How storage is changing in the age of big data

Description: Many of us never pause to consider what that means, but data is growing exponentially — with no end in sight.


Date:May 27. 2016


Have you ever tracked all the ways you use datain a single day? How many of your calories, activities, tasks, messages, projects, correspondences, records and more are saved and accessed through data storage every day? I bet you won’t be able to stop once you start counting.

Many of us never pause to consider what that means, but data is growing exponentially — with no end in sight. There are already more than a billion cellphones in the world, emitting 18 exabytes (1 billion gigabytes) of data every month. As more devices continue to connect to the Internet of Things, sensors on everything from automobiles to appliances increase thedata output even more.  read rest of story


1.  Why do we need storage in the era of Big Data?

2.  What do you feel will be the effective way for small business to keep track of their data storage?  Why?


25 thoughts on “How storage is changing in the age of big data

  1. Alan

    I really like the cloud storage system. Keeping all my files interconnected on the cloud allows me to have free access to all my files and documents on demand. I do worry about security and the safety of my information. Especially when I think of the sony hack that went on.

    Small businesses can effectively keep business data stored on external flash or hard drives, this method is both simple and economical. Data can be accessed quickly from any external storage flash drive by plugging the drive into a computer, and the stored data can even be encrypted or password protected to prevent unauthorized access. Flash drives are very affordable, and they offer plenty of storage capacity that meet the needs of small business operators.

  2. Debbie Payne

    With technology advancing at the speed that it is, more and more people are relying on technology to be the keeper of their information. Having the ability to access information wherever, and whenever, is becoming more attractive to current users and will be the norm for future users. The need of virtual storage space is important in the era of Big Data, as the information that is stored is increasing very quickly, the more people rely on digital storage. With the amount of data being stored, it is becoming impossible to store the data on local hard drives without bogging down your computer and causing it to become sluggish. I think the days of having your picture developed and placed in a photo album are gone. The new age photo album is one’s mobile device of their choice, or a digital photo album on which pictures can be downloaded and viewed as a slideshow. With the shifting of preferences, from physical items to digital, the need for storage has become very important.

  3. Shiqi Wang

    Data storage is getting more and more important in people’s daily life. Many big data application implementations seem to begin with an existing data warehouse, one or more new high-volume data streams, and some specialized hardware and software to support data storage and business analytics. The data storage issue is often accommodated by installing a proprietary hardware appliance that can store huge amounts of data while providing extremely fast data access.Loading data into the appliance can be done immediately after your DBMS loads, or can be batched for later execution. The important thing is that data must be loaded into the appliance before any big data queries can utilize it for the advertised performance gains. Big data and appliances have not removed the need for good database design.  Indeed, the designer has more things to consider: backup and recovery, index management, multiple methods of data access, and SQL limitations. The good news is that advances in database hardware and software can speed up data queries to a remarkable degree.

  4. Sherry Lu

    We need storage in the era of Big Data, because data is growing exponentially from our daily text messages to projects and records saved and accessed through data storage. With the advanced technology development, people no longer need to keep a paper record of their business files or even their project work. Everything can be saved online in the data storage whether on your computer hard drive or on the cloud or even in your phone. I feel Hybrid cloud storage will be the effective way for small business to keep track of their data storage, because it uses both storage in the cloud and on-site storage or hardware, this provides more values through a different accesses to either kind of storage, depending on the security and the need for accessibility. Hybrid cloud storage is an effective way for small business since it is scalable and cost-effectiveness, combined with the option of keeping sensitive data out of the public cloud. In addition, as data storage become more demanding, it is important to find ways for bigger data of smarter storage, such as fast, intuitive, effective, safe and cost-effective data storage.

  5. Sandra Kang

    With today’s increasing technology developments, many individuals are opting to skip having a physical copy of items like documents, videos, and photos and instead are choosing to store items on cloud storage. With storing online using cloud streaming, individual consumers can store much more photos, documents, and videos than on a physical storage unit. With the increasing technologies in our daily lives and our interactions with business, more and more people are sharing these information and storages make it much easier. Also, with the growing usage of application, we need more and more ways to store data. The growing usage of big data, it will probably be easier to integrate a cloud storage instead of using a physical vessel. Storage plays a vital role in recording and keeping all the data useful for future use. Price of data is decreasing and there will be more consumers that will take advantage of it.
    I believe that a small business needs to come up with cost and time efficient ways for them to keep track of their business as they do not have the access to as much of the resources as the bigger businesses. Small businesses can store their data in cloud storage or use items like a usb drive to store their data.

  6. Karla Carcamo

    We need big storage because EVERYTHING is now data, to the music we listen to, movies we watch to the textbooks we need for school, it comes in data. Plus, we now also take a million selfies and self-made videos a day and we need to store those items somewhere. That’s on a personal level, On a business level, all of the companies data needs to be stores somewhere. The need for big storage is everywhere.

    Most likely cloud storage will be the best way for a small business to run their business. It allows information to be accessible anywhere in the world. You don’t have to have one laptop or computer with all of your information stored on it or you don’t have to keep all your floppy disks in your briefcase. Now, you just need an email and password to get into your data banks. 🙂

  7. Leah Kling

    There are an increasing number of connected individuals meaning that these individuals actively seek out and generate information. Due to the exponential increase in technological development, there is also a significant increase in the amounts of data generated which needs to be maintained and stored somewhere, this is where storage solutions come into play. Due to the relatively small budgets of typical small businesses, cutting edge data storage may not be entirely necessary and may cost more than what they are worth to businesses. The affordability of flash storage makes it a more ideal storage medium for small businesses and individuals, however, flash storage capacities are somewhat limited and they are not the fastest means of storage. The emergence of cloud and hybrid computing give users greater flexibility in terms of access to data. Hybrid computing would likely be more useful in medium sized organizations as it allows data to be accessed from farther distances with far greater ease, it can also increase collaborative efforts between interdepartmental teams due to the increased access to valuable information. I-SDS may be more useful in large institutions with larger budget such as large corporations and governments, however there would be greater risk of data security with this system.

  8. Narinder

    With today’s technology advancements, we no longer need to have a physical copy of many
    household and business things. We can store information and data a lot faster and efficiently than before in past times. We now can store thousands of photos and videos on our phones and
    documents and emails all online. With the world becoming more and more technological, more
    people are having access to the Internet and smart devices. With more people having access to
    these devices it is imperative that we have more storage as the population of people with
    electronic devices is increasing. With the price of using data decreasing and becoming inexpensive it is allowing more possibilities for a larger demographic to utilize this storage to
    their advantage. Society as a whole is becoming more and more dependent on storage and people tend to go irrational when they have ran out of data or storage for their personal items. The want for more storage is generating a need and there is a positive correlational trend between the two.

  9. Zhiyao Guan

    With the development of science and technology, storage is becoming an indispensable part in our daily life. First of all, storage is important because it’s a useful study tool for students. As is known to all, in the era of Big Data, quantity of study materials can be stored. Students can refer to those materials whenever they are in need of it. Especially before midterms or finals, the advantage of storage is obvious. Secondly, the era of big data means quantity of information can be stored. Therefore, storage plays a vital role in keeping all the important information for a company. It’s a useful method to record information that are both useful and important. Also, those information can also be categorized in the order that you prefer. It’s convenient for users because when they want to go back and find useful information. Keeping those information in a well-organized order reduce users’ searching time while they are finding some useful information in the past. All in all, storage is becoming more and more important in the era of Big Data. It’s in accordance with the aim of Big Data, which is to store as many information as possible. We are now living in a world that are surrounded by Big Data. It’s our responsibility to make good use of storage in the era.

  10. David Zhang

    I’ve heard it here first, exabytes and zettabytes of data, wow that is mind boggling, it’s logical that big data translates into big file sizes. The article introduced four current methods of data storage, they are the hybrid cloud, flash data storage, I-SDS, and Cold storage archiving. They seems to be fascinating technology each with their own pros and cons, and all of them tries to balance the trade-off between the more expense quick access data storage and the less expensive, but with slower access storage. With an increasing amount of Bag Data usage among organizations world-wide, we need now more than ever the capacity to store data, to access data, and to organize data. Smarter Data storage solutions can provide more efficient ways for organizations to use “Big Data” to gain a competitive edge against its competitors.

    Small businesses can effectively keep business data stored on external flash or hard drives, this method is both simple and economical. Data can be accessed quickly from any external storage flash drive by plugging the drive into a computer, and the stored data can even be encrypted or password protected to prevent unauthorized access. Flash drives are very affordable, and they offer plenty of storage capacity that meet the needs of small business operators.

  11. Anji Sanusi

    Data storage today is very important. especially in the business sector or government sector and most importantly, Hospitals. Data storage has become an everyday essential to be able to keep track of information and also keep them organized. As an individual who owns all Mac product, it is very handy to be able to access all my documents on my cloud from any where i am. From cloud storage, we also have the google drive which a lot of android users use to store most documents or important file, this saves us the time from flipping through tons of files.

  12. Jiani Z

    Nowadays people are asking more and more data storage in many areas, and this includes businesses, individuals, and even governments. Businesses want more information about their consumers, competitors, and other related personnel, and they are looking for more detailed information than before so than they are able to be in a dominant position, which require a huge data storage. For individuals, they now saving more and more things on their electronic devices instead of writing on paper. People may download movies, songs, and many mobile applications, and take pictures and keep them on their phones, so having a big data storage in their electronic devices is very important. What is more, governments collect citizens information for health, security, and other usages, which also require the big space to save these data. All of these developments ask for a big storage, and with the development of staffs like iCloud, people can save more data easily and quickly, and because of this, more and more people rely more on data storage. I think this is the reason why we need storage in the era of Big data.

  13. Jackson Tiefenbach

    The era of big data requires massive amounts of data storage for exactly that reason. When the data is “big”, the storage has to be “big” too. The article goes over all of the data (Exabyte? Zettabytes?) that are being generated in this modern age every day, and the need for storage that is cheap, easily accessible, and secure, in a way that is often technologically difficult to accommodate. The various combinations of storage options that are available to us in this day and age can become problematic as well. Should I be backing up my files on a flash drive as well as in the cloud, as well as saving them on my laptop? It’s important to cover all your bases in data storage, particularly for small businesses. I feel as though small businesses have it easier in some regards than some larger organizations, like major corporations and governments, if purely due to the fact that they simply need to keep their data safe and accessible, maintaining security on it isn’t quite so important as it is unlikely that anyone plans to hack in and steal their data the same way that might happen to a government or company like Sony.

  14. Yichao Jing

    In the era of Big Data, people need store their message and information by using the way they like, such as some of them would like to use their cell phone to storage, and some of them prefer to use the Internet. It is noticed that the security of the information that people need storage is becoming a big problem because many companies use people’s information for businesses use without their permission. It is worth mentioning that cloud storage become a popular storage in people’s daily life because it operate easily and efficiency. What is more, some of people store their things to find them easily next time, and another need storage for creating their companies’ own database for businesses use. In small business, I would suggest that companies can create their own data mart which is usually a smaller version of a data warehouse to keep track of their data storage. By using this way, small businesses can access to data faster, easier and save money to create, and improved response time.

  15. Chanelle

    The article explains just how much data is gathered over only a small period of time. Today, companies, people, and governments rely on data. As technology increases, people will only rely on data more and more. This raises the problem of storing the data. As years go on, the average device storage continues to grow and become the new norm. This creates the problem of where the world will store all this data and how they will store it. Sure the new technologies such as cloud will work for now, but data storage will have to continue to show advancements as fast if not faster than the device, computer, and other technology advancements. In just 1 hour of class i find myself downloading slides for notes, writing notes, using my phone that is constantly collecting data on my every tap of the screen. In one hour, millions of people are doing the same or more data usage, and it all has to go somewhere and be saved somewhere. New ideas, new technologies, new materials, will have to be created before it falls behind and the world is left clueless what to do next without data storage. We will rely more and more on data in our everyday lives as it continues to grow.

  16. Mitch

    We need storage in the era of big data because data is becoming increasingly important, useful, and there is beginning to be lots of it. There is beginning to be more and more data that companies are looking to have stored to the point of not knowing how or where to store it. I think the best way for small businesses to store data is by using the “all flash, all the time” system because of its combination of safety and convenience. The I-SDS system sounds appealing and ultimately more effective, but to me sound as though it could be expensive and more prone to a malfunction where data could be lost. Flash drives can be kept just as paper files are kept; organized and accessible. It is also easy to believe that flash drives will begin to hold more and more data on the same small flash drives we currently have. This is still relatively new and if you look at the advancement of something like TV’s a lot of past users would be stunned to see where the technology is now. The same will go for flash drives meaning less and less flash drives will be eventually needed, meaning there will be less organization and separate flash drives needed.

  17. Hunter Ascroft

    With the increasing amount of data we need a increasing amount of storage for it. Although cloud computing and online storage are very convenient and useful ideas there is a lot of trust involved. Just like when your writing a paper or working on a online assignment you should always back it up to a hard drive. I am usually in a constant state of fear that if i don’t have a physical copy of something there is the chance that it could be lost forever. Thats also the problem with these tiny storage devices though. If something is the size of a marble its probably pretty easy to lose as well. If they keep making everything smaller and smaller eventually your not gonna be able to see it so that in itself will be the real problem.
    Getting back on track, cloud computing makes the most sense for any business, regardless if they are big or small, because it connects all devices used within a company and makes data sharing very simple. It is only logical to use this method. Although I would strongly recommend that all important information also be stored on a external hard drive for safety reasons.

  18. Kirsti Osowetski

    Especially in the business life, data storage is becoming an everyday essential to be able to keep track of as much information as possible at one time so that they can recall it at anytime they need for future use. Data is also important for businesses to stay competitive in order to track customers, gain new customers and watch their consumers behaviour and watch market trends. It will also help the business if their computers were to ever crash and they were not able to recover all of that information they could have that data backed up on to another drive so that if disaster struck it would only be a minor disaster and wouldn’t totally burn down the company.

  19. Sadie R

    Data storage nowadays is essential. With the amount of intel and data that is becoming computerized everyday, having data storage in important to keep all the files organized and up to data. There are lots of large amounts of data that is constantly being stored around the globe. Hospitals for example store data from every patient ever admitted since birth to current day, thats millions of files all over america and canada alone. Small businesses should start categorizing their data accordingly and efficiently. We never know what new innovations are around the corner, and daily new technologies are being out into place to make people lives more technologically inclined. Big data is easily part of businesses that share large volumes of information, as a small business grows it should be ready to conform as the new era begins.

  20. Bryce V

    I don’t know if large amounts of data storage is necessarily a need as much of want for consumers. We just always want more because we know of the options to have more. Like I don’t really need hundreds of songs on my phone, but I do. But in shifting this thought to business, in order to stay competitive big data storage is absolutely a need. The way companies keep track of consumer behaviour, the ability to have thousands upon thousands of client based data is important for companies to have the ability to see and predict market trends. I feel the way a small business to effectively keep track of their data is through the semi cloud. If you’re a business and you have the ability to back up information on the cloud for protection if your computer ever crashes would save a lot of money and headache for the business. With everything seeming to move to cloud options, staying on top of current trends would not hurt either.

  21. Cecile

    Storage is necessary for any individuals who has a device with online access that stores their personal or work related data on cloud storage so that they could have access to their documents anywhere. As more and more individuals are having multiple devices in their hand, it is important that the cloud storage has enough space for each and everyone’s need. Cloud storage saves us more time on flipping pages of paper to search for the information we need and is more environmental friendly in the way people replace paper copies with digital copies that could be stored online and accessible with just one click. The most effective way for small business to keep track of their data storage is to have an app that creates an instant shortcut to access the stage base and should maintain a high secured network to protect each user’s personal information from the hackers.

  22. Nisali

    I think we need storage because there are a tonne more devices out there for people to use, more people with access to the internet and more people wanting to document their everyday activities. In the last 20 years, the use of cellphones and the technology itself have grown exponentially. It’s no longer just a business tool, every ten year old in north america seems to have one. Access to the internet has also become easier to people in the most remote parts of the world. All these people seem to want to document the most mundane aspects of their lives and want to compact their lives into a phone from pictures to payment information. Apps have also really helped people explore interests and waste time but they do all need storage. People really do rely on phones to keep their lives together nowdays.

  23. Amy Giesbrecht

    Most individuals in Canada and the US have access to multiple online devices. Every download, every click on a website, and everything done on every app we have downloaded is logged and needs to be stored. There are more people accessing websites than ever before as younger ages have access to devices. There are infinitely more information sites, social media sites, and phone apps that encompass more information and that people use more often. For example; in my daily life i check my email (school and personal), download powerpoint slides, go on my facebook and twitter apps, go to my work app to check my schedule, go to my bank app to pay bills or transfer money, check moodle, not to mention surfing websites. Cloud computing technology such as google docs and apple cloud allows all of this data to be stored conveniently and not clogging up all of the space on our phones, however some people have secure information on their phones such as banking information and credit card numbers and this does present some security issues due to cloud issues with unauthorized access from hackers.

  24. Evan

    The Pure Storage (product) that holds up to 16 petabyte of data is really a great way to go regarding data storage and security issues. Off-site cloud storage has some issues regarding vulnerabilities mostly unauthorized access, but having the means to store huge amounts of data like you do with your home computers is very smart and safe. It is easier to lock a physical room and keep data safe than worry about viruses and malware from hackers or malicious data users.

    Cloud storage is a huge frontier because with our faster internet and vast amounts of information, we also input lots of data from our faster & smarter mobile devices. Everything on the internet gets captured and saved, where to put all the saved data is the on going question along with safety of that data.

  25. Matthew Sentes

    Data storage is becoming essential in everyday life, but especially in the business life. Just in everyday life, phones keep track of so much information that there is no longer the option to buy the 8GB IPhone. Approximately 5 years ago, 8GB was a very adequate size for me. However, now I have a 128GB phone and see that I am using up over 3/4 of that. That comes from all of the different applications that use and store data on my phone. From my pedometer that tracks my steps, wight, flights climbed and calories burned every day since I downloaded the app to all of the social media apps that I have, the amount of data storage that I need on my phone is massive. That amount of data storage will only continue to rise in the future as people become more and more reliant on their phones to keep track of their lives.


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