Three-Day Weekend Killed by the Smartphones

Description: It would seem an ideal time to take a break, but our ability to unplug and relax is under assault. A three-day weekend? We can barely get through three waking hours without working, new research shows. The average smartphone user checks his or her device 150 times per day, or about once every six minutes.


Date: May 24, 2013


There’s plenty of debate among economists and psychologists whether the economy is to blame, or we do this to ourselves. There’s little arguing that the concept of a Sabbath is in serious danger.

“It’s like an arms race … everything is an emergency,” said Tanya Schevitz, spokeswoman for Reboot, an organization trying help people unplug more often. “We have created an expectation in society that people will respond immediately to everything with no delay. It’s unhealthy, and it’s unproductive, and we can’t keep going on like this.”

There’s a long list of horribles associated with our new, always-on-digital lives: You are dumber. You are more stressed. You are losing sleep, and more depressed.  READ REST OF STORY 

Questions for discussion:

  1. Has Technology affected our ability to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits?  Why or Why Not?
  2.  “We need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to life”  Do you agree of disagree with this statement? Explain.

30 thoughts on “Three-Day Weekend Killed by the Smartphones

  1. Tamara First Charger

    Technology has affected our ability to enjoy life but it has also enhanced it too. It does help us to get necessary work done, but it can be too much work. It hence our human communicate in a new world We need to achieve a healthy balance between work time and our personal time to achieve stronger relationships. Boredom and loneliness usually drive us to use technology to escape reality or to pass the time.
    At some levels it fails to recognize that technology is a serious addiction that is negatively impacting human interaction and relationships. Understanding that technology really helps bring a whole network together and create new relationships and enhance interaction to a new tech level It also affects our connection to the environment. So a modern day of rest will promote awareness. Individual men and women need to exercise freewill rather than allowing technology to determine the nature of their existence. A distinction between using technology to aid in our work and allowing technology to dehumanize is a concern that I have realized. My freewill is technology.

    This comment was a debate between my aunt,( who doesn’t have a cell phone) and she had a different view on technology and thought I share our debate.

  2. Taylor Lapierre-Campbell

    I agree 100% that “we need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to life”. I see myself as fairly technologically composed (that I am not constantly on my phone) yet even during this assignment I found the need to check my phone. It didn’t ring or buzz yet I felt the need to turn it on, even for a second. This ominous threat of missing the most recent update on Facebook is slowly driving people apart.
    I saw a commercial of a man who was lost and eventually asked from directions from a woman. This question was the spark of their relationship and this woman eventually became his wife. The commercial then rewinds and had the man Google maps his destination instead of asking the woman. Without that one minute conversation the man did not meet that woman and did not see she was his “soul mate”. Although this commercial was incredibly cheesy it made sense. Not only does technology negatively affect the work and business world it also has the ability to destroy relationships. The need to feel “connected” to the online world has disconnected us from one another.

  3. Dakota Manson

    1. Has Technology affected our ability to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits? Why or Why Not?

    I would have to conclude that this is a double edged sword.

    Technology has drastically improved productivity for those who can manage it. My father, who was a law student, mentioned he would write papers that were 50 pages long by hand. These papers would have stressful deadlines. As we all know, grammar and punctuation are quite important markets in post-secondary. When he didn’t know the correct spelling of a difficult legal term, he would grab his dictionary book, open it, and find the word he was trying to spell, and then resume writing his paper. It would take him roughly 10 minutes. If he made a mistake, he would use white out, which took off marks because it looked “unprofessional”. What took my father hours upon hours to do, takes me seconds!

    On the other side of the argument, technology consumes people. I, myself, have a Facebook, Snapchat, Email account (for school, work, and leisure), and Instagram. It can be exhausting having to keep up with it all. When I get bored, all I have to do is open my Facebook and I’m “entertained”. As mentioned in this particular article, technology has cut out time from other very important activates that our essential for our well-being such as sleep, time with our children, socializing (in person). I can’t count on my hands how many times my “Facebook friends” have commented on my pictures in such a way that an outsider would assume we were best friends, only to pretend I don’t exist when we run into each other in person. In addition to all this, it has been estimated that North Americans spend an average time of 5 minutes a day of undivided attention on their children. This study is embarrassing since a child’s healthy development depends on time and quality, meaning being present, with a primary caregiver.

  4. Jennifer B

    Technology has had a huge impact on lives, and the easy access the internet allows makes it extremely easy and almost tempting to bring work with you everywhere you go. Personally I am well aware of the problems associated with overuse of technology such as the strains it can have on relationships. However, growing up on a secluded ranch with no cell service, no internet and no tv i’m very grateful that it’s kept me from becoming over attached to technology. Even now i often look forward to visiting the ranch for the weekend, and shutting my phone, and computer off and just enjoying the “now”. Time actually seems irrelevant there, maybe it is because i’m not constantly checking my phone and watching the minutes slowly tick by but its very enjoyable. I think I am quite good with leaving work at work yet I see it in many individuals around me. Often times i’ll be out for dinner with friends and every five seconds they are either checking their phone, or texting and I personally feel its disrespectful. I know technology is amazing and allows us to be connected to the world, but it would be nice to make it through a meal without everyone constantly on their phones. Whether its work, or personal doesn’t matter to me. People are missing out on important moments, minutes, even hours of their lives because they are too busy working. I believe there needs to be a clear balance in everyone’s life between work life and home life.

  5. Kendra Bloomberg

    Technology has affected our ability to enjoy or even have downtime and get away from our busy lives. The biggest problem with technology is that it is so readily available. In the past, cell phones never used to have internet access on them. When people were away from work it was not possible to answer emails unless you had a computer handy, making it easy to unplug from work and enjoy downtime without interruptions. Now however, because smart phones can do almost everything a computer can (if not more), people are alerted immediately when they get an email or notification on a social networking site. Additionally, internet access or data for phones is available almost everywhere. Car companies have even gone as far as implementing Wi-Fi in their vehicles so that people can be hooked up to the internet anywhere and anytime. For many people, this easy access has caused them to become addicted to their smart phones and in turn, their work. Many feel that if they are not constantly plugged in, they could be missing out on important things, when in reality, taking a day completely away from their busy lives most likely would not be detrimental to them.
    Another issue with the affect technology has had on many people in regards to constantly being plugged in is the fact that when people do try to unplug, it causes them a great deal of stress. They are so focused on what they are missing out on, on their phones that they aren’t able to completely be in the moment and relax and enjoy themselves. Essentially, for most people, even when they are physically unplugged from the smart phone world, they minds are not.

  6. Ben Lo

    Has Technology affected our ability to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits? Why or Why Not? The answer to this question is yes and also no. In some aspects of our lives it has affected our ability to enjoy and have downtime from our daily activities like work or school. For example cellphones have reduced the need for human interaction. Individuals do not need to directly communicate with another human being when they have their smartphones that have facebook, Youbtube, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media websites. This have become a problem in some people’s lives. They spend more time with their cellphones than their friends or family. Before mobile phones have easy access to the internet, people would talk to each other during meals, daily commute times, and during family leisure time. This interaction has been replaced by smartphones and social media websites. On the flip side to technology affecting our ability to enjoy and have downtime, I can argue that technology provides another alternative to have a variety of activities to enjoy and have downtime. For example people can play video games, watch movies and TV series on Netflix, and social media sites can provide an opportunity to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits. Technology has a positive and a negative effect on our ability to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits. Technology can either hinder or provide enjoyment to an individual’s downtime, so the answer to that question cannot be a yes or a no.

  7. Nathan Watmough

    I think that the relationship we have with technology is very unhealthy. The last thing a lot of us do before we go to bed is check for messages and the first thing we do when we get up is check our messages. Like the article said, the world will still be spinning even if we don’t check our messages. But sometimes I don’t think we grasp that concept. I get caught into that a lot but I love to unplug and refresh. I really liked this article and agree with what it is saying. 20 years ago people lived without the internet so why is it so hard to now?

  8. Ben Robinson

    I find it difficult to relate to this article personally. I don’t take work home with me as an employee currently so i don’t feel the stress of work on the weekends or in the evenings. I think that using technology has replaced for downtime. We get enjoyment from keeping up with the latest news. Previously we would go for walks and enjoy being with family and friends, but now people are addicted to their screens and even when we spend time together we are on our devices doing something. It is not only work that we need a break from but we need a break from being online all the time. if we are checking our devices every six minutes then we need to think about finding another hobby. We should be able to disconnect from technology for longer.

  9. Spencer Boles

    Technology has had a huge effect on the business world. We are now able to work from anywhere at any time. This can be a huge problem for some people. There is not time to relax then, just work. Even when you take a vacation you still receive work calls and telecommute to the office from thousands of miles away. There is no end to it. We have went to from working 8 hour days to being on-call 24/7. There is no break. No time to relax and distress. The biggest problem is people don’t have a good work/life balance. They are working even when they should be at home relaxing and distressing for the day. With this brings more stress to a job. Before mobile phone people went home at night and could forget their jobs till the next morning but now it’s next to impossible for some people to do that. Being in this rapidly evolving technological world is a good thing for convenience and productivity but where do we draw the line. Companies should mandate that an employee on vacation can only check on work for an hour a day and other than that needs to be on vacation. This would help them get more down time and hopefully have better job satisfaction when they come back.
    Overall I would say that advances in technology are a good thing except for when it comes to having personal time then it is horrible. You cannot get a single moment alone between phone calls, e-mails, internet, ect.

  10. Tolu Adepoju

    I believed that technology has enhanced our lives and made working more efficient. Nowadays it is easy for people to access to work from home. I believe that technology has made it flexible for people to still have time their kids and still work it just all depends on time management skills. For example people starting up a business need technology to get to suppliers, email clients, collects feedback, and so on and so fourth in order for a business to runs smoothly and more efficiently. It also depends on an individual and what their priorities are. Yes nowadays everyone has a smartphones even kids as little as five.This is the 21st-century times are changing the world is being more interconnected, we created this technology for ourselves to fit with the lifestyles we have. Growing up as kids we are taught at school to use computers for learning finding out new information and now we complain about how we don’t have time for our daily pursuits when we are also taught to educate ourselves become better-rounded people and practically everything we need today one needs the internet for. I believe it is up to an individual and how they would like to spend their time and you cannot force someone to use technology or regulate how much they use it or not. I work for a telecommunications company where technology is always changing and not going to change because people are always wanting more or the next big thing is and have created this pattern for ourselves.

  11. Wancong Lu

    Technology has affected our ability to enjoy and have free time from our holiday. The biggest reason is that the internet is so distracting, especially our smartphone. People check their message, email, Facebook so many times every hour, even it is during family time or date. i remember there is video talk about how smartphone distract people in their daily life in youtube. People rather to check their smartphone during their family time than talk to their families, same with some mates. Not only how smartphone distract, but also it hurts families’ peace.
    I agree with this statement: “We need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to life”. Nowadays, most of people spend holiday time to check their message or email. However, no one is not that important, people usually thinking too important to themselves, they just reply their message or email with no delay, even some of people will wait their message during the middle night. This is so bad to their health. There is a research about how smartphone distract students. people found that bad mark students usually spend most of their time in smartphone, also, it is a easy way to fall in love at an early age.
    i think the government should try to make a date every year, that people should stop using their smart phone, and spend time with their families. with the development of high technology, people more common to use smart phone than really talk with people face to face.

  12. Rui. Zhang

    Technology and society are very much interconnected in the 21 century. When was the last time you were together with a group of young people who owned smartphones and not a single moment was interrupted by checking their smartphone, sending texts, googling some information, taking pictures, uploading videos and photos to Facebook, Instagram, Vine or other social media.
    The development of technology has bringing a big change to hunman’s life. The invention of smart phone implies high cyberage is coming. However, smart phone not only provides convinent to people, but also it also becomes a big part of people’s life. Since the advent of social software, people almost can not live without cell phone. People would rather watch on their phones with noun-related information, also not to communicate with others, or to do something they like to do. As this article title mentioned,”three day weekend killed by smart phone”. For example, I like to read novel with my smark phone, usually spend 3-4 hours per day. One-fourth of a day wasted on the phone.

  13. Beili Bai

    This article is give us a alarm that smart phone affected our daily life. We spend a lot of time to use smart phone everyday. We use smart phone to send message. make a phonecall, even play some phone game. We waste a lot of time on smart phone. As technology becomes a necessary part of our life. We have less time to communicate with our family face to face. A lot of time is face to the screen of smart phone or computer. I agree that we need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to our life. We should banlance our time to spend between daily life and virtual life.We should not let the smart phone burn our life. As the development of technology, People do not let their phones out of their sight. In my opinion, Smart phone is a technology to improve our life, we should use it in the right time rather than most of your time.

  14. Shea Josuttes

    Of course I think that our technology takes us away from spending time truly relaxing, but at the same time, we live in the 21st century now and this is going to be the new normal. We’ll probably just have to accept with the fact that working will be integrated into our time not spent at the office no matter what. There is always going to be new technology coming out that will make it easier to connect with our work-lives so if people want to be successful they are going to have to keep up with that growing demand to be connected. I doubt that industries are going to try to regulate the amount of hours that people work to create work-life balance, so it’s up to us to create it while also being aware of the risk that we could fall behind as compared to our coworkers who may choose to work without breaks. That being said, taking breaks can also increase productivity, so it possible that working less but more productively will cause employees to move ahead in their careers.
    If spending time looking at a screen during hours that are supposed to be considered “relaxing” bothers us so much, then maybe it’s time we create technology to help us relax. Maybe we could have apps that regulate which emails and calls come in during certain hours or that shut off our work phones completely on evenings and weekends. The fact that phones are so readily available is the problem in my eyes, They are always right beside and as soon as they light up we are at their beck and call. If technology turned itself off for a brief period of time during the day we could enhance our focus and create the work-life balance we may be missing.
    (Sorry I posted my first reply with my gmail address)

  15. Shea Josuttes

    Of course I think that our technology takes us away from spending time truly relaxing, but at the same time, we live in the 21st century now and this is going to be the new normal. We’ll probably just have to accept with the fact that working will be integrated into our time not spent at the office no matter what. There is always going to be new technology coming out that will make it easier to connect with our work-lives so if people want to be successful they are going to have to keep up with that growing demand to be connected. I doubt that industries are going to try to regulate the amount of hours that people work to create work-life balance, so it’s up to us to create it while also being aware of the risk that we could fall behind as compared to our coworkers who may choose to work without breaks. That being said, taking breaks can also increase productivity, so it possible that working less but more productively will cause employees to move ahead in their careers.
    If spending time looking at a screen during hours that are supposed to be considered “relaxing” bothers us so much, then maybe it’s time we create technology to help us relax. Maybe we could have apps that regulate which emails and calls come in during certain hours or that shut off our work phones completely on evenings and weekends. The fact that phones are so readily available is the problem in my eyes, They are always right beside and as soon as they light up we are at their beck and call. If technology turned itself off for a brief period of time during the day we could enhance our focus and create the work-life balance we may be missing.

  16. Fangbo He

    This is a very good article that people should gain attention. Smart phone is one of the chating tool for people that is most important in their lives. With IT industries developed pretty fast in modern society, smart phone paly a good role and make people more convenient. Smart phone gives people multiple ways to do what they wnat to do. People use smart phone in call, playing games, shopping, writing, listening music, and so on. However, smart phone seems to have a lots of benfits, but it also has negative effect. For instance, staring at smart phone long time is not good for people’s health, and it could lose the time to stay with family. Sometimes people need face to face to talk in some situation, but smart phone can not help people with it. Therefore, peopel need something to creat balance in their lives, just take more time to enjoy the fresh air outside.

  17. Kayla Rothe

    After reading this article, I think that technology has definitely had an impact on or daily lives and what individuals consider downtime. Personally I believe that is has changed our perception of what personal time consists of. Rather than simply relaxing and having time to ourselves, we are constantly on our personal devices checking emails or staying up to date with Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook; furthermore, I believe that many people are constantly staying in the loop and updated on their personal devices because they want to make sure they don’t miss out on anything. Before social media, computers, and cell phones existed, people were more engaged with their daily routines and interactions with one another. When meeting up face-to-face, people often still have their cell phones out and are communicating with others through their technology. As a result, the personal interactions with one another are less genuine and interactive than before.

    I think that the statement, “We need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to life” couldn’t be more true. My family has a condo located in Whitefish, Montana. We do not have access to Wi-Fi and since we in the United States we cannot use our data. One of my favourite things about going on vacation there is the ability to get away from the real world. I love that I can go away for a week and not have to worry about checking my emails or keeping up to date with what others are doing. I think that to implement this modern-day rest people would need to disconnect from the real world by turning off their phones and giving themselves some personal time to relax and get away.

  18. Raman Sidhu

    Technology has definitely affected our ability to enjoy and have downtime peacefully. I find that digital devices and growing technology has affected younger people more than it has affected the older generation than myself. The younger generation has accustomed to the use of new technology and device’s, as they are being brought up within their families and friends around constant usage of new gadgets. For example, children today may be provided with a choice of smartphones over a basic phone, but choose to get a smartphone as this could be a way to maintain their status within their social groups. I completely agree with this article. It’s a habit that is built and adapted by the society and more individuals are sacrificing their valuable time to connect with others through their devices whether this is business related or for personal entertainment.

    I agree with the statement mentioned above in the article about bringing balance back into life. It is true that everyone owns digital devices for various reasons. Many of these reasons distract individuals from building a balance in their life while most others actually have a reasonable limit with the usage of their devices. However, I can definitely relate to the growing usage of smartphones and digital devices as I have young nieces and nephews who are constantly busy entertaining themselves with their devices that they probably don’t even have an understanding of what “down time” could possibly mean. It is important to create a balance in life between family and pointless digital device usage, as this is a popular reason our society is losing socializing skills.

  19. Gordon Entz

    Technology has certainly taken over our lives and controls us. There are likely as many negatives about the way we use technology as their are positives. I don’t believe anyone would argue that technology makes our lives easier in a lot of ways but it also creates a constant busyness which prevents us from focusing on things that may be of even greater importance. I think it is pointless to have a National Unplugged Day or put your phone aside for one meal a weekend because that will not actually help. It is a better idea to make your own rules when you can and can not use your technology. An example would be to not use your phone or watch TV while you are eating or engaging in a conversation with someone. I think it is rude to be on your phone when someone is with you and trying to talk to you. Everyone is always on their phone though because they are either messaging someone or doing something online doing work or doing something that is likely not important. So these technologies are fun to use and its something to do but we often times then miss out on talking with people or other things that are happening around us. Technology helps us communicate better with people who are not around us but it hinders us from communicating with the people who are actually there.

  20. Xiaolin Zhou

    Nowadays technology has been developed so quickly, especially the IT industry is so advanced that smartphones are getting more and more popular because of its convenience and fashion. Digital devices, especially smartphones, has largely affected our life. In my family, my father uses smart phones to work and do business with people, my mother uses her phone to go to shopping on the internet, and my sister constantly checks her facebook and send massages to her friends. Even its a beautiful sunday afternoon, everyone in my family just do their things on their smart phones and have no interaction with family members face to face. So honestly I think smart phone and digital devices are disturbing our daily life and stoping us from enjoying everyday’s beautiful sunrise. People are keeping checking on their smart phones when they are having dinner or even when they are driving, which is very dangerous. They check the phones so frequently that seriously influenced their life. If you are checking the emails when you are talking to other people, it tend to be very impolite. Moreover, many of my friends have more than one smart phones, and the reason for this is not only because they need it for multiple purposes but also to follow the trend or say, what other people are having.
    And I definitely agree with the saying that we need a break to help us get back to normal. I hope that one day people would not rely on smartphones and enjoy their life, their family, and every stunning scene they have gone through.

  21. Arth Patel

    Recent boom in the world of technology has affected everyone’s daily life. It has affected our ability to enjoy life outside of technology, everywhere you go there is a certain type of technology that makes the outside world seem meaningless. The prime example are kids. Now a days even kids are into technology, especially young kids around 2 years old. Since they grew up near the technology that’s what they’re attracted to and will never fade away. I believe there are less and less kids everyday that do not enjoy playing outdoors on a nice sunny day. All they wanna do is just stay at home and play xbox or playstation.

    The article states perfectly on the state of majority of the work force. Since people can now telecommute from home or anywhere else people are involved in their work quite often then they have to; this can sometimes stress the person out more often. Because technology is very easy to adopt and makes life easier for people, they have hard time stopping the use of technology. Being a student is just terrible. Students now have access to do their homework, projects, etc. everywhere they go. Internet is everywhere. Everytime I go somewhere and I forgot to do my assignment for a class, I can access the internet and do it. If don’t get to do my homework then it would stress me out more and the end result is thinking about the assignment for the rest of the day and vacation.

  22. Jason Cousins

    Technology has taken over our lives and affected our ability to enjoy life and hindered our potential for any downtime from our daily pursuits. The article successfully articulates the current state of majority of the work force. Since technology has allowed easy access to do our jobs, it is everyone’s number one priority and it takes away from everything else we hope to live for. Although technology has increased our quality of life by making things easier to do and the convenience, I feel like it has added stress to other aspects of life. For example, to relate to this article, the ease of access to do work anytime and everywhere. Yes, it has made it way more convenient, but now we cannot stop. Because we can access it, we feel the need to do it all the time. Technology has taken away from other very important aspects of life that make us happy; like our friends, family, and relax time. We have lost the freedom of doing things we enjoy and the ability to “chill and relax”. Even as a student, I feel as if school is my job right now and I cannot get away from it or stop for just a few hours. I work from home, at school, on vacation, etc. Everywhere I go I have access to the Internet to do homework and study. This has a major effect on my mental wellbeing and the relationships in my life. The article makes good suggestions at different ways to escape from technology and I feel every one of us needs to do it.

  23. Joalee Mann

    I think this is an interesting debate that comes up a lot with generations older than my own. It seems that being constantly connected means that their personal time is often bombarded by work matters. Sure, If you are not used to it, it probably does feel that you cannot enjoy down time. But I don’t particularly see it as “ I have to answer this email right now”, more like “ I am able to answer this email now”. It’s definitely nice to have that option, instead of having to go to work and go through a full inbox every morning.

    If you start the habit of answering emails constantly, then people expect that you will respond at all times. I also think that many people spend a lot of time relaxing while on the computer or on their phones. If it is not relaxing and truly feels like work, then you should probably save it for when you are being paid.

    These kind of normative statements about needing time away from your computer and your phone are often justified with random articles about technology making us dumb, stressed, impersonal, or socially flawed; probably a less extreme view is just everything in moderation.

    Technology and society are interrelated and evolve together. If technology introduces a problem to society (not being able to disconnect from work) then technology and society will be able to produce a solution to such problems. It could be as simple as a do-not-disturb function on our devices.

  24. Ajuot Ajuot

    The technology has affected our ability to enjoy. For example, when people are in normal group conversation,it is very rare for the group to finish their conversation without one sending or receiving text message. Like other individuals, am not exceptional. I personally find it hard to spend the all day without checking my e-mail. It has become a daily routine that I feel like I miss important thing when I missed one day without checking my e-mail, Twitter and Facebook account. The technology has become a part of our daily lives that we barely realize that it is affecting us.

  25. Bola Fowosere

    Technology in today’s generation has become an integral aspect of human life. It is a body of knowledge, a tool, a communicator and a worldwide phenomenon that allows one to digitally connect with others. It exists to help us leverage our resources and do more with less. Although the effect of technology on humans’ life has become inevitable, it is about connecting not cocooning. Besides affecting our ability to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits, technology has inevitably become an integral aspect of most contemporary education. Social media is now a routine activity among learners. while most students continue to embed social media platforms into their daily rituals, these platforms continues to decontextualize their learning experience by isolating them from or beyond the existing world of the social institution. In as much as social media is perceived as a pleasant form of escapism, that is, an easy way to escape reality, it continues to shape how we think and carry out day-to-day activities.
    As a student, technology has impacted my learning experience (as well as other students) both negatively and positively. Firstly, as we devote more of our study time to media platforms, we continue to spend less time socializing in person. Rather than engaging in direct human interaction, most students have embraced computer-mediated communication. Two hours of time spent sending back and forth text messages has replaced an hour spent going out with friends and family. While we continue to avoid face-to-face conversation in favor of the pleasure and self-entertainment derived from media podiums, we continue to lose our people skills and become isolated from other peers. Secondly, social media sometimes provide too much intellectual stimulation that distracts students from focusing and completing academic tasks. During activities that require more focused attention, such as class lectures, most students are often fond of listening to music and simultaneously using multiple forms of media platforms. While this reduces their efficiency and learning focus, it increases distraction for other peers around them. Students who do not use various technological devices such as laptops, for example, tend to face more distraction from their peers who frequently use this device to type, play games, watch videos, chat and surf the internet in class.
    Although the effect of technology may seem to have created a negative influence academically, socially and psychologically, it benefits outweigh its risks “when it is used in a positive way”. While we rely so much on technology, the solution however, is not to eradicate or deprive ourselves from using it, but to learn how to balance or use it as a tool to empower us to reach more people and bind us closer together, rather than encourage us to disengage from one another and from our daily pursuits.

  26. Krysten Lumsden

    I believe technology has affected our ability to enjoy downtime. It’s hard to have downtime when it seems the phone is constantly chirping and beeping and sending updates of one sort or other. I agree with the article that now that everyone has become accustomed to instant messaging I even feel guilty if I don’t respond immediately. If often seems just as much, if not more, stress not to answer a message as it is to answer or check. And sometimes when I’ve noticed other people who are even more tethered to their smartphones than me, it has left be wondering if maybe something is wrong with me – that I am not as equally distracted.
    There are times I’ve seen students in class checking or updating their Facebook page, for example. I find this irksome. To me it is disrespectful to a prof. but then I find myself wondering, maybe my life is just not exciting enough and I can do without my smart devices for a bit. Or maybe I am from a different generation with different values. Even so, I feel myself being pulled into that world, more and more. I noticed recently that instead of engaging with my daughter McDonalds PlayPlace, I take my phone or her Ipad with me and use the time to do something ‘constructive’- like check emails, Facebook etc. What’s actually happening is that I am disconnecting from the experience with her instead of sharing in it. I also notice that at home relaxing is not what it used to be, now more and more it consists of doing that same thing, checking emails and Facebook. I suppose now that I’ve notice this I’ll have to take steps to change it.

  27. Hongyu Xu

    Technology has affected our abilities to enjoy and have downtime from our daily pursuits, because as the technology and internet develop and making our life more efficient, people have already cannot live without technology, such as smartphones, computers, social networking websites. as we can see from this article, it provides some data which make us thought deeply. On average, people check their smart phones about 150 times per day, which is about once every 6 minutes. How crazy it is. We did not even realize it when we using our phones. I totally agree with the expression that we need a modern day-rest that brings balance back to our life. Nowadays, people almost already adopt the lifestyle which closely related to the technology. for example, when we see someone text our phones, we would reply immediately, and sometimes on the time which we do not need to work, we receive an email, our first reaction is to reply it. I believe that the technology has really change our life totally, so I really think that we should learn how to enjoy our natural life, and get rid of smartphones in our leisure time, and make our life be more balance.

  28. Nadine Eagle Child

    I have to say that I am one of the few people I know that is not glued to my phone. It is totally maddening to me when I have family and friends over and instead of visiting they are looking down at their phones. Unless I am expecting an important text message (I purposely only add data texting to my phone and no longer add talk time because everyone texts or inboxes or is constantly looking at things on the internet). When I have company I put my phone aside and when out in public I make sure to keep it on silent mode so as not to disturb others. Not only has technology affected our down time, it has greatly affected people’s manners and lack of etiquette. People should obey the signs in public places and not have their personal conversations in front of others, especially when they are talking extrememly loud. I encourage my family especially my kids to put their phones away for a little while and especially during meals. Remember that message will still be there when you do check your phone after a short break.

  29. Kim Sikhosana

    Yes technology has affected our ability to have a downtime. I think that we go on social media sites as a downtime. We relax by watching funny videos or by reading an e-book. We have become very dependent on our technology in helping us perform most daily life task. We might need a modern day rest from technology but it will never happen. With advances made and still being made in technology it becomes harder to unplug.

    1. Glenn ZoBell

      Yes I think that technology has affected our ability to have downtime from our daily pursuits. Obviously like with every argument there are exceptions where some people may have the self control or will power to stay away from their electronic devices when they want to relax, but I would rather argue what I’ve seen be the large majority of people, where technology has definitely affected their ability to relax. As the article discusses, most people can’t resist checking their smartphone or laptop every few minutes to keep him or herself updated. This is the same with many adults who are in the business world; instead of checking social media frequently they are checking email and doing work away from work. Being able to access these medias as anytime from anywhere has definitely changed the way people live.
      Although I feel technology has completely affected our ability to have downtime, I do not feel that it is always in a negative way. Many people find looking at social media or other sites relaxing or a way to take their mind off of things that add stress. This argument depends on the individual and what one considers ‘downtime’. For some, technology enables downtime because the way people think with technology is different than it was 10 years ago. For this reason I disagree with the statement that we need something to create balance in life. I am one who always feels that if you need more balance in life that is an individual problem that can be solved on your own. If you think technology is interfering with downtime then stop going on your smartphone every 2 minutes. Otherwise, if you enjoy spending downtime with technology, then there is no need for further balance.


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