(AWS) Amazon Web Services

Description:  Learn about how Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a cloud computing solution for businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations with a flexible, highly scalable, and low-cost way to deliver their websites and web applications.

Source: AWS Cloud

Date: Sept 4, 2013

This short video helps explain the benefits of running your website on Amazon Web Services. You’ll learn about the low-cost, pay only for what you use pricing model and the elastic scalability that helps you match your resources to the demands of your users. You’ll also find out about the flexibility you have to run any software you want and how this can help you get your website to market faster.  READ REST OF STORY 

Questions for discussion:

1.  What is AWS (Amazon Web Services and why is it important?

2.  What potential applications do you see for AWS and in what industries will this add the greatest value?


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  1. Tasha Silver

    1. What is AWS (Amazon Web Services) and why is it important?
    AWS is Amazons Cloud network that allows users to host there websites or applications. AWS goes as far as having customizable features that allow its customers to pick and choose what is important to them and allow them to be better at being cost effective. Also, AWS helps take out the work of hosting, making it easier to run your website, as well making it easier for the consumer, allowing them to choose there programming language they are more comfortable with.
    AWS is important because it is taking out the stress of hosting your own applications and making it easier for the people whom might not quite be aware and knowledgeable in this field.
    2. What potential applications do you see for AWS and in what industries will this add the greatest value?
    I think this cloud service will have lots of success with the small to medium-sized companies that are starting up and don’t have to money or possibly even the know how. These companies would benefit from this as before smaller companies would have the know how to compete with the larger corporations but with the ease of access this provides, they are able to almost get on the same playing field. While saying this, I think larger companies could benefit as well as they would not have to hire technicians and operate a system by themselves, saving them alot of money.

  2. Austin Vandal

    1. Amazon web services is a cloud computing system which offers many benefits to users, and allow you to customize the amount of storage and processing resources, as well as the operating system, and language that is right for you. AWS will also manage the database for you using RDS, or DynamoDB for fast single digit millisecond access to your data. Overall, AWS provides all the infrastructure and customization for you to store, process, and access data. This is all provided to you at a lower cost and, allows you immediate and quick access to this data. This is very important as, it allows a much broader range of business and tier of business to use big data in a variety of way. For example, this has applications for smaller business now as costs to process this data are much less time consuming and expensive, and even for some larger non-profits which may use data.

    2. Because there are no large upfront costs, or long-term contracts to lock you in, I believe that AWS has may applications in the small business, non-profit, and public sectors. For example, smaller municipalities, would now be able to use data to their advantage. I think that it will add the most industry to the small business world, as small business owners can generally only observe their business so much, and can only research their markets so much that they will benefit from being able to collect all this data they receive every day about your business. So, I think it just provides these owners with a potential for a more competitive advantage.

  3. Robert Kiewiet

    Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a comprehensive web hosting service that provides businesses of all sizes and complexities with cloud based hosting solutions. AWS provides businesses service packages that are designed specifically for their needs. AWS provides utility computing services to businesses who are looking to expand or run their applications but do not necessarily have the resources to host them themselves. Data warehouses and servers are extremely expensive but a necessary tool for businesses developing applications or those with data storage needs. AWS allows businesses to use their infrastructure for a fee, while the development of the application and other business functions remain with the organization. A large concern for many e-commerce businesses is the fluctuation in demand and peak times that customers use their products. AWS helps here because, with cloud based storage, they are extremely flexible in the scalability of their support. This means that even during peak times an application can almost guarantee that it will have room on the server to accommodate all of the users on the network. With pay as you use rates, AWS is a good fit for all businesses, even small businesses and start ups who do not have the cash to do their own hosting.
    Small tech start ups would be an example of businesses who would benefit tremendously from AWS. If they do not need to pay for their own IT infrastructure, they can save greatly on costs and use that cash to go towards product development and marketing efforts, while ensuring they have the tech support needed to get the product to its customers.

  4. Carter Gall

    1) AWS or Amazon Web Service is a cloud based web hosting service, and can assist its users any step of the way to help with low cost option to deliver their website and web based application. This is important because of the ever increasing e commerce market. Business can go to amazon and have an easy starting point for web design and web based application. AWS also does not have any long term contracts to go with their service which is important for business, allowing them, if they don’t get the results they were looking for to perhaps seek other options.
    2) I believe this service will become very popular in small to medium sized business. Smaller businesses may not have the know how, or the personal to manage their web pages. This service provides and easy starting point at a lower cost then finding the personal to perform this service. By improving net presence and using a more customer friendly webpage companies can really help driver their brand in an E-commerce space.

  5. Franchesca Lee

    1. According to the Amazon website, Amazon Web Services offers cloud web hosting solutions that provide businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations with low-cost ways to deliver their websites and web applications. AWS will offer a wide-range of website hosting options for people that are looking for a marketing, rich-media, or e-commerce websites and they will help people to choose the right one. AWS provides the Broad CMS and development platform support, worldwide datacenters, dynamically grow and shrink resources and flexible pricing models for their customers. It is important because they provide simple websites that are best for low to medium trafficked sites with multiple authors and more frequent content changes, such as marketing websites, content websites or blogs. They will provide an easy starting point for the website in low cost. These websites IT administration of the web server and are not built to be highly available or scalable beyond a few servers.

    2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be very suitable for customers that want to have their web server and resources and those that want one console to take care their own web server, DNS and networking. It will soon become popular in small business because it would be very useful for people that want to start their own business and can get some help to start up easier on their own. It will gain popularity in all kinds of business eventually because it makes the business to be easier to manage and maintain but not costing way too much money.

  6. Amber C

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows companies to run their businesses, and access data for very reasonable costs on the cloud. On the cloud, customers can be all over the world. AWS can be used for small business, or large business, or really any size business that you may run. One cool thing about AWS, is there are no long term fixed contracts, you can have a contract or pay monthly, whichever your company prefers. In order to run simple web hosting, there are a few operating systems, or bases that your website is on that would run best. Customers could even run simple web hosting who want to manage their own webserver, or who want one console to manage everything. There are plenty of options you could do based on how much data space you need to have in your cloud. By using AWS, business are able to have a central location for their data, as well as remote access of data is a great commodity for those companies with many employees in different locations or remote locations such as employees working from home. Working from home for employees has become a “want” in today’s society, and the business who have it often have happier employee’s. AWB services help’s business, non profits as well as governmental organizations who need a little help with their own platform. By AWS helping choose which platform is the best for each individual business, it helps make the switch way less scary, which in turn will lead the business to a better understanding of the platform.

  7. christein.wong@uleth.ca

    1. What is AWS (Amazon Web Services and why is it important?

    AWS is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform that is provided the folks from amazon.com/ It allows businesses to customize and personalize their service and allows all companies to access it with affordable prices. It comes with the ability to upload documents, photos from web-connected devices. It enables users to stream music from their devices. It also allow business business suscrivers to run application programs and can serve as a practically unlimited set of virtual machines. AWS also allows developers to intergrate human intelligence into Remote Procedure Calls using a network of humans to perform tasks that computers are ill suited for. There is a vast majority of opportunities it provides. Its service is very flexible and allows the users to choose the services that best fit their needs and desires.

  8. Mack S.

    Amazon Web Service is an online service where a business can store all of its information and run applications in the cloud using low cost and flexible infrastructure. It is important because depending on your business size you have the option of choosing the server that is right for your company as well as exactly what language, operating system and tools right for the company. Having this option is very important for small business that are just getting started with the pay for only what you use will save business’s a lot of extra costs. The potential applications for AWS will be most seen in small businesses that will take advantage of these systems with the ability to see what product is working and what is not.

  9. Luc Nguyen

    Amazon web services allows you to run applications you have created in the cloud. The benefit of the cloud is that it makes it easier for business owners and businesses to reach their customers at a lower cost. The web service that Amazon provides allows users to run applications in a really simple way that virtually anyone can use. The best use of the Amazon web service that I see is that the Web Service will grow depending on the demand for the business. This is helpful because there is little misuse of certain resources since the application grows with the demand, so you are never doing too much or too little. This service allows you to customize your application by allowing users to pick their browsers, system size, and etc. By doing this it allows business owners 100% of the control when they are deciding which browser to use and how their databases are used. I personally feel that e-commerse and small businesses can really benefit from this because of the cost effectiveness of the Amazon web service, This allows business owners to cut costs in shipping, delivering, and ordering. By using this system the business owner can order inventory depending on the demand and can set up applications which are recording the highest selling products for the business owner. In todays industry companies are making a huge part of their revenues online so to use a internet service such as this is beneficial for those consumers who are interested in the businesses product but are unable to get to a retail store.

  10. Ross Topacio

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows companies to manage their data and online resources on the cloud. Being on the Amazon’s cloud, a highly customizable platform to fit a company’s needs is made available. Amazon even advertises the consumer’s ability to operate using their chosen operating system, and use their own scripts, in the video, they highlighted the capability of uploading codes from GitHub, an online directory for scripts. This ability to be highly customizable allows companies space to grow, switch applications if needed, and have a safety net for fixes, and backup in case of crashes as AWS provides structural maintenance on their end and IT services for using their product. Having your systems on the cloud can sometimes be a problem with high latency, a slow connection to your data. But with AWS, because of their higher expenditure to create low latency connection and make sure that files are backed up through separate server sites and redundant array of independent disks (RAID); small businesses and medium sized businesses benefit greatly from outsourcing such things that the business spend elsewhere. Cloud computing has brought new options for businesses, allowing them to have a central location for their data, remote access of this data is a great commodity for those companies with many employees in different locations or remote locations such as employees working from home.

  11. John Arok

    Amazon web service (AWS) is an online flexible cloud computing that allows customesr to run or use any software with low cost.It is also a very comprehensive system that evolving cloud computing platform provides by Amazon .com.The software gives customer flexibility of not signing any contract or paying things that you don’t needs.The amazon web service allow customer to spend their money with things that differentiate their business from others.
    Amazon web service make it easy for application to be used by customers and helps handling business traffics successfully.AWS provides six advantages and benefits of loud computing such as trade capital expense for variable expense,benefits from massive economies of scale,stop guessing capacity,increase speed agility,and go global minutes in many regions around the world.In my options, AWS is a great web service that provides a simple way to access servers,storage,databases,and many set of applications services over the internet.

  12. Caleb Moore

    Amazon web services is a web service where businesses can store their information in the cloud or run their business through the system in a variety of different options. Amazon Web Services gives the ability for a large corporation or a small family business to run their business all with a low cost due to cloud computing. Users are able to access a variety of different programs through amazon web services and run those different programs in any computer language offered by amazon web services. This customization is very effective because they can pick and chose the optimal operating system to fit each individual businesses needs. Amazon web services also has a pay per use feature which is the user only pays for what they use, rather than a fixed monthly or annual cost, resulting in higher savings for the business.

    Amazon Web services will add value to the major companies that have all their data in a large physical locations. It will enable them to save money by using cloud computing because they will eliminate the payroll costs of technicians and other employees who look after the physical storage of data. It can be used in industries such as an advertising agency. Instead of the advertising agency storing all the statistics on customers in their own office it can store them in the cloud for a lower cost and the system can also help run and analyze the data.

  13. Michelle McCaffrey

    AWS enables companies to run their application in the cloud and helps you to build you’re application and scale it appropriately. It allows you to deal with the type of technology that your company prefers and is most knowledgeable in. You are able to pick what kind of language, tools and networks you prefer, it lets you focus on making your application while they do all the work that is appropriate to run your application. I think this would be a huge benefit for smaller companies that are just starting out and don’t have a lot of employees that they can spare. By using AWS they can just focus on the big idea while AWS deals with the smaller things and helps you progress you’re ideas. AWS is offered at an extremely low cost and they offer you pay for what you use and nothing more. AWS could also help bigger companies that don’t want to hire people for small jobs, which can save them money and time on hiring and training people. AWS provides lots of great services that would be helpful to any company looking to expand or get their product onto the web.

  14. Brady Hoffart

    Amazon is a large website that connects buyers and sellers in an online environment. An Amazon Web service provides a means for small time developers, to publish applications online. They provide the resources to do it, and run it based on the number of people on the application simultaneously. But it’s not just that, it is also an entire operational platform for whatever a developer desires, amazon then charges based on its outside usage.
    Likely the best use will be apps that give a small time developer a way to compete. In particular it can provide marketers another medium to advertise. Data is uploaded to the cloud allowing for easy access from users and from the designer. It potentially could be less secure, as cloud data has a lower amount of security to allow its access from anywhere. This data can be used to get feedback on how an app is running and allow customers to connect with developers using AWS as a medium. It’s quite an interesting business model. This can help to lower the expenses of operations and reduce debt in what would otherwise be a large capital venture.
    It could really help people who want to try programing and actually anyone who want to attempt to conduct work or provide entertainment online. It truly is a wonderful idea to help a variety of industries, and can provide a new way to compete.

  15. Tyler Toews

    Amazon web service (AWS) allows for companies to manage their data and online resources through fully customizable cloud service run by Amazon. This could be a huge asset to small and big companies by cutting server room costs and possibly opening up more space in situations where companies are moving their onsite servers to AWS. The customizability of AWS is important because it allows for companies to take on more space if they grow, or use different applications if what they are using is not working out for them. AWS can also be managed offsite which would reduce even more costs for the companies using these services, and any updates can be done by the offsite management too.
    The applications of these services are phenomenal. With it being easily accessible it would allow for smaller businesses to be kick started at a lower cost with less maintenance, so they could focus on improving their business and meeting stakeholder goals. Since these servers are so customizable you could cut costs in the long run; for example a company could run applications that require higher processor speeds and RAM on the offsite servers, and if the application’s output were all stored locally (or sent to consumers) the servers could be customized to have less HDD space. Larger companies, that often have server rooms, could transfer there server data to AWS in order to make more floor space which would open up jobs or allow for other technologies to be put in place. With OS being customizable too, companies could allow their employees to choose what OS they prefer when setting up their computer (through a virtual machine connected to the server). With server technology and capacity increasing every year maintaining a good quality server is something that many growing companies can struggle with, AWS takes away a large portion of this struggle and allows for a lot more options too.

  16. Anna K.

    Information is being created every second, minute and hour at an exponential pace. Consequently, all this information needs enormous storage space and many companies are not able to keep up with this demand even within their own operations. Cloud computing technology brought new set of opportunities for effective business operations, for example, projects realization time can be dramatically reduced and efforts required for the maintenance of the information storage systems is delegated to third party, like Amazon Web Services. Among numerous opportunities offered by AWS are low cost of using the service, flexible infrastructure, tools to deliver sophisticated scalable applications for your company’s operations. AWS provides complete control over resources such as RAM, GPU, various operating systems and, most importantly, many virtual servers with specifications to choose from, you can even choose various databases you prefer particularly for your business or you have an option to use the database service provided by the AWS, relational database service. Thus, the AWS does the “dirty” work required to run your operations, while you sit back, relax and focus on more important objectives of your business operations.
    The economics of running business with the AWS is attractive not only to start up companies, but also to many big companies, such as Netflix, Expedia, Reddit, Pfizer, just to name a few. While the opportunities for the AWS continue to grow at a fast pace, issues like security of information and ensuring smooth operations at all times should be at the top of the Amazon priorities.

  17. Jaimie C

    AWS- Amazon Web Service is an online web service data base for business using online websites and applications. Through their use of cloud computing, Amazon web services allows companies to store their information in their online databases at a reasonably low price point. This technology allows its users to access their information from anywhere around the world and at any time. Through Amazon’s sophisticated technology, their web service will adapt to the increase or decrease in the companies demand and either allow for more users by increasing their resources or turn off unneeded resource when their demand drops. Amazon Web Services also gives its users the opportunity to choice their own database, language, tools etc. that best match their company, or you can use Amazons relational data base services and they will manage your information for you. It allows for flexibility and individuality between different companies. I think at Amazons Web Services will have the potential to be beneficial in many different industries. With the fast paced technological world we live in today, many companies and business are making the move from brick and mortar stores, to e-businesses and e-commerce as well. Having access to these online data basses will allow for a more seamless and rapid move at a lower cost. AWS provides a user friendly, safe and secure online data base that will help many people build and grow their businesses.

  18. Sydney

    Amazon Web Services uses cloud computing to help businesses succeed online. AWS offers business owners tools that are inexpensive and easy to operate. AWS allows the business owner to personalize their web presence and allows the user to use whichever language they prefer and however much storage they will need. It is convenient for the business owner in many ways, including being able to store the businesses information on a database so the business owner can access their information from any server. Another way AWS benefits the business owner is by reducing costs. AWS allows small business owners to better compete in the market. It does this by controlling application on the technical side; this is beneficial to the business owner because AWS can connect business owners to entrepreneurs and allows for greater flexibility in e-commerce. I think having a good online presence is very important to business owners in the present and future. This is because customers are changing; with busy lifestyles consumers are more likely to shop online rather than go to the mall or head downtown, and it is unlikely for an individual to not have a smartphone so consumers can shop virtually anywhere anytime. Consumers are also becoming smarter; they look up stores online before going and search for reviews on restaurants before eating there. Therefore having a strong online presence is very important because it builds the businesses image. Business owners can benefit greatly from AWS, especially smaller businesses who may be limited in funds.

  19. Alexis Bloos

    Amazon Web Services allows you to run the application you have created in the cloud. The cloud makes it easier for business owners to reach more customers with very low costs. It also allows business owners to create an application with their own knowledge because the features and tools that Amazon Web Services offers are very simple to use. One of the most important features of Amazon Web Services is that the application will grow with the amount of demand. Basically, the more you will pay, the more demand there is for you application. Once your application is up and running, Amazon Web Servers gives you a variety of servers to choose from which are small or large clusters. Amazon Web Services offers your application a wide range of graphic chips, disk space and memory which you can choose to use that will best benefit your application needs. I can see Amazon Web Services best benefitting smaller companies who may not have had any sort of webpage. It will allow smaller companies to promote their business, with low cost by only having to pay for what you have used. Larger companies will also see the benefits of Amazon Web Services because it will allow them to reduce expenses they may already have on other forms of webpages.

  20. Maddison Siegl

    Amazon Web Services utilizes the cloud to help businesses. Offering tools to customers that are inexpensive, and easy to use. AWS takes the difficult parts of running a website and app out and offers the ability to personalize and specify what users would like using easy tools and user friendly programs.
    AWS opens the door to many computer users that in the past never had the knowledge and ability to run a website, to now do so with specific tools to personalize to their industry and tastes.
    AWS has great potential for any small to medium sized business; to help mom and pop shops grow larger. Offering easy to use services that allow businesses to develop apps and websites through this to help market products, and grow their business. This is a great way to anyone with a home based business to grow without huge expenses. For example, a home based hair stylist could utilize AWS to develop an app, and a website giving them the chance to compete with large firms such as Chatters.
    AWS can also help the large firms as well offering an inexpensive way to market country specific websites, and apps. This can then allow companies like Chapters or Old Navy that have different pricing and carry different items dependant on the country they are in a way to specify this on a website. This also allows businesses the ability to specify websites to cultural differences in countries. Similar to how a McDonalds menu differs from country to country ASW can provide and easy way to have separate sites to show separate menus and nutritional information.

  21. Aaron Enns

    (AWS) Amazon Web Service is a free web database which also you to store, develop and manage all of your applications from in the cloud. It allows you to completely customize, letting you pick browsers, system size, etc. It seems as if (AWS) has thought of everything you would need to create and develop website applications from anywhere with a signal. It is an application which will be very useless in the service industry, and very much so in the retail sector. It would not be surprising to see a monster company like Apple or Microsoft develop web services in a similar manner. It is interesting how the internet of things has been incorporated into such a demand. (AWS) Amazon web service is continueing to provide services, security and support, and all from the cloud.

  22. Mark H

    Amazon Web Services is by far the best way to go when deciding on starting a desired website. AWS is a cloud service that will help you create your personal website, which can be beneficial for businesses. You are only on the hook to pay for what you use. This will allow businesses to cut costs unlike the traditional way of paying someone to do it for you. A key to AWS is that it lets business owners hone their skills, knowledge and tools that they do not get to use frequently. Each owner has 100% control when they decide on which servers and databases they want to use. If a business owner has troubles when it comes to the IS world, Amazon Web Services gives you the option to allow them to run the applications or databases for you. I personally feel that e-commerce and small businesses could benefit from AWS. Because of the ability to cut costs in shipping, ordering, and/or delivery, it will allow business owners to spend money to bring in other assets or inventories to their business. In todays world, websites are a huge part in bringing in money and customers and could loose potential cash and customers without a website. Using Amazon Web Services will assist you in controlling what you want to put on your website and assist you in what you need. The demand for websites will only get higher with the rise of technology, and AWS is a great ways to help businesses get off on the right foot.

  23. Brody

    Amazon Web Service is a service that allows business to run their applications through cloud computing. It is relatively cheap, safe and very reliable. You can use your preferred technology and virtual server, language, and how much storage is needed.Using your preferred technology and tools is a very important aspect for most businesses because they don’t have to adjust to unknown products. You can store data on any database you want or have AWS store it for you.There is no risk of it crashing or being lost, because any important or confidential information is secured. AWS autoscaling allows business’s applications to grow and shrink with demand. AWS is extremely cost efficient as they can make money through sales without high expenses. It is a very attractive business model to companies of all sizes because it can offer prices lower than many competitors purely based on the volume of business they do. The have a global market in which they can find customers. This is what makes their data string model so effective, as they can now get clients from all over while at the same time reducing costs as there are no need for data centres or large hard drives for storing information. The cloud allows businesses to expand anywhere on the globe because of the size of cloud service. I don’t think AWS is limited to a specific industry because I believe most businesses can benefit from this. AWS does the work on the technological side of business so managers of all kinds of businesses can benefit from it.

  24. Nicole Ronsky

    AWS – Amazon Web Services is a function that business owners can use to make their services more widely available to customers. It helps companies create their own applications. It uses the cloud, which lowers costs, as well as makes it possible to use the programs the producer is most comfortable with. Using the cloud, AWS allows personally designed applications to be used as soon as they are finished. Producers also have the choice of using the server that suits their needs best. Operating System, tools, database and language are other options that are provided. It allows those who are producing web apps to simply focus on the app, while AWS worries about the technological details. It allows all resources to be readily available and reduces risk. It is dynamic and can change size depending on specific demand. Its greatest benefits are the low costs involved as well as how easily you can personalize an application. I believe that AWS could be used in many industries. If a smaller business is starting up and there is lots of competition, having an app would enable them to set themselves apart. For example a friend of mine started up a cupcake company in Toronto. There are many big name cupcake companies so she wanted to set herself apart. She created an app that allowed customers to look at her different products, and order through the app. They would simply come and pick up their cupcakes whenever they had them ready for order. She has expanded and now has 4 locations; I believe her app made a big difference.

  25. Kristen

    Amazon Web Service (AWS), is a web service that offers online businesses whether it may be non-profit or government organizations, cloud website hosting solutions. AWS is very flexible and a highly attainable service with minimal cost to distribute online businesses their website and applications. I would see this application as to greatly improve online retail stores marketing strategies.

  26. Nick Gabbin

    Amazon Web Services make everything so easy especially because of the cloud service. Not having to use a physical server first makes it inexpensive and second extremely convenient for clients. On top if that it is free to use, tremendously efficient, and Amazon does most of the work. The fact that the minimal amount of work required from me is to create a code for the web application. In addition there is lots of options for customization and personalization with their services. This web service is very flexible and allows the users to choose the services that best fit their needs. I personally don’t need to use this product and service but if I were in the need of building and making a web application, AWS would be my first choice of service to use. It has such a broad database that can serve everybody’s needs. As Marketing major, the appeal of easy use and availability is what I think makes this product stand out. The cost saving of pay per use works well with the server’s ability to grow and shrink depending on the demand. Amazon Web Services provides such a huge amount of resources available creating endless opportunities. The cloud service, like many other service that use a cloud, I can go anywhere to log in and use while traveling to do work. I think this is a great product and recommend it to others that don’t know where to start web development.

  27. xiangyang cao

    Amazon Web Services is a form of cloud computing to let you run your application in the cloud. The program does this by having so many features and tools available for use. It is easy to sign up for and is instantly available. It is very low cost with no upfront costs and no binding contracts. The program uses an auto-scaling method of elasticity that allows the app to grow and shrink with the demand of usage; this enables you to truly pay only for what you use. Its flexible infrastructure allows you to use your own existing tools and skills to deliver your application in a sophisticated way. Amazon Web Services allows you to have complete control of your own resources while providing you the opportunity to build your application with the technology that you’re most familiar with, which means you do not need to learn something new that may take time that you do not have available. Once started, Amazon Web Services gives you access to either small servers or a large cluster of servers to choose from to properly serve your needs. With specialized servers optimized with lots of disk space, memory, and even special graphics chips, there are many choices available in order to allow you to fully choose what works best for what you need. Right down to choosing which operating system language and tools that are right for you. Amazon Web Services provides such a vast amount of resources available, the opportunities are endless.

  28. Mitchell Kolt

    What is AWS (Amazon Web Services and why is it important?

    Amazon Web Services is a website company that provides web service for clients that want it. AWS describes itself as a very effective choice for companies. How AWS describes itself is as an effective choice for user when choosing to make a website/application. AWS also claims it has a low cost for multiple services it provides that otherwise would cost the user more if they chose another company. AWS is targeting businesses that have great ideas but need to market it to bigger audiences through the Internet.
    Why AWS is important is because small time businesses that might otherwise might be unable to use Internet through a website/application are now able to. This in turn opens up lots of opportunities for the business to market its products to people all over the world. AWS markets itself that small businesses will be able to afford there product.
    What potential applications do you see for AWS and in what industries will this add the greatest value?

    I see lots of potential for AWS. As mentioned earlier smaller business that might not have a website/application now can have one through AWS. This should increase business for small business as well as AWS. Also bigger industries are to benefit from this as well. They can cut costs on websites/applications they previously had by using AWS. The amount of services AWS provides for the rate they charge advantageous for any business seeking to get onto the Internet.

  29. Jeanelle Grant

    Amazon Web Services allows companies to host portions of their website, programs and resources on a cloud. It allows for collaboration anywhere and companies only have to pay for the services that they use. It is a wonderful idea for companies who do not have the physical resources to dedicate their services to ensure they have a functioning site. But like all technology, there will be those who are not too quick to trust this technology. You are relying on a cloud to store information and be available at a moments notice. What is impressive is that so many notable companies are already on board with this service. I would have never guessed that these companies were on board with Amazon Web Services but at the same time, these are multinational companies.

  30. Mike Z.

    AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a simple easy to use set of tools that can be used to create apps and websites. AWS uses the cloud to store all of the created data making it super efficient, inexpensive, and hassle free. The use of physical servers is eliminated, as well as the need for groups of IT professionals due to the ease of use allowing average internet users to host their websites and web based applications. This web service is very flexible and allows the users to choose the services that best fit their needs. The service is efficient and inexpensive making it a good option for many different users, whether it be small startup business or large well established corporations.

  31. Kate Copithorne

    AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud computing service that allow the business the customize and personalize their service. It make is possible for companies no matter the size the to have access to cloud services at a affordable price. This application can be created, modified and then used in any variance as the offer complete customizable, and a pay as you use system makes it affordable for even the smallest of companies can afford.

  32. Maddy Snidal

    AWS is known as Amazon Web Services. It is a free web database which also houses services that allows individuals to develop web based applications or host applications on the Amazon database systems. This is an important system for web consumers because it allows not only people with a knowledge of creating and maintaining a website to host a web application or website, but also the common internet user to utilize their creativity and create an app the way that they can imagine it in their heads. I think most of the everyday applications that individuals use on their mobile devices already will migrate to mostly cloud based systems so that their consumers can have access to more services quicker without being bogged down by many processes that are behind the scenes when trying to complete a task on a device. This mobile service provided by Amazon will definitely add more value to the service industry where consumers and servers can communicate more clearly and be able to serve customers faster and easier. Within the foreseeable future most of wherever people go they will be able to somewhere somehow connect to a wireless network to be able to access all of the resources that they require whenever they require it. For example, if a technician is needed to service a remote area, it will become much easier to access the area and service it because the technician doesn’t have to bring a partner to help haul and operate large amounts of equipment.


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