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The World’s Coming Broadband Divide

Description: Business success, economic development and even international competition is starting to depend on once unimaginably fast Internet speeds.


Date:May 31, 2015


On Tuesday, Charter Communications announced that it would spend, in two separate deals, a combined $67.1 billion to buy Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable. A big reason for the deal was the opportunity to offer faster online services.

People will watch ultrahigh-definition television programs in one room, the argument runs, while broadcasting interactive video games in another and using a high-speed Wi-Fi terminal in a third. You can charge a lot for providing that kind of capability.   Read Rest of Story 

 Questions for discussion:

1. As Bandwidth has increased over the years can you think of any new or unforeseen businesses that have been created as a result of the increased bandwidth ?

2.  Do you see this “BROADBAND Divide to be an issue of concern for governments and business?  Why or Why Not?