have a lot to offer to give you the absolute benefit. They will do auto scaling, whether it is to shrink or to grow with demand. They offer low-cost, no contracts, and you only pay for what you actually use.
    In my opinion, I would say a lot of industries would benefit from this technology. Retail, Wholesale Companies, Financial Sector as well as Health Care, These industries have become so big, that a system like AWS could help them with efficiency in their company as well as maximizing profits. The organization that would come from this would be extremely beneficial when it comes to managing all types of information.

  3. Paul Hruby

    Gah! Amazon web services is a cloud based web application service which has access to huge amounts of specialized servers, storage areas, computing platforms, etc. all connected to the web. It’s a lot like google drive and google docs, except amazon is simply offering the computers/servers/processing power for other users to develop their web apps for use in their cloud services. It’s like being able to get your server setup without having to find a building or buy the computers, amazon already has those, you just have to pay to use their services. This is nuts! Now those brilliant idea web designers with no place to house their servers can pay amazon and not have to put down the huge investment right at the start to get their service up and running. This is going to be intensely useful in every industry, not just service industries but suppliers who are looking to go paperless, anyone, even grocery stores who are looking to upgrade their servers will be able to utilize this instead of having to build a huge system. This will dramatically increase the updates of companies in terms of technology, because although costing more in the long run this ability to constantly upgrade and update to newer or better servers allows greater room for development and expansion. What I mean is this is like leasing a car, you’re always going to be paying a car payment, but you get a sweet upgrade in car every so often, except now its companies ability to upgrade the performance of their technology serves/uses! This is amazing! I work for a company which uses an ancient program to get there MIS handled on old, crappy, servers. The cost of finding a new server/buying & starting up when results in us still using this piece of junk. With amazon, they’re such a massive operation already that it’s not such a huge cost to upgrade their servers and offers, plus it looks like they’re also just connecting everyone to the correct places to get the proper computers needed. This will even be good for big data! Crazy!

  4. Jessica Larsen

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a hosting service that creates a way to scale up resources once you have created a program so it can be provided to everyone. It allows applications to be run in the cloud which gives the advantages of low cost and flexible infrastructure. It makes the building and scaling of web applications easier through businesses having complete control of resources to build the application, so they can use existing tools and skills that are most familiar to them. There are multiple types of servers from small servers to large clusters of servers or servers specialized with things like lots of memory or graphics chips for businesses to choose from. The choice of OS, language, or tools is left up to the customer, so they can choose the right one for them. Customers can also choose what database to store data on or let AWS manage the database for them using the relational database service (RDS). AWS will take care of the work needed to run the operations of customers so they can focus on creating a great web application. AWS also gives access to a numerous amount of resources to keep a business running well, and always auto scales for changes in demand. AWS will take care of managing the database, so that businesses can focus on creating apps.
    I think that AWS would be great for start-up companies because AWS will take care of managing the database and the high costs that come with doing so. They also have a greater knowledge and resources needed for managing a database. The resources would be especially hard to find in a start-up company with little money, so this would prove to be a good option.

  5. Stacey Ridler

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an operating system offering the benefits of cloud computing. AWS takes the high costs, IT manpower, and space needed to complete such tasks out of the equation so that a business can stay connected online. Whether it is storage or operations AWS helps companies to perform tasks at their own pace. Utilizing AWS servers, RAM, CACHE, and more this service provides an efficient streamline. This is important in the innovative ways that companies are functioning as well as helping with the volume, velocity, and variety of information businesses are collecting and needing to analyze. This AWS format could be just one of the start up’s linked to Big Data and the way businesses will control it. Systems like AWS are important for those companies who do not have the capital or manpower to keep their online portions successfully running. Small businesses are starting up everyday and the advantage of AWS is cost efficient, most businesses will want to gain online access immediately, this is where AWS will expand in my opinion. If the AWS expands they could be embarking on Big Data systems and larger companies may be quite interested in the advancements they might make. I think the industry to gain the most value with AWS will be the small business enterprises for now. Larger companies already employ IT Professionals who work with their current systems and servers. Although if AWS can show such companies like RBC how cost efficient AWS’s systems are, and also ensuring safety of the information a very large shift might begin to happen.

  6. Jericka Versikaitis

    AWS enables you to run your application in the cloud, which is low cost with the ability of using existing skills. AWS is catered to you and your needs in ways in the low hassle way of being all on-line. It can be accessed anywhere at anytime because of being on the cloud which is a huge positive. AWS is a product I think Governments, corporations, and institution’s would benefit by using because it allows them to share large amounts of information securely, while having very low IT costs. Having low IT costs would open up a new budget in other areas of the company. IT and storing data are extremely important with companies today, especially when they are looking to beat previous years records in financial goals, or sales, or stock, etc. It would be a good way to maintain a good company value and quality of sales/product without losing money. AWS also does not require anyone to have a large amount of skill in computers or technology as it stated they have ways of taking care of things for you if you need. This would also be very a positive for whoever may want to use AWS.

  7. Rémi Cizeron

    Amazon web services group offer different services that are totally on-line. These services are proposed to all in different countries.

    AWS could be use for different utilisations.
    It could be for a web provider so you can have a powerful calcul from the cloud or you can also use it as a storage system.
    They also propose some services for your data. They can collect them and analyze them. They can also achieve your filed for your company. They offer a lot of services that are completing each other’s.
    All these offers are “on demand” so a person who needs a thing can just take what she really needs. The consumer pay only for his consumption. So it is a real advantage for persons who have financial difficulties. Amazon really insist on the fact that their services are really simple to use, and really adaptable to all. We those service s you can have a quality and secured program, for reasonable prices.
    We could say that amazon is one of the best actor in cloud computing
    These services are very used by little start up that doesn’t have the budget for create their own or maybe don’t know how to use all these technologies.
    In my opinion they are doing the best choice of offering very elastics services which can be used by many different companies or institutions.

  8. Janine Hawkins

    AWS is a hosting service for websites and web applications. It allows companies to outsource the infrastructure demands of having a web site or web application. Additionally, users are able to choose what platform and features they want to use. Being able to choose your own platform will make it easier for the company to control their apps because they will likely have more experience on different platforms. Having the capability to choose your features will not only ensure the client gets exactly what they are looking for, but it will also save costs.
    I think a service like this would be great for start-up companies because they may not have the resources or knowledge to be able to host a website or web application. I think tools such as AWS could be useful in multiple industries. For example, a recent Kinesiology grad may want to start a website that features nutritional, motivational and exercise information for clients. This recent grads goal to make the world a healthier place doesn’t have to be halted because they don’t have any infrastructure knowledge. Instead they can turn to AWS to perform the backend work. Another example of an industry that may use AWS is a new accounting web application. Since the designers don’t have to worry about the infrastructure support of their application, they can focus on making the app as good as they can.
    I can see potential problems arising from using a service like AWS. For instance, if the AWS’ infrastructure fails it will affect the company’s web product. Additionally, it is unlikely that the amount of care going into the infrastructure of the web product would be as good as if you completely supported the website or web application yourself.

  9. Dani Rasmussen

    AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, which gives individuals or businesses the opportunity to construct and run there your own applications at low costs and with no waiting period. It offers a wide range of features that you can choose from such as choosing the kind of server you want, the flexibility of choose the operating system, language and tools you please. AWS allows you to control your resources and build applications in the cloud, with technologies that you are most familiar with. For users that do not want to manage the applications themselves, AWS offers you the choice to allow AWS to manage and run the database for you making it that much simpler. It allows storage so you not only can create the applications but store them there as well. Amazon Web Services offers huge opportunities to small business owners because of the ease of access and flexibility that AWS provides. It offers consumers a low cost while sharing numerous resources they can benefit from. It makes these resources available instantly so it does not affect businesses project time lines. This would provide small business owners the greatest value because AWS offers Auto-scaling so your application can expand and shrink with demand so that resources will be turned on and off when they are and are not being used so that consumers will only be paying for what they are using. All of these features that Amazon Web Services offers will allow small businesses to gain a competitive advantage amongst competitors because they will be able to dominate when demand is high but still remain in business when demand is low.

  10. yuxuan.hou

    based on information that this video provided, AWS is the short of Amazon Web Services, is a collection of remote computing services that together make up a cloud computing platform, offered over the Internet by Amazon Web Services is a service that provides by Amazon to let its customers get competitive advantage of cloud computing to accommodate their business needs. The most central and well-known of these services . The service is advertised as providing a large computing capacity (potentially many servers) much faster and cheaper than building a physical server farm. why Aws is so important in the current social life, there are many reasons, The most important feature in AWS is its flexibility. All the services work and communicate together with your application to automatically judge demand and handle it accordingly.the second is Deployment Speed,

  11. mina omidian

    Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a tool that people and companies can use to create websites by using a cloud computing technology, which is all done wirelessly through the web and all the data is stored online. Companies that are using Amazon Web Services can use different tools and language settings, servers allowing the customer to be creative with how they want to set up their site. Amazon Web Services is very helpful for those people that have little to no web designing background and need an easy way to get there business online.Amazon Web Services is great because it is affordable for any one that is starting up a company or just does not want to invest to much money into a website.Amazon Web Services is helpful to many companies because of how easily everything is accessed through the internet and practically every smart phone, computer and tv has a cloud device of some sort to help access any files that you need. the nice thing about Amazon Web Services(AWS) is that it has no huge startup fee but it is more of a pay as you go type of a pay plan. so what you use is what you pay for which is why it is so cost efficient for any company using it.
    Amazon Web Services is good for any industry but especially the marketing one. any marketer will have an advantage using Amazon Web Services because of the costs and ease of advertising and creating a site that will appeal to the consumer.

  12. Shawn

    Amazon Web Services is a by-product of new and improved information systems and like Big Data is another innovation in that field. It is a collection of remote computing services that together create a cloud computing platform (Wikipedia). It is offered by the very large and well known internet kingpin and it is meant to provide users with larger computing capacities that work faster and are cheaper building a server farm. AWS is an extremely neat and innovative idea because it allows users to run their application effectively and at a low cost without sacrificing quality. The fact that you can put your information on a “cloud” and it just stays there no matter where you go is very fascinating. AWS is a product that I feel Governments, large corporations, universities and other institution’s would benefit by using because it Allows them to reduce overall IT costs, share large amounts of information securely and divert infrastructure investments to other areas because of low monthly costs. Companies can divert their data center investments to new and innovative products because cloud computing is so effective and cheap. So much money and time is put into IT and data infrastructure because it plays a vital role in the new world. If companies can save money without losing quality it seems like an easy decison to use AWS. In today’s world costs are always going up and its very rare to find a product that can save you money without sacrificing quality so that to me is very important going forward into this new age of technology.

  13. Xiao Yang

    Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a platform that enables users to run their applications in the cloud and has the benefits of having a very low cost and flexible infrastructure. Amazon Web Services allow the users to maintain control of their personal resources and varieties in virtual servers. They can use their own tools, skills which they are already understand and most familiar with to help them build their application. Amazon Web Services offer a large variety of servers, operating systems and languages. Amazon Web Services allow the users to store data on any database they wish, and they can choose from one server, a large amount of servers or specialized servers to store data. AWS is important because it allows users to have a faster access to those services than if they were to build their own server farm. In addition, AWS provides auto-scaling which can increase with resources when it needed as well as turn off resources when the demand shrinks.
    Actually I haven’t heard of AWS before. I think AWS is a great invention for most people. Because most people are not familiar with computer. Also, AWS seems like a great opportunity to open up the market. I think new companies will be interested in AWS even if they lack of technical expertise about website. All in all, AWS can save time, increase efficiency and reduce cost in flexible way.

  14. Bailey Bruised head

    Amazon web services (AWS) allows you to track your web application in the cloud which helps you save money and is flexible. With AWS you get complete control over your resources, which allows you to store it any type of database that you choose or you can use amazons RDS. Its helpful in a way that you know it will always be in one place and you can retrieve it right away. AWS allows you to experiment with different new architecture and technologies with having to impact or ruin your web application, it saves time and money and if you need to make it bigger you can easily do that as well as make it smaller when your resources aren’t being used it automatically shuts them off and if your web application goes viral it is able to handle the capacity by growing larger when the demand is high. AWS is simple to use, very helpful, and very money efficient.
    The most potential application I see for AWS is small businesses that are new to retailing and have the need to market their products or services. The low cost to use this technology is very vital for new small businesses or any business. The fact that a person is able to use all kinds of resources it very helpful, also being able to access it anywhere is a bonus because everyone today uses computers to complete work or tasks related to their business.

  15. mogounn ornella cleone

    Amazon web services is a developer offered by amazon aimed at making our ideas a reality. It makes scaling and building web applications easier , enables us to get the benefits of low cost and flexible infrastructures.with amazon web services, you could get complete control of your resources and start building your application with the technology you are most familiar with. you can pick the kind of server which is good for you whether you need very small or a large cluster of services.This service proofs to be very advantageous for companies, for it does nearly the greatest part of the information technological work and its services are offered at low cost.That is, you only pay for what you use.This could greatly boost the impact of a companies efficiency thereby making it more competitive in the market place.
    AWS takes care of the work needed to run an organizations applications so you could never have to worry about managing a sever or building a data server,running facilities and services.considering all these advantages offered by AWS, your project time management is controlled which helps in reducing work load,gives you access to a vast amount of resources so you do not need to have a big budget, thereby positively impacting an organizations control over cost, efficiency and productivity.
    Further ,this service will be of great help to new or small businesses who are not used to the technological improvement, as AWS covers a great deal of the technological work load .Also, it is less costly and thanks to its elasticity, easily adjusts to any eventual increase or decrease in demand.Getting started with AWS is easy.

  16. Simone Olmstead

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is essentially a way to operate your business such as financial, retail or real estate , store data or even photos. It allows you to have quick and flexible access to IT resources. Amazon Web Services Cloud computing is basically allowing their customers to have delivery of IT resources through the internet with low cost pricing. AWS cloud computer the customer receives their applications within minutes, instead of weeks with the traditional way. With this super fast and flexible technology it will allow for business both new and established to quickly change or experiment with different applications whenever and from wherever they want. I think this gives companies using this technology at a huge advantage because it allows them to always be cutting edge. The pay as you go pricing I think will draw in a lot of customers because if your just starting up a business you want to keep your overall expenses down. It also is appealing to customers for the reasons that there is so many ways to personalize it to their own specific needs. There is a huge advantage to the customer to being able to chose what they want and allowing AWS to take care of the rest. There’s little stress, virtually no waiting, and information is given to you in real time. Also the sign up is easy, no contracts and pay only for what you use.

  17. Adam Houtekamer

    Amazon Web Services is a service offered by Amazon to allow its clients to take advantage of cloud computing to accommodate their business needs. This is done through Amazon’s own servers allowing the client to remove the tasks and limitations that come along with operating their own. Therefore companies that want to run their application through a server can simply upload their code to their Amazon Web Server and operate it through the service. Also Clients can use amazon web services as a storage facility for its information, this prevents the risk of losing the information in-house and the space it takes up on their hard drives. Perhaps you want to have a website for your company, this is possible through the service. This service is important because it allows companies to easily access information technologies that meet their needs without the hefty start up cost.
    The most important potential application for Amazon Web Services is their ability to allow small-scale developers bring their products to market and increase their potential to be successful. The service operates on a pay-per-use scale and therefore there is no hefty initial startup cost of purchasing servers and if the program does not become successful they do not become a sunk cost. Further it has the ability to adjust to the demands of a program and is ready as soon as your program is. This means that all you need to get to market is a great idea and the ability to code it. Once you’re finished you can subscribe to the service and begin operating immediately.

  18. Jodi Berry

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps companies create websites that are more affordable by using cloud computing technology. Customers are able to choose which servers, operating system, database, tools and language that they want or are familiar with, which helps to differentiate themselves from competitors. AWS is great for people who lack any web background or experience, because they do a lot of the IT work for you, at an affordable price. AWS runs in real time, so you avoid set up times and can get your website out to consumers as fast as possible. AWS provides an auto-scaling feature that elastically grows and shrinks with demand. This means that it can increase resources when needed and turn off resources when they not needed or demand shrinks. AWS can help companies become more efficient and productive. All of these things make AWS very accessible to new customers.
    AWS will help small businesses who at the moment can’t afford to go viral due to the cost, or the time restrictions. AWS helps these consumers go live in days at a cost that is reliant on traffic to the website. It also will help with businesses that can’t afford or don’t have IT experience due to its ease of use and added help in the IT department straight from AWS. I think its greatest value added will be in the small business sector because it will help companies who couldn’t before go live on the internet and open up more business to them.


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