5 Tech Trends That Will Change How We Work Forever

Description: To you and me, the transformation seems gradual. Your business acquires more sophisticated tools, walls begin to disappear and fax machines vanish.

Source: Inc.com

Date:May 27. 2016

First, your workforce trades in their pressed suits for business casual khakis, then jeans and, now, occasionally even shorts. On any given workday, only about two-thirds of your team is working in the office. The change is steady, like most sustainable paradigm shifts.

But imagine for a moment plucking your grandfather out of his mid-century office and dropping him in the middle of an ultramodern workspace. Would he even know he was at work? Would he recognize anything? Or would he spend hours searching for his Rolodex, typewriter and carbon paper?  read rest of story

1.  What do you feel are the two most important trends?  Why?

2.  How do theses trends relate to the income statement paradigm that was discussed in class?


26 thoughts on “5 Tech Trends That Will Change How We Work Forever

  1. Alan

    I think that the two trends that affect me the most are Automation and time and space constraints are disappearing. I worry about too much automation in day to day life. While computers and big data has made life easier and more efficient, I think there are aspects of life and work that I would like to remain a human task. I think that as a society we have become very much dependent on technology and have lost a lot of the skills and qualities that our predecessors had. If we ever reach a point where we can no longer utilize the technology that we have, I fear that we will not be able to complete the simple tasks that we have automated. As far as space and time constraints, while it is nice to be able to have a flexible schedule, I feel that motivating and developing an efficient team is hard in a virtual setting. And once again, I feel like we lose something as we continue to cut out person to person interactions and the menial tasks associated with getting to work on time and having a fixed schedule.

  2. Sandra Kang

    I believe that the two trends that I found the most interesting is “collaboration is priority” and “time and space constraints are disappearing”. With the increase of automation, employees have more time to collaborate with their coworkers and realize the value of collaboration. A modern workplace creates a culture of collaboration and a workplace that inspires employees to cooperate more effectively by designing an open workplace. Also, the improvement of technologies makes it easier for coworkers to communicate and collaborate together on a project.
    I believe that the time and space constrains are disappearing. The traditional workhours of “9-to-5” are disappearing as more millennials are joining the workforce. The modern workplace is more flexible with their scheduling. The modern workplace allows employees to work when they are the most capable and when their minds work the best instead of a time period where the employee may not be the most capable. The time constraint allows employees to get more work done for the same pay allowing them the company to get more “band for their buck”. Also with the improvement of technology such as cloud computing, video calling, and more employees are able to work from virtually anywhere in the world. This means that an employer may not have to accommodate as much in the physical workplace as their employee can work in a place that is more comfortable for themselves.

  3. Shiqi Wang

    In my opinion, automation and space constraints and collaborative working are the two most important trends. With technology continuing to be more involved in how we work through video calling, email, text messaging, employees are able to work around their lives to when they feel the most productive benefiting the company.  With big data and technology taking over almost every aspect of this world, people want replies and answers right away. With cell phones being a pocket computer there is almost no excuse anymore to not answer and email, or give time to go over a work project. Collaborative working can last for a fixed length of time or can form a permanent arrangement. What these options have in common is that they involve some sort of exchange, for mutual advantage, that ultimately benefits end users. In recent years, interest in collaborative working has been growing, driven by the sector’s drive for effectiveness and efficiency, government policy and public opinion. Make it clear that collaboration is the minimum standard. Define roles and responsibilities within the team. Every team member should understand their position and what is required of them. In a collaborative environment every team member takes responsibility for good outcomes. Establishing a collaboration policy is just the beginning. Collaboration must be consistent and purposeful, with resources dedicated to its success.

  4. Debbie Payne

    It’s interesting to have read this article and then receive an email from the UofL IT Solutions Centre advising the university community that University of Calgary has been a victim of a malware attack. The type of malware that was used is known as ransomware, which is the use of software to encrypt files, making them inaccessible without a special code, for which criminals try to sell back to the unsuspecting victims. This instance is a prime example of how vulnerable we all are when it comes to technology and the information that we store within the multiple devices used. Although security technologies continue to advance, it seems that the ways of breaching securities is advancing just a quickly, if not quicker! The UCalgary situation will be worth paying attention to as things unfold and they, hopefully, catch the culprit, or culprits that are responsible for the breach of security. The article states that almost 50% of data loss comes from within the organization that has been victimized. I am a big fan of online banking and have been reassured by my financial institutions that the encryption codes used for online banking can never be broken, but can they? I am not so sure anymore!

  5. Karla Carcamo

    Personally I think the two trends that will impact myself as an individual will be space & time constraints and security measures & data encryptions. As a person who is specializing themselves in a certain area in the field of business automation has not been something that I personally worry about. It does however make me hope that more education will be place on the future generations so that the jobs that become available are able to be filled by them. The trends about space & time are important since they change how we do work and are working towards making work life more agreeable and therefore productive. Having a happy employee is now being seen as having a productive employee, so therefore the flexibility that comes with this trend is important to the individual. Security measures & data encryptions is becoming more and more important because we are now living in an age where data is everywhere and on everything that we need to have security measures to protect it. Work is now involved with security measures and data encryptions that we must all know a thing or two about it.

  6. Sherry Lu

    The way of how human beings work is changing rapidly, from traditional paperwork to digital computer work. In order to stay on top of workplace trend and to maintain competitive advantage, it is important to acknowledge the five big changes that are reshaping the way we work. These five tech trends are automation, everything is measurable, collaboration is a priority, time and space constraints are disappearing and security measures are catching up with risks. Among these tech trends, I feel that automation is taking over the grunt work and time and space constraints are disappearing are the two most important trends. This is because for decades human have been limited to labour and physical work and restrained from time and space. When machines can take over the repetitive work, human can focus on creativity and innovation. Nowadays, internet and emails help companies solve customers’ questions and inquiries and even orders online. In addition, in the traditional work space, people have to work from “9am to 5pm” in the office, however, with help of new technology people are able to work from home, coffee shops and parks at any time of the day.

  7. Zhiyao Guan

    Automation is taking over the grunt work and collaboration are the two most important trends. Because companies truly get benefit from those two trends. At the same time, from our personal experience, we found that automation is now playing a leading role in keeping big corporations working with high efficiency. Human being who initially do the grunt work don’t have to do the same work again and again. Those work can be done by the machine instead. They can save those time to do something more important and facilitate the growth of the corporation. Except for automation, collaboration is the other important trend. With the development of science and technology, globalization is becoming a trend in the twenty-first century. Cooperation between companies as well as collaboration among employees within the same company is becoming a trend. People gradually recognize the importance of collaboration and the advantages they obtain through work together. Therefore, it’s becoming a trend in modern society.
    These trends can bring benefits for the enterprise. Automation will increase the profit for the company by reducing the costs of producing products. Companies don’t have to pay salaries for workers who initially do those work. They only have to pay the utilities for running the machine. It’s obvious that the utility fees are trivial compared with the labor fees. Thus the expenses for those companies reduced. According to the Income Statement Paradigm, reducing costs can increase the benefits for the whole company. So we can make a conclusion from the explanations mentioned above that automation brings benefits for the company.

  8. Leah Kling

    The two most important trends are automation and space and time constraints. Automation allows organizations to vastly improve their operational efficiency thus increasing net profits due to the money and time saved by automating simple tasks. The reduction of time taken to process tasks due to the automation allows organizations to focus their employees to working on more advanced and lengthy tasks that would benefit from a knowledge worker. Automation also may increase the accuracy of jobs that deal with processing data as the computer systems are more accurate and able to repeat tasks in exactly the same way every time. The space and time constraints of organizations in the past have significantly disappeared in the new connected world, not only does this mean an increased international presence for organizations, but also, organizations have the ability to offer more flexible working conditions for employees who may wish to work remotely. The decrease in expenses due to technological advancements enable organizations to reinvest saved funds in new business ventures, thus allowing the organization to grow and reach new and emerging market. Not only does technological advancements allow organizations to expand their business operations, it also enables more individuals to access and contact organizations.

  9. Narinder

    The most important trends in my perspective are “automation taking over grunt work” and “everything is measurable.” The first one is automation, I believe is important because this allow humans to be used in more creative aspects. When someone does a repetitive job constantly for years with no real cognitive thinking process, it kills the brain cells. The saying is, if you don’t use it, you will lose it. I feel that humans are meant for so much more than grunt work and with automation taking over this allows individuals to become limitless and utilize more skills that can be revolutionary. With the trend of everything is measurable, it allows people to make more concise and informed decisions by having data that is quantified. It validates hypothesis that individuals may have on a trend, product or idea. By making everything measurable it helps accurate predictions. Business is a lot a numbers game and this ability create a whole new aspect to this game. These two trends to me are the most important.

  10. Narinder

    With todays technology advancements, we no longer need to have a physical copy of many
    household and business things. We can store information and data a lot faster and efficiently than before in past times. We now can store thousands of photos and videos on our phones and
    documents and emails all online. With the world becoming more and more technological, more
    people are having access to the Internet and smart devices. With more people having access to
    these devices it is imperative that we have more storage as the population of people with
    electronic devices is increasing. With the price of using data decreasing and becoming
    inexpensive it is allowing more possibilities for a larger demographic to utilize this storage to
    their advantage. Society as a whole is becoming more and more dependent on storage and people tend to go irrational when they have ran out of data or storage for their personal items. The want for more storage is generating a need and there is a positive correlational trend between the two.

  11. David Zhang

    I feel the two most important trends mentioned are “Everything is Measurable” and “Automation is Taking Over the Grunt Work”. Automation has vastly improved productivity, created new technical jobs, and eliminated lots of manufacturing labour. How does automation effect the balance sheets and income statements of companies? Committing to the switch towards automation can be a very capital intensive project, especially for large manufacturing companies. They’ll will probably take negative NPV on these projects during the first few years of implantation, and as costs come down as we move along the learning curve we should see positive NPV on the switch to automation a few years down the road; which will improve long-term earnings. Balance sheets will be levered up on debt in the first few years, and as time passes return on assets should increase as the machine depreciates and earning improve. What worries me about the trend toward, “measurable is controllable”, is that sometimes I feel that many benefits cannot be measure as a number; at least not as comparable numbers across the board. We all know that we cannot compare apples to oranges, and I feel that as we turn every decision that we make into numbers, we are often left comparing apples to oranges. There are decisions that are better left to experience rather than being measured.

  12. Anji Sanusi

    The two important trends is the space and time constraints and the automation. The fact that location and time are no longer a issue for work is ideal because we all have our certain pace ( meaning some like to work during the day and others at night). Its easier to focus with less or no distractions from daily life and also ensures people get the proper amount of sleep, regardless of when they sleep. The other trend which is automation. you don’t get stuck doing the same thing over and over again which can become very agitating for some or just not challenging enough. This trend allows you to put as much energy and efforts into more important things.

  13. Jiani Z

    I think the two most important trends are automation is taking over the grunt work and time and space constraints are disappearing. Automation has already became a trend in today’s development, especially in producing and farming areas. Machines work automatically instead of labours. Workers can finish their works by simply controlling and monitoring machines’ operation, which eases workers burden and improving the efficiency of hard working. For example, workers might produce 100 parts per day without the help of technologies, but now they are able to produce thousands of parts per day with the help of automation. However, although automation has many advantage, there is a long way to achieve full automation in different areas because it needs the support of a large number of money and the discovering of new technologies. The Internet makes the big world becomes “global village” because it connects the world and provides a way to communicate for people from all over the world. No matter which countries people come from, they can share information and do transactions as soon as they can assess the Internet. Unlike previous life, people rely on paper letters to communicate, and long distance travel was a big problem. Nowadays, the Internet and new traffic methods are making the time and space constraints disappear.

  14. Jackson Tiefenbach

    I would say that the lack of time and space constraints, as well as automation are the two key changes of those five, or at the very least, the two that are the most likely to effect our lives the most in the foreseeable future. Automation will have a fairly wide variety of effects. In the short term, it will free up time, while in the longer term, most likely make us adjust our ideas of what exactly constitutes a “workday” or “workweek”, as it will take less time to do more tasks. This changing on our approach to work will also be abetted by the decrease of time and space constraints that will be put upon us in the future, as work becomes quicker and easier, as well as less oriented around “coming into the office”, our approach to it will have to change in some significant ways. This will drive down costs for companies significantly, as our standard idea of 40-hr a week jobs begin to diminish. The concern then, following this, is will the average individual see their costs of living decrease at the same rate, or will the money saved simply line the pockets of the business owners in a position to benefit?

  15. Yichao Jing

    In my opinion, one of the most important trends is that automation is taking over the grunt work. There are several advantages by using automation. Workers can have more time and more energy to create and innovate things because they do not need to worry about the grunt work. What is more, companies can use automation machines to replace labor force in order to save money, sometimes automation machines have more efficiency than labor force. People may need higher education to find a job because companies use automation replace some post of duty. Another the most important trend is that collaboration is a priority. There is no doubt that people can become more knowledgeable and creativity when they work together to become a team. When companies need to finish a project, employees usually work as a team because a difficult project always need employees who have different skills. By division and cooperation, employees can make more profit than they work by themselves. Therefore, I think these two trends will change how employees work forever.

  16. Chanelle

    The two most important trends are time and space constraints disappearing and security measures. The way we work, how we work, and when we work is changing. From personal experience, having a more flexible work schedule gives you the feeling of choice, and that you have input in your life on the job. Being forced into a daily 9-5 jobs allows room for less productivity when employees begin to become less engaged at times throughout the day. With technology continuing to be more involved in how we work through video calling, email, text messaging, employees are able to work around their lives to when they feel the most productive benefiting the company. More productive employees leads to more income and work efficiency for the company. The downside to this new technology would be security risks. There are many different kind of risks that come along with how companies now operate. When a company relies on these technologies, internal and external security risks increase. Data loss can hurt a companies reputation, operation and financial status. Handling security threats and putting procedures in place allow for less risk that lead to financial loss, and customer loss because of systems that cannot be trusted with their money.

  17. Mitch

    I feel the two most important trends are “Everything is Measurable” and “Collaboration is a Priority”. With everything being measurable we have more statistics and analytics than we even know what to do with, but some of them are very useful and productive. Having access to this info is a major advantage of today’s businesses. If an employee or a department is doing something that collected stats are suggesting to be a waste of time then the business has this info and can act accordingly, whether that is cutting the operation completely or tweaking it until there are better results. Pertaining to collaboration, I come from a ‘team’ background and I believe a team or group of people will always be stronger and more productive than an individual on their own. It’s cliché but some people are better at some things than others and can complement each other by using their strengths and having others pick up their weaknesses. There is no bad to come out of collaboration, simply positives.

  18. Hunter Ascroft

    The two that resonated the most with me were the space and time constraints and the automation. Those are the two that would most effect my daily life. The sheer fact that location and time are no longer a issue for work is wonderful because I tend to prefer working at night. Its easier to focus with less distractions from daily life and it helps to ensure people get the proper amount of sleep, regardless of when they sleep. If people are well rested then more work will be accomplished and it will be of a better quality as well.
    The second trend that pleased me was the automation. This is simply just makes it so people don’t get stuck doing stupid, repetitive tasks. Thus, giving more free time to put efforts into more important matters. In the long run of society a lot more innovations can be achieved this way. For businesses thats all good and well but from a personal standpoint automation just saves time that would otherwise be considered wasted time.

  19. Kirsti Osowetski

    The two most important trends are lack of time and space constraints. Many businesses are starting to allow their employees to work from home and work from outside the office. This combined with the ease to work from anywhere is increasing employee productivity. Smart phones allow people to access anything they need for work whether it be emails or some sort of data in the palm of their hands so that they have all the information they need right away. There is no more 9-5 job where there was a clear distinction of how many hours in the day you had to get work done. People can now do as much or as little work as they want while they are at the office because they can access all there work while they are at home too. This makes peoples personal life more difficult however because there is no longer that separation of work and home life which could cause added stress on everyone in the house if people aren’t able to shut off there work brain while they are at home.

  20. Sadie R

    I think the most important are space and time constraints and security measures and data encryption. Keeping personal life and work separate are extremely important to improving and individuals work experience and happiness. Some people enjoy work and put in many extra hours allowing those who want more time off to get, but all individuals need to take breaks whether they are voluntary or forceful. Balance is essential to keep healthy and happy living in all places in an individuals life including, family, work and even physical activities. There has to been room in all areas to create boundaries to keep a person from pushing there work life to far ahead of their personal life which is just as important. Security measures and data encryption are also very important when keeping data secure and safe. With all of the information stored by businesses and companies its very important to keep individuals personal files secure from outside hackers. Other types of data, life confidential business files are also in the sights of rival companies that could be trying to get new business intel about competitors.

  21. Bryce V

    In picking the two most important trends listed, I would go with 1) time and space constraints 2) security measures and data encryption. With the time and space constraints I believe now more than ever it is important that we balance our lives with our work. With big data and technology taking over almost every aspect of this world, people want replies and answers right away. With cell phones being a pocket computer there is almost no excuse anymore to not answer and email, or give time to go over a work project. These advances make it imperative that we balance this part of our lives better. The second one I picked may actually be the most important in the grand scheme of things and that is security. It seems like everyday you hear of hackers or identity theft in the news. Being someone who does a lot of my banking online, knowing that my transactions are safe, and that they are continually researching new ways to keep my banking safe is important. These relate to income statements because if our employees such as sales staff are able to better balance their work and life, there is more than likely a correlation that they will sell more. For security, if people do not feel safe in doing e transactions with you, your sales will ultimately not be where they potentially could be.

  22. Cecile

    The two most important trends mentioned in this article are lack of time and space constraints. Rapid growth of technology has developed more convenient media devices to help us save time and effort. A great example is smartphone which is commonly use by most of the working population. Smartphones, ipad, and other portable devices allow us to have access to our work and social life borderlessily and timelessly . Not only it balances our work and personal life that allow us to be more productive in a day, it also helps business to keep their progress up to date.
    Automation is another technology that has been created recently that helps certain tasks to be done simpler and quicker. Auto-reply emails is one of the example where automation really helps employees to save lots of time on replying similar contexts of emails received. Instead of piling up the inbox, this tool could send out auto replies to help reducing time in work.

  23. Nisali

    Personally I think the reduction in constrains is one of the most important because it has allowed businesses to grow without having to physically grow. They can hire people and they can expand their business all through the internet. One of the biggest things that has been affected is financials. It can be done all from an office or even home. Businesses can securely transfer documents via the internet and they can be used by the accountant to keep all the business financials up to date.

    The automated grunt work is also a big thing. It allows people to focus on their actual work and not worry about how or when their lunch is coming or if their follow up e-mails are being sent. Granted it has probably taken out a lot of jobs that existed before but it has allowed people to specialize in fields and has resulted in new developments happening all the time. Technology is the future and people have no choice but to adapt or be overwhelmed.

  24. Amy Giesbrecht

    One of the most important trends is the lack of time and space constraints. Media devices like the apple watch, ipad and smartphone allow access to the network to be able to send messages, email and do almost any type of work from home or on the go instead of being at the office or workplace. this allows individuals to be able to have more work/life balance or be able to do more things in a day whether work related or personal. That being said though, I do believe that businesses place more responsibilities on their employees knowing that tasks can be done at anytime which leads into the second important trend, automation. Automation means that new apps and technology has been created within the last couple years that has allowed certain tasks to be done easier and quicker. For Example, online scheduling tools now allow employees to put in their availabilities and requests for time off and the system will do an automatic schedule around those availabilities based on how many hours the employer has for the week and the manager just goes on to the system to check and approve it. This means that managers have more time to do other things that are more time consuming

  25. Matthew Sentes

    The reduction of the time and space constraint is perhaps the biggest and most noticeable trends in the business world. With smart phones and data plans it is extremely easy to check emails anywhere and at anytime. Many businesses (especially the service industry) are starting to allow their employees to work from home and work from outside the office. This combined with the ease to work from anywhere is increasing employee productivity. However, it is starting to blur the line of when is it time to work and when is it to relax. When it was 9-5 it was a very clear distinction as to what you had to focus on. Now though, even if you work in a business where you are expected to work in the office at set times, employees feel pressured to be checking their emails a few times a night. Especially if an employee has a work phone, they seem to feel even more obligated to be constantly checking it. Although, it allows employees to be productive when they want to be instead of just the 9-5 time frame, it is making personal life much harder. Parents in the future may end up being to dedicated to their work and not enough to their children. This probably is already happening. Although it is great for the companies bottom line, and many companies are starting to implement ideas such as rewarding employees if they do not turn their phone on when they are on vacation, there are many potential down sides to being able to work whenever.

  26. Evan

    1. automation –not new makes more time available to do tasks that weren’t possible before. There is a plethora of applications that make old job duties obsolete, having technology replace tiresome tasks is a good thing for business.

    2. measurable (quantifiable) data that help make decisions, since business is about making money and reducing losses data is a double edge sword, it is good to know where the leaks are but knowing too much (and defining too much) is problematic and enters privacy issues.

    3. collaboration is more time relevant & valued, the world is open and no longer isolated and working with others is no different. Businesses run on groups of people and their work ideas and not individuals, this also gives a competitive advantage by having dynamic perspectives.

    4. space & time constraints , no more 9 to 5, younger generations want to work when the time is right for them. Modern technology allows for work to be done anywhere. Having worked at a place that had shift work gave me the opportunity to work at different times of the day, I learned that I enjoy working evening more than days – especially in the summer and mornings in the winter to allow better sleep patterns. Productivity of businesses is key, having a flexible work schedule to maximize employee workflow & output makes sense.

    5. security measures & data encryption. Gone are the days of when encryption was for those few in the computer and mathematic departments of universities, it is so vital to daily life that having proper security protocols and measures it is paramount to any behaviour in the work environment. All employees have a role in keeping all data secure and it only take 1 person to make a mistake for someone online to find it and use it for their advantage. Data is the business of today and the future, knowing what to do with it is core to being a business in 2016.


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