Tech Trends That Will Change How You Work

Description: To you and me, the transformation seems gradual. Your business acquires more sophisticated tools, walls begin to disappear and fax machines vanish.


Date:May 27. 2016

First, your workforce trades in their pressed suits for business casual khakis, then jeans and, now, occasionally even shorts. On any given workday, only about two-thirds of your team is working in the office. The change is steady, like most sustainable paradigm shifts.

But imagine for a moment plucking your grandfather out of his mid-century office and dropping him in the middle of an ultramodern workspace. Would he even know he was at work? Would he recognize anything? Or would he spend hours searching for his Rolodex, typewriter and carbon paper?  read rest of story

1.  What do you feel are the two most important trends?  Why?

2.  How do theses trends relate to the income statement paradigm that was discussed in class?


64 thoughts on “Tech Trends That Will Change How You Work

  1. jordan kwiecinski

    The first important trend that is developing is automation in industries. The automation allows for trivial work to be done through machines. This is a massive cost reduction for companies since they don’t have to hire as many workers. It also allows the possibility of being more productive because of being able to constantly produce certain items overnight when employees aren’t working. The second important trend that is emerging is collaboration, this allows congruence between different business units. Therefore, companies specifically their business units are always on the same page. Which allows them to more effectively deal with situations in a more timely manner and increase productivity. Overall, I believe these two trends are benefiting industries drastically.

  2. Luke B

    I think the most important trends are automation taking over grunt work and everything is measurable. With automation replacing relatively unskilled labor the cost of direct labor can be eliminated in many industries. However there will obviousely be a cost associated with operating and running automation machines and services. But as technology continues to develop and progress it will get cheaper and cheaper to do so. As the article indicates automation is nothing new and is already taking place everywhere. Everything is measuable is also an extremely imporant trend. Its absolutely essential in buisness to have appropriate measures to clearly illustrate wether or not company strategy and objectives are being met/ working. With the rise of internet, automation and technology there is no end to the amount of data that can be collected and then anayzled to create measurements that can be used to gage and track progress. Both of these trends compliment eachother and relate to the income statement paradigm as one of key reasons behind these trends is to try and reduce costs and increase profits.

  3. Leonorah Chikukwa

    The two most important trends are automation and collaboration. Automation has definitely increased productivity .What took 10 humans to do for a week, is done by a computer in a day. Like the article said now people can focus on the bigger picture rather than tedious, time consuming tasks. Collaboration is just an add on to automation. People now can interact and focus on coming together to find new ways they can better an organization rather than focus on repetitive tasks.

  4. Jessica L

    The two trends that I find most valuable are the idea that everything is measurable, and also that time and space constraints are disappearing. Everything becoming measurable massively affects the income statement that we talk about in class because it reflects what expenses are generating you the most profit, allowing business owners to cut their expenses and maximize profits. What they are putting time and finances into are now tangibly measurable; their value now has a numerical indicator where before, things were speculated or assumed. With a businesses activities monitored in this way, there is no one longer a legitimate reason to have expenses consistently over power profits. The trend that discusses how time and space constraints are disappearing, could be connected to everything being measurable. Employers will be able to see if practises, operations or activities that occur between 9 to 5 are needed, or if those hours and traditional workplace can be traded in for flexible hours and work from home. Making those changes could allow for cheaper operating expenses for the business. Rather than paying to have the whole building lit, heated, air-conditioned, offices established, companies can cut those expenses to an extent if their employees are working from home more frequently. By doing this, the income statement discussed would have a greater net value which is always a good thing. I also think that this shift in hours and place of work, makes for more responsible employees and better work overall. These people are now able to work when fits their schedule which will make them happier to work. I imagine a single mom doing her work after she has dropped the kids off at school or later in the evening so as to not miss a child’s sports game. I think that employers are smart to make this switch because people tend to act the way they are treated; treat them as responsible individuals capable to accomplishing all that they need to by a deadline – no matter as to where or when that work occurs – and they will rise to the occasion. These kinds of employees can’t help but add value to a company.

  5. Katie Bergeson

    I think the two most important trends mentioned in this article are collaboration and automation. Collaboration is important because not one person can be the best at every single thing; therefore everyone needs to share their skills and ideas to have the best possible outcome. When collaboration is emphasized, people can share their ideas and get feedback. Idea sharing is important because you can learn from those around you because everyone has different experiences and knowledge and you come out with a much stronger, superior idea. Collaboration is also important because it’s a way to learn from those around you about things that are not specifically “your area”, but broaden your knowledge base and make you a well-rounded employee. I believe automation is important as well, because as mentioned by the article, it gives human more time to focus on important things like idea generation or more important work. It is also a time saving measure, and time is money, therefore saving time is saving money. While automation does put people out of work, it also provides new work opportunities outside of the now automated realm. This again leads to bigger and better ideas. These trends relate to the income statement paradigm because working more efficiently reduces costs, which increases profits. Also by using automation companies can become more efficient and may be able to perform more business, bringing in excess profits as well. Also by freeing up peoples time (either through collaboration or automation) bigger and better ideas can be generated to increase profits as well.

  6. Layla Lahiji

    In my opinion, the two most important trends are automation and time and space constraints. In regards to automation, I agree with the critics and believe massive automation will remove humans from the equation. It is true that automation has redefine our roles, decreased menial tasks, and allowed individuals to focus on the big picture — but it has also created more resistance in the workplace. Having to constantly update and adapt to new technology may create frustration, and might require a large investment in training time. This process can be prolonged with increased resistance. The more employees resist, the more time it will take for them to adapt. However, with the proper training, and the proper application of technology, individuals have the potential to drive the business forward. But at what cost? Jobs upon jobs are being cut due to automation. Are the monetary savings worth the cost of job loss?
    On the other hand, technology has allowed for the disappearance of time and space constraints. For us as workers, this is great news! It allows many different possibilities. It allows us to work when we feel the most productive and allows flexibility. In elementary school, it meant so much when my parents were able to come to my class performances and recitals. Now that I’m older, I can see that many people are not able to take that time off work due to tighter structures. This availability is now more attainable with technology, and is a very attractive factor that many people look for in a career today.

  7. Amanda Brown

    I think that Everything is Measurable and Collaboration as a Priority are the two most important trends. When outcomes and products of a business are measurable it gives the company a way to define success. It’s a lot harder as a company to say we want to make an improvement and become more profitable, because employees don’t really have a sense of how to achieve that specific outcome. If a business instead says that we want to increase production to 10,000 units a year from our current 8,000 then the employees have a specific goal to work towards and whether they meet that goal or not will define if they have succeeded. Collaboration as a priority is also key trend in the sense that innovation is becoming a key determinant of a successful business. Customers don’t want the same old thing and to become a price setter instead of a price taker you need to have your product be different then everyone else’s to push up demand. This collaboration effects the income statement through a business being able to set cost plus target prices to become successful. Everything being measureable effects the company’s income statement since wealth is a unit of measurement. This allows the company to assess if they should produce a new product or service based on trail runs, which would measure the profit or loss.

  8. mackenzie

    The two most important trends are time and space constraints are disappearing and automation. Time and space constraints is a huge trend because it now allows people to work when they are able to perform at their best. Technology has made having flexible working hours possible. Flexible working hours also makes employees feel important. This is very valuable because if employees feel important they are more inclined to work to their best abilities and do a really good job. This will also promote your company because employees will be satisfied with the flexibility and possibly send out a good word. Automation has closed doors for employees to do the physical labour, but opened many doors for innovation and new ideas. This frees up many employees to be able to collaborate as a team/group to come up with new inventions.

  9. Maddy Durfey

    The trend that sticks out to me the most in that collaboration is becoming extremely important in the modern workplace. This could be very difficult for old style employees to grasp, but once you can implement this culture the productivity of employees could sky rocket. When you give employees the ability to grow their own ideas and solutions a greater sense of responsibility is given, therefore they are more motivated. The next trend that I see as being of extreme importance is that time and space constraints are disappearing. With the cost of new technologies going down the ability that employees have to work from anywhere is a major draw. If this means that work flow can increase by allowing employees to choose their hours and their office space, employers should take a hard look at implementing this trend. If workplaces can change their cultures to adapt to these changing trends I believe that a serious increase in worker efficiency would directly correlate to an increase in profits for the business. Even though this may be difficult for an older style manager to implement a failure to grasp new concepts could lead to your busing being phased out. One of the most important areas that a business cannot afford to miss is innovation, this also applies to your culture applications.

  10. Sandy Derksen

    I feel that the two most important technology trends in the workplace are automation taking over the grunt work and collaboration being a priority. Automation has been used in the workplace for a long time and as mentioned in the article, is now being kicked into high gear and expanded into every department. This allows for workers to spend less time on insignificant and tedious tasks and focus on the main, vital tasks to bring your business to success. Although many people believe automation will cause a great decline in jobs for humans, it will actually just redefine worker’s responsibilities and tasks. The second most important technology trend is collaboration as a priority. In business, it is essential that the team works together to collaborate and come up with the best ideas and solutions for the company. Because of the increase in automation, it is now much easier for companies to adhere to this protocol. Employees can even collaborate from their own homes if desired, through the use of technology such as Skype, FaceTime, etc. With collaboration of teams also comes inspiration and drive. By working together, employees from each department often get inspired by the ideas of others and in turn are driven to innovate and create new ideas.

  11. Simone Bowes

    I think that Everything is Measurable and Collaboration is a Priority as the two most important trends. Everything is measurable is an interesting and important one to me due my work experience this past summer. I was working in a marketing position for a department that was undergoing a shift in management and, to a lesser degree, job duties. This meant that the work I was producing was meant to go with the flow instead of being of the highest caliber. I found that when I tried to explain ways of analyzing information that they were already inadvertently measuring and collecting in some areas, they felt that it was too much work, the learning curve was too steep or they did not really believe it could be useful. Unfortunately, they would keep debating about whether or not certain projects or collateral should be produced and maintained, relying only on instinct and perceived success or failure. Very frustrating having quantitative data that they would not rely on instead, as almost everything is measurable to some degree and it is a waste to not analyze it. Collaboration is a Priority also reminded me of this same job, as I found that I was often having to participate in a facsimile of collaboration where I was told publically by one individual higher up what to do and then behind closed doors told to do something completely different by another higher up colleague. This was bizarre and counterintuitive, as it made the design process much slower due to the lack of real collaboration and openness between all parties. Collaboration is extremely important as I have found it can quicken the work process and create a more successful product right off the bat. Surface collaboration is extremely frustrating and hard to circumvent when you are in a lower position.

  12. Zac Nickel

    I believe that the 2 most important trends are security measures and catching up with risks as well as everything is measurable. Catching up with risk is important because it protects a company from easy to avoid losses. Losing money and information to security breaches on the line seems to be the easiest ways for criminals to steal from a company now a days. There is a lot of mistakes that can be a result of human error and by using the internet we you can open up risks to a lot more things to go wrong, Limiting these risks is very important to the company’s bottom line and very important to keeping company secrets safe. Important trend is the fact that everything is measurable. The fact that you can now go online and access everything from payroll, to how many sales you made, all in the click of the button really gives employees an extra way to track performance. It also makes it easy for management to review employees and see who’s meeting goals and who is falling short. This can be useful as a motivator and useful for employers who have to make decisions about their staff. These 2 trends to me are by far the most important out of the 5 listed in the article.

  13. Joshua Lam

    I feel the most important business trends are properly using automation, and working together. We need to embrace the fast pace moving technology, and learn how to use it to turn profits and be more proficient. But also we should not get lost in the computer world and solely rely on them, they should be an aid to us, but collaboration is key. The most creative ideas were started before technology was as advanced as it was today. So being able to grab people with accounting backgrounds, creative marketers, good talking salespeople, good management, and fusing it with a company culture is key to synergy and success.


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