A $1 BillionBet by Disney on Technology to Track Theme-Park Visitors

Description: Jason McInerney and his wife, Melissa, recently tapped their lunch orders onto a touchscreen at the entrance to the Be Our Guest restaurant at Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort and were told to take any open seat. Moments later a food server appeared at their table with their croque-monsieur and carved turkey sandwiches. Asks McInerney, a once-a-year visitor to Disney theme parks: “How did they know where we were sitting?”

Source: businessweek.com

Date: March 7, 2014


Change is always tricky for Disney, especially at its parks, where introducing a new brand of coffee can spark a revolt by fans. Unhappy mouseketeers last year began a petition drive to keep Disneyland in January from pulling the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show after 21 years (it didn’t work). Others marched on the park’s City Hall in 2004 after recalibrations made to the Mad Tea Party ride in the name of safety slowed it down.

MyMagic+ promises far more radical change. It’s a sweeping reservation and ride planning system that allows for bookings months in advance on a website or smartphone app. Bracelets called MagicBands, which link electronically to an encrypted database of visitor information, serve as admission tickets, hotel keys, and credit or debit cards; a tap against a sensor pays for food or trinkets. The bands have radio frequency identification (RFID) chips—which critics derisively call spychips because of their ability to monitor people and things.  READ REST OF STORY 

Questions for discussion:

1.  Why is Disney investing in this RFID technology and why is it important?

2.  What potential applications do you see for RFID technology and in what industries will this add the greatest value?

3.  Comment on the statement “critics derisively call spychips because of their ability to monitor people and things.


83 thoughts on “A $1 BillionBet by Disney on Technology to Track Theme-Park Visitors

  1. Tasha Silver

    1. Why is Disney investing in this RFID technology and why is it important?
    To quote Tom Staggs, head of the parks and resort unit, “a
    more immersive, more seamless, and more personal experience”. The amount of data that Disney is now able to collect from this investment is immaculate. They are able to not only do the things Tom says, but they are also able to use this data for future investments. They now know when a certain attraction may not be doing as successful because there is less traffic through that place. Disney could have probably assumed these types of assumptions but now they are able to put physical numbers to the assumptions.
    2. What potential applications do you see for RFID technology and in what industries will this add the greatest value?
    I think this technology is amazing for the entertainment industry, especially in the case that they are using it in currently; theme parks. Theme parks have tons of people, especially Disneyland, at any time in the day. It could be more difficult to track people on cameras and in person to see where they are going and the routes they take. Now this information can be seen at a push of a button. This data will definitely help the service industry, and if it has been chosen to be sold to marketers, it could help them in that department as well
    3. Comment on the statement “critics derisively call spy chips because of their ability to monitor people and things.
    Essentially that is what they are. The negative connotations that go along with this though are somewhat ridiculous. You are being tracked on the daily now with the amount of technology one has. If fallen into the wrong hands, this information can be used for negative things. This just brings up the question of security and the measures Disney is taking to make sure this type of data only belongs to them and it is almost impossible to breach this time of information. Again though, I don’t think personally that people need to worry about how long they spend at each ride being leaked into the wrong hands.

  2. Austin Vandal

    Disney can learn so much from what their customer are doing at their parks, and tracking their movements using RFID tags is one way they can track these customers. Specifically, by understanding how customers are using their park, and how specific segments are using their park, they are better able to understand the needs of customers. RFID technology is important because anything can be tracked now, and they will only become more accurate, and less expensive.
    I think that there are many applications such as shipping containers of high value, cars, keys, wallets and other consumer products. However, I think that it could also have some applications for tracking kids, or other loved ones to ensure their safety. I think that it would provide the most value in the agricultural industries, as it shows you where your livestock is. This allows farmers to better track them, as well as understand how they may be affecting each other’s health by their relative proximities. These chips could also be used as spy chips if needed because they are small and so easy to track, which is another application!

    I think that, we all carry phones which we know are always tracking our geographical location, and this data our phone collects is being sold by certain apps. So, in this instance I would say that Disney is acting ethically by tracking customer’s movements in their parks. I also think that the data is being used in order for them to understand how to better provide value to their customers.

  3. Franchesca Lee

    1. Disney is investing in this RFID technology because the spychips can monitor people and things. They invested the MyMagic+ electronic bands and the bands has RFID chips that would be able to track people. The track power of the magic bands is important for Disney’s $14.1 billion theme park and resort business. According to the article, the bracelets are called the MagicBands, which link electronically to an encrypted database of visitor information, serve as admission tickets, hotel keys, and credit or debit cards; a tap against a sensor pays for food or trinkets. Disney will benefit a lot if they keep investing this magic bands because it will be convenient for their customers while collecting their customers’ information, such as purchase habits and family information. Therefore, this technology is very important to Disney.

    2. The RFID technology will be more popular in the future because the companies can track their customers with the spychips technologies. They can find out what people like to go or to shop and eat, so that they could make different products and services available to the market. This technology will be very useful for the amusement park industry like Disney. It is because having this technology would allow people to spend money easier and would attack more new generation people to spend money and people tend to spend more money on entertainment, merchandise or food when spending money becomes easier. Thus, if amusement parks like Disney would continue to develop this technology, they will soon make a greater profit with it.

  4. Carter Gall

    1) I believe that Disney has started to use the RFID technology to better understand how customers are using their parks. They can gather more data on all aspects of an individuals spending habits, what rides they are going to ride, and what areas they accessed, by increasing this data they can use a better personalize every experience to every guest. Increasing customer retention and satisfaction at a lower cost
    2) I believe every service, entertainment and theme parks would greatly benefit from RFID. By better understanding what areas of hotels, rides, restaurants and parks these customers use companies will get a better understanding of what consumers are drawn to, and perhaps which areas they are avoiding or not using as much. This will make it easier to potentially change, renovate or replace certain areas of the park because the less used will have less of a reaction to renovations or replacements. I also believe that all companies could and will find benefit from RFID tags because it will increase the satisfaction of consumers if they can better personalize every experience.
    3) They in a way are spy chips, but are not being used for maleficent purposes. The information gathered is being used to improve the experience at the parks for their customers and increase satisfaction. I believe this is a good thing for both business and consumers. Business will save money on R and D, customer retention, and ensuring customer satisfaction. While consumers will have better deals, and a more personalized enjoyable experience

  5. Amber C

    Disney is investing into RFID in order to find where they are making the most profit, as well as to improve the customers experience by making it the best it can be, as well as the most personalized. If the customer is a repetitive customer, they will spend more. RFID is extremely effective because it tracks the customers hotel bookings, food occasions, items bought and this makes it much easier for Disney to create a personalized experience if they know what the customer wants. Disney can tell which things are popular vs unpopular, and focus on which things the customer wants to see. Disney is one of the largest and most well known companies, so with a bit of cash they are able to buy the RFID software, which is kind of like an investment as it will also make the company more valuable. Though many people are worried about their privacy, this information will improve the experience of people wanting to visit Disney. If customers can be made aware of RFID and become comfortable with it, I believe that the business will run smoother, customers will have a more pleasurable time. In order for a company to be on top, they need this to keep the company knowing the customers needs. No one realizes this, but this information is used everywhere whether it is different hotel chains, or even buses. If every company could afford this technology and put it to use, I am positive it would be everywhere!

  6. Mack S.

    Disney is investing in RFID technology so it can track and locate exactly where they can be making more money. By improving the customers experience so it is essentially perfect will create happy customers as well as opportunity for the customer desire/want to come back again. It is important because it has the potential to change massive industries and create a more simple experience for instance having this technology at airports would allow people to not have to wait in long lines but get through to their destination at the airport a lot quicker. While the technology is essentially a spychips people always seem to forget that phones always have had a pinpoint on your location same with using a credit card there is virtually no such thing as privacy of location anymore.

  7. John Arok

    I think,Disney is investing in AFID technology because it gives them an opportunity to attract more customers and provides great profits in return.Also AFID allows them to do some experiments in crowd control,data collections,and wearable technology that could change the way people play and spend at the most magical places in the world.Critic called them spychips because of their ability to motivate people and things.The idea is very creative,because of tracking every move people make.And it is also important because of tracking power.

  8. Ross Topacio

    Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags have many applicable uses. And in today’s world Orwellians call these tags, “spychips”; comparing them to the “Big-Brother is watching” of the popular 1984 novel. In order for a large company to efficiently research their own success, having the ability to monitor their consumers is crucial. Disneyland has already invested a large sum of money, a billion dollars towards the technology. Having these chips allows the company to collect data on where customers frequent most in parts of the day, which areas need more attention, and which parts are generally lacking. Such ability to analyze is only possible with these “magic bracelets” but due to some, they are seem as materials used to spy. They believe that these are used to monitor for much more “evil” intent, but I would like to believe, that like most people, and like most business, they just want to increase their profit. Contrary to the paranoid belief, though they could be capable of capturing data to “spy” on their customers, it makes more sense that they are using to go gather relevant data that they could in turn then use to increase their profit. Personally, I can admit that my knowledge of the company’s data mining capabilities could not be known, nor whether they sell it to third parties after their analysis. Myself, among other consumers can only hope that their sum of money was spend to make a better experience for us, and in return, gather more business and profits for them in the long run.

  9. Luc Nguyen

    Disney is investing in the RFID technology to make their visitor’s experience better and more personalized. This is extremely effective because it connects consumer’s movements, such as hotel bookings, restaurants visited, and items bought. By tracking a Disney consumer the analysts can determine consumer preferences which can enhance the overall experience a consumer can have with Disney. I think that by tracking customers movements especially when they are eating out or seeing attractions and going on rides, Disney analysts can see which attractions and restaurants are popular and which aren’t. By figuring out which one is visited the most Disney can fix the unpopular attractions in a way to reflect the ones which are doing positively. Disney is one of the biggest companies in the world and has a sufficient amount of money available to them, making the RFID affordable which will intern make the organization more profitable. There is a concern with security but because Disney is such a large organization I believe that Disney has the resources to figure out security solutions to put customers at ease when Disney is tracking them. My belief is that more theme parks (watersides, zoos, malls, etc) should try to implement RFID’s. They promote customers to act out of spontaneity and encourage customers to purchase different products and services they have to offer. This allows organizations to see what specific products are being bought, whats a hot item, what needs to maybe leave, what rides are being used, etc. I believe that this will truely be beneficial for Disney and that they will do more research into possibly implementing this in the future for them to control costs and to imnprove the overall experience a consumer has with Disney.

  10. Tyler Toews

    Disney has always been trying to improve their customer’s experience, and make going to their parks a vacation instead of a job. Their last big hit was their Fastpass system, and now they are investing in a new RFID technology called Magic+. Magic+ gives park-goers a wristband to store all the information they need in one place: identification, credit cards, ride reservation, park location, hotel keys, and more. This wristband allows for an even more integrated Disneyland experience that will make park-goers run into less complications on their stay, and potentially increase profits for the park. The RFID technology allows park-goers to simply tap their wristband against what they need access to whether it be food/gift store checkout, hotel locks, or ride reservation. RFID technology is being integrated into a lot more technologies too such as smartphones, credit cards, and smart-watches; however, this technology is often used very narrowly for everyday consumers often as a method of payment or tickets/pass identification. RFID can be used in many more scenarios, such as Disney using it for a key for your hotel room.
    RFID tech could be a great asset for travel and transit, if you have a travel card you could renew it monthly or yearly to get access buses and trains. Some places already have this technology for public transit, including Lethbridge, but it should be administered on a larger scale too. Identification is also huge are for RFID. For example clubs and bars could scan IDs to check for proper age, universities could track student IDs in order to quickly manage their information, along with many other possibilities. Some people will be sceptic of RFID technology and see them as invasive or spying, and they have every right to be. One of the big reasons RFID is not already widespread among many businesses is because of security issues; however, security is not overlooked for these kind of technologies and proper compensation should always be provided under any negative circumstance. RFID is a very useful technology that should be approached carefully and with security in mind, if consumers can be shown that RFID is safe then they will become accustomed to it.

  11. Caleb Moore

    Disney is investing in RFID technology because it allows them to be able to track and analyze their customers behaviour. RFID allows disney to know where each customer is at all times, it allows the to predict where they want to go and how much time they are spending at each ride or store. This enables disney to be able to move employees around the park at different times of the day to be able to better handle and serve their customers. It allow them to know which rides will be the busiest an at what time of day and it allows them to know which areas of the park may need cleaning due to the high density of activity in each specific area. RFID also allows customers to use their time more effectively. Instead of waiting in line for a ride or in line for food, customers can order their food and then sit down and because disney knows which RFID band is where in the park and who it is in the park the employees can arrive with their food without the customer spending their valuable time waiting. It makes the whole process of a disney park more efficient.

    The RFID bands are also called spy chips because they invade a users privacy in a way. RIFD’s relay information and so at a disney theme park whatever you do or where ever you go all that information is being constantly monitored. There is a lack of privacy by using these bands but the pay off is a greatly enhanced experience.

  12. Brady Hoffart

    RFID can be used for several different reasons. It can be used to provide security so less people sneak into the park and even those that do are more likely to be identified and asked to leave. It can be used to collect information on the restaurants and rides frequented most. It can also help provide better customer service for visitors to the park. Like being able to fast pass all your rides ahead of time before the trip, you can order food, and get on rides quickly without the need to wait in line, and even be able to pay ahead of time and scanning it off the RFID tags you get when you get there.
    Theme parks are not the only place where RFID could help. Brick and mortar retail stores could also help, making grocery lists out of past purchases on wearable tags. It already has started to be used within colleges and universities to track attendance. Also a similar idea of restaurants and hotels within the hospitality industry could use the same idea to check in and out as well as get orders from reservations much faster.
    It can provide much convenience; however there are critics because this would be spying on many aspects of an individual’s life. Though this is true the benefits mainly apply to the business world and few to the consumer. I believe that the benefit outweighs the loss of privacy, convenience provided this way would allow the business world to progress.

  13. Kristen

    Disney is incorporating the RFID chip so that it makes it more easier for Disney park visitors to be able to access the other attractions while for instance, waiting in lines. It works as a pass to be scanned then it gives the visitor a time frame of when the visitor can come back and just have the first priority of getting on the ride instead of waiting in a line. It also benefits the Disney parks by being able to sell more merchandise and make more of a profit from the smaller and more convenient items. I could see this RFID technology being greatly utilized in other theme parks were line ups are a great issue, and also maybe in big box shopping centers like Walmart and other shopping centers where queuing is an issue. I wouldn’t necessarily call the RFID chips a spy chip because they can be removed when you are not at the park. I have taken my family to the Disneyland theme park in California twice, and we all had a trip to remember. I think by being able to utilize this convenient technology we saved ourselves a lot of time and hassle, and got to enjoy more of our time on our vacation.

  14. Anna K.

    Disneyland is a popular travel destination for people from all over the world. In order to improve their reservation and ride planning system, Disney invests a whopping 1 billion dollars in the new MagicBands bracelets equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips which will allow the company to track interests and preferences of their entertainment park visitors. RFID system will allow for collection, analysis and application of vast volume of information on the park’s visitors and, ultimately, providing the best entertainment experience possible. On the one hand, the new MagicBand allows the company to collect data on every movement of the visitor, every purchase, and even their dining preferences. On the other hand, customers are rewarded with “a more immersive, more seamless, and more personal experience”.
    On the other side of the coin, the implementation of the RFID chips system in the “magic world” realized the goal of many governments on spying on their citizens in the “real world”, with the only difference being that the Disney World visitors are ecstatic upon receiving their well-packaged bracelets. Maybe, this is one of the best tactics for spying on people: luring them with entertainment, all the while gathering their personal information.
    Perhaps, a similar system to Paypal which will serve as a medium between companies and customers will provide mutually beneficial solutions. Although, there is no guarantee that the medium company will not make profits on the side by selling the information to the interested parties.

  15. Aaron Enns

    Disney investing in RFID technology is absolutely brilliant. As said in the article, Disney incorporated this technology into their wristbands, which is so undetectable, and the possibilities are endless. Wearable technology is a great solution for disney because of these endless opportunities. Imagine a wristband issued on arrival which allows you to do everything you want inside the park. No more lost wallets, hotel keys or kids! The fact remains people are typically monitored regardless of these so called “spychips” with cameras. Sure, wearing this technology may allow Disney to monitor your every move, but thats your move, during your experience, and therefore with that data, they can develop a strategy to make your return trip even better. Technology is here to help make decisions for us, this is one of those things that is innovative, not scary.

  16. Michelle McCaffrey

    The RFID is radio frequency Identification that uses chips to transfer data for identification and information attached to the object. Disney has incorporated this type of activity into their business through MagicBands, which allow customers to keep all their park tickets and meal plans on a bracelet and they just have to touch it to a sensor pad to uses their tickets or meal plans. I think RFID is important because technology is changing so much and a lot of people hate carrying their information around with them. With RFID you can carry tons of information on a tag or a bracelet. I went to Disney World in December when they were just starting to incorporate these bands into the theme parks. I truly loved the MagicBands, it made everything easier so you didn’t have to travel with a bunch of paper or money you could just use your MagicBand at the parks because all your information was stored on the bands. I think there is a ton of possibilities where this could be used, it could be used in the airport industry, instead of having paper tickets you could load your ticket onto a car or bracelet and they could scan it before you enter the plane and check your passport. This could also be used at the zoos just like Disney have a bracelet with all your ticket information on and you just need to touch a sensor pad that can read the information on it.

  17. Nick Gabbin

    In todays day and age, companies have gotten really good a creating and marketing products for customers and clients but what is difficult is creating good customer service. Costumer service is what gives companies a competitive advantage over others and what helps is the growing industry of technology. That being said, Disney investing in RFID technology to create better services is doing exactly that. A wristband that contains all my information and money really makes it convenient for me to not worry about carrying around a back pack and keep track of admission tickets, fast passes, cash and credit cards, can be a huge hassle, especially in the heat. It is also a good anti theft product and as long as my information is protected, I feel safe carrying all my information on a chip around my wrist. I think that all amusement parks should have this system, such as six flags. Being able to increase costumer satisfaction certainly will have a correlation to increases in revenue. Ultimately that is the point of investing into RFID technology.
    I think it’s really cool how Disney uses technology to take your food order and bring it directly to where you are seated moments later, it is quite a revolutionary way of bringing food services to you in comparison to 10 years ago.

  18. Jaimie C

    Disney is a huge company and by implementing and RFID technology they are not only benefiting from it themselves but also benefiting customers. By implementing this RFID technology, Disney can now track peoples spending habits, restaurant and ride preferences. This gives Disney can inside look at want customers want and what customers need. If they can provide customers what exactly what they are looking for, then their revenues and amount of customers are only going to increase. On the other side, the RFID technology can be very beneficial to the customers. Customers can now enjoy their time at Disney theme parks easily and seamlessly. By having the wrist band on, customers no longer need to carry their personal identification, credit and debit cards and or cash. The wrist band makes it convenient for customers to pre book the rides they want to go on and buy souvenirs and food without the hassle of worrying about their money and credit cards being lost or stolen. It is also a great way to entice families with small children or a lot of children to come to Disney theme parks. By being able to track customers, they can now easily assist families when their child wanders off or goes missing. There is an added safety bonus to using RDIF technology, not only for loss of items, but also children and people too.
    RDIF technology would be most beneficial in a company like Disney were customers purchases and preferences are being tracked. This enables them to provide services, advertising and market this is in tune to what the customer wants and it going to bring in new and repeated customers.

  19. Sydney

    Disney is investing in RFID technology to keep competitive and better serve their visitors. This technology is very effective because it gives Disney a better idea of what rides customers like, where they like to stay, where they prefer to eat, etc. With Disney having this new technology they can know exactly what customers like and improve on areas that customers may not like. For example, if lots of guests are staying at the Super 8 across the street instead of the hotels provided by Disney, Disney can then figure out what they need to improve to keep those guests at their hotel instead of another. Same goes for restaurants, if many guests are going a certain restaurant they can replace a restaurant that is not doing as well and make it more like the ones that are doing well.
    I think RFID technology can add value in many industries. For example, they could put RFID’s on body builders to track calories burned and then the body builders will have a better idea of how many calories they need to consumer post workout and/or for the rest of the day. Like the article said, zoos, museums, and any other type of consumer entertainment can benefit from RFID. This is because RFID can inform the business owner of what animals attract the most people or what artwork more people look at.
    The statement “critics derisively call spychips because of their ability to monitor people and things” is definitely true. It is understandable why consumers would find RFID “creepy”, but it is virtually the same as credit card companies selling your information to marketers over the internet.

  20. Brody

    Disney is investing in the RFID technology to make their visitor’s experience better and more personalized. This is extremely effective because it connects consumer’s movements, such as hotel bookings, restaurants visited, and items bought. It is important for Disney because it tracks consumers movements, which will help determine consumer preferences to make their overall Disney experience better. It is an extremely smart idea to track where the visitors are going so they know where to focus on expanding or possibly getting rid of. For example, if one restaurant is always super busy, they can track that through the wristbands, and possibly build another restaurant.
    The RFID technology could be used in many businesses such as training bands for exercising. I believe some businesses are working on this technology, which can track your movements and count calories burned. There are many other ways this RFID technology can benefit other businesses, but I believe the industry it would add the most value to would be something similar to a theme park. A zoo can benefit vastly from this technology in many of the same ways Disney has. They could track which animals bring in the most visitors, most popular restaurants, and so on.
    The statement “critics derisively call spychips because of their ability to monitor people and things.” is somewhat true and there is definitely some issues that need to be addressed with this technology. What the critics are trying to say is that people’s personal lives are too closely being monitored when visiting the theme park and invading their privacy. In my opinion, I have no problem with Disney using this technology because, in the big picture, they are just trying to make our experience better at Disney World. I understand where people are coming from because it is somewhat creepy that they can know where you are at any given time, but in the long run, the consumers are benefiting. In this age, however, almost nothing is private anyways so this isn’t much different. A solution for this privacy problem would be that Disney should have to ask for people’s permission to wearing these bracelets (maybe they do already) that way people who don’t want their movements to be monitored don’t have to be.

  21. Mark H

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is going to be the must have technology and Disney theme parks could not be a better fit. If you weren’t aware, Disney is one of the biggest companies in the world and has a sufficient amount of money available to them, making the RFID affordable which will intern make the organization more profitable. Of course people will be concerned with security of the debit and credit cards they are placed in these bands. People may be a bit weird out by Disney being able to follow and track each ride they go on, what they are buying at the different stores, or where they are eating. However, there are online marketing companies that are doing the exact same thing but they are just hiding it from you. My belief is that more theme parks (watersides, zoos, malls, etc) should try to implement RFID’s. They promote customers to be more spontaneous and encourage customers to purchase different products and services they have to offer. Not only does it deal with where people are travelling and what they are buying, but it allows organizations to see what specific products are being bought, whats a hot item, what needs to maybe leave, what rides are being used, etc.. With the intelligence of these items, it allows organizations to focus on the specific areas that are making them money and where they can improve. With the use of RFID tags, it will save companies money when it comes to doing surveys or tracking the likes of what people want to buy. I predict that with more research and experimentation, we will begin to see the use of RFID tags is more places then Disney.

  22. Alexis Bloos

    Disney has decided to invest in RFID technology, which will allow them to better understand their customers. RFID technology will allow Disney to see what their customers like and what they want more of. Disney will be able to know what their customers like to buy, what rides they like most, basically it tells Disney where their customers spend most of their money when they visit a Disney location. This is very important to a company because it will show Disney where they could invest more of their money. For example, if most of their customers like a certain kind of ride, Disney will know that those rides will make them more profitable. Or if most of their customers purchase Disney sweaters over Disney coffee mugs, Disney will know that they should product more sweaters than coffee mugs, because they will be able to make more money. RFID technology will be most valuable in companies or industries that focus on selling goods or services. This will allow other companies to see which goods or services they should more of their resources on, and other goods and services they could reduce their resources on because they are less popular. I find Spychips as being intrusive to someone’s life or experience at a Disney location, especially like the customers at the restaurant who were being monitored with them knowing. I understand that a company wants to know what their customers enjoy best, but I believe that the customer needs to be informed that they are being monitored and why. Overall, RFID technology is benefiting the customer, and the company to provide the goods and services people want.

  23. Nicole Ronsky

    Disney is investing in this RFID technology because it enables them to keep track of their customers. It will allow them to keep a closer track of consumer preferences. If they understand their preferences marketers have a much easier time of targeting consumers. For example they can find out that a family of 3 is much more likely to buy gifts, food and keepsakes rather than a family of 5. Another way of looking at this is where they put their money. For example if a ride is making quadruple the profit, they could look into expanding the ride to get consumers through faster or shutting down a less preferred ride. I agree with the name of Spychips, the wearable bands can record virtually everything you do, how many rides you go on, what food you buy and how many times you go to the washroom. I believe that they are still acceptable to use as long as consumer are aware of the band’s capabilities. As the article states, the customers at the restaurant had no idea that they were being monitored, and that is a bit disturbing. Many believe that it is intrusive but as long as you are aware, I think it can be extremely beneficial to consumers. An option for museums would be to personalize tours and make them more engaging. It could monitor where customers spend more of their time and make comments about other sights available. “If you liked our exhibit on dinosaurs you should check out our deep forest adventure exhibit.”

  24. xiangyang cao

    Disney is investing in this RFID technology because they want provide better service to customers. In the same time, they get more profit from that. In the article, we can see how RFID works. Disney get the information from the bands. The bands transmit the information by the radio frequency identification. Depending on the information, Disney will determine when to add more staff at rides, what restaurants should serve, which souvenirs should be stocked, and how many employees in costume should roam around at any given time. Restaurant will change menu duo to Information about customer preferences. By the RFID technology, Disney will offer people what they want to do. Therefore, it is very important for Disney. RFID technology would improve the efficiency and productivity.
    Comment on the statement “critics derisively call spy chips because of their ability to monitor people and things.” I think a lot of people won’t like RFID technology because chips are spying on them. In another way, if the RFID technology is used for safety, people would change the mind. In the article, we can know that Disney uses it for providing better service for customers. They didn’t mean that using RFID technology to monitor people. In my own opinion, I don’t like the RFID technology in the society. But, I can accept it in a theme park.

  25. Maddison Siegl

    Disney seems to be investing in the RFID technology to increase raw data to better serve customers within their parks. The RFID technology is important because it allows Disney to see what customers have been doing, buying, rides they are going on, etc. They can see the correlation from someone who gets a coffee and then goes on Space Mountain. They can then align their sales and marketing to fit with these findings. The new RFID technology will advance Disney from knowing what individual purchases happen on the grounds to have the ability to see what exact purchases a Mom of 3 will have in the Park that day.
    There is many potential applications of the RFID technology such as in airports. This would allow the Airport to draw correlation from raw data collected. They would have the ability to draw conclusions on the amount of people flying to Miami, they go to certain restaurants within the airport before a flight that then order margaritas; giving them the ability to then better market to those customers. This also allows airport security to track where high risk flyers are located in the airport at all times. If there is a passenger they are concerned about they will have the ability to track their whereabouts within the airport. RFID technology does give some people the idea that they are being watched and tracked at all times which is true. But it is also not new, this is an inevitable part of the future, as long as we are connected to the internet we have little to no privacy.

    1. Hannah

      Using the radio frequency identification chips, Disney has once again expanded their already massive brand and corporation. These chips are in the form of wristbands, that Disney park goers wear to ultimately create a more seamless experience for the consumer. This breakthrough is something that tracks customer input, to really make the experience at the parks even better. Disney has mastered catering to customer desires, and with this added wearable technology, customers can really have a voice in what they want to see at the park. A massive benefit stemming from this technology includes additional safety measures implemented by this tracking data; having a child get lost in the massive theme park is not ideal, and this could potentially alleviate that worry because of the tracking capabilities of who is in the park. The argument for this technology being “creepy” or an intrusion of privacy is not something to be particularly worried about. Although Disney is something that most people desire to experience, it is fundamentally a choice. If people are going to choose to spend their time at a Disney park, I believe that it is fair to say that you should then abide by their rules, which are in no way malicious in intent. Even though they are money-making machine, it does not mean that their intentions are evil. Fundamentally, Disney provides experiences to family and really does incorporate fun and magic into all of their endeavours. If people are so worried about their privacy at the parks, the bigger concern is what do they have to hide.

  26. Jeanelle Grant

    I find it a little creepy that your activities can be tracked when you are at the most magical place on earth. It is definitely not expected and can be a bit of a surprise if you are not expecting it. I can see the benefits of it as the article mentioned (crowd control and data collection) but I did not recall anything about consent. Were these patrons told that this information was going to be captured? There is a lot of potential for the technology including live updates on menu changes, customer preferences and staffing updates as to when to send staff out in costume around the park. It’s just getting over the invasion of privacy.

  27. Mitchell Kolt

    Why is Disney investing in this RFID technology and why is it important?

    Disney is investing in RFID because it wants to be more profitable. How it’ll make it more profitable is by using Disney’s resources more efficiently by knowing when staff people and what to serve at it restaurants etc. The RFID will tell Disney what each person’s preferences are. This is important data to Disney. Then they’ll know what they need to do before there customers are even at the park.

    What potential applications do you see for RFID technology and in what industries will this add the greatest value?

    I see that there will be lots of applications for RFID technology. Airports, Hospitals, Universities, Theme Parks, Cruise Ships etc. are all industries that’ll have great value added to them with this technology. Mainly because it’ll make things smoother for the person at these places and it’ll make it smoother for those industries as well. Making it a win-win situation for both the consumer and the industry providing the service.

    Comment on the statement “critics derisively call spychips because of their ability to monitor people and things.

    I think lots of people will be against RFID technology because of the spychips ideas they’ll have. They likely don’t see that the RFID technology is in place to benefit people and help them. They’ll be more interested in the fact that there lives should be private. So it’ll definitely be a debated topic but likely what happens is the RFID’s will be introduced to society and they’ll adjust to it.

  28. Mike Z.

    Disney is investing in this RFID technology because it allows them to make visitors experiences more efficient by allowing them to get faster service for meals and access to rides. It streamlines all the bookings into a single “ticket,” being the wrist band, and this gives customers more time to enjoy the park and spend less time waiting in lines for food and rides. Perhaps the most important reason Disneyland is heavily investing in this technology is for data mining purposes. These RFID wristbands allows Disneyland to see what customers are spending the most time doing and allow them to allocate their resources in a way that will maximize their profits. This is also beneficial to the consumer as it will make the best attractions better and remove less popular ones in favour of newer and more popular ones. Having only a single wristband which gives a customer access to their hotel, the park, and stores their ride tickets and meals also reduces the need for multiple tickets and keys making the experience more efficient. Although some people don’t like the fact that these chips are spying on them, really in this application for use at a park there should be no reason to care about Disneyland knowing where people are at all times because there should be nothing to hide at a fun outing in a theme park.

  29. Maddy Snidal

    Disney is investing in RFID technology because it can streamline their booking systems so it can amalgamate the hotels, restaurants, and any other form of entertainment for the guests who are planning to stay with Disney. This is an important new method of utilizing RFID technology because this can allow for a simpler experience for the guests who attend these theme parks. This type of technology can be used in all sorts of technology like in keys for houses or cars for example or even office workspace for different levels of clearance for managers and technicians. This can add probably the greatest value for those in highly classified offices and strict work protocol situations, however it will be likely the most used by quantity in areas like theme parks like how Disney has already started to by implementing these systems. The comment about the critics calling RFID chips as spychips does have some substance to the matter. The point they are trying to get across is that what are the goings on in a private individual’s life is that person’s business and no other person’s but their own. We are coming on an age where mapping, tracking and posting is going to be as common as breathing and no one will have very much privacy at all but for those who do wish a little more privacy in their lives, should be able to keep that privacy to themselves and not have to worry about being tracked or followed everywhere, and at the very least not know where the data that is being collected is going. Transparency is going to be key in the use of big data in the future applications of monitoring and tracking because people are going to want to know what is happening with the data that companies are collecting about them and should have a right to say what to do with the data that is collected on them.

  30. Kate Copithorne

    The fact that Disney is investing in RFID technology this is important as the RFID technology could revolutionize how customers use theme parks, and major establishments. The fact that one band can do everything for you in the park makes it easy for customers to spend money and access all areas throughout. Some potential applications for RFID technology could be turned and used in really any industry as well is in your day to day life. As stated in the article “critics derisively call spychips because of their ability to monitor people and things.” which is a very valid point as these tags can track your location, spending, time spent in each location as well as could possible track future planning. It is really the ultimate big brother watching tracking all that you do. Disney believes that their watching can help you plan your trip by proving the most up to date information on where you are going making it easier for you.


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