Uber Explained Fully

Description: Uber and black cars and taxis, oh my! The latest video in our Mashable Explains series takes a look at how Uber works for both employer and consumer.

Source: Mashable.com

Date: Oct 9, 2014

Questions for discussion:

1.  Describe Uber?
2.  Would you use Uber? Why?
3.  Is Uber an example of dis-intermediation? explain


69 thoughts on “Uber Explained Fully

  1. Laura

    Uber is a service much like a taxi service, but each driver is independent. It is a way for people to get around without having to hail a taxi. it is also cheaper to use and more efficient for the user. The system is set up so you have a visa card set up to your account so there is no exchange of money. You put where you want to go and where you want to be picked up at and your uber arrives. I would not use uber if i was by myself, but with a group of people i would consider it for the economic advantage of it. The people who do it are not always the best people out there and there is no way to know for sure who they are. Uber is a new age service that is able to skip the middle man, being the taxi service owners, and go directly to a independent driver.

  2. Taylor Kraft

    Uber is similar to a taxi service, except it is easier and depending on the car you request it is cheaper. It operates the same way even though it is in different parts of the world; this makes it easier for the customer to use. By just using your mobile phone you are able to order a specific vehicle for the number of passengers you have, you are then able to track your ride and see when they are going to arrive. The nice thing about The mobile app is that it is available where ever you are and you are charged automatically at the end of your trip.
    I would and have used uber before, its chapter and most of the time more reliable then cab companies. My experience with Uber has been a positive one a compaired to other taxi services
    I do not think Uber is an example of dis-intermediation; this is because there is still contact between the Uber driver and the customer. Although the app does a lot of the work, it doesn’t drive the actual car. You need human interaction to run this service.

  3. Ryan Sampson

    a. Uber is a car service, like a taxi service, but you don’t have the absurd legal costs of a cab. Therefor the driver makes more of the money from the fair. The fair you pay depends on the type of Uber(car) you request.
    b. I would use Uber as it is more personable, cheaper yet it’s a new fad. I would try its experience and then re-evaluate based on my previous experience with a taxi.
    c. I think this would reduce the need for other services, like the taxi service, however that is the nature of business. Marketers will continually try to provide a better service/product to the consumer, some products/services last longer than others.

  4. Megan Thurlow

    Uber is an online transportation service that operates and many different parts of the world. It is much like a regular taxi service; however, for the consumer it is much easier to use, as you can order your Uber remotely through your mobile device, and payment is taken automatically at the end of each ride.
    If Uber were an option in Lethbridge I would definitely use it. It is much more convenient than a regular taxi service as you are able to track the location of your driver from the moment you order the Uber. Although I would be cautious as the lower amount of regulations required to become an Uber driver means you don’t always know who is driving you around. Although, Uber does allow its user to rate their drivers, so Uber can decide to stop employing an Uber driver that consistently receives very low reviews.
    I do not believe that Uber is an example of disintermediation because although it makes the process much more convenient than that of a standard taxi service, there is still communication between the rider and the driver.

  5. Cody Veltman

    Uber is a fairly unique service that allows anybody that passes a background check, has a valid license, car insurance, and a car to become a driver. A person requesting an uber can see who is nearby, what type of “uber” they are driving (i.e. uber t, uber lux, uber black, etc.), read reviews on the driver and them request a pickup from them. The customers can also track where their drivers are giving them a sort of time frame for when they will show up. When the customer is dropped off they are automatically charged for the ride using their uber account based on the distance and type of uber. I would absolutely use and uber as I believe they would be able to provide the superior service. One of the things I think pushes them ahead and generates so much business is the amazing user experience customers are given. Having the different types of cars, the car tracking, the review system, and more simply creates a more personable and helpful experience than your average taxi service. The driver review system is also awesome for the business because if a driver performs poorly the review system will likely weed them out and no loss is made by uber. The company has developed a system that has fairly effectively shifted all obligation to perform well on the drivers with very little liability to uber themselves. What I mean by this is if one had ordered an uber and the driver they got was horrible, the thought in the customer’s head will likely be “definitely not going to use that guy again” not “definitely not using uber again” and this is because even though the driver was bad the rest of the experience is so well made there is no reason not to go back to it. I feel like this is something that really differentiates uber in a good way (on the business side anyways) as if a person had a horrible ride after calling a taxi service or flagging one down on the street the blame would more likely carry forward to the business, losing that particular person as a customer.

  6. Stephen Primeau

    Uber is an online transportation service that originated in the US and has broadened its services to many other countries. It allows customers to send out a request to a driver, very similar to a taxi service. There a variety of different vehicles that can be requested by customers, varying from luxury cars to common everyday vehicles.
    Most customers transferred over from the normal taxi service to Uber to avoid the stereotype that taxi drivers were often rude and took longer routes to increase their profits. With Uber, that stereotype is supposedly non-existant, and would therefore make for a better ride to wherever it is the customer is going. However, what some people don’t understand is that literally anyone can be a driver. There are zero qualifications needed to be an Uber driver, which could potentially create a conflict waiting to happen. However, with taxi services, the driver’s are required to have criminal record checks as well as go through several qualifications before they are assigned a vehicle to drive. With this knowledge, I believe that I might be a little hesitant to use an Uber service. I’m not ready to completely rule out the use of this service because you can’t really judge a book by its cover, but it definitely causes the service to lose some appeal.
    With regards to this service being a form of dis-intermediation, I do not believe it to be so. This would be due to that fact that many customers still use taxi services along with the fact that one of the services may be offered in areas where the other is not. Both have probably had their good reviews as well as the bad. This would most likely be similar to comparing American Eagle and say Hollister. While both retail stores are competitors, they both offer the same products and ultimately it is the customers who choose who to shop with. The same could be said for Uber and taxi services – it is completely a preference and experience based.

  7. Jordan Slade

    Uber is an online ride sharing service where people can request transport via an app for a travel fee and this has proven to be a much better alternative to standard taxi cabs, Uber is very popular in USA and China especially in major metropolitan areas. for me i would 100% use Uber for one thing its cheaper then cabs and should be here in canada as it also provides jobs to people who look to make a few extra bucks on the side and that should make cab companies evaluate their pricing policies. Uber is the founding father of the ride sharing companies as Lyft and tappcar are also great alternatives. I can not wait for Uber to be accepted in canada and take the taxi companies down.

  8. Michael Forster

    Uber is an online transport service that connects users to a inexpensive and convenient alternative to a taxi. A user will set a pickup and drop off location and a driver will be connected to the user via Uber, allowing for a quick and cheap ride. The Uber driver takes home a larger percentage of the ride fare than the traditional taxi driver, and the fare is often much cheaper than the traditional taxi. All payment is done online via a credit card or PayPal. Uber allows anyone to become a driver, making an employment opportunity for anyone with a vehicle. This adds an element of risk not normally associated with taxis.
    Personally I would use Uber. I think it is a great and innovative business plan that allows benefits for both the user and driver. The risks involve aren’t prevalent enough for me to consider not using the app, as the benefit of a cheaper ride overrules all other options in my opinion. Often drivers may not have the knowledge of taxi drivers, but they are in the mindset of being willing to work and therefore would often give friendlier service. I also like the interface of the Uber app and how easy it is to call on a driver.

  9. Sam Gleim

    Uber is essentially a taxi service app but with much better benefits for both the consumer and the producer – the driver. These benefits for the consumer include specifying what type of vehicle they want to be transported in such as Uber X, Uber Black, Uber XL, Uber Lux, and Uber T. These multiple options are a competitive advantage against the taxi service, as the taxi services mostly only have one available option. The Uber service automatically charges you credit card instead of paying after the service for a taxi. In addition, since it is an app you need only follow the app directions to order the Uber, you do not need to phone like you would with a taxi service. These elements provide a lot more convenience to the consumer. The benefits of being an Uber driver are higher yearly salaries than a taxi driver as they receive 80% of the cab fare where as a taxi driver gets much less.
    Personally I have never used an Uber, however I have used taxi services and I can’t say that I’m a huge fan. It is very inconvenient to have to phone a taxi and then never know if they are for sure coming. I have had so many situations where the taxi driver is very late or never bothers to show up. I would definitely use an Uber instead of a taxi due to the benefits described above.
    I do not think an Uber service is a disintermediation example. Disintermediation is defined as eliminating the intermediary and allowing direct access. An Uber service is increasing intermediaries as it is a direct competitor with the taxi service who is an intermediary.

  10. Michael Phipps

    1. Uber is the new way to carpool. Carpool with someone who is going the same way you are going. Uber took over the world and app industry in a short period of time. It’s a sharing service, everyday people giving rides to people that are going the same way they are. Uber took off in the bigger cities really well. For the fact you don’t have to put up with the mean and grumpy taxi drivers they could skip all of that. Being driven by normal people involved in the Uber society is just a little more appealing alternative than dealing with the angry people taxi people all the time.
    2. I would use Uber. I think it would be great for students or people that working in the same geographical location. You would kind of feel like you are doing the community and society a favour by encouraging carpooling. Personally I have never had a problem with a taxi but to be honest, we live in a more polite area than New York people. It does talk jobs from taxi drivers but it is about time society is banding together and helping each other out. You meet the most interesting people when you leave yourself open to many new options. I would prefer to be the drive. I have always thought about doing this in my spare time, just to help out. It is weird but I think it could be fun. Gives people a story to tell and a good way to meet new people.

  11. Todd Bullock

    Uber is basically a taxi service except without the money transaction between customer and driver. Uber customers pay electronically with their account and then 80% of that fare goes to the driver and 20% to Uber. I would and have used Uber before. I think it is a far better experience that using taxis. Uber drivers typically have much cleaner vehicles and the ones I have come across have all been alot more friendly and helpful than taxi drivers. I also really like the customization that you can get from Uber. You can order the type of vehicle that suits your needs at the time and can track its location and when the driver will arrive. Also when you order an Uber the driver gets in immediate contact with you to find the best place for pickup and confirm the ride. I dont think that Uber is an example of dis-intermediation because even though customers do not pay the driver directly there is still contact between both driver and customer. The driver has to be physically present in order to drive the car and the customer.

  12. Brooke Torgerson

    1. Describe Uber?
    Uber is a company that specializes in transportation. They provide a mobile app that allows users to input a trip request. This request is then processed, after being processed an umber driver is sent to the nearest consumer. The drivers use their own personal vehicles to drive the customer on their trip. The app then calculates the total cost of the trip and allows the passenger to transfer the money to the driver.
    2. Would you use Uber? Why?
    No I would not use Uber. I don’t like how the company operates. I would prefer to ride with a cab company where I know the drivers and company are licensed. It is just a level of comfort for me.
    3. Is Uber an example of dis-intermediation? Explain
    No I don’t believe that it is, as there is still contact between the driver and the customer. The app does do majority of the work but the driver is still there physically driving the uber.

  13. Tomara Noga

    Uber is a ride sharing company, where you can get a ride on a short term notice by allowing the app to send out a request to a driver closest to your location. Uber is extending over many countries, and is quickly becoming a top favourite rather than taking a traditional cab. The rider is able to track with a GPS exactly where their ride is, and pre pay to ensure that they will get a ride. Customers are also able to pick what kind of car they would like to ride in. Many people find Uber a lot cheaper, especially if they are able to split the cost with other people. If we had the option in Lethbridge, I would totally use an Uber. I think rather than having to stand outside after a night out waiting possibly hours for a taxi, you could simply know exactly when your ride will be arriving. I think it is a safe alternative since everything is GPS tracked, and everyone has had to sustain background checks and make sure they have a proper licence. I don’t mind cabs at all, I just find sometimes the wait can be way to long, but if there were available ones I would choose them before Uber, because it is good to support that industry as well. One downside of cabs, is they sometimes take you on longer routes than needed, just to get the meter to go up, so I think this would be a positive for Uber because you know exactly how much to pay beforehand. This could be a disintermediation because rather than having to talk to a dispatcher you would directly be contacting the driver.

  14. Emily Pritchard

    Describe Uber?
    Uber is a transport service used to access cheaper ride by connecting drivers and passengers through their cell phones. Payment is automated as visa is connected to your Uber account. First, you select your location and where you’d like to de dropped off on the app, then drivers near by are given the option of taking your business. When a driver has selected to come pick you up you are sent a description of the driver and his vehicle. While Uber drivers are not licensed, they are given a sticker to display on their vehicle to symbolize they are signed up on the app.
    Would you use Uber? Why?
    I would absolutely use Uber! In fact, I have used Uber on a couple of occasions. I personally believe it’s a great system. I pay less for my transport, while the drivers can make more money for themselves compared to if they were to drive a traditional taxi. I do however also see the potential for danger that could be associated with this service. Part of the appeal of Uber is that anyone can be a driver. Anyone. While most people don’t know their taxi driver either, they are required to go through a vetting process and pay for licencing. There is also the issue of liability if there is an accident. If there is an incident while riding in a taxi, the taxi company is liable for the safety of the passengers. The rules of liability when riding in an Uber are not totally clear. However, despite the risks, id still chose to ride in an Uber.

  15. jessicapaulson

    Uber is a ride share service where the drivers are essentially just regular people that own a drivers licence, have passed a background check, and own a car. Allowing the consumers easy access to rides just by downloading an app. This is a revolutionary on demand service where you can even request what car you would like to ride in and then track its destination all on your smart phone. I would definitely use Uber. I hate the tedious cab service where you have to call, and then watch out the window, or wait outside just to see if the cab has arrived yet. The mere fact that you can track where your requested vehicle is and when it gets there is enough convincing for me, so yes I would use this service. I also like that the payment system is tied to your account. This just helps you get to your destination even quicker; where you don’t have to wait until you’re at your destination and scramble for cash or the debit machine. Plus if Uber is actually cheaper than a regular cab it’s even an added benefit. I think Uber is an example of dis-intermediation because it takes away the tedious act of speaking to an operator and requesting rides. With Uber you no longer have to speak to anyone (if you don’t want to) the driver knows where you are going, the ride has been charged to your account, so all you have to do is get in and out of the vehicle.

  16. Blake Furgeson

    1. Uber is an American online transportation service that has extended out to many countries. It allows customers to send out a request to a driver to be picked up wherever they are. There are a variety of vehicles that can be requested by the consumer, with the price variation included. Uber gives job opportunities to those who want more flexible hours. Uber employees can determine how much they want to work and when. All an Uber driver must do to start work is get in their car and turn on the Uber app, from there requests will be sent to the drivers. An Uber driver may not have the bet raining in comparison to a taxi driver but there are ways of allowing the consumer to rate the driver and from the ratings a driver gets the customer can determine if they want to have this driver take the customer to the location desired. I have used Uber before and I would use it again it is a good experience because the drivers know they are being rated and try to create the best experience for the customer to get better ratings for themselves. Although, for taxi drivers are hurting from the innovative business model of Uber because Uber has been able to decrease the cost per ride for the customer.

  17. Maximilian Gundl

    1. Describe Uber?
    Uber is a new company using new technologies to conquer the drive sharing services market. Their expansion was very aggressive across the world, especially in larger cities in North America. The taxi market was disrupted by Uber, leading to many protests against their business model which ruins the traditional taxi business. Many taxi drivers are known for being rude and impolite, and that is why people accepted Uber. People are driven by normal people who do not do that for their living. They do it to generate more income by taking people to places which are close to their destination. Despite the complaints, its business model is innovative and has chances for growth.

    2. Would you use Uber? Why?
    I would use Uber if there are no taxis available close to me. I never had any negative experiences with taxi drivers and i think it is a good think to support them, as they are living in difficult times, cars and gas are getting more expensive and people demand more services when they are being driven. By using Uber you simply reduce the revenue of taxi drivers who work hard and do this for their livng. It is no surprise that taxi drivers are not so polite as their business is tough and they receive less money due to innovations in driving transports. Like in emergency cases i would be willing to use Uber. A friend of mine uses Uber all the time and is very happy with it. The drivers are mostly not that trained or experienced, but it is a nice and different way to get to your destination. It is also easier to have conversations, which helps fighting the time.

  18. Chiaki Kitsuki

    Uber is American online transportation service carried out in many countries such as China and America. This unique service allows customers to send a trip request through the Uber mobile application and the Uber driver comes to the location they set. There are a lot of varieties of cars so you can choose one of them although the price will be different depending on the car. But as the video mentioned that Uber service can be cheaper than New York taxi so it is reasonable and convenient online transportation service. Furthermore, Uber gives a job opportunity to people. The Uber employees can choose their work-time freely and the more you drive the more they can earn the money. I have neither used nor heard the service before but I would like to use it when there is Uber. There are two points that actually dragged my attention. First of all, I really like the point that we don’t need to call and select the location you want the drive to come. Whenever I use the taxi, I need to wait the place where everyone knows, otherwise I can’t tell exactly where I am. However, I can ask a trip request thorough the app which is very convenient. I also like the point that I can choose the car I want to take. I would like to ride an expensive car when I have enough money and hang out with my family or friends. .


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