BIG DATA Explained

Description: Big Data is the next big thing in computing. This video explains Big Data characteristics, technologies and opportunities.


Due to the issues raised by its volume, velocity and variety, Big Data requires new technology solutions. Currently leading the field is an open-source project from Apache called Hadoop. This is developing a software library for reliable, scalable, distributed computing systems capable of handling the Big Data deluge, and provides the first viable platform for Big Data analytics. Hadoop is already used by most Big Data pioneers. For example, LinkedIn currently uses Hadoop to generate over 100 billion personalized recommendations every week.

What Hadoop does is to distribute the storage and processing of large data sets across groups or “clusters” of server computers using a simple programming model. The number of servers in a cluster can also be scaled easily as requirements dictate, from maybe 50 machines to perhaps 2000 or more. Whereas traditional large-scale computing solutions rely on expensive server hardware with a high fault tolerance, Hadoop detects and compensates for hardware failures or other system problems at the application level. This allows a high level of service continuity to be delivered from clusters of individual server computers, each of which may be prone to failure. Processing vast quantities of data across large, lower-cost distributed computing infrastructures therefore becomes a viable proposition.     READ REST OF STORY 

Questions for discussion:

  1.  What is Big Data and why is it important?
  2. What potential applications do you see for Big Data and in what industries will this add the greatest value?

128 thoughts on “BIG DATA Explained

  1. Joan G.

    Big data is large set of data that are high in volume, velocity, and variety. This data consist of information that is an advantageous for a company, as it controls information that is relevant and beneficial for decision-making. Big data very is important, as it helps companies sustain a competitive advantage. Netflix is a company that uses big data, as it collects tremendous big amount of data from its subscriber. Netflix organizes this data in ways that predicts who their customers are and what are there looking for. How does Netflix know what movies you like? Or why does it recommend movies that you might like? Of course, Netflix has a system that is able to record everything, when you are in their system, in order to make statistics of your trends. It is amazing how they are using every single piece of data, in order to predict the future. As mention earlier, big data will help companies maintain their competitive advantage. Why? Because they are taking a step further, and predicting the unknown. So using big data companies can strengthen their strategy if they need to, so their competition don’t get in the way. Companies that receive tremendous amount of data from their potential customers cannot just let data fly away, as every single piece of information is vital for success. Of course, the devices are the key to make all this data useful.

  2. rahul

    Big Data are data sets containing huge amounts of raw data which cannot be run through common Data analyzing tools but with large data analysis systems. Big Data can be used to retrieve important information for the benefit of your product/purpose by looking at the patterns in the analyzed data.
    Big Data can be used in any field. The healthcare sector, Sports Teams and large Corporations are mainly going to have the greatest value. The healthcare sector can benifit a lot by big data, one of them is analyzing previous records of medical research data to segregate useful medical research data that could help for a particular research from the irrelevant medical research data. A very good example is IBM which has used big data to predict heart disease in people which is a great breakthrough in the medical field using bigdata.Large Corporations can gather information about the needs of the public through big data and cater to the public more efficiently.

  3. Daniel Rottger

    Big data is the collection of of mass amounts of information, forming large databases of usable intelligence. Big data uses applications such as social media, user search history, and retailer transaction histories to acquire information that is cross referenced to determine consumer trends, preferences, and marketplace gaps (area for competitive advantage). This can prove to be a huge advantage to companies looking to improve their marketing strategy or even to develop a complete business strategy and target market. These advantages can be illustrated through Laney’s 3V’s. These three V’s are: Volume, Velocity, and Variety. The volume of information that is able to be collected is massive due to the efficiency of todays information systems. Along with this massive volume, the high speed at which it is transferred allows for quick, efficient, processing and makes the data much more easily interpreted and used. The final “V”, variety, makes big data a universal tool for all different types of businesses and applications.

  4. david.p

    1. What applications of this particular kind of algorithm do you think would be valuable in the marketplace?
    This particular kind of algorithm would be considered a competitive advantage. It allows online producers to distribute products to a wide range of consumers. The world is evolving, and the human race is becoming more impatient. Consumers are more demanding. Consumers want to be able to shop efficient and effectively. The majority of people do not want to waste their time shopping. It ticks the consumer off if the product is not available. Our generation has become lazy. We would rather do it in the comfort of our own home.
    2. Will this e-commerce application replace brick and mortar stores for this application? Why or why not?
    Although e-shopping is becoming more popular. I do not believe it will result in shopping centres becoming obsolete. Some people prefer to test their clothing in person, as opposed to buying the wrong product online and having to go through the hassle of returning a product. Another problem that arises is the problem of the digital divide. Although the world has rapidly adapted to technology, some people are not skilled in using technology software, and some do not have the technology available.

    1. david.p

      What is Big Data and why is it important?
      Big data is the next big thing! It is collected through many sources, almost everything we do inputs data into big data. One example they used in the video was social media. Big data is is characterized through volume, velocity, and variety. Volume, Big data is an asset because it allows users to have access to a variety of information. Big data is used my corporations to plan; big data also helps organizations understand people better, and how to allocate their resources better.
      What potential applications do you see for Big Data and in what industries will this add the greatest value?
      Big data is an advantage because it allows us to have access to a variety of information. Any corporation could benefit from this; having a mass amount of data gives us more potential answers.. People who would benefit from this the most are governments and health-care. Governments will be able to gain access to our information little more. Any information is better than no information. Health-0care could benefit from this because it allows them to search our medical history.

  5. Ashley-Raye Miles

    Big Data refers to extremely large sets of data – so big that I cannot be processed. Big data knows it all – patterns, trends, associations, etc. Volume, velocity and variety are 3 classifcations of big data. Traditional computers cannot handle the three of the Vs because there is so much data (volume), it cannot be processed fast enough (velocity) and it cannot be categorized/searched properly because it is too broad and there is too much (velocity).
    I believe that big data can be beneficial in every industry. The problem is finding what is relevant/important. Big data is “all knowing” and what company would not want access to more information than imaginable? Retail stores/websites could benefit from big data because of all the vast information available. Other industries that could benefit from big data would include the healthcare industry and agriculture for example. An option for people to access all this massive amount of data is using the cloud. An example of a company that uses the cloud for this is Amazon. Cloud is a much more reasonable way to access this data instead of having costly equipment especially for smaller companies so that way there is a more level playing field and more people can access the advantages of big data.

  6. Aaron Krein

    1. Big Data is one of the latest trends in IT. It’s the collection of extremely large amounts of information including photographs, audio and video, 3D models, simulations, and location data. Big Data generates information from data sets that traditional computers are incapable of. Big Data is characterized by the three V’s: variety, volume and velocity. Volume is both Big Data’s biggest challenge and opportunity. It is important because of the rate in which information across the web is growing is beginning to get so large that it is almost impossible to analyze it. Large quantities of useful information of either are ignored or not used.
    2. Big Data could be very useful in social networks, governments, health care, and retail. The video footage from hospitals gets deleted, if hospitals had enough space to hold onto film for a longer period of time they would be able to analyze and make advancements in the industry. It was estimated that the US health care sector could save 300 billion dollars every year from leveraging big data. In Europe it has been estimated that they could save 149 billion dollars in government administrative costs by using big data. For social networks and retail companies they would be able to analyze the vast amount of data received by its users.

  7. Jaylen Korver

    The best way to describe “Big Data” is a large volume of raw data that’s too complicated for normal computers, or even programs that specialize in regular data. It requires the most advanced computers that are available today. It basically compiles tons and tons of useful data recorded from various business sources and puts it together to make it useful. It uses the 3 V’s – Volume, Velocity, and Variety. Big Data is important because it’s so versatile and can help pretty much every type of business. It allows businesses to get a competitive advantage over each other, and allows the company to better understand their customers and their needs.

    I think that big data will have the most worth to the Health Care field. They deal with millions of people, and a lot of data needs to be stored. Having all this data in one place can help doctors make new discoveries and make new diagnosis on patients if they see trends. Online businesses would also benefit, because they can see what their users preferences are, and can market better to them. Of course with all of this comes the issue of privacy. What is someone were to hack into this program and steal information?

  8. Bobby Hamilton

    Big data is the next big thing in computing. Big data generates value from very large data set, which cannot be successfully analyzed by traditional computing techniques. This is important to our people because of the already massive amount of data that surrounds our world that is still growing rapidly. A wide variety of businesses and organizations must maintain databases for the activity that goes on each day. This includes retailers, health, science and many more subjects that all contribute to the internet of things.
    Big data is mainly characterized on the three V’s: volume, variety and velocity. Volume brings up the most attention because big data can help organizations understand the mass amounts of people that interact with them. Big data is important for this reason because traditional methods cannot handle the magnitude of volume or data that they bring in. Big data also has an advantage over traditional data methods with the upper hand it has in dealing with the rate that the data is brought in. Finally, the variety of data is so large that many traditional strategies cannot organize them efficiently.
    Big data is important to our consistently, growing world that relies on data and information systems.

  9. Matt Hickerty

    Big Data is essentially large volumes of raw data that are too complex for normal computer or “data processing applications” to handle. With each passing day more and more people are accessing the internet and for each person who accesses the internet, a multitude of data comes along with it. Not only that, but as more products or applications are beginning to connect to the internet, for example, cars, cellphones, tv’s, even refrigerators, it just adds to the total amount of raw data that is being produced. As stated in the video, many companies and sectors of the business world are both unable to collect all this data, and even more so, are unequipped, with their current data systems, to handle and process the data. Big Data is increasing in size with each passing day, this is because of the three V’s; volume, velocity, and variety. The volume of the amount of data increases not only because more people are supplying the data to the internet, but because so many appliances are also sending data because they are connected as well. The velocity stands for the speed at which the big data is passing through, and the variety of data that is created also adds to the entire Big Data scene.

  10. Gray.yu

    1.What is Big Data and why is it important?
    Big Data is a term to describe a large quantity of data that can’t be processed by normal computer program, It have a large volume,a large variety,a large value and a large velocity.
    why is it important?
    Because it is the next big thing for his many effect in various kinds industries. We can improve analytical insight with Big Data .We can find what is your customers want in their searching data.We can recognising the potential customers, in their information of google. Even we can creating new IT systems by Big Data, get more value out of computer systems tan we put in.
    2.What potential applications do you see for Big Data and in what industries will this add the greatest value?
    I think Big Data will add the greatest value for e-commerce, ike E-bay, Taobao in China. Customers search what they want everyday, there will be a large of data left. It’s very useful for company, from those data ,we can learn that which goods is the one of the most be searched, it maybe the next popular things . If we know it ,we can invest it immediately. And another way to use it,we can learn what is the goods which the customer usually like , we can advertise the particular goods for him, It’s not only convenient for customer ,but also practical for merchants, they can save their money for advertisement and get a better effect.

  11. Megan Melvin

    Big Data is a simple term used to describe data sets that are so large and complex that many traditional processing systems cannot handle. Big Data is important as it allows organizations to gather increasingly more data on customers and valuable information, provide said information at an amazing rate of speed, and provide a wide array of displays of this information. Being able to provide Big Data lends a company to have a competitive advantage over other in their field, as they will have the ability to provide many different kinds of information more quickly and accurately than the competition. Big Data also can lead to more secure connections to better protect personal information used on the Web on sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

    Applying Big Data would likely be most beneficial to companies involved in research, sales, and information technologies, but also to governments and healthcare industries. Gathering personal information and processing large quantities of information as well as storing this valuable material about customers is essential to all the identified entities. This could improve efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs in many organizations if properly implemented. In order to be properly implemented, entities must be willing to provide extensive training to employees to understand the applications of deep analyze of Big Data.

  12. Travis

    Big data is basically all the information that is collected. It ranges from purchasing habits to particular news events and evaluates trends. Big Data was previously not recorded in retail stores and currently is not used to it maximum potential. The marketing advantages in form of research are huge. Due to its overwhelmingly large sum much of Big Data’s information is either lost or not collected. Because of its’ large scheme and range of data many businesses simply do not have the capability to collect it. Hadoop is an early entrepreneur in this field and specializes in the collection and integration of Big Data for large companies. Big Data’s importance has now been realized and can change the world we live in. It has shown potential to benefit industries from farming (crop yields, prices, weather forecast) to healthcare (pandemics) to government planning (civil unrest, pandemics, recessions). Due to the large amount of information that is available to us we now have the capability like never before to fix never-ending issues. There is potential in every field of research that can benefit from big data. Currently it seems the business sector is gaining the most from its’ use. It has focused much spending towards harvesting this information, creating algorithms of it, then marketing the results back to consumers.

  13. Bryce Baker

    What is Big Data and why is it important?

    Big data would be defined as enormous sets of data that are changing the world of technology. Big Data computing allows patterns and links to be created out of an unfathomable amount of information. Realistically, Big Data is just a very obviously clever title used for large amounts of data.
    Big Data computing is helping many social media outlets personalize their user’s experiences. It is establishing a strong presence in marketing via the internet, but is not limited to just a few applications.

    What potential applications do you see for Big Data and in what industries will this add the greatest value?

    I think one of the most important applications that Big Data is currently being used for is health sciences. A company by the name of Cerner is currently using Big Data to more accurately than previous measures, analyze more than one million patients everyday. They can use this technology to determine infections, and other harmful diseases/illnesses.

    Based on this, I believe that healthcare will be one of the most beneficial sectors to capitalize on Big Data. Not only will it help to prevent and detect individual illness, it will help with the prevention and detection of epidemics and reduce the impact of the improbable.

  14. Esther S

    1. Big Data is data that is so big that they cannot be analyzed by traditional data processing application tools.The volume of data organizations handle can progress from megabytes through to terabytes and even petabytes.
    In velocity, data has gone from being handled in batches and periodically to having to be processed in real time. Big data is the basis of competition and growth for individual firms, enhancing productivity and creating significant value for the world economy by reducing waste and increasing the quality of products and services.

    2.Big data would affect most organizations that receive and make use of large quantities of data and e.g, twitter. federal governments, security companies etc The science, most especially the health sector is one that would get affected the most. With the help of Big Data, there are quicker responses to whatever issue that needs to get solved

  15. Taylen Oancia

    1) Big data is a massive collection, or database of data, so large that it cannot be analyzed or processed by anything but very advanced computers. This data is made up of all forms of different types of useful, digital information, recorded from all sorts of inputs that are valuable to many different business sectors and areas. This data is recorded and organized at an incredible speed and efficiency, and can be hard to utilize or use properly in some cases. When all of the data is correctly utilized, big data can help businesses achieve lower costs and better reach target markets, giving them a competitive advantage over others in the industry.
    2) In my opinion, big data has an unbelievably high number of potential business applications that it could be useful too. All aspects of running a business, from raw inputs to quality of outputs, can be measured and documented using big data, cutting costs and increasing organizational efficiency. Specifically, big data is worth the most money to marketing and sales firms, the ability to track, document, organize and utilize individual consumer purchasing history and habits makes this an invaluable asset for increasing market penetration. I believe that big data will continue to become more and more prominent in all popular fields and will continue to be utilized by all types of businesses.

  16. Grace DeVries

    1. What is Big Data and why is it important?
    As stated in the article: Big data generates value from the storage and processing large amounts of digital information that cannot be analyzed by traditional computing techniques. Big data uses and can be broke up into three categories data processing software due to its volume, velocity and variety. The amount of data required to be stored these days has significantly increased; different lengths are being taken to unsure important data is being properly stored. Velocity is how the speed data is entering organizations and managing that speed as nothing should fall through the cracks. And finally diversity is how data can be different in nature, and organizing data in a proper manner.
    2. What potential applications do you see for Big Data and in what industries will this add the greatest value?
    Big data to me has management elements within the concept. The relevance that this concept has huge, in almost applicable to every industry as well. This new form of management will benefit both the firm and client making information more precise, and accessible. Our society is now dependent on technology, which means stability in this industry. Furthermore this industry completely changes every 18 months and we double our efficiency. With Moore’s law a reality, it has raised our expectation to stream in real time.

  17. Mark Hoshowsky

    1- big data is a large quantity of data that often can’t be processed with normal computing power. The three V’s characterize big data: volume, variety, and velocity. It is important because it gives insight to various problems and outcomes for the user. It can help the user achieve multiple different outcomes based on what the user wants to find out. Big data can be hard to interpret and use, and offers a variety of different challenges for the user. But when used correctly, big data can help people gain a competitive advantage.
    2- As stated earlier, big data can help people achieve a competitive advantage. For example, a manager that uses big data will have a more sophisticated understanding of consumer’s behaviors than one that uses a smaller quantity of data. Another potentially beneficial benefit of big data is having more data on your competitors. Understanding your competitors better allows you to improve your product or company in comparison to the competitors. Having more information on potential regions you are considering on expanding to is also a benefit. The more you know about the region the more certain you can be of your products success in that area. Industries that big data can greatly affect are groceries, vehicles, clothing, retail stores, and even investment companies.

  18. Lindsey Hughson

    Big data is one of the emerging trends in IT. Big data can be thought of as collections of data that are so large that traditional processing becomes insufficient. This data is being generated from a number of sources including e-commerce and the Internet of Things. Big data is important because it represents a valuable source of seemingly endless information for all industries. Unfortunately, this resource is not really being utilized because of the difficulty processing presents to organizations.

    There are endless applications for big data and industries that would benefit from its use. Health care is one example. The article states that there would be an estimated 8 per cent savings in the US healthcare sector with the implementation of big data. The reduction in time to market and improved product quality for manufacturing firms was mentioned in the article too. Also mentioned is the idea of eliminating unnecessary products and the wasting of resources on said products. Through big data, companies will have a much better grasp on customer wants and needs which will reduce unnecessary producing. However, with all the benefits there are risks. Not everybody feels safe knowing that so much of their personal information has been collected and is being used. This will be an issue that needs to be addressed in the upcoming years when big data really takes off.

  19. Victoria Cao

    1. Big data is a massive data base. It generates values from the storage and processing of very large quantities of digital information. Big data uses “three Vs” of volume, velocity and variety to provide different large streaming data which traditional computers are unable to process. Big data is important because it storage all kind of data from numbers to 3D model. Because of its velocity, data is able to be sent to different device in a very short time.

    2. I thing big data will be helpful for student. Students from around the country can post class notes into the big data base. Student who are self-learning or who are unable to come to class can go into the data base and look for class notes. If students from City A and students from City B are using the same textbook, they can go into the data base and look for class notes. Because the notes comes from different professors, students can learn the same concepts from different prespectives and understand the concept better. Students can also post quizzes or exams questions on the data base to allow others to have more exercises to practice and help them prepare for exam. Students can also use big data base to share experience or share learning techniques to other students. This data base will be national-wide, if an individual is having trouble with a class, he/she can go into the data base and seek for people for help. Because big data has a high velocity, information will be transfered in a short period of time no matter where you are in the country.

  20. Pat Templin

    Big Data is large sets of data that can be analyzed with computer technology to determine patterns, trends, and associations of human behavior and interaction. It is very important in the digital world because it uses advanced methods of interpreting data for decision making purposes. Businesses that use this advanced technology will be better at understanding the needs/wants of their consumers, as well as allow them to use their resources more efficiently.
    Potential applications of Big Data would be to help better predict the future of the company, based on the interpretation of data. What a company can expect, make recommendations/ suggestions of consumers to target. We see a lot of this happening in retail industries so this particular sector will be quite different in the next couple of years. Health Care industry will benefit greatly because much of their data must be stored for many years. This new interpretation of data can help doctors make new discoveries or develop new ideas to a particular patient or illness. E-selling businesses will also benefit from this technology because it will allow them to not only know what their customers are purchasing, but would allow them to make business decisions based on buyer preferences, comments, and recommendations for each individual that shops on their site.

  21. Billie Loder

    1. What is Big Data and why is it important?

    Big data is a collection of everything and anything available on the internet. It is so large that a traditional computer software. Big data is categorized into 3 V: volume, velocity, variety. All three of these are key as it shows how huge Big data is. Big data is important as it can aid any and every type of business out there. It provides so much different information anywhere from simple documents to 3D simulation.

    2.What potential applications do you see for Big Data and in what industries will this add the greatest value?

    There is no industry big data could not improve on. The one I will mention is Health Care. With all this access to data we could change the way we share information in health care. instead of bringing prescriptions to the pharmacist or explaining in a doctors appointment why you went to the emergency room, they could just pull up your file and be able to view everything. They could see your past history, see how you reacted to different medications. There would be no trust issues from doctors with patients and they would know the patient was not lying. Using a secure way of transferring this information between hospitals, clinics, pharmacists, and any other medical offices there would be no need to spend 10 mins at the beginning of appointments going over current and past medications or any past medical procedures. The doctors would have the information in front of them and could see any notes of the previous doctors.

    1. Kyle Paulson

      1. What is Big Data and why is it important?

      Big data is the storage and processing of extremely large groups of digital data in a manner that cannot be examined by customary computing techniques. The idea of having all forms of data collected for future knowledge without a worry for data gluttony and storage constraints offers an incredible comparative advantage for information driven companies. Retailers for example can harness every bit of data information collected and apply that information to target the consumers every want and need. Big Data not only applies to the retail end of business, but the knowledge driven field of medicine as well. The article stated that large proportions of potentially important data is passed right through typical computing methods and is not harnessed for future developments. Stated earlier in the article was the idea that if the US healthcare system could harness Big Data, they could achieve 300 billion dollars in efficiency and quality savings every year that is being lost to Data exhaust right now. This idea of Big Data is a relatively new concept to me but from my brief knowledge on the matter, I can foresee 100% adoption in the future. The notion of, “knowledge is power,” greatly compliments the direction in which our tech driven world is heading, and Big Data is just a stop at a hotel on the way to the beach.

  22. Brittany Doell

    1. Big data is very large quantities of digital information that cannot be analyzed with traditional computing techniques. It can be defined through Laney’s 3V model: volume, velocity and variety. It is very important because with our new and expanding computing world, the amount of data is created and stored becomes more and more exponential. These large quantities of data hold valuable information that cannot be sorted or tapped into effectively using old approaches. This mass of valuable data needs a similarly large device or multiple devices to make all this data useful.
    2. As mentioned in the video, any e-commerce industry would benefit great value by being able to analyze this Big Data. It will allow them to not only view what their customers are purchasing, but would allow them to collect this large sum of data such as buyer preferences, comments, and recommendations for each individual that shops on their site. Any business can take this information that they would get from the Big Data and apply it to so many different areas for their business. This will help them improve in many different ways and takes businesses to a whole new level.

  23. jessica dexter

    1. Big data is the next big thing in computing. Big data is analyzed in sets to reveal trends, patterns, and human Behaviour. Big data is growing so rapidly that organizations are having difficulty being able to handle it. Retailers, governments, and social media are the three main sources that are demanding big data. Big data in very important for company’s because it is a source that allows them to gain a competitive advantage in there industries.

    2. Big data has shown to be successful in governments, social media, and retailing, but I see the application of big data being successful in the health care industry. The surgical unit would be in the most need of big data. With surgical files, that cannot be stored for longer than three weeks, makes it difficult for doctors to make new discoveries or innovate their ideas that would help advance the medical felid. Having longer access to medical files would also be very beneficial for medical researchers to study and solve medical issues.

  24. Sabrina

    Big Data is extremely late data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions. Using advanced methods to extract value from data that leads to decision making. It generates value from the large data sets that cannot be analyzed from normal computing techniques. This is information is gathered from retailers that gather large data sets about customer’s activities, healthcare, logistics and financial industries and public social media. This is important for all industries because it will allow organizations to better understand people and to use their resources more efficiently.

    Because of new technologies and techniques, secondary values are being generated from the information stored. This data can allow businesses to become quicker and to do things that could not have been done before. Maybe even allowing company’s to know the needs of the customers before they know their needs. It will allow for new products and services to be formed that were not able to be created before allowing for these products to be more personalized. As well as helping companies to better predict the future of the company and make recommendations to them helping organizations to make better use of their resources. Ever industry will have added value from this. We have already noticed a difference in the retail industry already. Another field that could greatly be improved by this is the healthcare industry allowing it to have better use of its resources.


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