Tech Trends That Will Change How You Work

Description: To you and me, the transformation seems gradual. Your business acquires more sophisticated tools, walls begin to disappear and fax machines vanish.


Date:May 27. 2016

First, your workforce trades in their pressed suits for business casual khakis, then jeans and, now, occasionally even shorts. On any given workday, only about two-thirds of your team is working in the office. The change is steady, like most sustainable paradigm shifts.

But imagine for a moment plucking your grandfather out of his mid-century office and dropping him in the middle of an ultramodern workspace. Would he even know he was at work? Would he recognize anything? Or would he spend hours searching for his Rolodex, typewriter and carbon paper?  read rest of story

1.  What do you feel are the two most important trends?  Why?

2.  How do theses trends relate to the income statement paradigm that was discussed in class?


130 thoughts on “Tech Trends That Will Change How You Work

  1. Anji sanusi

    The two most important trends in this article are automation and collaboration. Automaton is definitely taking over slowly but surely. After a recent visit to the CIBC bank on the westside, I was shocked. I simply could not believe how they got rid of the tellers and now have high-tech machines doing all the work. I was excited but at the same time could not help but think of the workers that were let go due to the change. I am definitely excited to see the new innovations in regards to automation. But at some point, certain careers will fail to exist. Collaboration has become a necessity in every company. Advantages of collaboration are it fosters creativity in the workplace, different perspectives are combined in the collaborative process, improve on delivery time, and etc. Although collaboration comes with a lot of advantages, it also comes with disadvantages especially Groupthink. Collaboration in the workplace can be a vital part of the decision-making process within the organization. It takes skills and the right management team to effectively implement it in other to maximize its benefits and reduce potential negatives.

  2. Gage Cherriman

    I think that Collaboration being a priority is important to the future of industry. People on their own can be great for themselves and for an organization but if they can work effectively with others in the right environment they can achieve more than the sum of their parts. While in the past collaboration may have been difficult or at least drawn out now it is instant and ideas can be thrown out into the group and building on each other has never been easier. Another important aspect is the flex work hours for each staff to work when they can perform at their best. People can work on google docs or communicate on instant messaging at any time of day and take work home with them. People can have access to corporate files on extranets at home and perform their duties in the middle of the night if they wish.
    These trends work to reduce cost and make expenses more cost effective by normalizing them. Automation of services may reduce risk of misinformation and reduce the human need for intervention in information systems. If everything can be measured it can be accessed for efficiency and used to create better future systems of prediction. Collaborating may add people power by working together and outputting greater than the sum of their parts. The lack of time constraints gives people freedom to work at peak efficiency and reduce their costs to the company. Better security over sensitive data can provide greater insurance and allow companies to reduce their risk payout assessments.

  3. Franchesca Lee

    I think “Automation is taking over the grunt work” and “time and space constraints are disappearing” are the two most important trends. For “automation is taking over the grunt work”, the reason I think that it’s the one of the most important trends is because it can save money and time to switch everything to be automatic. People can order easily online and get their orders faster which is great. When the process becomes less costly, the price of the products will be reduced too. As a customer, I would be happy to have cheaper products and faster orders, and the companies will be happy to cut down the cost to hire people. But at the bad side, lots of people might lose their jobs because the companies don’t need that much people as they used to be since it cost more to hire a person rather than buying electronic machines.

    The other important trend is “time and space constraints are disappearing”. It is popular now that people do not like to work with fixed schedule. They tend to get into the companies that has flexible work schedule. It is because they think that it would make them to be more productive. For myself, I do like the idea of flexible timetable since I’m not a morning person. I tend to be more motivate after noon since that’s the lifestyle I used to so that I think that flexible working hours is very important to the younger generations and would eventually become more popular.

  4. Tasha Silver

    1. What do you feel are the two most important trends? Why?
    Automation is Taking Over the Grunt Work – Since the industrial revolution, automation has grown rapidly, especially thanks to the great advancements in technology. Through this advancement, we are able to rapidly produce things faster and more accurately when paired with my other most important trend in my mind.
    Everything is Measurable – This helps us understand exactly what is working and what is not. I see myself looking at this more from a marketing side where we are currently able to see the sales of a certain product and in a certain store and see if what we may need to change.
    2. How do these trends relate to the income statement paradigm that was discussed in class?
    When these two trends are put together, as well with the rapidly changing consumer whom “must have the newest thing first” can show a huge increase in sales, then increasing our profits. We are, faster than ever, able to know if something is selling and what goes in and out of trend. With this, we are able to quickly take things off the shelf and make the new product, fast and efficiently with thanks to automation. Again I feel like because I am taking this from a marketing point of view this can be taken as a real positive, but I understand that these trends are without there unfavourable outcomes. Some of this could be because of the lack of human work, our unemployment rates could increase. As well with everything being monitored and measured, we could go into the debate on what is private and public in the marketing research world.

  5. Daniel Wilson

    I think that the two most important trends in this article are Collaboration is a priority and Security measures are catching up with risks. For the first trend I think this is important because of what it brings to a company’s table. Collaborating with other employees helps ideas to be vetted and improved. Employees who are creative can be shown how some of their ideas can both benefit or adversely affect the company, other employees, industry, etc. Then you have those like myself who are not as naturally creative. The collaboration process can help them to become more creative. They also can be quite good at finding pitfalls in ideas or refining ideas into a more workable form. In short collaboration can help save a company a lot of time and resources over time. The second measure about security I think is important because it saves both time and money and helps employees feel more secure.Technology is only going to become more sophisticated as time goes on and businesses will be constantly adapting to it. As we rely tech more and more our exposure to security risk increases. It is important to security measures to keep up or it will cost companies over time. The last thing that an employee, manager, or company want is to come up with some innovative idea, only for some malware to come along and copy it, distribute it or destroy it. That would waste all the resources put into it and be fairly demoralizing.

    One tech trend that I believe is going to cause a lot of trouble is the increase in automation. Although automaton does cause gains to businesses bottom line in the short run, I believe if not managed properly can cost society in the long run. There are usually less jobs after automation of certain industries and it takes a while for new jobs to be created. In addition, retraining people after their jobs have been replaced by automation is costly. It takes time to teach new skills and learning rates are different among different people. If there is a big automation push, there could be a lot of people out of work and that can be damaging to a society as a whole. I believe this is going to a topic of conversation that is going to be talked about even more among millennials not less as this trend continues.

  6. Amber Christianson

    In my opinion, the two most important and impact trends for our society and on our workforce, is collaboration and automation. Automation is taking over- a while back I went to McDonald, and they had one person working playing chef, and people lined up at the new touch screens to order! Computers are way more efficient, and way faster than any human could ever be. Less mistakes, and things can be calculated instantly instead of humans doing it! With minimum wage going up, technology is starting to be the option many bigger business are looking into! You don’t have to pay automation! One negative effect because of this, is that many smaller company’s are closing out, as they can’t afford to match prices and keep the customers coming! Especially compared to Walmart, you can have 10 workers working the tills, or one worker working 10 tills with the self check out system! The workforce will be dominated by technology, and I don’t know what the world will be like in 100 years, but with technology developing this fast, it has the possibility to be positive or negative.

    This is great for bigger businesses, as they can use this technology to grow, have higher sales, minimize costs all by the click of a button! Instead of bringing on different people to try and fix problems, with errors, expensive and it takes a very long time! This does lead to having less of a need for humans in the workforce, but how will people earn their income with less jobs available?

  7. Audencio

    From what I gathered the two most important trends today are automation and collaboration.
    I feel the automation has been something that all manufactures seek. It allows for the work to be done at more consistent and efficient manner. Because of automation we are able to produce things in bulk. Automation helps business make better use of their resources by the work being done by automated systems and allowing employees to focus on other areas needed. If companies didn’t participate in automation they could fall drastically behind because of the amount of production an automated system can produce. Collaboration has become a huge driving force in many business sectors because it allows the practice of team work and thus where much innovation comes together, with collaboration it allows us an opportunity to learn from our co workers and evolve ourselves because of automation we are now able to collobrate more than ever which is why they are both so crucial

  8. Shelby Ohno

    After reading this article, I believe that the two most important trends are automation and collaboration. The number one and most obvious is automation. It limits the amount of man power, making every industry and business more efficient. It reduces wage expenses and leaves more money to be spent in other areas of the company. Workers don’t have to complete some of the more tedious day to day tasks that can be done by a machine or a program. A negative to automation in the workplace is it may result in loss of jobs in factory or other settings. With the right approach to automation, it should increase their productivity and make it so they can make more products faster with lower expenses. The second most important trend is collaboration. Collaboration is a result of automation in the workplace. This frees up more time for the employees to get together and collaborate and come up with new ideas. Teamwork in an office gives workers the opportunity to use each other as resources for new innovation.

  9. Daniel Drew

    1. I believe that the two most important trends in this article are “Automation is taking over the Grunt work” and “Collaboration is a priority”. Every year it feels like machines are getting more and more bigger, with the advancement of things like A.I (for example: Siri on Apple devices) to things like drones and even like hover-boards as well. Machines are getting even more advanced every year, and they have been getting progressively better over the course of the past few decades. Machines have helped us out a lot but also they may or may not become a problem in the future, as machines can lose jobs for the workforce because just having machines do all the work other than humans would cut costs of company’s big time, and it will greatly affect the human race. Collaboration is also a big trend to, in today’s world it is better to collaborate and become more efficient and innovative in the workplace as it can bring together new ideas and also might get the job done a lot more better. I believe many jobs in the workplace, collaboration is definitely needed, it is a priority as you would be working with a team and to work together as a team you need to collaborate, this applies to both part time jobs and also the full time jobs to.

    2. It will affect the income statement in a good way, as expenses and costs can come down quite substantially, while the productivity level will increase, and it will make it so you can gain a lot more net income than you would normally do at a faster rate.

  10. patrick kwarteng

    In my opinion, we should embrace the tech trends in our everyday lives. This is because, to the business minded person who is looking to maximize profits all the time, a job that might have taken ten or twenty people to accomplish may be done by just a single person. This will enable the business owner maximize profits. The other workers may be tasked with accomplishing other requirements in the work place. Tech may also lead to other great discoveries. For instance, a great number of people may be able to access education quite easily. A person half way around the world may be able to earn a degree from this part of the world without ever stepping foot in the school.
    In the area of agriculture, technology has made it possible to be able to take care of farms throughout an entire year. This helps improve food output throughout the year. Medical discoveries occur at a much more rapid rate, thanks to machines and computers that aid in the research process and allow for more intense educational research into medical matters. Prior to the introduction of calculators, most of our mathematical calculations were done manually. With the introduction of computers, large business and data are effectively processed and stored in computers that we may refer to whenever we please. The growth of e-Commerce business is an excellent example of how Information Technology can benefit our life. In conclusion, I think we all stand to benefit from the rapid surge in technologies in our various work places.

  11. Matthew Stark

    In my opinion, the two most important and impactful trends for our society and on our workforce, is how collaboration and automation is taking over grunt work. The most important aspect for the work place I think is collaboration. With all your employees getting along with each other and become comfortable in a good work environment, ultimately productivity as a team will increase plus help create more ideas to benefit the company. With employees collaborating daily it allows employees to break out of their shells and maximize their potential. With a team oriented work environment, it makes motivating your employees easier and more efficient. As a result, employees all have the same goal and know that they should be working hard on ways to make the company better. The second most important aspect is automation taking over grunt work. This is a great idea as it obliviously maximizes profits, productivity and decreases the number of human injuries. It allows employees more time to work on other projects benefiting the company. One negative to automation is the affect it may have on jobs as they may longer not the same number of employees. Today, it is a very competitive industry as companies are always looking for new ways to maximize profits and save costs. It will be interesting in the future to see what new innovations companies create and implement.

  12. Daniel Wright

    I find that all the trends out there have their roles of importance in the ever so changing business industry. My top two pick would have to be “Everything is measurable” and “Security measures are catching up with risk.” I think it is extremely important for organization to effectively use the data they collect to stay one step ahead of their competitors. In order for an organization to meet the needs of the consumer, they have to be able to predict what people need or want. Every piece of data collected has importance role in an organization. Once an organization fails to recognize the significant of that, they will fall behind. Data collected can assist with a variety of thigs such as human resources, payroll, product development, supply chain, and many more. It is the way organizations will effectively operate in the future in order to stay ahead of the competition.

    Security risks are one of the biggest threats out there for organization. It is important that all organization stay ahead of the game in this area so that business operation is not compromised. Organizational that fails to keep ahead of this risk will be vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. An organization need to protect its most valuable resource which is data. If you are left vulnerable it can destroy an organizations reputation or even upset the day to day operations.

    A trend that could possible negatively affect the economy is “Automation is taking over the Grunt Work.” Big corporation have been looking for ways to cut down on one of their biggest cost, and that is their employees. With artificial intelligence coming into the picture, it is now possible to cut that cost. The benefit for the big corporation is great, but I feel that it will negatively affect the economy. If machines replace people that mean the low level worker lose their jobs. That would mean the consumer also loses an income source which mean they can no longer afford the inflated costs of the good due to the placement, and cost of the artificial intelligence.

  13. Abdulaziz Sani

    The article itself makes it somewhat obvious what the two most important trends are; if not so, at least from my own perspective, I believe the two most important trends, which keep growing, are automation and collaboration; “automation is taking over the grunt work and collaboration is a priority.”
    Automation is one of the most important trends in the tech industry. The continuous development and advancement of modern day technology to meet the demands and wants of consumers is on the rise. Even though it is quite unfortunate that this same technology has rendered a lot of people jobless, the more automated the company is the more clients they can serve. If you have more transactions, you will increase your revenue especially when this is done in fast and accurate manner. To add, while automation in the company is running the people working there can make more through planning and engaging in discussion for the future instead of doing the regular job. In the absence of automation employees will not have enough or extra time to attend some matters other than what they are obliged to or there will be additional employee to do the other job. The more people you have to work the lesser you will have income, revenue or profit. Whereas in automated company, there will be lesser people working and they will be doing extra work thus more job done with high revenue (less expense). Furthermore, Collaboration is critical to innovation, by freeing up so much time through the automation on menial tasks, co-workers are now able to spend more time collaborating with each other and hopefully able to innovate in the workplace. These two tech trends also have the ability to save employees money, automation has the ability to eliminate some wage expenses, and collaboration has the potential to spark innovative ideas that potentially lower costs in some other aspect of the organization.

  14. Falon Wagner

    1. What do you feel are the two most important trends? Why?
    I feel that the two most important trends are that time and space constraints are disappearing and that collaboration is a priority. I can speak from my own work experiences that he mind works better at different times in the day. I also find myself checking my email when I am not in the office. Sometimes the traditional office setting provides me with the best work environment, other times I find the sanctity of my home an better place to be the most productive. I think companies that allow their employees to work fluidly is a big draw for potential employees. I am always envious to hear of friends speak of workplaces that allow them to do so. By making collaboration a priority, I have found from my own personal experiences, that I have gotten unique suggestions and ideas that have allowed me to expand my thought process. Sometimes I have found the process of collaboration with coworkers outside my department to be more successful and rewarding then with only those in my department.

    2. How do theses trends relate to the income statement paradigm that was discussed in class?
    These trends relate to the income statement paradigm through efficiency. Every company wants to be as productive as possible, be able to witness first hand how productive they are, and do so as cheaply as possible. The trends in this article help to cut down menial tasks and allow people to do the work that is innovative. Companies are then only spending money on employees who are looking at the big picture and equipment to do the menial labour.

  15. Kiley Shade

    1. What do you feel are the two most important trends? Why?

    I feel the two most important trends are automation taking over the grunt work and collaboration being a priority. The trend of automation taking over the grunt work is important because it always employees, employers, and the work force become more efficient. We have come a long way since the days of employee performing tedious tasks that take up some much time. Instead of using our energy performs such menial tasks, thanks to the trend of automation, we can focus our talents, efforts, and brain power on exciting innovated ideas. Automation has also advanced customer service relations, warehouse efficiency, and marketing. Without this trend coming to light, we probably wouldn’t have had the technological advances we often take for granted now. The trend of collaboration becoming a priority is important because two heads are better than one. Cross-functional teams can work together to deliver faster and more innovating results that one person can. Thanks to technology, it has been a lot easier for teams to communicate and collaborate. Today in the business world many companies thrive on team work, that is why university students studying business consist of some many group projects.

    2. How do these trends relate to the income statement paradigm that was discussed in class?

    The trends relate to the income statement paradigm by their capability to manage resources, profits, and outflows more efficiently. These trends also increase employee satisfaction which makes them work harder and ultimately increases company profits.

  16. Levi Pilon

    I feel the two most important trends in the workforce to help companies stay competitive is automation is taking over the grunt work and collaboration is priority. Looking at a companies viewpoint, automation is important to have as it increases the speed, efficiency and possibly the costs associated with that job/task. Machines are able to create and improve upon a design or method as it tells you how well a certain task performs as a whole quickly and can tell you similar but different information on some other method. As customers, we may be positively impacted by machines as well as there is less error and information is passed faster than if humans were in charge of it. However, with more machines doing the work of humans, there are less jobs potentially which is dangerous. People need to start realizing this and adapt by either getting more education or not getting into specific jobs where it may likely be taken over by a machine. It is very important to have collaboration as a priority as employees function and work better when they are given a chance to discuss and interact easier with their collogues.

    If these various trends are incorporated into organizations correctly, it should help to produce a larger gross income. With each trend there are both positive and negatives to them and individuals must be prepared to adapt and change in order for us to stay in the work industries where machines are becoming more popular to use than humans.

  17. Mandy

    Honestly I am a little behind in the tech world. It took me almost an hour to print a paper at school today just because the location, set-up, and systems were different than what I am used to. Despite my setbacks, I am really excited about how tech is and will be changing my future work. It’s awesome that grunt work is becoming easier to deal with due to better technology. The downside to this is that when systems are down, the grunt work may have to be done manually so it is important to know how to do the grunt work even if a machine is doing it most of the time.
    Also, having more time to collaborate would benefit any work place. Ideas are built and spurred off the best when you have another brain to communicate and build with. And the flexible work times are a bonus for my personality and lifestyle as well. Everyone is productive at different times so it would be beneficial to be able to work at different times.

  18. Scott Lamb

    1. What do you feel are the two most important trends? Why?
    Automation and Time and Space Constraints disappearing I believe are the two most important trends in the article.
    Automation is the most important because it is having a wide-swept effect on all industries. Taking away the “grunt work” of an organization is going to make higher profits because you no longer have to pay humans to do the work at half the accuracy and double or triple the time.
    Disappearing time and space constraints are the second most important trend because it is revolutionizing the business day. As more millennials enter the workforce, there will be increasingly less of a “normal” work day due to the individualization of schedules. This will drastically change the way coworkers work together and perform.

    2. How do theses trends relate to the income statement paradigm that was discussed in class?
    These changes will positively effect income statements because expenses will go down, and productivity will go up. In the past, it was expected that for income to increase, also did expenses. That may no longer be the case with automation.

  19. Sam Williams

    1. The two most important trends in this article are, automation in the workplace, and the priority of collaboration. Though to many the automated nature of the workplace is becoming scary, but really what is happening is automation is making businesses much more efficient. Yes there is a natural way that some jobs will be removed because of the effects of automation, but this is a necessary step in the modern trends for a better work environment. Another step that the workplace is taking towards modernization is the increase in team collaboration. This move to team based work spaces creates more motivated employees and in turn increases productivity.

    2. How do theses trends relate to the income statement paradigm that was discussed in class?
    The biggest way these trends relate to this paradigm is the companies and organizations ability to monitor resources and outputs more effectively. These new improvements in the workplace also give employees a better job experience which again will increase profits for the company. With the updates in technology in the workplace most companies are easily able to fill orders, meet goals, track progress, and make crucial changes on the go. Without these trends we would be stuck in a paper and pen time period where we wouldn’t access our true potential.

  20. Landon Harker

    I think our ability to measure every aspect of a business is a priceless tool we have at our disposal. The ability to adjust the business practice or operation in the precise area to create affective and meaningful change is very important. As well being able to monitor such small details of a business at any time at essentially any place is something we should really be taking advantage of. The more control we have over our workplace the better we can streamline and create the best version of whatever we are trying to accomplish.
    Though I could say while others are equally important I think collaboration is one that can could be expanded one. While automation is key in a modern growing business, collaboration is what will keep that business competitive down the road. Collaborating internally for thing like R&D and daily tasks can create more ideas within the industry. So, can collaborating externally with multiple markets and other businesses. I think it is key to open communication for a better operation.
    These can reduce waste in several areas. Like the waste of time or recourses in production, marketing, research and many others. All of this can add the bottom line of a business if successful managed. There shouldn’t be any reason not to invest in a modern workplace and I think the returns can justify changes to this, a better business process.

  21. Julian H

    Automation is an increasingly important topic. There is a growing fear that automation will leave many people without jobs in the near future. In the office setting, I agree with the article, in that it changes the way people will do their jobs and let them focus on the bigger picture. This is really changing how an office looks as people are not spending as much time doing repetitive office tasks. A product of this transformation is the time they can spend adding value to the organization. This trend is directly related to the growing collaboration in offices. Without the “grunt work” automation provides, employees can collaborate much more easily. Employees can use the time they gained from automation to work with other people. This will lead to smarter and more well though out big picture ideas and in turn, more value created for the organization.

  22. Tyson Gaehring

    I feel that AI taking over the grunt work and everything being measurable are the two most important trends in tech. I think having AI do repetitive, mindless tasks gives humans better opportunities to focus on bigger picture things, which results in a better use of their time. Some people may worry that AI will take jobs from humans, but with the introduction of AI more jobs will be created. Humans may not need to work 40 hours a week anymore and can devote more time for friends, family or other activities. This could lead to more productivity and higher morale. Lower end jobs could still be lost though which could lead to a universal basic income. This would cost a lot and would have to be refined with the right legislation. With better technology, there is now multitudes of data we can access. We can now see how each one of our actions translates into revenue. Measuring productivity is key as you can see what’s working well and what might be slowing the process down. This can also make it easier for start-ups as they can quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses, so they can potentially be able to start to make a profit soon rather than later. This can also help decision making as the more data you have access to, the better educated you are about what direction your business is going. As technology continues to improve and become more innovative we must continue to stay up to date, as well update how we educate future generations.

  23. Kyle Groenenboom

    1.) I feel the 2 most important trend is Collaboration & Security Measures. In collaboration, while we do have to work independently to get certain tasks done whether its imputing information into accounting books or restructuring a website, we do also have to work dependently and work with one another in order to get the job done. As well, collaboration helps bring tasks, projects & reports to become more effective as there is more knowledge being set upon when creating it than there is with one person creating it. In addition, collaboration in a business environment is now more important than ever before as both Ty Bennett (author of the novel “Partnership is the New Leadership”) & Stephen R. Covey (author of the novel “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”) say that people need to work together in order to perform effectively & have an effective and profitable business. Even Covey states that people now a days need to be “interdependent”, which is a collaboration of the terms dependent & independent meaning that while people should work alone on project, they should also work with others.
    As for security measures, businesses are adapting to technology quite so thanks to the creations of cloud technology, mobile applications, etc. But at the same time, businesses using more internet & computer technology means that they are more at risk of them & their information being exposed to the internet which includes, but not limited to, private documents, financial information, contact information of employees & their servers. Which is why it is essential for companies to keep up to date with the latest malware & security software & as well stay up to date with the latest virus attacks as not only will this protect companies from harms way & prevent them from being effected but it will also keep the company & its employees safe from destruction & safe from their reputation & so fourth from being tampered.

    2.) In terms of income statements, these trends are cost effective & as well provide very much more productivity. Reason being is because it provides companies a close proximity of how much of their resources their using and spending right down to the last penny & that it provides companies a chance use machinery items & save money for jobs that would normally cost hundreds of dollars for a human to do such as warehouse automation inventory.
    As for productivity, these trends help improve the mentality, workflow & efficiency for employees as they are not confined to a boring cubical working from 9-5 and instead given the freedom to work however whenever they want so that they can get the job they want done while doing it in their own comfort style. I mean why else is Google the most popular place to work at right now. In addition, not being confined to a cubical enables employees to work together more than ever before on getting the task done while at the same time not feeling so restricted to working in an office building and instead work in an environment that is more suitable & more convenient such as video conferences, gathering working areas & sometimes working in the fresh air. And with these kinds of productivity, not only does it improve the workflow of a business but it also increases a company’s profit margins as more people are working effectively, more products are being made & distributed & ultimately more money is being made from those products being sold.

  24. Jarrod

    In my opinion, the two most important trends that are coming with the new generation of the work force. The most important one is the increase in automation, this isn’t a new thing in the work place it’s been a continuously running trend. With machines being able to take up much of the very mundane work; it frees up more time for employees to be creative and work towards the next idea. Now the latest innovations in automation are for things like document management software that streamlines many processes such as filling orders, and sending time triggered emails. The other trend that I see as being the most important would be the increased level of collaboration within the workplace. Thanks to the increase in time available due to the automation of the more basic tasks; employees now have more time to collaborate. By creating an environment where collaboration is encouraged, companies will see increased levels of production, and an all-around better quality of work being put forward. These trends relate to the income statement paradigm because they make businesses more efficient. While these companies many not chose to embrace every single one of these trends. You can’t argue with efficiency of them. By increasing the level of automation, you are not only increasing more time for employees to focus their minds on more creative tasks; but you are also able to save the company a ton of capital. So while some people believe that the massive amount of automation is removing the ‘human equation’ in reality it is just altering how we work.

  25. Dean Konschuk MGT 3061

    The two most important trends are automation taking over the grunt work and making collaboration a priority. Like in the industrial revolution, automation is replacing humans in the work place. No longer do you need hundreds of employees pouring over data in order to construct a marketing plan. Now a computer program can do the same set of tasks almost instantly. Collaboration is critical to innovation, by freeing up so much time through the automation on menial tasks, co-workers are now able to spend more time collaborating with each other and hopefully able to innovate in the workplace. These two tech trends also have the ability to save employees money, automation has the ability to eliminate some wage expenses, and collaboration has the potential to spark innovative ideas that potentially lower costs in some other aspect of the organization. There are some downfalls to automation though, people with lower educations or poor skill sets may lose their jobs to a more efficient, less expensive machine. These trends will positively affect a companies income statement, by lowering expenses and increasing efficiency and quality, hypothetically an organization should be able to bring in more clients which in turn would increase their revenues. Again, the human loss of jobs can be seen as a negative, but on the income statement, these tech trends should produce larger gross incomes for an organization if implemented ethically and legally. All of these trends have some positive and negative aspects. We as a workforce have little control over the tech trends that are being introduced into the workplace, but we can ensure that we are prepared for the trends and adaptive enough to adopt new future trends.


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