What Is Uber?

Description: Uber and black cars and taxis, oh my! The latest video in our Mashable Explains series takes a look at how Uber works for both employer and consumer.

Source: Mashable.com

Date: Oct 9, 2014



Questions for discussion:

1.  Describe Uber?
2.  Would you use Uber? Why?
3.  Is Uber an example of dis-intermediation? explain


32 thoughts on “What Is Uber?

  1. Jessica Dexter

    Uber started up in 2004 as car service were you can give short term notice, similar to a taxi service. Smart phone users can download the app on their device to request rides from drivers. Uber drivers use their own cars to transport people around. In order to be an Uber driver you need to pass a background check, own a valid drivers license, and of course own a car. According to the video Uber rides can cost less then New York taxi cab rates, and the drivers can make up to 90k a year. Uber takes 20% off the top, but the rest goes to the driver.
    I would use the Uber service because it is a cheaper then taking a cab. I would also use the Uber service because the drivers have to have a background check in order to drive, which would make me feel safer.
    Uber is an example of dis-intermediation because there is no intermediary like in the taxi business where you have to call and request a ride first. Uber allows the customer to contact the driver directly. Uber drivers also get a 80% of the money from the customer, where taxi drivers would not.

  2. Gray.yu

    Uber is a company which link passengers and drivers by use mobile app to provide car rental and real-time services.
    Users can book luxury private cars like a long Lincoln, Cadillac, BMW, Benz, etc.by Black Uber service,a quality service. This will let them feel that their own spending is worth the price.
    They also can book a normal car like Prius and Volkswagen Jetta.
    I used Uber ,but just try. Because there are many APP like Uber in China ,but they are more convenient in payment terms.
    It’s cheaper than a taxi. And the car was nearby, so soon to come. Due to the registration conditions to the real name system (required to enter the real name and the same name of the credit card, you can also use PayPal Fu Kuan), so I feel quite safe.
    I think Uber is an intermediary, it integrates the drivers with an idle vehicle and people who need to ride.The data analysis as the core of the cloud computing technology, provide the basic information of vehicle and driver, location information, empty car information, service quality assess the credibility of information for the taxi industry, and electric call service ,appointments, send a order, response service and driver service quality evaluation, and other information. Which not only provides a basis to regulate the management of the industry and the integration of industry resources, and let the taxi industry have stronger and more flexible adaptation to market.
    This is the whole taxi market reform.


    Uber is a car service which provides to the passengers who are carless to get a ride much easier by using Uber application that updates the passengers’ location by GPA service. It is much cheaper than NYC taxi. When Uber hires employees, it checks their background, driver license, car insurance and do they have their own cars. There is a situation that I have to get a ride, still I am carless, and there is a chance to get Uber, I would like to use it. The reason why I would like to do is, once I download the application, GPA works and my location automatically updated. I don’t have to shout or wave my hand to get a ride. In addition, the price of Uber is much cheaper than other taxis (the video said only NYC taxi but I believe that Uber is cheaper than other taxis in Korea). It is safe for passengers too. I suggest that Uber be an example of dis-intermediation because it adopts new way to mediate drivers and passengers by Uber application that means there is a company. The origin taxi system is just a relationship between passengers and drivers. Uber introduced dis-intermediation on their management.

  4. Jennifer B

    I first heard of Uber in my marketing class at university. It sounded like a very interesting concept. Uber is an app that everyone can get on their smart phones. It connects riders to the drivers. It is a transportation company that works similar to taxi, but unlike taxis they do not have to buy a medallion in order to operate their business. They just need to have a licence, a car, and have to pass a background check. You simply have to pull up the app and it will tell you if there are any cars near you and what make, model etc they are. Uber drivers also earn more than 50k more than taxi drivers. Uber hasn’t quite taken off very much yet in Canadian cities, but if the opportunity arose i think it would be very cool to give it a try. I think the fact that you can pick which car you get is super cool, i personally think it’d be pretty fun for a fancy night out, you could get a wicked cool car to show up in. Even on a more casual every day occurrence it seems like a good alternative to calling and waiting for a taxi cab. I like the idea that there are different rates for the different cars you may choose to ride in.

  5. Taylor Lapierre

    I have never heard of Uber before today. This seems like a more simplified version of a Taxi service. Instead of paying a middle man to organize calls, the customer and the driver work directly through a free GPS. This is a very cost-efficient policy. However, I think that when asking for a safe ride home there are somethings that people would be willing to spend more for. For example, she explained how uber taxi saves on cost because they do not have a taxi “medallion” which shows they are registered and are legally allowed to be a taxi. I understand that they are not an actual taxi, however if not having this medallion means that these drivers are not legally allowed to drive people around, I feel like most people would rather pay the extra dollar to have a legal drive home. Other than that I think this is a fantastic idea. Not only is it time-efficient but it gives more people jobs.

  6. Jason Cousins

    Uber was started in 2009 and is similar to a taxi service but you can access it on short-term notice. It operates through an application on your smart phone. You verify your location by using a mapping system and place your location on the digital map. Uber drivers in the area see your location and verify they are on their way. You can keep track of how long the driver will be and where the Uber driver is. Uber has different types of cars you can request: UberTaxi, UberX, UberSUV, UberLUX, and UberBLACK. Uber pricing works like a taxi services where you pay for the distance you want to travel. The price rate, however, depends on which car types you use. The Uber application is connected to the users financial information and the cost of your ride is charged to your account upon arrival. The nice thing about the organization is that 75% of the cost of the ride is paid to the Uber driver, not the Uber organization. The video states that Uber drivers get paid an annually wage more than regular taxi drivers. Therefore, there is more incentive for people to work at this organization. Anyone can be an Uber driver as long as they have a drivers license, pass a background check, have car insurance, and own their own car. Uber drivers do not have to rent cars or even buy taxi cab plates, which saves on major yearly costs.

  7. Dakota Manson

    1. Describe Uber?
    Uber is a car service where you can get a ride on short term notice. There is an app that users can use to request a ride. The Uber driver is notified, will accept and will then pick them up the customers promptly. The driver can discover the where about of the customers by using GPS. Uber has a variety of vehicles to choose from that include taxis or luxury vehicles. Uber uses a metered taxicab like fee and retains 20% of the revenue. The driver keeps the rest. When the cab reaches its destination, the payment is automatically withdrawn from the customer’s account. This company is global.

    2. Would you use Uber? Why?
    I would most likely use Uber if my vehicle wasn’t working or was for whatever reason unavailable to me. Since Uber does not have to pay the cab fees, id imagine the Uber rate would be substantially cheaper than paying for an ordinary cab.

    3. Is Uber an example of dis-intermediation? Explain
    Yes. Uber is a perfect example of disintermediation since the customer connects right with the driver, thus eliminating intermediaries. To request a ride from an Uber driver, the customer would simply log on the Uber app, specify the vehicle the wish to ride in, and the driver themselves would accept. There would be no need to hire intermediaries to answer phone calls, coordinate services, and communicate the whereabouts of the customers with the cab driver, which would decrease expenses.

  8. Fernanda Osegura

    Uber is basically a dis- intermediated taxi company. It provides the same service in a much more simplified way. The app gives the customer (and the Uber driver) an easy way to connect, which speeds and facilitates the interaction between driver and customer.
    In principle, this company seems to have came up with a very creative way to revolutionize the taxi industry, however, at the same time, with every good idea there is several other negative aspects to look out for.
    In a world where everything is computarized and the new generations are growing up to be one with technology, giving away your location in real time as well as any sort of payment information, creates a great incentive to scammers to come into action.
    By taking a closer look to the company structure, it only takes 4 things to meet the requirements to become a driver and there is no first hand regulation to it. In 5 years, the company has evolved, (and certainly changed the world) having now over 1 million drivers. The convenience of the service, not having to deal with an intermediator (aka. taxi company) has appealed greatly to the car-less market but I do believe that at the same time, as anything that shines, it appeals to a part of society that will not hesitate to take advantage of an app that gives you people -and their wallets- with just a couple of clicks. Taxi drivers, as opposed to Uber, are at least goverment registered and overlooked by a bigger company. This is on its own an asset to personal security when it comes to getting into a strangers vehicle. I believe that as great as Uber sounds, it is not a safe idea to put into practice. I would never use it.

  9. Spencer Boles

    Uber is a service where people can receive rides from other people. This is similar to a taxi service but not the same. This service requires an extensive information system to co-ordinate the clients and the drivers. This information system has to be accurate and deliver information in a timely manner. If this isn’t the case the whole idea of Uber wouldn’t work. It requires a high amount of co-ordination to pull-off.
    I would use Uber both as a driver and a customer. It is a really good idea for people who want to make extra money while driving places. One major concern I would have is for security. I don’t know who I am letting into my car. I could be put into danger or potentially face harm.
    This isn’t an example of disintermediation. It is just simply changing the medium from a taxi dispatcher to a new medium. Uber is the new medium. They collect a fee on the transaction and also facilitate the transaction between buyer and seller of the service. It potentially creates a new market for consumers. This market allows people to make money on the side or potentially allow people to be an Uber driver full time. Although it is similar to a taxi it is not the same. Taxi’s are professional drivers but Uber drivers are not. This could potentially make it more difficult for the driver to get clients because they have no training or nothing that qualifies them to give people rides

  10. Ben Lo

    Uber is a taxi like service which provides customers with rides just like how a taxi who drive their passenger to their destination. The biggest visible difference with Uber and regular taxi service is that Uber is an online service compared to the taxi which compromises mostly of picking up random customers off the streets or done through calling the taxi service provider to book a car to be picked up. Uber using a mobile app and the gps is phones to provide customers with the closest car driver available. Uber also has different types of vehicles with different price ranges for customers depending on their needs. Taxi service provides usually have 2 types of cars, a new sedan or a van for customers that need a larger vehicle for their bigger party of people. Ubers form of payment is through their app and online account, after the customer reaches his or her destination, the customer is charged directly from their account. I would like to use an Uber driving service if it becomes more stable. I hear stories of people getting charged ridiculous amounts of money for a simple trip. Uber would be a good service to use when I visit countries like Japan with very expensive taxis services. I would be able to order a taxi simply with my phone and it would be very convenient. I would not use this service in a place like Hong Kong where the service is really cheap and the taxis are everywhere and easy to catch.

  11. Gordon Entz

    Uber is an american transportation company that started out in 2009. One of the founders was Garrett Camp, a Canadian entrepreneur. He helped found Uber which is an on demand car service and has turned it into a 40 billion dollar company. Uber connects people who need a ride with drivers through an app. The app is able to use GPS to locate where the person is who needs the ride. Anyone can be a driver for Uber they just need to sign up. Uber gets a percentage of the fare and the rest goes to the diver. This way they don’t have to get a medallion or pay a taxi fee. Uber offers different types of rides you can get such as luxury or standard car rides. I think this is a very neat idea especially since they claim they are cheaper then normal taxi rides. It’s a smart use of technology because the driver knows exactly where the person is who needs a ride and the person knows where the driver is and how long the wait will be. This is the hight of modern technology. I think this may be the most important discovery yet and people will talk about this innovative use of technology for years to come. I actually had this very idea in 2008 but i was only 14 and wasn’t sure how to put my plan into action.

  12. Wancong Lu

    Uber is a car services that you can get ride on short term notice. It is like a internet text call, but is much cheaper than original taxi, also, it is more convenient too. People can get that job easily, and they only need 4 things include: Background check, driver’s license, car insurance, and a car. At the same time, they can get good money too, the research showed that people can earn 90K per year by doing Uber, to compare with taxi driver, they can only earn 30K per year. Also, Uber have all different type of cars, depend on what event you going to, or what salaries you earn, they have Uber X, Black, XL, Lux, and T. That is a brilliant idea for service all kind of people in the city.
    I will use Uber for sure. One of the significant reason is that Uber is so convenient, i can choose what kind of car i want. If i go travel somewhere, and carry a lot stuff, i can have enough space to put. Also, if i go to a important meeting, and do not have a car, i can pick the Uber Lux.
    Uber is an example of dis-intermediation, because there is no intermediation between customer and Uber driver. it is not like normal taxi company, people have to call the company, and a person answer your phone, and talk to the taxi drive where you are. Uber will became one of the most popular app in every big cities.

  13. Fangbo He

    Uber is a very popular way to take a taxi. Uber cab drivers can be anyone with a car, insurance and driver’s license. Uber is a transportation services, it can use Google map to check current location and help people ride, which is very convenience for people to use. I have never head about the Uber before, but after I watch this video I think Uber is a nice way to take a taxi in a city. A lot of cities were still excluded from Uber’s app at the time. There is a lots of customer using Uber in their lives, and the price of Uber is not too expensive at all. Customer’s payment information is then tied to their account so that when the customer reaches their destination their account is automatically charged for the ride. Price per mile varies depending on which vehicle the customer requests. In order to use Ubers services, customers must set up an account with them. Actually, I want to use Uber in my life because I always need to take a taxi in the business day.

  14. Rui. Zhang

    Uber is an driving/ride app software which people can download on cellphone. People can use their smartphone to host and request vehicles within their respective city. Uber has different of cars people can request. Such as Uber T is for taxi, Uber X is for samll vehicles( even cheaper than New York taxi), and Uber SUV/LUX/BLACK. Its price work like meter taxi cab. However, it depends on which car customers choose. Uber can find the vehicles closest to people, even people do not know the pick-up location address.
    Personally, I would use Uber in my life. First of all, it brings a lot convenience to people who do not have a car. For some taxi company is fairly expensive. If I using Uber, I can definitely save a lot money. However, their is security issue I am worried about. Uber dirvers’ require very low, only need background check, driver’s license, car insurance, and own a car. That means anyone can be a Uber driver. In my opinion, I feel not safe.

  15. Kim Sikhosana

    Uber is an app that connects riders to the drivers. It is a transportation company that works similar to taxi, but unlike taxis they do not have to buy a medallion in order to operate their business. They just need to have a licence, a car, and have to pass a background check. Uber drivers also earn more than 50k more than taxi drivers.
    I would not mind trying to use Uber if the situation allows. It seems like a good alternative to calling and waiting for a taxi cab. I like the idea that there are different rates for the different cars you may choose to ride in.

  16. Katrin Saballa

    Uber was started in 2009. It is “a car service where you can get a ride on short-term notice.” Through their app, you can request a car to pick you up at your current location. After a driver accepts the request, you can get GPS updates on your ride’s whereabouts. You can request different types of cars depending on your needs and/or wants. For example, they have the UberT which is a taxi, UberSUV for an SUV, UberLux which is a private luxury car, and etc. The pricing works like a metered taxi cab and varies depending on the type of car. Once you reach your destination, the payment is automatically taken from the payment information which is connected to your account. 20% goes to Uber and the rest goes to the driver. To be an Uber driver, one must pass the background check, have a valid driver’s license and own personal car insurance, and of course, own a car.

    Uber is an example of dis-intermediation because there is no middle-man involved in requesting a car service. With most taxi companies, you give them a call and an operator will ask for your information such as your name, where you want to get picked up, and the type of car that you need which depends on how many people are getting picked up. The operator will then send one of their taxi drivers to pick you up. With Uber, you create an account through their app, request a car service, and the driver, him/herself will accept the request.

  17. Nidhi Patel

    Uber is a reliable and quick transportation service that compares with taxis. Uber is quickly gaining popularity in many cities across the globe. Service compares with that of what a taxi would provide except for a couple of differences. An Uber provides service via technology. It provides quick transportation with a tap of a finger and the driver of the car and the passenger are both connected. Unlike a taxi service where you pay the driver directly, Uber drivers do not receive the payments personally. Instead you pay for the ride with your credit card directly. Uber takes 20% of the ride fare and the rest of the payment, 80% that is left, goes to the Uber driver. Uber drivers don’t need a medallion to prove to the state that they are license to drive. All they need is a back ground check, a valid license, a car and their own car insurance. Uber seems like the new-age taxi service. Uber allows you to pick the best car suitable for you or the occasion. Choices vary from an UberT (Taxi) and UberX (Smaller Car), UberSUV, Uberlux and the list continues.
    This is a concept I wouldn’t mind giving a try as it seems quick and it also seems more organized than a taxi transportation system. Also I have choices as to what car I would prefer based on where I am or what phase I’m going through that night. This concept seems way easier than hunting down a taxi but at the same time it seems less secure. Considering that both taxis and Uber are transportation services that are one-on-one, driver and passenger, Uber seems like anybody can be a driver whereas taxi services require a medallion so if any issues come up you can trace the taxi back. Uber seems like a new transportation system that still needs to be worked on as a system.

  18. Brad Andrus

    Uber is an alternative transit method to traditional taxis that uses a smartphone application to connect payable drivers to requesting commuters. Anyone can become a driver or commuter just by downloading the app and registering. The app works as a visual representation of a map – GPS – in which a driver receives a notification of a potential client, or a customer requests pick-up, and then the transaction and service takes place.
    To become a driver, you must have a background check done from the local police, a four door car, and be processed through an interview by Uber management. This is an essential part of Uber’s success, aside from the lost cost of using the service as compared to traditional taxis, Uber utilizes accountability to gain a competitive edge on taxis; both the driver, and customer take part in an review system, where if either side of the participant has a negative experience with the customer/driver, they state it on the app, or even comment to Uber management. This is a major advantage over taxis because it allows the customer to see what previous customers have rated, or commented about the potential driver. Furthermore, if the driver receives an average rating below a 4 out of 5, they are re-interviewed and analyzed by Uber management. Vise versa, if a customer/client has a low rating given to them by a driver, a future requested driver can ignore them or refuse to pick them up. In the traditional taxi setting there is no accountability or convenient accountability system, you are unaware of the drivers background who is responsible for you.

  19. Kayla Rothe

    Uber is similar to a taxi service in that it provides it customers with a ride to their desired location. However, they are able to differentiate themselves from typical taxi services because they use information systems to take requests and deal with payment. Also, Uber allows their customers to request a number of different vehicles such as a SUV or luxury car.

    This summer, I was on a vacation in Santa Monica. We tried signing up for Uber and requesting a vehicle multiple times; however, the request would never get accepted, and we ended up getting a taxi driver instead every time. I think that if I actually lived in a place that offered Uber I would sign up and use it occasionally since it seems to be more efficient than a taxi when used correctly.

    Uber uses dis-intermediation because they are able to take out the middle man within their company. Uber does not have a call centre for customers to phone in and request a ride; rather, they have developed an app that allows their customers to request a ride straight from their cell phone. By providing this, Uber is able to run a more efficient business and provide dependable services. Also, they are able to save money by not having to pay the fees to have a brick and mortar call center building and hiring people to answer the phones. I think that Uber is successfully taking advantage of the ever changing and advancing technology in our world.

  20. Raman Sidhu

    Uber is a quick and easy transportation service that is operating in many cities worldwide. The service is available for everyone and is very similar to taxi services to help people get from one destination to the next. With today’s advanced technology, the service has its own mobile app that allows you to use it instantly. Just with a tap of a finger drivers and passengers are connected. As stated in the video the concept is similar to a taxi service as the vehicles contain meters that calculate price based on distance or time. The difference is that the driver does not receive any payments personally as you are paying for the ride directly with your credit card through Uber.

    I wouldn’t mind giving Uber a try, especially on those nights when it is unbelievably difficult to find a cab. Its definitely a neat concept and is very similar to a reliable cab ride. Adding on to the reliability, there are also a variety of vehicles to select from when using the service. This adds comfort to the personal preference. However, I’m sure this involves a wide range and difference with the pricing based on the city, vehicle and routes. Safety would be another concern as anyone can be a driver for the Uber service and all the driver needs is the basic background check, have their own insurance, own a vehicle and have a valid drivers license. Its seems to be too simple and not such a trustworthy service.

  21. Bola Fowosere

    Uber is an American international transportation network company that operates under the app called Uber, which “connects drivers with passengers at the touch of a button”. Uber operates through a smartphone app or web browser, which allows users to request a ride and track their ride progress in real time. Anyone can be a Uber driver in as much as they have a driver’s licence, background check and personal insurance. However, as both the rider and driver have access to each other’s picture and profile on the app, it requires both parties (passenger and driver) to accept one another before any rides are arranged, then the app uses GPS to guide a driver or send the nearest driver to one’s location and destination. In other words, Uber is an on-demand car service that allows one to request private drivers through applications, which are free to download, from iPhone and Android devices. While there are up to five types of vehicle services for Uber, the company typically offers three levels of service UberTAXI, UberBLACK and UberX. Depending on one’s preference one can get a ride on short-time notice. Operating as a taxi company it pricing works like a meter taxi cab. Even though its rides can be pricier than cabs, the service provides a “no-cash-payment solution” that charges one’s ride directly to the credit card on file with the account provided. As such, one needs a valid credit card to use the Uber service, as payment information is tied to their account.

  22. Ajuot

    According to the video clip, Uber “is a car service where one can get a ride in the short term noted”. The riders use uber apps to request a driver. And once the driver confirmed the request, the rider is given the noted on whereabouts or how soon the driver will come. It is cheaper car service compared to the taxi services. To the question of whether would I use the Uber if I where to be where Uber is, my answer is, why not. I would definitely use it if I were in need of ride. On the other hand, if I were to be a taxi driver, I would use Uber since it generates annual incomes that is three times bigger than the mainstream taxi in New York City.

  23. Krysten Lumsden

    Uber is a car service that lets you get a car ride using an app on your smartphone. Instead of calling for a cab or trying to hail a cab you use the app to request a ride. The App lets you choose the car type you want e.g. a taxi style cab, SUV, limo etc. You set up an account with Uber. Once you select your ride you can track it to your location. Once you reach your destination you pay for the ride, using your account.

    Uber cab drivers can be anyone with a car, insurance and driver’s license. Uber does a background check on its drivers. Uber drivers are not regulated like taxi drivers, and they reportedly make 3 times as much, annually. Part of this is because they don’t have to pay very expensive fees associated with becoming a licensed taxi driver. Also Uber drivers are paid whatever the ride costs less a charge paid to Uber – so that is more money directly in the driver’s pockets and one less ‘middle man’. Uber thus provides an example of a disintermediation.

    Uber has caused quite a stir in several countries/cities where it has been introduced or been trying to operate. I heard in the news that some cities/countries had tried to ban Uber but in the end it did not work. Uber is an example of company creating market disruption by turning the way things are normally done on its head/inside out.

    While Uber seems to be growing in leaps and bounds, I am not sure if I would take a Uber yet. I would feel more safe in a taxi, I think, because I know it is a regulated enterprise and the high costs of being a cabby means that the expense of entering the market alone acts like a filter to weed unsavory characters. With Uber you don’t know what sort of ‘nut job’ you might end up with, that said even regulated transport can not screen for everything, but I suppose at least they have a track record of safety.

  24. Arth Patel

    Uber is a type of taxi service but without being so expensive. It all depends on which type of car you call for. Uber uses an app on the smartphone like iphone or other devices that have GPS enabled to track where you are and lets the driver of the Uber car know where to pick you up. It also lets track where your car is at and when it will get to your location. Uber offers vehicles like UberT, UberX, UberSUV, UberLux, and UberBlack. The price per mile depends on the type of vehicle the customer requests. The Uber app also stores your information like Name, and credit card info so after you’ve reached your destination the app automatically will charge for the ride to your card. Without entering this information you will not get the access to Uber services. Becoming an Uber driver is also easy and without any hassles of getting a medallion like the taxi cabs have to. As long as the driver passes the background check, has their own insurance, their own car, and a valid driver’s licence. Uber avoids many costs that an average taxi would incur. Therefore, the Uber drivers make quite a lot of money, about $60K more than an average taxi driver.

  25. Kendra Bloomberg

    Uber is a car service that uses information technology to allow customers to efficiently find a ride on short notice. Using Ubers app, customers are able to request a ride to their location. When a ride is requested the driver is alerted and when they accept the customers’ request, the customer is able to track where their ride is. They are able to do this through GPS updates that identify the whereabouts of their ride. Additionally, customers are able to choose a type of vehicle best suited to their needs that they would like to be picked up in. The vehicles available are UberT, UberX, UberSUV, UberLUX, and UberBLACK. With regards to payment, Uber uses meters that work similar to taxi cabs. Price per mile varies depending on which vehicle the customer requests. In order to use Ubers services, customers must set up an account with them. Customer’s payment information is then tied to their account so that when the customer reaches their destination their account is automatically charged for the ride.
    Anyone has the opportunity to be an Uber driver. The requirements for a person to become an Uber driver are: a background check, a valid driver’s license, a vehicle, and valid insurance for their vehicle. Aside from UberT, Uber drivers are able to avoid the many costs that the average taxi driver may incur. The two main costs they are able to avoid are taxi rental from a company and the purchase of a taxi medallion in order to show they are legally registered with the city to be a taxi driver. Because of this, Uber drivers are making a lot of money, some even report making triple the estimated average salary of a New York taxi driver.

  26. kprusky

    Uber is a new way of hailing a taxi in the digital age. By using smartphone technologies, Uber has created an intuitive app that allows the user to request an Uber taxi. Not only does the Uber app allow you to hail a taxi, it allows you to choose a pre-determined destination, view the route that will be taken, provide an ETA on the trip, and provide a quote on how much the taxi rate will cost. While taxis may not be a new thing, using current technology in such an innovative way has many people wondering why this service has not been made available before. Uber is something that I can definitely get on board with. I cannot express how frustrated I have been on hold waiting for a taxi line to become available, and always at the times I need it most! I am also fairly certain that regular taxi cabs are secretly charging more on my meter… It costs me $50 for a taxi ride from downtown Calgary to my parents place. That is straight highway robbery. I believe there is some degree of dis-intermediation in this business. Traditional taxi companies have call centres that dictate and direct available cabs to locations where they are needed. Uber takes that job and puts in into an easy-to-use smartphone app, saving manpower and expenses. While this does not reduce the amount of jobs for taxi-drivers, it does further split the market share, and taxi companies that have no kept up with current technology trends should be worried about their future success.

  27. Hongyu Xu

    Uber is a transportation services, it can use Google map to check current location and help people ride, which is very convenience for people to use. Also Uber have many kinds of cars for people to choose, and the it cost less than standard cabs fees. Meanwhile, anyone can be Uber driver, as long as they did the background check, they have driver license, car insurance, and also they need own a car. I think if I can I would use Uber, There are some reasons to support my opinion, Firstly, it is cheaper than taxi, which is a good economic choice. Secondly. it is very convenience, because I can just use the Uber application to find a car where near by me, which is easier than call a taxi. Therefore, it is trustable and safe.
    I think Uber is dis- intermediation. First reason is that people do not need to call the taxi, instead they can directly find a car near by them. secondly, Uber only take 20% of the money from the taxi, which Uber can be regarded as third-party,and generate the revenue by matching cars and customers. Therefore, Uber can be dis-intermediation.

  28. Tolu Adepoju

    Uber is an American international company transportation network company headquarter in San Francisco and operates under the app called uber. I would use Uber because one it is very convenient because it uses my location to connect me automatically to the nearest driver available. This tool is very useful because if I was in a new city or town and need to get around my location automatically tells the driver where I am and also an estimate of the cost of my trip on the app which I think is great. This beat the traditional form of having to call the cab driver not having or knowing how much it would cost for a trip and expensive cost. Another reason why I would use app is because of the flexibility you don’t have to worry about paying right there are then you just get charged to your account on file as well as if you need to split among friends you could without having to worry about I owe you or paying back on the app you can split it right there and then which I think is a much more convenient option. Also you do get a chance to provide whatever feedback you would like back to the driver whereas other taxi companies don’t give you that option. I think as the world is becoming more mobile services like this make travelling more easy, especially if you’re going out with you friends and you need a cab to get back home after a night out you would pick our vehicle of choice for the amount of people you have an spit it among friends without having to call a cab wait for it and not know how much it would cost and getting charged more than uber taxi would.

  29. Nathan Watmough

    From what I understood from this video is that uber is kind of like a match making service for people who don’t have cars and people who do and who would like to make a little cash on their spare time. I really like the idea. I have had to ride in taxis a lot and it all seems really inefficient to me. In large cities, a taxi driver is driving around trying to find someone to pick up while a prospective passenger is waiting around at a nearby location for a taxi. Connecting them through technology is obviously a great idea. Everyone wins. Uber is a good example of dis-intermediation. It connects normal people with cars with people who need a ride, getting rid of the need for big coorporations with corporate owned vehicles and corporate employed drivers.

  30. Glenn ZoBell

    Uber is a transportation service that uses smartphone applications to get a ride and costs less than a standard taxi service. Anyone that has a car, license, insurance, and has passed a background check and be a driver for Uber. A small percentage from the customer goes to Uber and the rest goes to the driver. Uber relies more on volume than margin to increase profit.
    I’m not sure if I would use and Uber at this point in time. I’ve heard of it before but it doesn’t seem as mainstream yet as I’m sure it will become in certain areas. My only concern is that a crazy person could be driving me around and do whatever they want. I don’t know how Uber could hold their drivers accountable unless they give personal information and sign some sort of legal requirements in order to be a driver. For the most part I’m sure it is safe and trustworthy. I can see the primary users and drivers of Uber to be students or young-middle aged adults.
    Uber is an example of disintermediation in some ways. For many taxi services the customer must call the company and request a car to pick them up at a certain time. With Uber, the customer contacts the driver directly to get a ride. In another way, a taxi driver is somewhat a middleman in the traditional taxi service. The driver takes cash from the customer and gives the portion to the company With Uber, the majority of the money is paid directly to the driver.

  31. Shea Josuttes

    I heard about Uber about two years ago in my marketing class before it really blew up. There were some definite concerns about the idea when we discussed it as a class. First and foremost was the fact that once again people are giving personal information (credit card numbers) to an app. At this time Uber hadn’t established itself as a reliable app quite yet as it was still a small scale operation. Another concern at the time was how Uber would manage to expand to smaller cities, especially when it seemed like cab drivers had a vendetta against their growth. A lot of cities were still excluded from Uber’s app at the time. The last concern was how Uber would make sure that its drivers were trustworthy.
    In the end, Uber managed to overcome most these challenges with fabulous marketing. They prided themselves on being an affordable luxury transportation system for business men that travelled often and wanted comfortable reliability while working from the Uber vehicles. Cabs didn’t provide that reliability that people were looking for. After they tapped into that market they were able to market themselves to the average folk who needed a ride after a couple drinks. The great prices and the convenience of having the fare automatically charged to their account made people continue to use the app. Cab companies simply can’t compete with Uber right now.
    The company still faces an inability to tap into the small city markets where generally people don’t need cabs/ transportation as often as in larger cities. However maybe its up to Uber to create a need for a transportation market in these cities. Creativity will be key for them.

    1. Tamara First Charger

      Uber is an app on a smartphone. It is a car service that is similar to a taxi service.
      I would use Uber because it may provide a better alternative to taxis. There is a background check for the Driver License and insurance. If the driving credentials are the same requirements for driving taxis, then it will include an acceptable medical examination and other requirements beyond the Class 5 license. Valid insurance will also cover safety requirements are met.
      Uber is an example of dis-intermediation. There is no dispatcher for a business entity. Therefore, drivers can get more pay.


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