The Continuing SEO Industry Evolution

Description:    According to Google, a media outlet that has old content is akin to selling out-of-date food at a grocery store. It’s a big no-no and, if caught perpetrating this type of content, it will be punished by receiving a significant drop in search engine visibility – and rightly so.



Date: May 31. 2016


While we know Google has been a naysayer about old content for some time and raised the bar on what defines good content by going after content farms, companies with static websites, and even big brands like eBay, this move to strike out at some of the biggest publishing brands in the industry, including Apple, The Washington Post, Time and The New York Times, tells us Google is at it again by making major changes to its algorithm. Some of the bigger hits included a nearly 80% drop in SEO visibility for and a 65% reduction in mobile visibility for  read rest of story

1.  Why is the SEO feeling a need to evolve?

2.  Should you manage your SEO within your organization or outsource it to an SEO firm?  Why or Why not?


71 thoughts on “The Continuing SEO Industry Evolution

  1. Raj Pannu

    With google being the number one search engine that everyone uses and relays on they need to be the most update on content. I personally don’t want to be sifting through many pages of lists trying to find what I am looking for. I would much rather search what I am looking for and find the most recent content available. Google pushing these companies to keep their websites to date and constantly update it, gives us the consumer much more knowledge of what is happening. Every company wants to be on the first page of google because I know myself and most people do not look past the first page for what I am looking for. So if google keeps the most recent content at the top page, it will force many companies to keep their websites up to date. If google does not keep with the most recent and update news and every time you search a certain thing you get the same website that has never changed it will make consumers find other search engines to use. This is why google has to stay up to date with then most current news so they do not fall behind and consumers start to go to other websites for their needs.

  2. Cole Malaka

    1) SEO is feeling a need to evolve because a lot of current high ranking pages are full of obsolete, outdated content. Organizations aren’t continually updating their content once they reach a high ranking status. From what I read, it appears that SEO is attempting to make the market more competitive. It’s giving it a “makeover” so that only the newest, and best information comes first. This will spur companies into taking a bigger effort into their online marketing campaign, and really focus on actually giving the consumer the best, most up to date information rather than the focus being merely to establish high ranking and visibility.

    2) I think this really depends on what kind of firm you are running. A firm like Buzzfeed that is already very involved with technology, social media, etc. would probably have the skills and resources to do this themselves. They would be able to save money and really have complete control over their SEO. On the other hand, a less dynamic, more traditional style of firm may fair better by outsourcing their SEO. In the end, it really comes down the internal capabilities of the company. The isn’t a “one size fits all” approach wouldn’t work for everyone.

  3. Sandy Derksen

    SEO is evolving in order to provide users of the search engine with the most relevant and updated information. The article discusses Google’s view of the importance of new and differentiated content. Users prefer to see this type of content when using search engines, therefore, by SEO evolving, more attraction will be brought to the website. This is important because in a society with such constant technological advances, it is essential to evolve and progress. As long as the company has enough resources, time and knowledge to manage SEO within the organization, the benefits out way those of outsourcing to an SEO firm. Firstly, it results in faster performance. This is because it allows for internal contact with the SEO team which leads to a more integrated and effective team working directly together on a daily basis. The SEO managers have a full insight to what the company experiences and practices regularly, as opposed to a team that does not have constant contact with the company. This gives companies that use in-house SEO an advantage. Secondly, it also gives the company more control over the SEO’s decisions. By working closely with them, the company will be able to have a deeper insight into the decisions made by the SEO team. Cooperation and teamwork by different departments in a company play a big role in the company’s success.

  4. Taylor Rice

    I understand the desire Google has to out root dated and potentially misleading information. This day and age is completely obsessed with information. Never before has so much information been so readily accessible by someone with an internet connection or a mobile data plan. No company, whether they are in the information technologies division or not, can survive if they do not constantly evolve and produce cutting edge products. For Google, their product is providing the best, most relevant content in regards to search queries. If they simply rely on old content, they will soon be obsolete and a new, more innovative company will emerge to take their place. Since Google is not the producer of information, their business model of necessity relies on what others publish and share online. Therefore, Google rewards those “suppliers” which constantly evolve and keep up with the changing world, and phase out those that do not. Clearly Google’s algorithms are sophisticated enough to differentiate between the most innovative companies and those who are simply trying to coast by on their previous content.
    As far as producing their own SEO’s or outsourcing their SEO production to another firm, I feel that it is best for Google to produce their own programs and algorithms. Doing so allows Google to maintain strict quality control over their SEO and tune it to their precise needs. This eliminates the potential for miscommunication or lower quality products which would cost Google more time and resources to correct. By setting up a significant budget for producing their own SEO, Google can acquire top-of-the-line employees to produce high quality, cost-efficient programs.

  5. Katie Bergeson

    Google moving forward with the evolution of SEO can be both positive and negative. On the positive side, the constant updating and development of new content fuels even more studies and research, which in turn, encourages competition and more research amongst and between industries. This pushes new findings and rapid development. As an internet user, it also ensures your content is up to date and the most relevant it can possibly be. Also on the positive side, advanced search engine optimization is creating a need for companies to outsource or hire SEO experts, which could be creating jobs.
    On the negative side, companies are being forced to constantly be publishing new content and this, I believe, can actually be a negative, because this mindset says that older content isn’t as good or as correct, and then hides it from the information seeker. This new information also drives the increasing epidemic of people not reading into their content, and believing everything they read on the internet to be true. There’s always something new to read, by the time you’ve researched and verified your content, there’s something new.
    Websites are being basically required to always publish new information also runs the risk of them publishing information that is possibly sub-par, or not quite as relevant, just to have new content, keeping them in the top of the google search results. I believe that new is not always better, and pushing the old content out of the system could decrease the visibility of actually important content. The most visible content might not actually be the most relevant.

  6. Rose-Marie Nyberg

    The main point here is that one’s business needs to stay on the cutting edge, or risk being rendered irrelevant. Extinction awaits organizations who fail to adapt and innovate. If companies fail these tests of relevancy and timeliness, they have extinguished their purpose as proven by Google’s designed algorithm. On the flip side, I do not think that punishment by restricting access to information is the best way to approach the problem of old content. Rather, there should be motive and desire, on the part of the companies, who benefit from the search engines to reinvent their concepts. They should deliver the ideal, competitive edge they need to in order to thrive in their respective industries. I also that internet research is not that academic. Research should be completed from both primary and secondary sources. It is too easy to lift an article off the internet through some google search that has not been proven to be an authentic contribution in academic circles through proper citation and proven research methods. I think that published books in a library and proper scholarly journals would be a better replacement than worrying about search engine optimizations. It is too easy to just google something and hope to trigger a link that will lead you to a citation of someone’s opinion on a topic and then hope that one has made a contribution to knowledge acquisition or scholarly debate. Needless to say, for the purposes of this article, it makes sense that there should be an algorithm to decipher the old and haggard material from the crisp and new if only to discourage companies that are too lazy to both to reinvent concepts and introduce new material to any given subject area.

  7. Ryan Loman

    The SEO is feeling a need to evolve due to Google’s increasing pressure for companies to continually change the content of their websites. Google wants new, fresh content from websites in order to be listed at the top of any searches. This is required because people who are using Google do not want to skim through long lists of irrelevant websites before finding a useful website. It is also no longer good enough for companies or websites to change a few words or move around paragraphs within the same article or webpage. Google is forcing them to update and come up with new material in order to keep their ranking among the search engine. The need to evolve also depends on whether a company has the ability to internally generate new material for their website that would meet Google’s expectations. This could be new marketing strategies or any other type of strategies that would increase the visibility on their website. If companies don’t want to develop and spend the money and time into further updating their website material, it would be best to outsource to a SEO firm that specializes in it. This could be a good investment because by hiring an outside firm, you are hiring a firm that is familiar with the continually changing demands of search engines like Google. This firm would know what type of material or ideas to chase in order to get the website back up to the top of the search engine ranks. Companies like Google will no longer need to spend the time and money trying new ideas for their websites, when an SEO firm may already know a good solution.

  8. Leigh Muirhead

    I agree with Google’s stance on the repurposing of old information in new publications and the actions they are taking to enforce a reduction. As a search engine, Google’s main function is to link a recipient with information that best fits their search criteria. With such extensive access to data, Google must systemize the collection to best meet the needs of the researcher. Providing mountains of links that include that same data just in a different order or in a different rhetoric style is not sufficient. From a student’s perspective when I use Google to find information, I don’t want to have to sift through many articles regurgitating the same material trying to find new insights. I find this lessens the objectivity of research and particularly the researchers perspective. Leaving less room for interpretation and expansion on existing concepts, arguably supporting a closed minded approach to research.

    Google’s actions to decrease the search engine visibility of these links will help drive out the repurposing of existing information and increase research and development across the board. With the increase of social media and web-based communication, it is crucial that information is accurate and relevant. The concept of “don’t believe everything you read on the Internet” has gotten lost over the past few years and viewers are jumping on and off bandwagons quicker than it takes to refresh a browser. People do need to be responsible in their research methods and practice due diligence. But as a search engine, Google should continue to monitor such practices by decreasing their search engine visibility.

  9. Keshah Austin

    With the ever changing world of technology, asking companies to update their content is not a hard request. Companies should be doing it regularly. I have heard that “it is not the job to sell the company, you need to sell the customers”. With updating the SEO its focus has now become the customer, or the audience. Our generation gets bored fast with the same old tired stuff we already read. With that being said, I wonder how hard of a request this is actually. Is this a majour expense, both financially and non financially, for the business. Should the SEO be within the company? I think that depends on the type of business one runs, because there are both pros and cons to it. If doing it in house, there is more control of how you as a business want to portray yourself. It could also be much cheaper to do it. Another benefit to managing SEO in your own company is the speed and quick responses available. Of course, there are disadvantages as well. One disadvantage to managing SEO in the company is that it could be more expensive, meaning that the company needs to hire on more staff. The possibility of outsourcing is good as well. The benefits to outsourcing is that who ever you outsource too – that is what their job is. Another benefit is that in the long run it could be more cost effective. A disadvantage to this, however, is that there is less control of what is being used. In the end, I think knowing what the goals are, knowing what the end product is, and how much finances are available will help make the decision of whether or not to outsource SEO.

  10. Maddy Durfey

    In my opinion the demands that google is making with its content is essential. When I go to google for a quick search I definitely don’t want to be skimming through mounds of dated information, I prefer to find the latest updates on my search. With this evolution of the SEO it pushes the business’s who want their information to be most visible to be top of its class, and eliminates the company’s that may have become stagnant. Its easy to forget how much information is actually out there, but it comes to mind every time I search something related to sports. If you type in an athlete’s name because you have heard they have been involved in something, it’s a relief to see that at the top of the search results and not having to scan through everything they have done in their career. This evolution also pushes the entire industry to compete with each other, the result of this competition could very well be innovation. It could change the way information is gathered as will as the sources that it is gathered from.
    I would be a firm believer in not managing all of your own SEO but rather to outsource it an SEO firm. By doing this I think it would benefit your organization as a whole because you would be gathering from other sources and not just internally. By opening yourself up to others with knowledge of what you are trying to do could bring you a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

  11. Michael Isfeld

    Google pushing the evolution of SEO, in my opinion, is helping bring forward new ideas due to organizations wanting to be higher up on a search list. I think if there wasn’t as much stress put on always trying to come up with new data or ideas, than there is a possibility for stagnation in certain fields or research/study. The more push there is for new information from sites such as google that have a great deal of influence, the further we can push the bounds of humanities knowledge. It also helps the consumer keep up with the changes. Instead of having to go through mountains of old data to find more recent data, they can go straight to it. However, the downside of this ideology is that important information that is older can also get lost in a heap on new data that could be essentially useless to the consumer.

    1. Michael Isfeld

      I also believe that SEO has such a push to evolve due to the very nature of what people expect from their technology. It is always about what the new thing is and I believe SEO is no different. Because of the constant evolution of SEO, I believe that it is better for a company to outsource it’s SEO to an SEO firm. That way the company can focus on its core purpose while the SEO firm takes care of that sector for them

  12. Connor Cook

    Outdated content is boring and useless if you’ve already been exposed to it, Search engines such as google are continually updating their filtration algorithms in order to bring forth the newest and most relevant information. As explained in the article, there as been some huge drops in visibility for some of the larger media based websites that had been enjoying the top search results for quite some time, these drops stem from better search algorithms from search engines that punish website that are perpetrating static information that is old and outdated. This continual algorithm update coming from search engines forces organizations to also continually update their SEO tactics which means continually updating the information on their sites. Technology, information, and new statistics evolve at a staggering rate which renders old information as yesterday’s news. If your organization is not putting out the newest and most relevant information, chances are your search rank will be below what you want. Visibility needs to be granted to the websites with the newest and most relevant information and as search engines continue to fine tune their algorithms, a stronger and stronger correlation between newest/most relevant info and search rank will form. The need for a company to evolve there SEO will continue to become more pressing as search engines get better at filtering out old and irrelevant information.
    I feel that SEO would be best performed within your organization as there is no way that an outside SEO firm would be as knowledgeable on your organization as the actual employees. If you are successful in doing it on your own than there is really no need to outsource, but as SEO continues to become more complicated and competitive, outsourcing to a company that specializes in SEO could be beneficial.

  13. Ethan Plotnikoff

    The SEO industry is a very huge industry with it being estimated to be in the $65 billion dollar range and will continue to grow to an estimated $72 billion by 2018. With it being such a huge industry it has tremendous social responsibility to provide the viewer with fresh new content. Google puts the pressure on some of the bigger named websites like eBay, Apple, and NY times to keep putting fresh new content or else they will lower the websites visibility in searches. In doing this it forces these companies to constantly be updating their websites and in turn can create more jobs in the online sector of these companies. With Google’s own Gmail messaging system seeing its mobile visibility search results lowered it is no wonder that Google may be feeling the pressure to see SEO evolve. There is nothing more frustrating than going on to a website that has ‘new’ content to find they changed a few sentences or statistics. When people see this happening it will make them visit that website less and go on search engines like Google less. Google realizes this and puts pressure on websites to be constantly updating its content or else they will lower its visibility which it has proven by lowering’s visibility by 80% and’s visibility by 65%. Seeing Google taking such initiative to have updated content truly show they care about what their viewers are viewing.

  14. Alexandra Orozco

    The SEO has the necessity to evolutionalize because its priority is to get a new ad a differentiated content in order to offer an accurate content instead of an obsolete content. Due to Google is the most important SEO; its goal is to optimize the websites in order to increase its visibily. For instance, Google suggests that companies should focus on new marketing strategies, by creating a depth and specialized content trough research. Also, by sharing and engaging content of the websites, it will benefit to companies and customers because they will be obtaining an accurate and update information about their products, services, and research.
    Besides, SEO analyze the content in order to determine if it is obsolete or update because the technology is changing rapidly due to the globalization. Therefore, Google will be satisfied by obtaining a new content, which will help companies to get potential customers.
    I think an organization should manage its SEO externally because experts will be working properly . Besides, organizations will be comptetitive due to specialised SEO will be working on the innovation of the information and these experts know how to face to the competence and to deal with crucial events. However, it will be easy to control of the content.


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