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In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad

Description:  In the last decade, Apple has become one of the mightiest, richest and most successful companies in the world, in part by mastering global manufacturing. Source:

Date: Sept. 25, 2012


Apple is not the only electronics company doing business within a troubling supply system. Bleak working conditions have been documented at factories manufacturing products for Dell, Hewlett-Packard, I.B.M., Lenovo, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Toshiba and others.

Current and former Apple executives, moreover, say the company has made significant strides in improving factories in recent years. Apple has a supplier code of conduct that details standards on labor issues, safety protections and other topics. The company has mounted a vigorous auditing campaign, and when abuses are discovered, Apple says, corrections are demanded.   READ REST OF STORY 

Questions for discussion:

1. Should consumers be concerned about a product’s supply chain ? Why or why not?

2.  Should anything be done in the case of Apple to correct any problems in their supply chain? What?