The Ongoing Evolution in the SEO Industry

Description:    According to Google, a media outlet that has old content is akin to selling out-of-date food at a grocery store. It’s a big no-no and, if caught perpetrating this type of content, it will be punished by receiving a significant drop in search engine visibility – and rightly so.



Date: May 31. 2016


While we know Google has been a naysayer about old content for some time and raised the bar on what defines good content by going after content farms, companies with static websites, and even big brands like eBay, this move to strike out at some of the biggest publishing brands in the industry, including Apple, The Washington Post, Time and The New York Times, tells us Google is at it again by making major changes to its algorithm. Some of the bigger hits included a nearly 80% drop in SEO visibility for and a 65% reduction in mobile visibility for  read rest of story

1.  Why is the SEO feeling a need to evolve?

2.  Should you manage your SEO within your organization or outsource it to an SEO firm?  Why or Why not?


63 thoughts on “The Ongoing Evolution in the SEO Industry

  1. Michael Forster

    Question 1.
    The SEO has given a new luxury of quick and extremely easily accessible information to users around the world, and now it needs to evolve in order to keep up to expectations and avoid being taken over by a new way of information. If the SEO does not strive to update and verify information, someone will find a better process of doing so. It’s all about staying relevant in a world where we are constantly gaining new ways of communicating information.

    Question 2.
    I would say outsourcing is almost necessary unless the organization is very and can dedicate the funds and labour force to properly manage the SEO. This is the average consumer’s primary way of gathering information and therefore is essential to the success of your organization whether it be a good or service that is being provided. Outsourcing could also open opportunities to bigger databases with better studies, verified and respected information and consumer patterns, etc.

  2. Todd Bullock

    Google is a part of our everyday lives. It is not very often that someone doesn’t use Google at least once during the day. With all the traffic on the search engine sites such as Google it is important to keep that information relevant. That is one way that Google is continuing it’s dominance as one of the leading search engine sites. Google is making it so that new and up to date information is at the top of the search engine and I think that this is extremely important in regards to user satisfaction.

    I think that it depends on the company you work for and how much that company relies on google for hits on whether or not you should outsource your SEO. Obviously an outsourced company will excel in ways to keep getting your website hits from google and other search engines but I am sure that this is also very expensive to have another company continually updating your information in order for your website to remain a top hit on these search engine sites.

  3. Erika Lauer

    The ongoing evolution in the SEO industry is because the world around it is also always evolving. The SEO must always be changing in order to continue to be up to date. When we need to find something on the Internet, almost everyone turns to Google as a search engine. Then they usually click on a website close to the top of the first page because that means it is the most up to date information related t what you searched. Companies continue to evolve SEO, so that their websites will get more viewers because it will appear closer to the top of the searches. This could also result in the website to gain more revenue due to increased individuals on their website.
    I feel that you should manage your own SEO instead of subcontracting it to another firms. By keeping it in house, you save money that you would normally have to spend on paying another firm if you outsourced it. One downside to not outsourcing would be that you would not get third party knowledge and expertise that is unknown to individuals from within. Deciding whether or not to outsource a SEO could depend on the size of the company as well. A smaller company would probably be able to handle their own, where as a larger company might have difficulty managing their own.

  4. Tanner Siemens

    Deciding to outsource or keep in house is a difficult decision. As someone who, while reading the article, had to google “SEO” I would personally look to outsource it. By outsourcing your SEO you are, hopefully, giving your information to someone who may be able to disperse and disseminate the important things way better than you may be able to. They should be leaders of their industry knowing what people want to see and how they see it in the most effective way. However when you choose a firm you really have to have some idea of SEO’s anyways otherwise you may stick yourself with someone who can’t give you the deserved service you want. Another idea to think about is understanding who this firm works with on top of you and how do they choose the leading organizations in SEO’s as there has to be some sort of hierarchy. Is it by cost given to the firm or more of a mutual interest idea. Either way you would need to be careful, your competitor may have the upperhand without even trying,

    Unfortunately by outsourcing you give up your control. What you think is the important information or products may not actually be given out. By keeping it in house you are able to decide everything and have some say rather than paying someone and writing it off.

  5. Donovan Goeseels

    SEOs need to evolve because it is in an industry where things change rapidly. New information is constantly coming out and old information can become outdated quickly. If they are not on top of things and don’t update often they will lose their credibility if they do not have proper information. This is why it is important for companies like Google to set standards for themselves and the companies that they are advertising.

    Outsourcing your SEO would be more advantageous if you are a smaller firm with less IT experience. A company that is in their growing stage needs expertise and a SEO firm would be able to help them set, and keep, a good internet presence. Once the company is larger and their internet presence has been set, they may be able to manage their own SEO if they hire a good IT team with a plan. Outsourcing is a large expense, but it is important to have a good internet presence for a company to be successful in the long run. If a company tries to manage their own SEO without proper IT, they can risk losing money without having a positive impact on the web,

  6. Tristan Lansdall

    The SEO is feeling the need to evolve because the world around it is evolving. These days information is old within an hour, and there is a newborn desire for information. With the evolution of social media outlets such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, the way that we gather and are shown information and news has changed tremendously. People and companies are always trying to find ways to play and beat the search engine algorithms so that their content is the first thing people see when a certain subject is looked up. In general SEO needs to evolve to make sure that the most current information is being provided to the consumer and that out dated information is being filtered out.

    I feel that you should manage your own SEO as opposed to outsourcing it to a firm. When you manage it in house you have more control over it which means you have more control over what content gets to the forefront and the consumer. Firms may want to bring on employees that specialize in managing and maximizing SEO. If outsourced you will be handled by a company that takes care of multiple companys’ SEO and therefore may not be able to produce the best results. Whether a company decides to manage their SEO themselves or outsource it to another company, they must recognize how important it is in todays world to have a presence on the internet. Alot of companies depend on the exposure they receive online as well as the business conducted there.

  7. Sam Gleim

    The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs to be in sync with the times. New information is being discovered daily and if search engines desire to collect most of the market share they need to be evolving as well. As a consumer of Google, it is important for me to have access to the most up-to-date information and news for multiple purposes. If Google is not able to give me that I am willing to use a different search engine, and many consumers have similar views. The search engine industry is competitive, and Google is recognizing that. If they did not have the latest, cutting-edge information readily available they are going to lose their competitive advantage in the market. The less views Google acquires the less revenue and in turn, profit they receive. Google demanding the best of the best information ensures its large market presence. Also, Google’s insistence on timely, top quality information sets the expectations for all other search engine corporations. In my mind this is a win-win as consumers will have more access to information across all search engine organizations.
    In regards to the in-house management or outsourcing of a company’s SEO, I believe it is dependent on multiple variables. Does the organization have the funds to do so? Does the firm want to take on that responsibility? Is the decision to outsource or manage in-house compatible with the corporation’s mission statement? All of these variables and more, must be carefully analyzed. It is naïve to assume that the situation is purely black and white, there are varying levels of grey.

  8. Stephanie Martin

    1. Why is the SEO feeling a need to evolve?

    Search Engine Optimization is feeling a need to evolve because as a society we have been evolving in how we obtain information. With the introduction of the internet and the huge advances that have been made, we now have information on absolutely anything we want to know right at our finger tips (probably on a few different devices). As a result of this, when we go searching we want immediate, up-to-date and correct information all in one place. No one wants to take the time to sift through 3 or 4 websites verifying information. Which is why having your website be the 1st or 2nd to pop up on that search engine is so beneficial. Now with google having raised the bar it is extremely important to keep your content relevant to maintain the 1st or 2nd website to appear.

    2. Should you manage your SEO within your organization or outsource it to an SEO firm? Why/why not?

    Depending on the organizations budget, size and content it could really go either way. That being said I think no matter if you outsource or manage SEO within your organization it is a very crucial part to succeeding. If your organization is financially capable to outsource I think that would be the best case. Given how many people use the internet to find businesses this is an area you would want an expert working on. Someone who is going to have the time and resources to do all those bullet points mentioned in the article.

  9. Brooke Torgerson

    With the quick advancement of the internet and technology in recent years the SEO has no choice but to evolve in order to keep up with users. There is also more being put on the internet so in order for the SEO to be accurate to current information and be easy to use. It also needs to advance because although technology is advancing the skills of all users aren’t going to be the same level. Many users in the upcoming generations are much more technology savvy than those in previous generations. The SEO needs to be simple and efficient enough that all skill levels can access it easily.
    I think in order for your company to successfully manage the SEO the company would have to be a fair size. In some cases it might be more reasonable to outsource it based on your companies ability to manage it. If no one on staff currently knows how to manage a SEO and the company doesn’t want to train someone then I think outsourcing would be a better option.

  10. Samuel Dumont

    Thanks to Google, the world is just a click away. Within seconds, one can find information, statistics, facts or news. However, to be useful, this information has to be accurate and relevant. As well, the information should be new and interesting. By allowing search engine optimization to evolve, companies are forced to keep their information up to date and stimulating. The companies or websites that can do this will prosper and be rewarded with higher internet visibility and in turn higher traffic/profits. This is also beneficial to consumers as they will have “new and differentiated” content to enjoy. As companies adapt to this model we will start to see more new information and less recycling of old news and data.
    These days, a strong web presence is necessary for companies to be able to compete. As every other firm competes for the top spot in Google’s top search results, search engine optimization becomes more crucial than ever. Personally I would recommend outsourcing your SEO to an SEO firm. These firms have the best knowledge of how search algorithms work and what needs to be done to maximize visibility. Although there is an explicit cost to this outsourcing it is probably far cheaper than spending company resources trying to do it yourself. On top of which it will be done more effectively. These companies can also strengthen the connection between the different websites and social media accounts a company has, leading to a more unified and overall better customer experience.

  11. Lauren Sturdy

    1. Why is the SEO feeling a need to evolve?
    In a world where everyone relies so heavily on the instant availability of reliable information it is important that SEO evolves to conform to the expectations of consumers. Ensuring that an organization it putting forth the most current and up to date information is important and can also help to ensure they are one of the top selections of consumers.

    2. Should you manage your SEO within your organization or outsource it to an SEO firm?  Why or Why not?
    There are many factors to consider when and organization is deciding on the management of their SEO. Outsourcing the management of the organizations SEO could be very beneficial. A third party will have knowledge and expertise that is not readily available from within.


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