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The Most Popular Online Course Teaches You to Learn

Description: The world’s most popular online course is a general introduction to the art of learning, taught jointly by an educator and a neuroscientist.


Date: Dec 29, 2015


The enrollment figures indicate that massively open online courses, or MOOCs, which in 2012 emerged as a potentially disruptive force that some believed might threaten the modern educational system, are continuing to evolve and gaining broad acceptance as part of an increasingly diverse marketplace for online education.

The Achilles heel of the MOOC phenomena has been that while enrollments have been huge, the number of students who actually complete courses for credit has remained low. That has led traditional educators to argue that the new technology would fail because students are generally less motivated to complete coursework online. Read the Rest of the Story


1.  What is a MOOC, and why is it a potentially disruptive technology?

2. Do you see this technology as the future of education?  Why or Why not?