Twitter strikes deal for tweets to appear in Google searches

Description: Twitter Inc. has struck a deal with Google Inc. to make its 140-character updates more searchable online..


Date: February 5, 2015


In the first half of this year, tweets will start to be visible in Google’s search results as soon as they’re posted, thanks to a deal giving the Web company access to Twitter’s firehose, the stream of data generated by the microblogging service’s 284 million users, people with knowledge of the matter said Wednesday. Google previously had to crawl Twitter’s site for the information, which will now be visible automatically.   Read the rest of the Story

Questions for discussion:

  1. Why did twitter make this deal with Google?
  2. What is the revenue model for Twitter?

72 thoughts on “Twitter strikes deal for tweets to appear in Google searches

  1. Brady T

    As ad revenue is Twitter’s chief principle source of revenue, this deal makes perfect sense for Twitter because it allows more people to find tweets easier. The more people that can find their tweets, the more people that can be exposed to the ad tweets that Twitter promotes, thus bringing in more ad revenue for Twitter, even though they won’t receive any ad revenue directly from Google in the deal. The deal also makes sense for Google because it allows them access into the world of social media without actually having to spend their own resources building, maintaining and promoting their own version.
    With the ability for people to search for tweets, Twitter can also offer other advertising packages to potential advertisers for their advertisements by allowing them to pay Twitter to show their tweets on the Google search page, instead of only in active twitter users feeds. Twitter could, and probably will, charge advertisers more for these services which will also bolster their ad revenue.
    This deal also allows Twitter to remain in control of the content that is shown by their site, which is a huge benefit to the company as they will always have the ability to change their advertising packages and how adverts are displayed to better fit their own needs. Twitter would definitely prefer this rather than depending upon another company to take over and run their business, as another company could be resistant to any changes the Twitter team may want to make in the future.

  2. Jaime Zachery

    Twitter made a deal with Google to make Tweets appear in Google search results. This deal will promote Twitter’s internet presence and make Google more relevant on mobile and real time. Previously, Google had to crawl Twitter’s site to find information and after this deal the updates will appear automatically. Twitter’s user growth has been slowing and this deal will allow Twitter to be seen by more viewers and might increase the number of Twitter users. Tweets will now be seen more often by non users and will generate more advertising revenue from a wider audience. Twitter provides data to Bing and Yahoo! search services, which aren’t as popular as Google.
    Twitter rose to $42.05 (3.3 per cent) and the stock had advanced 14 per cent this year. Google has also added 0.3 per cent. The deal with Twitter and Google does not include any advertising revenue which suggests Twitter will receive data-licensing revenue

  3. Christy Weiss

    Twitter made this deal with Google to ensure that tweets are more visible to those who do not use Twitter, and to generate more revenue from advertising to a larger audience. Twitter is trying to entice new users to join its site, as user growth has slowed. It is evident that both tweets and users will be more easily accessible through a simple Google search, and I believe that this deal with benefit both companies greatly.

    The revenue model for Twitter does not include advertising revenue, but it is likely that Twitter will be receiving data-licensing revenue, which can potentially increase their profit by millions.

  4. Ryan Ozar

    Twitter made this deal with Google as it made sense; being able to google a hashtag or @name to bring up tweets instantly is incredibly easier than having to log in to twitter, click a few times, enter your search criteria, etc. I know that seems like only a few more steps, which it is, but in today’s society of fast, fast, fast…the faster the better, Also, it drives more users to twitter as something you searched for can now bring up a twitter conversation, and if you didn’t know what Twitter was or how it worked…now you do.
    There is no direct advertising revenue with this deal, but Twitter is getting some data-licensing revenue, which could see their quarter numbers more than double, which is smart on both parts; Google gets to keep the ad revenue and Twitter gets more exposure and money from increased activity.

  5. Jayden Faulds

    Twitter has made a deal with the well-known search engine, Google. Allowing tweets to be viewed upon search in Google for people who even though don’t have an account with Twitter can view them. This is probably a method to bring more people to use the Google search engine while also bringing more users into the Twitter world. Although in another light, this could turn current users away from Twitter as their information is now way more accessible. That’s why you could have the option to make your account private but with this I am unsure if there would even be an option to make your account private to only some people. Twitters revenue model is based on effective advertising catching the attention on the computer, mobile devices, tv ads and much more. Showing how being part of the twitter site you are now “in the know”. People feel apart of something they weren’t before. I find the majority of twitters ads make you feel like you are missing out of a big part of society if you don’t have an active account. They also earn a large chunk of revenue by selling users information, if they figure out what you are interested in, ads for that interest can be shown to them. If the person clicks the ad, twitter makes a large portion of just that one visit to the website.

  6. Natalie Schultz

    Twitter claimed they made the deal with Google to make it easier for users to access tweets easier. That way anyone looking for a specific tweet could use it to easily track it down, as they would have a much more difficult time currently using the twitter site. Although, what I got from it was just an idea to make more money for both companies. They will increase the amount of users for both sites benefitting each other, together. Bringing this out public into the news is just for marketing and promotional purposes. As the account growth for twitter has started to decline, letting non-users view the tweets through google, could grab the attention of them, signing them up for site. Also, making people use Google’s search engine more often. Twitter has a pay per click advertisement strategy, meaning that when users click the ads twitter puts in front of them, they get a large cut from the company paying twitter to promote their product. Twitter promotes tweets more often then not, intriguing users to look at that certain account and then buy products, attend events or pay for a specific service. By having tweets on google more people can see them making the chances of people clicking on them increase then before, raising twitters and googles revenue.

  7. Ayesha S

    Twitter is a complete stranger to me and my kind; we are known as #facebookers. As little as we know about this foreign website known as “Twitter”, we do understand that you have a limit of 140 words to talk about your most important, innermost thoughts. Or, you know, just the random stuff that pops into your head.
    Regardless, it seems that Google has been particularly interested in Twitter, and wanted to acquire it. Instead, Google and Twitter ended up teaming up so that now “Tweets” are able to appear as the first links/results in a Google Search. This makes both parts happy, as now Google is less likely to acquire Twitter but still gets access to the Tweets that people (for some reason) tend to be searching for.
    Since Twitter has a large user base consisting of over 284 million accounts (which still is nowhere near Facebook’s, which must totally have like 5 billion #winning), it is a unique opportunity for these two powerhouses to work together to further improve each other’s businesses. Now that Google will be able to provide the Tweets to their users who are searching for them, it will also give Twitter more publicity and will most likely help expand their business. In this sense, it’s a win-win situation. So now, all these non-Twitter users (like me and all of us other #Facebookers) will be able to read Tweets to our hearts’ content.

  8. Shiqi Wang

    Twitter, as one of the common communication systems on website, is not used as usual as Facebook. Obviously, most of people use Google as basic searching engine in their daily life. It a good choice for Twitter connecting them together, in this way, they can get more chance to appear in people’s eyes. Twitter’s revenue model relies on people looking at the site, the more impressions the better, this is how online advertising works. Twitters revenue model is based on the fact that they sell information about people. By selling advertisers facts about users, they can have interest based ads. If a user is more likely to click on an ad, there is more money for Twitter. Since the majority of their revenue stream is based on advertising. Google is now capable of providing more relevant, real time information on all twitter related searches. The benefit of this deal can also be seen in the share price for both Google and Twitter as both raised in value after the deal was made.

    Both of them can get huge profit from this cooperation Billions of people are using Google on a daily basis and now they will also see different tweets that will make them wonder and eventually subscribe.

  9. Kristin Kobbert

    Twitter made the deal with Google to have their tweets able to be searched in the Google search engine; because it would increase the size of their audience. Both companies are going to benefit from this deal, because now Google is saved the time of searching through Twitters information data and Twitter is able to increase their advertising and reach of non-users. Instead of trying to beat the competition, why not join them.
    Even though there is no advertising revenue involved in the deal, Twitter will still most likely see an increase in the revenue from their advertisements as more people find themselves on their site. The deal has increased both Twitter and Google stock prices, and an interesting result from this deal could be that an acquisition of Twitter from Google is now less likely. With technology being the foundation of their businesses, both Twitter and Google are in a fast-changing environment and have to respond to it. The ability to revise their revenue models to expand to new generations and meet the demands of their customers and competition is important. An innovative deal like this is an effective strategy, because it is mutually beneficially and provides allows both companies to provide value to their customers.
    Overall, this partnering opportunity has linked the two companies to bigger markets and provides users of both to more information, faster.


    The main reason why Twitter agreed to do this with Google is to increase the amount of people that view twitter each day as well as attract people unfamiliar to the site to become a member.

    One of the main reasons why Google is the best known and used search engine in the world is due to their creation of adworks, which when a consumer inputs a store, product or specific keyword, and the companies that are subscribed with adworks pop up in the top portion of the first page, which is used to direct a consumer towards the company website for the product or service needed. Although this is not the same situation, Twitter is aware of Googles success, attracting huge amounts of internet users in past years through people knowing about adworks. Striking this deal, in other words, is a gold mine for twitter as not only does most of market share in search engines lie with google, but also because Twitters market share in the social networking sector is in major competition with facebook and few others, which will attract only attract more people to Twitter daily.

    Smart move by Twitter. This will not only help Twitter by increasing their intellectual capital (value of the companies intangible assets; aka more user and higher stock worth factored in which increases market capitalization value) due to more people viewing the social networking site but also revenue stream with people clicking on advertisements within the company’s website.

  11. Arty K

    Twitter and Google struck this deal to increase their revenue. This deal is beneficial to both companies. Twitter gets more audience, expanding into different markets. People all over the world will now have a chance to see the tweets that news pages and celebrities post, and maybe will decide to join themselves. It is good for advertising, because now twitter can be seen by more people, as it’s increasing worldwide popularity reaches new peak. This is also beneficial to the “old school” internet users, or people that just access internet on their laptops and PS’s and Mac’s. They will see what twitter is, and will get to experience it more. Maybe it will lead them to download the app on their phone, once they see that they don’t necessarily have to communicate with others, but just follow relevant news and pages and get constant updates of the things they are interested in.
    For Google, on there other hand this just further proves how dominant this company is in the tech world. Google users, once again, will have the best and easiest experience of finding relevant information. It raises their stock as more companies will be looking to get on that advertising train.
    This deal is big for both companies. Twitter is a social media giant, and Google, is overall a dominant internet force. Them combining their efforts to bring the best possible experience for the users is a win win for everybody.

  12. Ethan Yeomans

    Twitter and Google reached an agreement in recent weeks in order for tweets to appear in Google search results so that users that are not on twitter can see tweets. Twitter made this deal with Google simply to create an even larger audience and become even more well known than they already are. Twitter itself is one of the largest social media sites in the world, but not everyone has twitter while most people would say that Google is their desired search engine. Google is very well known and is one of the largest search engines in the world. With tweets showing up in Google searches, twitter is able to expand their audience greatly. By doing so, they hope to generate even a greater amount of users to the site. With Google making this deal with twitter, it makes Google more relevant as social media and a more mobile and active.
    Twitter is a social media site that is free to join that relies on advertisements to make money. With this agreement, twitter can see their data licensing revenue more than double bringing their total to $41 million. Twitter makes a majority of its revenue through advertising, so by having more people being aware of their website, it could increase the amount of advertisement which in turn could generate more revenue for the company and increase its share prices. Twitter not only becomes a more valuable company through this deal, but Google also saw its share prices increase with twitter’s

  13. Linden W

    Twitter decided to make this deal with Google to simply expand themselves and add growth. Twitter has not been the big hit it once was when they started and needed this deal to hopefully increase there users again by making twitter more known to computer users through the showing of Google searches. It will give people the option of seeing what twitter can bring to you as it is not only a place to share your thoughts but find information in sports, news and other information that can be beneficial to you. The deal instantly helped twitter as the stocks rose 3.3 cents and goole rose 0.3 cents on the New York stock exchange.

  14. Xuan Wen

    Twitter made a deal with Google that tweets are now able to be seen in Google searches. In the first half of year, tweets will start to be visible in Google’s search results as soon as they are posted. The agreement underscores the process that Twitter is making in getting tweets seen by more non-users and generating more advertising revenue from a larger audience. Generally, this deal brings both company benefit. This deal bring more penitential users who often use Google to do searches. For Google, they want to gain more users in the search engine market, and the deal with Twitter will help Google gain more users in mobile market. Overall, the deal between Google and Twitter bring both company more users. I think Twitter and Google made a wise decision because both of them have a lot of users in market. This movement by twitter increase its presence and become more visible to internet users. On the other hand, Google has become more visible to mobile users. This agreement also create a mutually beneficial and an unique opportunity for Google and Twitter. It makes tweet easier to find through search engines, and that negotiating with search provides could be a unique opportunity to distribute tweets to more people.

  15. James Bradshaw

    Twitter made the deal with Uber because of the massive scale and scope Google has in the global economy. Google is a giant when it comes to the internet and if you can ever be more closely associated with a huge company like Google the profits for your company will surely rise. This also may be a positioning tactic aligning Twitter and Google together in an attempt for the smaller Twitter to be acquired by the larger Google. If this happens the deal would be massive and the pay outs for shareholders and people in the company would be huge.
    The revenue model for Twitter is internationally based service that uses data and advertising to make money. With millions of users all over the world, trending topics or data is shared and companies advertisements on the web site are seen. With a huge captive international audience Twitter has massive potential to influence and affect the decisions of millions of people all over the world. Now by positioning themselves to have this data found on Google broadens their reach to non Twitter users and essentially brings them more users. This increase in users allows advertisements to be seen by more people and bring in more money for the company in the end.

  16. Vincent Varga

    Twitter made this deal with Google in order to broaden their presence on the web. Currently Twitter is a massive player in the social media realm, but has had difficulty with gaining integration with traditional web users. With this new agreement Google users can access tweets within their standard search engine. No longer will Google users need a twitter account to search tweets. This is beneficial to twitter as not all Internet users want to be signed up on a social media platform. Twitter will receive a new revenue stream by the added support through the Google search platform. There is a fine balance within social media sites between profit and user experience. Social media users want a free service with minimal ad interruption, while companies want to create the most profit possible. If a social media developer begins to implement ads too prevalently users will back away and switch to a new service. By Twitter using the Google search platform as a method for monetization they can continue to offer a service to users with minimal ads, while generating more profit than before. This new agreement will also attract more users to twitter. Older generations that may not be as comfortable or up to date with the latest social media trends will be able to see tweets and the benefit they hold, then potentially sign up on Twitter to further their experience.

  17. Jordan M

    I would view this agreement as a very strategic one on the part of Twitter. Google is by far the most used search engine out there today and will allow for millions more people for twitter to be able to reach out to and express their opinion and give different real life examples of opinions for those who are researching. Although the information might not be as creditable as a scholar article or news article, but it will just allow for more insight on different subject matters, even though it might not all be true. This move by Twitter should increase their audience and the amount of accounts on their web site. People who have never experienced Twitter will now be given the opportunity to use it in regards to a certain subject, but it may have them investigating different users as well and lead to them joining the website. In the past Twitter has tired this same search tactic with Bing and Yahoo and were unsuccessful, but those sites were not as popular as Google, which could be a reason for their failure. Twitter needs this attempt to be successful to regain some of the success that they have lost in the recent years. One of Twitter’s strategies for the year was to make tweets easier to find through search engines for internet’s users, which will be a success if the deal with Google succeeds. The relationship between the two companies should be mutually beneficial as there’s no advertising revenue involved in the deal between them. This then suggests Twitter will receive data-licensing revenue, which was $41-million in the third quarter, up from $16-million a year earlier and Google will be able to gain more relevance on mobile and in real-time with users.


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