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Google to pay $7 million for privacy violation

Description: Google on Tuesday acknowledged to state officials that it had violated people’s privacy during its Street View mapping project when it casually scooped up passwords, e-mail and other personal information from unsuspecting computer users.


Date: March 13, 2013


The agreement paves the way for a major privacy battle over Google Glass, the heavily promoted wearable computer in the form of glasses, Mr. Cleland said. “If you use Google Glass to record a couple whispering to each other in Starbucks, have you violated their privacy?” he asked. “Well, 38 states just said they have a problem with the unauthorized collection of people’s data.”

 Questions for discussion:

1. Do you feel Google is serious about protecting your privacy?  Why or Why Not

2.  what can you do to secure your privacy as an individual or an organization?